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Pssst, NYT? Yes, ABC? Wanna Write about HBOT? Why Not!

By Kim Stagliano

In an odd coincidence, both ABC and The New York Times covered hyperbaric oxygen therapy last week and related the therapy to autism. Which gave Dr. Offit and friends a chance to get into the media again.  If you've used HBOT for your child(ren) have you had positive (or negative) results?

Read the NYT piece HERE.

Read the ABC piece HERE.


Luke Lawreszuk

Autism and HBOT? In my opinion... to find out is to try, can it has bad influence? I don't think so! Can it help? I would say.. yes... for for information read some interesting articles about HBOT (hyperbaric oxygenation) and how it works with autism: as well here:

Mike Frandsen

I did an article on a mother who uses HBOT for her son who has autism as one of several therapies at She says it has helped her son a lot.

Ali Hoffman

We did 70 dives last summer with our 4 year old boy. Prior to the dives, our son was having issues with body relationships and connection. Our OT explained it was like - there's an arm - is it my arm? I have no idea. He was not potty trained (not for lack of trying) but my feeling was that he just wasn't connected enough to his body. He had very high yeast and we had difficulty keeping it under control thru diet.

After the dives, our son potty trained himself. We credit it all to HBOT and our son emerging with an amazing connection to his body and how it works. We love HBOT.

Dana C. Sturdivant

We have done three weeks of 40 dives took a month off and then travelled back to Destin, Fl and stayed another three weeks and completed another 34 dives then took a year off and went back a month ago and did another week's worth of two adays in the hard chamber. My son who was four at the time spoke to me for the first time, and on the second round his huge head size went down over several weeks after hard chamber hyperbaric's treatment's, I know this because Polo shirt's that I would have to work hard to get over his head now easily went over his head. This time we went we didn't get huge improvement's, but we do a biomedical biofeedback using the Zyto hand cradle and it showed for the first time zero brain inflammation. I can't say enough about hyperbaric's and it's healing potential for our children and especially mine...Hard chamber Hyperbaric's, IV EDTA chelation, and Alinia we saw our biggest gains with our son.

Julie Swenson

Chris, I bet it would help her a LOT! My son had one of the worst cases of yeast that our DAN had seen--anti-fungals can only help so much if the problem is really extreme. Have you considered also trying The Specific Carbohydrate Diet? It's absolutely amazing for helping get rid of yeast problems and associated gut issues. Just a though in case you can't do HBOT soon :)


Julie, that's great!

My daughter has a horrid yeast problem. You CANNOT miss a single dose of antifungal with her or give her even too much fruit to eat or you see dark circles beginning to appear under her eyes again and she gets impulsive and way more stimmy.

I wonder now if HBOT could help this?

Kevin D

My son, now almost 5, is PDD-NOS but non-verbal and stimmy. He would not ride a tricycle. Believe me, I tried for months on end (killing my back!). After only 3 sessions in the HBOT he just got on it and started riding!

Since then, we have seen great strides in speech - to which I attribute to HBOT. We had been on GFCF/Casein Free/Rotation diet because of his allergies and yeast, but the HBOT has brought out so much more. A friend of ours is buying a used one in which we hope to use when time permits. He is now on his 2nd round of 40 hours. YES!


I did 37 dives with my son four years ago. My son learned to ride a bike and balance eon a scooter following HBOT. I, however, lost my chronic fatigue, migraines and the beginning of arthritis in my shoulder. All of which I blame on a postnatal rubella shot. HBOT completely healed MY vaccine injury.

Dana Read

We do mild chamber w/an oxygen mask. My nonverbal son is now making many new hard consonant sounds, sometimes in context and appropriate, i.e., mama, papa, etc. He is also much more connected, responds to our requests such as "come here", "pick up this", etc., has better eye contact and is less stimmy. That is after 30 hours in about a month's time. We took a week and a half break and are working on our 2nd set of 30 hrs. Thus far, definitely an intervention that has been worth the time & $ for us.


We did 40 consecutive dives for a month and a half a year ago, spending more than $6000 on it. My son seemed to be more talkative and alert after the treatment, which are just normal side effects of using pure oxygen, and I'm not completely sure that HBOT had permanent beneficial effects for him. At any rate, we never saw any definite results that told us the treatment was worth it, so we've never used it again. That's just my experience.

I respect what other people say about HBOT and I believe it when they say they've seen tremendous improvement. Every kid is different. But I also think there is a bit of wishful thinking on the part of persons who may be reluctant to admit to themselves that they've spent a fortune on a treatment that wasn't worth it. I don't think it was worth it for us and I consider the money I spent as money wasted.

Julie Swenson

I forgot to add: we saw a HUGE yeast-die off that started literally the day after we started on our 40 hours of soft-chamber HBOT. Another reason to use it, since a lot of our kiddos have yeast issues. This die-off occurred even after 8 months of anti-fungals, which helped, but clearly could not take on all the yeast by itself..


We've logged over 350 hours in a soft chamber to date and continue to dive. With us, there is no debate - this treatment has done wonders for our son.
1. I believed he was having seizures and would catch him staring into space several times a day in a trance which could never be broken. His teachers reported these trances all the time. This has not happened since we started hbot.
2. My son used to do this odd head-jaw-body shake thing which I never got an answer about because he would never do it in front of a dr and I could never catch him doing it on tape. Have not seen this since HBOT.
3. My son was throwing up at almost every meal. When we started hbot, this has stopped happening. Initially, if we stopped for more than a week, it would come back again. Well, we recently took a 2 month break (approximately) - our son no longer throws up.
4. The boost in language this gave us was amazing. In a few days time we were hearing 5 word combos - when if we heard 2 before, it was a big deal.
I could go on and on about our hbot gains.... what this therapy has done for our son is only surpassed by what oral ala/dmsa chelation is doing now.


HBOT is one of the keys to my sons recovery. In one month he went from talking to having conversations. We work with Dr. Neubrander and followed his protocol (1.5 hrs 2 times a day). We have rented for 2 months in total. After the first round my son lost his Spectrum diagnosis. The gains increased after our second month in the chamber. My son still has some issues, but he at this point he is thriving we are decreasing his traditional therapy hours. He may be 4, but he tells us that he has a girlfriend! Our therapists are amazed by his quick progress. I attribute this to a lot of luck, the HBOT, intense traditional (ABA, Speech, OT, PT) therapy a variety of supplements.

Laura Sauls

We could only afford to rent a chamber for a month (soft chamber with oxygen concentrator), that we used in Oct/November, twice daily. In the month following, my son started drawing and writing on his own, at home, for fun, something he had never done before. He'd draw and or write at school or to do homework or when prompted, but he did this on his own, for fun. We went on a trip for Thanksgiving, and he drew pictures of the motel, with outside stairs, and wrote labels for various rooms of our house when we came home. I still have them up - the doors in the living room that go out to the back deck say, "Exit" and "Outside". My favorite is a note he wrote recently to add to the "Kitchen" one he hung in December -- He added "Starbooks Soop", his version of Starbucks shop, as I have an espresso machine I love and use all the time!

I'd love to do more, but will have to wait until the money magically appears!

Holly Austin

We saw such great things, we purchased a chamber and the gains keep coming!!!


I decided to interview my son, given that he submitted to hyperbaric therapy approximately 10-15 times last year.

However anecdotal vulnerable parents' perceptions of success in autism treatment, I do recognize the power of positive and wishful thinking. I also would be careful not to criticize their assessments.

Nevertheless, I do value my son's response, as it is he who as autism and it is he who got inside that machine and here is his response:

1. "It was an "okay" deal"
2. "It does make me dizzy"
3. "I think it's not good, it made my ears hurt, like an airplane"

When I asked him what he meant by "airplane", was it loud or was it the pressure, he indicated "both". Initially, when he first tried the chamber he told me that "it calmed him". I asked him recently if it was calming or not; his response was that "in the beginning it was okay, but then it wasn't"


My child has logged in over 150 soft chamber dives and 33 hard chamber dives.
His IQ test has showed a subgroup improvement of 30 points last spring.
I have full documentation on a change from dev. delay to borderline normal/some normal subgroups following HBOT.
He comes out of the chamber talking. It is amazing to see how good it makes my son feel. Telling him we are going to HBOT is like saying we are going to Disney, he dances around the living room screaming "GOODY GOODY GOODY the Spaceship, YEAH!"
The change is so evident that his school occupational therapist has asked how the school can get a chamber.
His 30 some food allergies are gone for the first time ever.
I believe we have had both documented GI and brain healing.
Well worth the investment. You do not need to spend 40K. Purchasing a used soft chamber is only 15K and treatments are usually 125.00 or less per dive. We were fortunate that a friend lent us their soft chamber.

My teenage daughter has been my son's dive buddy.
Her typical teen acne disappeared and she has been scoring above grade level in her IOWA Standardized testing since her dives.
HBOT has been an excellent intervention for my family.

Thank God for the Birmingham AL HBOT center. They opened down the street from a hospital that had an 18 person chamber, just to cater to families like ours. The hospital refused to let children with Autism dive.
We recently heard the hospital closed and their chamber sits vacant. Maybe if they considered how beneficial it was to families with Autism they would have had some additional business.

Those of us in Club 1:150 aren't waiting around for Medicaid OR the NYTs to figure out that HBOT helps Autism.

Joe Shlabotnik

320 hours in a soft chamber (1.5 ATM) with ambient air and an oxygen concentrator (wore a mask) eliminated stroke-like episodes, lupus rash and blisters, and rheumatoid pains and swollen joints from my daughter. It didn't cure her autism, but I fear what her outcome would have been without HBOT.


Not sure that this is "coincidence" - last week Dr. Rossignol issued results from his controlled study which look positive.

As I noted in my blog, though, there really is some conflict of interest here... not that Rossignol is necessarily doing anything wrong, but his funding comes from the organization that would profit from a positive outcome.

Just something to be aware of.



Before HBOT I had a child who spoke in single words, and the occasional gestalt combination ("Iwanjuice"). Now, after a just 40 sessions of soft chamber HBOT, she's using the "It's a ..." and "There's the ..." forms correctly, and asking "where" questions. Her energy level and ability to interact with her NT twin have increased significantly as well. We love HBOT and plan to do more as soon as we can afford it.

Julie Swenson

We noticed big gains in cognitive function and speech in our 3 1/2 year (he is 4 1/2 now)when we did 40 hours in a rented soft chamber. If a treatment does not work most of the time for most of the kids, the FDA, Offit et all will decry it to the depths of hell. We knew full well before shelling out $3000 on the chamber, that it may not work. But we had to give it a shot.

From American Cancer Society: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved HBOT to treat decompression sickness, gangrene, brain abscess, air bubbles in the blood, and injuries in which tissues are not getting enough oxygen.

So...according to the FDA, HBOT treats brain injuries, eh? Successfully even, they say. But not brain injuries say caused from vaccines? Not brain injuries from vaccines resulting in CP, seizures, or brain inflammation? Sorry, that's a stretch, I know ;)

My son is no longer experiencing his 100s-a-day seizures, either, after HBOT. Though I also credit diet and other biomedical intervention, it's impossible to think that the HBOT did not play an important role in my little boy being 100% seizure-free now.

Holly M.

My children did 120 hours of 1.5 atm 100% oxygen when they were 2 and 5 years old, respectively. They went to Miracle Mountain in NC. My husband took a leave of absence from his job over two summers and lived in a trailor on-site. He said miracles were taking place everyday. CP kids who's hands were curled - unfolded. Babies held-up their heads. After 40 hours of HBOT my 2 year old looked at me as if it was the first time she was able to put a face to a voice. I was her mom-at last. Over the next 40 hours she started adding words and developed a friendship with a grandmother at the site. My son who had no energy to even walk around the block was "climbing Grandfather Mountain like a goat." My son had chelated for two years prior and my daughter for one and I'm not sure if that helped them reep the maximium benefits of HBOT or not. I definately rank HBOT up there behind diet and chelation for helping my kids.


We have had fantastic results with HBOT. We do about 17 psi in a hard chamber and my son gets concentrated oxygen for an hour (he puts on a helmet while in the tank).
His conversational speech, social skills with other children and self regulation have all improved at a rapid rate!
His school has noticed the improvement and has commented on it several times. His neuropsych said he has never seen a child improve in a years time like my son.

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