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David Kirby on HuffPo: UK Autism Doctor Launches Formal Complaint Against London Sunday Times Reporter

Davidkirby Managing Editor's Note: David added the following to his post. NOTE: It has been pointed out that my name appears on a list of "Advisors" on the website for Thoughtful House, the autism treatment center in Austin where Dr. Wakefield works. An official there asked me a few years back if I would lend my name and, because I respect their work, I agreed. It is an honorary listing - I do not literally provide advice to the group, nor do these advisors ever meet or speak. I had forgotten I was even on the list, or else I would have made this disclosure originally. Thanks to the person who pointed it out.

By David Kirby

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - the British physician who was accused in February by the Sunday Times of London of altering data in a 1998 paper on autistic children, bowel disease and the MMR vaccine – has filed a formal complaint against the freelance journalist who wrote the article.

Wakefield this week delivered the complaint against the journalist, Brian Deer, to the UK’s Press Complaints Commission (PCC) - an independent body that investigates alleged inaccuracies, invasion of privacy and misreporting by the media.

The complaint accuses Deer of “publishing incorrect information and also of having a conflict of interest caused by his involvement in the General Medical Committee’s (GMC) investigation of Wakefield,” according to a news release issued by the doctor’s advisors.

Wakefield – who now lives in Austin, TX - and two colleagues are currently the subject of hearings at the GMC, which has accused them of serious misconduct in the research and writing of the 1998 paper on autism and MMR vaccine.

“Mr. Deer has failed miserably as a reporter and has done great harm to me and many others conducting autism research,” Wakefield said in the release.

Read the full post at HuffPo HERE.

David Kirby is author of Evidence of Harm, a founding contributor to Huffington Post and a contributor to Age of Autiusm. . His next book, “ANIMAL FACTORY” – about the impact of industrial livestock production on our health and the environment – will be released within the year.



Richard Lockwood -
Your sarcasm does nothing to change the fact that David Kirby has been doing amazing work on this topic for years. If only there were more journalists willing to dig deep on the subject of vaccines and autism.


How absolutely Rich! Does anyone in the Deer fan club know where Brian’s paychecks have been coming from in the last couple years? Can you “speak” to that Rich? ;~)

Richard Lockwood

While I appreciate David Kirby's honesty in stating that he's on the board of Thoughtful House as an honorary position, and doesn't actually *do* anything for them, he neglects to mention if he has ever been paid by Thoughtful House, or by Andrew Wakefield. Presumably he'll be correcting this omission very soon.

John Fryer


Let's not forget that USA Government and USA regulators have NO clue what causes autism.

But have 100 per cent certainty that putting mercury at more than reference levels, which in itself is above the toxic level has no effect other than improving the infants IQ.

And 100 per cent 'certainty' that aluminium is not harmful either as found out that it is actually harmful by French researchers 15 years ago. In total denial of this foreign work the USA government and USA vaccine regulators just upped the aluminium in our babies vaccines ten fold.

Lets hope one day instead of being 'certain' which toxic elements babies can actually stand and which live pathogenic organisms 'don't' lead to autism that one day they will say:

OMG! We have found out for certain what has caused 6 million infants to get autismµ. OOOPS!

Before denying those that put forward causes, lets have other causes put forward PLEASE!

And saying its genetic or the Jolly Green Giant don't count as sensible but have been put forward by 'professional' doctors and Government 'scientists' in total 'honesty' as the cause of autism.

Media Scholar

When one engages another and justice du jour consents to a duel featuring a single pistol the result is always assassination.

If Deer had a problem with the Wakefield paper published in Lancet we may see he firstly posted a response there. Is that a fact?

BTW, wringing children out via HBOT and serial inspecting what bugs come out in their poo poo is a good idea. Most likely why no one is doing it.

Julie Swenson

To Arthur Taylor:

Brian Deer epitomizes the term 'Conflict of Interest'. What utter nonsense you spout by attempting to draw a correlation between what that pathetic excuse for a journalist-- who thrives on attention and undeserved praise-- did to an honest, intelligent man--a man who has only autistic children's best interests at heart-- and any relationship Mr.Kirby and Dr.Wakefield have. Please report back to Orac and Offit that we are not buying it.

Mark Blaxill

I am also on the Advisory Board at Thoughtful House. I receive no compensation for that role, but am pleased to be affiliated with the fine people there and to support the work of Andrew Wakefield and oppose the tyranny of the vaccine development complex.

The Huffington Post is a rising force in the world of journalism and has provided David Kirby with consistent support in his reporting of the real news in autism. I would encourage our readers to go over there in force and support David's essay.

Pierre Morin

To author Author Taylor

I would like to take up the comment

I am surprised that David Kirby has not stated in this report that he is named at Dr Wakefield's website as an advisor to Thoughtful House, which is Dr Wakefield's employer.

Perhaps he could explain this undeclared conflict of interest, as he is clearly not an objective reporter

Before david repond to your action of

I think it would be important that you advise this web site of your conflict interest .

I do not expect an answer from you , People like you generally do not answer this question .

to the question of potential conflict , people like david and other involve in autism mouvement do not do it out of money or potential influence.

The conflict of interest if it exist is not finaancial , but a moral position

They do it to help the kids ,

You arthur taylor , if it is your name
why you do not crawl back under the your rock , where you belong

I come to know david fairly well , he is a good jounalist , that will base his article
on facts and not lies

But you on the other hand , you use the MO that his typical of big pharma , that is to go to character Assination , when facing the truth .

Tell your master , that we know who you are
Author Taylor , if that his trully your name

That character Assination goes both aways

Pierre Morin
Montreal quebec

Arthur Taylor

I am surprised that David Kirby has not stated in this report that he is named at Dr Wakefield's website as an advisor to Thoughtful House, which is Dr Wakefield's employer.

Perhaps he could explain this undeclared conflict of interest, as he is clearly not an objective reporter.

Kelli Ann Davis

My response:

Thank God for *real investigative* reporters like David Kirby!

When "investigative" reporters like Brian Deer (loose quotes) are allowed to use their position to advance an agenda that has little to do with the facts and everything to do with destroying and maligning an upstanding individual like Andy Wakefield, they should be held accountable in the strictest way possible!

Kudos to you Andy for not “backing down” and letting this guy get away with it. God speed and please know there are tens of thousands of parents standing “shoulder to shoulder” with you!

Kelli Ann Davis
D.C. Political Liaison for Generation Rescue and a proud Andy Wakefield supporter!


Good for you, Dr. Wakefield, for standing up for yourself and for the autism community!!!

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