Age of Autism Contest: Leeann Whiffen's A Child's Journey Out of Autism
March, 24 is Autism Epidemic Day in New York State


S. Sanford

I saw but a glimpse of her show yesterday. Basketball took up the first 45 mintues before Oprah kicked in on th DVR recorded show. UGH! She looked great tho for that 15 minutes!


Rachel, my thoughts exactly!
I have long wondered why Oprah doesn't do a follow-up show on autism - have the panel and also the audience filled with parents from our side to talk about recovery. I often think that would make a huge impact on those who may be afraid to try something "alternative!'


Maybe she can put a bug in Oprah's ear to have Leeann Whiffin on her show--it would be great to show the world that "ordinary" moms can bring recovery to their children with autism.

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