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Olmsted on Autism One Radio: Somali's Tell Their Story -- And Blast The NYT

Radio mic EDITOR'S NOTE: This week I interviewed several people involved in uncovering the cluster of autism cases in the Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis, for Autism One radio. We discussed their courageous efforts, along with the recent New York Times story that portrayed them as poor and poorly informed -- easy prey for anti-vaccine zealots. But as you will hear, they are plenty capable of thinking for themselves. I'm proud to say they will join us on a panel at Autism One in May. We will stand with them no matter what nonsense the mainstream media and public health officials cook up to counter the truth. -- DAN OLMSTED

March 26, 2009 SPECIAL EDITION
12:30 pm - 1:30 ET

The Somali Community and Autism: The Situation, the Truth, and the Press
Host: Dan Olmsted, Editor, Age of Autism
Guests: Abdulkadir Khalif, Abdirisak Jama, Hodan Hassan, Patti Carroll




To listen, try this link.


Please have the Somali's examine the autism moms' vaccination records for immigration into the US and compare this to the other immigrants who have less autism.

Rubella infection during pregnancy is a known cause of autism. The rubella vaccine is a live virus vaccine and if Wakefield and Singh and others are finding live vaccine strain measles in kids with autism, then autism moms can have these live viruses - measles and rubella too...then when the newly immigrated women become pregnant and pregnancy is naturally an immunosuppresant state, the viruses - artificially put their via vaccines - could replicate, activate and harm the baby growing in utero. Just a theory - but there is no better group to test this theory than the Somalis vs. immigrants from other countries where for example the MMR was given in childhood so there was no booster or MMR required for US entry - if there is such a thing as different vax requirements depending on where the person is coming from.

An immunologist I contacted about this idea years ago said he was finding the live rubella virus from the vaccine in vaccine recipients as long as 15 years post vaccination. He was treating recurring miscarriage patients and was looking at uterine biopsy samples. fyi - if this info helps.

This story of autism among Somali's is so tragic - I hope that some good - some how - some way - will come from these beautiful children.


We are sorry your introduction to the US included vaccines for non-threatening disease like chicken pox and then subsequent Autism.
Please let your voice be heard, so other immigrants do not go through the same.


Is this available in a podcast or something? How do you access it? Minnesota's our neighbor to the south, and I'm very interested in this story!

Please don't be shy on the "how to" details for those of us who are not too technically-savvy!



Thank you for giving some of Minnesota's Somali families this opportunity to tell their story in their own voices.

It is extremely important that their life experiences with autism be recorded so that future generations read, listen and understand the struggles faced in these times.

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