Autism One Announces Seizures Think Tank In May
Aluminum in Water, Bad. In Syringe, OK.


Jeffrey McAndrew

I think that nhokkanen's comments were unfair. I was trying to get Kirby to admit that the mission he is on to tell people about the dangers of vaccines could have a dangerous downside. I advised Kirby to be as objective as possible when studying these issues. What the heck is wrong with that??

And wunderkind, don't call people names unless you have no faults yourself.


I missed hearing this show. Will there be a link so we can hear it? Please?

Terri Lewis

"We can't stop vaccinating kids while we research vaccine safety."

Um--we can't?

That's exactly what many of us are doing.

Like so many parents here, I *did* vaccinate my kids, but, you know--no more for us, thanks.


Well done by Mr. Kirby, as well as RFK and David Bender. Hard to believe that the only one who called in was such an idiot.

Julie Swenson

Argh! I missed this, and I am a staunch AA listener, ironically (darn kids made me play CDs instead of my radio program, lol)! Anyone know if you can download it?


Nancy, because he is asking for research into vaccine safety. They are completely opposed to that because they know what will be found.

Maurine Meleck

Good program and I thought that David Bender's questions were terrific. Thanks to David Kirby and Robert Kennedy, Jr.
I also thought the comment that Nancy H made
is interesting. I think I was taken aback a little when David made that statement. I understand his point of view, but I just have a big problem with it. Meanwhile, if parents are informed, it's up to them to make that choice.(hopefully, anyway).

David Kirby

As far as I know, there was only one call in to the show. David said during the break that it was someone critical of me, and did I want to take the call. Of course I said yes. - DK


There was only time for one caller -- Jeffrey McAndrew from North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He first plugged his book and then squandered his air time with a confusingly-worded question, which the radio host noted had been already answered by Mr. Kirby. Then David proceeded to reiterate information about the various government agencies' upcoming vaccine safety initiatives.

FWIW, one person who reviewed the caller's book commented at the website:
"[T]his book is edited terribly. It has so many typo's and poorly structured sentences. It is very obvious that this was written by somebody who does not have a strong educational background. People need to take pride in their work and if this man does then he is not nearly as smart as he makes himself out to be."


I'm trying to figure out how a vaccine program defender would argue against David's statement just now:
"We can't stop vaccinating kids while we research vaccine safety."


Gosh! I can't seem to listen live! Argh! Is this going to be available as a download/recording to listen to later? I am not too 'up' to it in streaming/watching/listening live or recorded..can anyone 'record' it for me and send it to me (is that even a possibility? School me please! LOL!)!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Warning to all my friends here; the King Idiot (spell my name backwards) has issued a call to all of his vaccine zombies to call in on this program. Expect bullying, antagonism, and a general lack of respect for parents of vaccine injured children. Hopefully, someone can contact David Bender and warn him in advance.


Setting reminder now...

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