Call In: IACC Meeting Today at Noon
Andrew Wakefield’s Complaint Against the Sunday Times – The Times of London Retreats


Media Scholar

The Colbert Report seems to have a pulse...

The tense is unclear.


I didn't care to check who was writing the NY Times article the first time I saw it. I should have know it was McNeil.

DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. is just like one of those A.I.G. managers getting a big fat bonus, paid for by the american taxpayer, as reward for bankrupting their company. McNeil gets rewarded with kudos and whoknowswhatelse from Merck for muddling the waters on vaccines and bankrupting our children's health while at it.

Hey, McNeil, enjoy your well deserved increasing popularity in this forum. We are all big fans of yours. We will not forget you when the time comes, even if we get to be 80 years old when it happens. We will be the Simon Wiesenthals hunting for the authors of the autism holocaust: Remember the autism epidemic at the turn of the millenium? THIS GUY HERE, McNeil ,was a major contributor. He didn't even blink when required to distort the truth for the benefit of his masters. He had a choice to offer a balanced view, to go to the root of the issue, but chose the easy way out and decided to side with the big and powerful. His lack of guts at his level of responsibility, writing for a major newspaper, put thousands of children at risk for autism every single day.

Tomorrow on the battle think on me...

Julie Swenson

Sometimes it is only The Onion that keeps me from going crazy.


That New York Times editorial would have been written by DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.

I just read his rehash of the high autism rate in Minnesota Somali families. Either he's four months late, or he's been prompted by the CDC in preparation for their latest statistical manipulation.

"Antivaccine groups have noticed," he says. Yeah, right. Like those anti-car groups noticed when Pinto gas tanks exploded. Damn you, Consumer Reports! Your articles are responsible for an increase in the construction of safer cars!

too darn funny

LOL!!! Thanks for posting this good laugh filled with parallels about "our experts". I already had seen it but it was just as good the second time around. I watched it previously with my recovering 6th grade Aspie son and he had NO PROBLEM "getting it". He has such a wonderful sense of humor now that he is almost fully recovered, and has The Onion bookmarked under his favorites .


The NY Times note reassuring the population is hilarious. Didn't we see that before just recently? And doesn't the crab inventor doctor look like someone we know?

Anyway, NY Times has a nasty article today about the autism epidemic on MN Somali kids. It has the usual "anything but vaccines" logic, but over stretching their point this time. They also go to a great length to try to smear JB Handley, that "antivaccine" movement leader. JB must be doing something good when the increasingly yellow NY Times hates his guts so much. I hope they go bankrupt soon.


I'm sure the crabs are going to love all that attention. LOL

Holly M.

Thanks, I needed that.

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