Olmsted on Autism: ABC, NYT and the Verification of Truth
Age of Autism Contest: Leeann Whiffen's A Child's Journey Out of Autism

Authors in Search of a Little Legal Research

Dan and mark research Editor's Note: Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill are working on a book on the roots and rise of autism (that's us in the photo on a recent weekend hip deep in studies and books). AOA readers have generously collaborated with us on research and translation, which has helped greatly. Now we are in need of some hopefully brief legal research that is beyond us. If you are a lawyer and/or have access to a legal database, there are a couple of very specific things we could use some help checking out -- this would not be an extensive or elaborate effort. Please e-mail [email protected] if you could provide assistance. We expect our book to be published next year.



Lawyers, lawyers everywhere and yet so few that think.

Fortunately the attorneys in our movement are a cut above. I'm pretty sure you'll find someone who can help.

Kelli Ann Davis -- PS Mark's New Book

PS....Have to give everyone a "head's up" on Mark's recent book that came out two weeks ago: "The Invisible Edge" a book about Intellectual Property.

Seriously, it's excellent!! (and I'm not just saying that cuz he's a good friend ;-) I'm already on Chapter 7 and it's absolutely fascinating...talks about the history behind some of the biggest companies and the ways they've used IP strategies in their business and how those strategies have panned out (sometimes successful, sometimes not) and it's just soooo intriguing!

Personally, I'm finding it very interesting to see Mark in a different "element" (business world vs autism world) and it's been a fun and educational read.

Bottom Line: If this book is any indication of what to expect from his and Dan's book, we are in for a real treat!!

Kudos Mark.

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Mark "The Mega Pile Pack Rat"

Hey Mark,

Lucky you: looks like Elise let you "spill out" of your office and into the living room! (After all, Dan's a guest and being cooped up in your office with all the "existing piles" isn't exactly the best scenario when you're in the "we-need-to-sprawl-out-and-make-a-whole-bunch-more-NEW-piles" mode ;-)

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