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From the UK: The Betrayal of a Nation's Children

British flag By Martin Walker

Two weeks ago, the Director of vaccine policy at the UK Department of Health, Professor David Salisbury, moved to stifle all criticism of himself and the Department's policies by letters warning of writs for defamation, against a number of vaccine damage campaign websites. These legal letters asked that websites take down Martin Walker's last essay, To Encourage the Others. In the writ Salisbury tried to distance himself from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).
In two weeks time, in April of this year, vaccination policy in Britain will change radically when it is handed over to a committee appointed by a quango that consists almost entirely of drug company insiders. In this new statute, it will become compulsory for the government to enact the wishes of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). From April onwards the New Labour government will abdicate all responsibility for vaccine policy, mass vaccination programmes, licensing, deaths and adverse reactions to the pharmaceutical industry.

To understand this massive gift to Big Pharma, US observers in particular should bear in mind that in Britain, conditions have never been so favourable nor citizens' criticisms of the pharmaceutical companies so acute as they are at the moment. So powerful is Big Pharma in little Britain, that there has never been a single successful court action against a pharmaceutical company; that all British Vioxx and MMR claimants were denied legal aid; for two years now, Dr Andrew Wakefield and two other doctors have been on trial before the General Medical Council, for suggesting that MMR might cause inflammatory bowel disease and Autistic Spectrum Disorders; and as 1,340 adverse reactions are announced following the Cervarix mass vaccination, ongoing for six months, the drug company-funded regulators have told the British people, that they can live with these minor events.
Between 1988 and 1992 the British government, in fear of putting off parents from having their children vaccinated and endangering pharmaceutical profits, neither acted upon, nor made public, information about deaths and adverse reactions that affected thousands of children given the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccination. The Urabe Farrago, Martin Walker's latest essay, takes the expose of vaccine politics in Britain further than ever before, describing a state of near regulatory anarchy in the licensing and administration by the government of MMR vaccination.

Read The Urabe Farrago HERE.


michael Boult

We see and feel the pain of our children,all They see is a profit!

Deborah Nash

There is something wrong with British Society when delaying a vaccination is considered child abuse whilst at the same time it is acceptable to give vaccines in untested combinations. Obviously the wrong people are in control!

Heidi N

I am appalled, and my heart goes out to the British citizens. We have our own problems in America as well with such power and control and conflict of interests. God help us all!

John Stone

And just to note that the change in legal status for the JCVI has not been reported in the new issue of British Medical Journal, published on-line tonight. No concern of the medical profession either apparently!


I'm what honorary "Professor" Salisbury might describe if he met me at a social gathering, as a sensible person. I had my children vaccinated and myself, at every opportunity.I still believe in vaccination, but yet and here's the rub,when a sensible person and countless others find that their previously normal child abruptly regressed into an autistic like state, following vaccination,our observations are treated with utter distain as threatening Salisbury's immunisation policy and we are pointedly labelled as anti vaccine, which we are not.We had our children vaccinated in the first place.The US seems to blindly follow the advice of those UK immunisation mandarins, like Salisbury, whom has bullied doctors, whom dared to investigate, with his support of witch hunt show trials and has now threatened those parents, now without research and treatment for their affected children, with personal legal action.Martin Walker's essay is a lesson in the failure of the system to uphold the rights of those whose children suffered damage, for the perceived greater good of vaccination policy.


"In two weeks time, in April of this year, vaccination policy in Britain will change radically when it is handed over to a committee appointed by a quango that consists almost entirely of drug company insiders."

Wow sounds like the CDC ACIP panel, only with tea and scones I bet!


May 2008 a UK Labour MP has suggested children who have not received all their vaccinations should not be allowed to start school.

A petition was submitted;
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to not agree to enforcing vaccinations for all children both now and in the future, with a Deadline by: 02 December 2008. With a response on 06 February 2009

Days later an Early Day Motion (EDM 754) MMR VACCINE AND THE MEDIA was submitted on 10 February 2009.

Meanwhile, behind the curtains a new statue arises with no contentions or consultations whatsoever which, can in effect give the power of the JCVI to render the aforementioned Government policy on vaccination redundant.

Go figure.


Martin's powerful essay makes terrifying reading. It really drives home the implications of this move. Thanks to past essays by Martin - and others - many had long suspected that the puppet strings in UK were firmly in the hands of big pharma - but this week's announcement illustrates that the problem has reached frightening new heights. We are on the brink of being a country completely controlled and financed by the pharmaceutical companies, left with no protection and no means of fighting for our rights. Britain is just a small island and it must seem very easy to control, compared to USA. Taking candy from a baby. My son also was in the MMR legal case. When I explained to my GP ten years ago what we as a family were going to attempt, he laughed in my face. "You'll never beat the drug companies" he said. Now - 10 years on - I wonder if he still finds it so amusing? Surely doctors will also be up in arms at this sinister move? The government has sold us down the river. AND future generations of children.



Article from the CBC March 12:

"Linking vaccines, autism tantamount to crying 'fire' where there isn't one"

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Martin Hewitt

PR Week says, 'With the numbers of measles cases in the UK at a 20-year high, the UK Department of Health (DH) is spending £400,000 on external agency support. It has called in Trimedia to promote MMR jabs and deal with parental concerns that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism.'

The Dep of Health spends at least £1m a year on market researching vaccines. It will surprise US readers, but the UK government spends no more than about £1.5m a year on researching autism, the fastest growing child development disorder in the UK (and elsewhere).

Joan Campbell

Sorry Dan can you delete the ref no andwhatever you thinks needs to out oif what I posted for legal reasons.

Joan Campbell

When I first read this post I could not believe what I was reading but it is the truth. It beggars belief.

This was posted by a father on the Jabs Forum and he wants everyone to know his story
Posted - 01/22/2007 : 09:27:04 Show
Below is the response from the Department for Work and Pensions of which my sister is referring to. We assume at this stage it is just an oversight. But if you are considering vaccinating your child who is under two years old and you read this I can imagine your deep concern and disblief at how the government reacts to those that have chose to believe the government doctrine. It does appear that what the government is trying to tell us is that you should wait until your child is over two years old before vaccinating if you should chose to do so at all!

Ref NINO VP 00 61 41 X

Vaccine Damage
Payment Unit
Palatine House
Lancaster Road

phone number 01772 899944
fax number 01772 899873
Textphone 01772899489
Date 06 June 2006

Dear Mr. Duncan

About Your Claim For a Vaccine Damage Payment

We received your claim for a payment under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 on 30/05//2006.

I am sorry to tell you that your claim has been unsuccessful.

This is because claims can only be considered once a child reaches two years of age.

Unfortunately, Anna was under the age of 2 when she passed away

Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 sect 2(1 )(c)

What To Do If The Information We Have Used To Make The Decision Is Wrong

If the information we have used is incorrect and Anna was in fact 2 years of age when she passed away please let us know so that we can consider reversing our decision.

The time limit for requesting a reversal is 6 years from the date of this letter. This means that you have until 06/06/2012.

What To Do If You Disagree With This Decision

If you disagree with the decision you can appeal to the Tribunal Service. You can do this by writing to the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.

The Tribunal Service look at your claim afresh, to see if the decision was correct. There is no time limit for requesting such an appeal.

You can email us at We are open: - Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Linda Willis
Vaccine Damage Payments Unit

Joan Campbell

Forgive my spelling mistake of your name

This is the type of thing that is happening to our children in the Uk. If your child dies from a vaccine before the age of two the parents have no right to object because the vaccine is insured but the child is not before the age of 2. One families story

The Folllowing is a bulletin from the National Vaccine Information Center

"You can adjust childhood immunization policy -- say, separating the MMR components and giving them a year apart as some critics suggest -- and still protect children from deadly epidemics. But you can't adjust the outcome of a fatal seizure. Those in charge need to demonstrate they are as concerned about the health of every single child who gets a shot as they are about "herd immunity".

- Dan Olmsted, UPI reporter on the death of Anna in Britain after MMR vaccination

BL Fisher Note:

Slowly but surely a few investigative journalists looking into the dark corners of one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies in the U.S. and Europe are coming to the same conclusion parents of vaccine injured children came to a long time ago: individual children are being killed and crippled on the altar of the "greater good" utilitarian pseudo-ethic embraced by public health officials. Public health officials around the world are compromising the biological integrity of our young by insisting on achieving "herd immunity" and refusing to acknowledge just how many casualties it takes to do that.

The immoral utilitarian rationale created by British lawyer Jeremy Benthem in the 1800's was then and still is a convenient excuse for elitists in charge of making government policy to use the "greater good" club to dismiss a minority of individuals as expendable in service to the majority. Works just fine if you and your loved ones happen to be in the majority. Doesn't work so fine if you and your own are the one's being sacrificed.

The Nuremberg Tribunal, which put the utilitarian rationale on trial along with doctors they charged with crimes against humanity after World War II, got it right in 1947: no human being - even if they have M.D. or Ph.D. written after their name - has the right to use another human being as a means to an end, no matter how good that end may appear to be. The Nuremberg Tribunal, which created the Nuremberg Code to serve as a guide for the practice of ethical medicine, made it quite clear that it is immoral for doctors to force other human beings to risk their lives in order to advance medicine, science or improve the human condition without their voluntary, informed consent.

Were Anna's parents truly informed by public health officials about the risks of MMR vaccine before their daughter was vaccinated?

Mass vaccination policies dictated by doctors employed by government may have saved many in the past who would have died or been crippled by infectious diseases. But it is becoming clearer that vaccines and one-size-fits-all vaccine policies have also destroyed the lives of many individuals and their families, who may or may not have contracted an infectious disease and may or may not have died or been injured from the disease.

The time has come for government health officials around the world to remove the blinders from their eyes and tear down the stone walls they have built around their hearts and care as much about children, like Anna, who die or are crippled by vaccines, as they say they care about children who die or are crippled by infectious diseases.

For free NVIC E-News bulletins go to:

ANNA'S LAST DAYS by Dan Olmsted

ANNA's Last Days 1

ANNA's Last Days 2

Jake Crosby

It's the United Kingdom of GlaxoSmithKline!

preemption lost

To Gatogorra

Preemption lost. It was all over the news last week. I was on cloud nine when I heard this. Maybe some families will get justice. There is even talk of removing premption for medical devices.


The Roman Empire collapsed due to lead in the drinking water (aquaducts), it looks like the remainder of the British Empire will collapse due to Big Pharma greed .... and as far as the USA goes, take heed!

sign lady

As an anglophile, I was disappointed, dismayed and thoroughly disgusted by the above article. In fact, it prompted me to apply economic pressure to the UK in my own small way.

I just sent an e-mail to various department heads of the British Tourist Authority listed below, explaining why, with great sadness, I will no longer visit their beautiful country, nor do business with it nor purchase goods from it, and have encouraged my family and friends to do the same. I have included excerpts from Martin Walker's article above, as well as a link to his to-be-banned article.

With London hosting the Olympic Games in 2012, I have to believe the UK's public image around the world matters.,,,,,,,,,,


This is so chilling that I'm numb. We should lobby the U.S. government to lobby the U.K. government.

The trouble is, with preemption looming and in effect in Michigan (where you can't sue pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturers if product is FDA approved), we're not far behind in terms of medical fascism.

Just a fantasy, but how quickly this decision would be reversed if the U.S. imposed sanctions.

John Stone


I should have said in my last post not "British government in advanced state of disintegration" but "the British state". Of course, a lot has also happened in our country in the way of political liberalisation since 1775. Nor have we always perceived the state as malevolent: it has often been benign and no doubt still is, depending very much on the individuals operating it. Also, a lot of this I believe stems from the economic liberalisation of the Thatcher/Regan and Blair/Bush years.

But you are probably right that it has hit us much worse in the UK because we do not live with the same constitutional constraints as the US. Which is not to say that there are not plenty of things that have happened here which are still illegal, if only the law could be enforced.


Joan Campbell

Thanks Maureen
WE are really trying to do our best to make the general public aware of the dangers of un-safe vaccines and getting in touch with our members of parliament. We are classed as anti vaxers but we are most defnitely not and the media over here is very selective in what they decide to print, even as far as not allowing comments to be published. We are a mighty force over here and I have been battling for 14 years now and we were involved in the MR/MMR Group litigation. We are not letting this latest news undermine us in any way and the parents, grandparents will not be swept under the carpet and forgotten. It is my lifes mission to prove that the MMR is not safe for a subset of children. But as you see it is not only the MMR vaccine that has problems with adverse reactions. Check out to see what we are planning at the moment.
Martin Walker only speaks the truth.


wow - I'm stunned. what a boon for Big Pharma. If the UK goes 'mandatory' - the US press will have yet another heyday at our kids expense. Where is the vaccinated/unvaccinated study? Looks like we need to actively reach out to our brothers and sisters across the ocean and mount a multi-country push for a real safety study. Time to global AOA!


This is sickening. I agree with Maurine, I hope they come out in droves to protest.

dan olmsted

The efforts to silence critics of vaccine policy through legal intimidation is much worse in Britain than America because of laws that hamper free expression and free press (there's a reason we fought a revolution -- to get away from the kind of statist mindset that comes with a king and queen and house of lords). I believe that's one reason Andy Wakefield has said the vaccine/autism link will finally see the light of day in the U.S. and not Great Britain. It's also why, as much as I think Brian Deer is a complete reckless idiot, I've opposed efforts to haul him before the Press Commission or whatever the outfit is called in Britain that undercuts the right to investigate and report freely. We need more freedom of expression, not less, because ultimately it is what allows the truth to prevail. Meanwhile we have to put up with bad reporting and bad reporters, but their impact will wane and they will be left with a permanent written record of their arrogance and incompetence. Keep writing, Brian, the more you do and say the more obvious your bias and belligerence toward autism families becomes self-evident. And more power to Martin Walker.

John Stone

This is a hugely important report by Martin, though certainly not light reading. The hidden move to subordinate elected polticians to an unaccountable body of pharma sponsored scientists and doctors was slightly reported in the British press over the weekend:

It also happens against the background of reports of 1300 girls having adverse effects GSK's new HPV vaccine Cervarix.

If - on the usual rule of thumb for reporting adverse reactions - this is maximally 10% of the actual number of cases, then this could be hitting as many as 1 in 20 adolescent/pre-adolescent girls. Meanwhile it looks as if any last vestige of medical or political accountability has been removed from the system.

See also CHS 'UK Government Hands Drug Industry Contol of Childhood vaccination' (also not a light read).

Both reports show British government in an advanced state of disintegration.

Maurine Meleck

I can remember being a part of anit-Viet Nam protests in the US back in the late 60's and early 70's.
We can only hope that there will be a response like this from the British people in protest to the new vaccine policies. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


How did we get to place in our world that a company pumping drugs into not only our children, but us too, has complete autonomy over development, safety and administration of said drugs. Talk about being both judge and jury...ridiculous.

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