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Clouseau By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

According to a Reuter’s article, “Aluminum, Silica in Water Affect Alzheimer’s Risk” (March 4, 2009), “aluminum concentrations in drinking water may have an effect on cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.”  The report was released by Dr. Virginie Rondeau and her associates at the Institute National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale in Bordeaux and can be found in the American Journal of Epidemiology. (HERE)

The French investigators reported that “daily aluminum intake of at least 0.1 milligram was associated with greater cognitive decline.”  (Author’s note – 0.1 milligrams is equal to 100 micrograms [mcg])  The current listing of the amount of aluminum in vaccines are as follows: DTaP – from 170 mcg to 625 mcg, depending on manufacturer, Hepatitis A – 250 mcg, Hepatitis B – 250 mcg, HiB – 225 mcg, HPV – 225 mcg, Pediarix – 850 mcg, Pentacel – 330 mcg, and Pneumococcus – 125 mcg.

As noted in the article “Is Aluminum the new Thimerosal?” by Dr. Robert Sears, and appearing in the January/February issue of Mothering magazine, “In other words, a newborn who gets a Hepatitis B injection on day one of life would receive 250 mcg of aluminum.  This would be repeated at one month with the next Hep B shot.  When, at two months, a baby gets its first big round of shots, the total dose of aluminum could vary from 295 mcg (if a non-aluminum HIB and the lowest-aluminum brand of DTaP are used) to a whopping 1225 mcg (if the Hep B vaccine is given along with the brands with the highest aluminum contents).  These doses are repeated at four and six months.  With most subsequent rounds of shots, a child would continue to get some aluminum throughout the first two years.  But the FDA recommends that premature babies, and anyone with impaired kidney function, receive no more than 10 to 25 mcg of injected aluminum at any one time.” (HERE)

As the parent of a child with autism and seizures I can only note that in one heavy metals test my daughter excreted more than 80 times the normal amount of aluminum.  On average she's excreted somewhere between 8 to 13 times the normal amount of aluminum, and seems to slowly be getting better.  I’ve written before about how autism is likely a combination of infections and toxins, and I’ve long suspected that aluminum plays an as yet undefined role in her problems. 

There’s also a considerable amount of controversy on the damage a toxin can have whether it’s ingested by mouth, or through injection.  Injection means it gets into the blood fairly quickly, and since the blood-brain barrier doesn’t close until well after birth, this aluminum may be able to settle directly to the brain.

While my daughter has had problems from a young age, it’s just as heart-breaking when a previously healthy girl is suddenly struck down.  We are hearing more of these stories following vaccinations with Gardasil, and it’s probably not surprising considering that the shot has 225 mcg of aluminum.  One must also consider the body weight of these adolescent girls when they get their shots and we have another example of baffling medical symptoms.

One of the few bright spots of the French study was the finding that high intake of silica seemed to either reduce “the oral absorption of aluminum on increases the excretion of this metal.”  Those following DAN protocols will recognize the similar role played by chelation treatments.

Adults with Alzheimer’s disease, children with autism and seizures, and adolescent girls with baffling medical symptoms, may all be linked by aluminum.  As the French investigators concluded, “Further studies are needed to settle the debate over the link between aluminum or silica in drinking water and neurologic disorders and cognitive impairment.”

I think that’s a conclusion with which even Inspector Clouseau would agree.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism



I just have to add these links for anyone interested. These are both full articles:

Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain

Macrophagic myofasciitis lesions assess long-term persistence of vaccine-derived aluminium hydroxide in muscle

These are good articles. The first one does not mention Aluminum in the title, but it does address the fate of injected aluminum in mice. The AL concentration in brain is measured by flame spectroscopy; and brain tissues are stained to image aluminum.


Yes CM,

About 12% of the aluminum accumulates in brain tissues,based
on research investigation/autopsy on alzheimer brain studies.The rest builds into the bones.Yes,aluminum adjuvants are the
"new mercury" big pharma uses to poison the mind.

Concerned Professional

Important update:from Medscape Medical news
"Report of Motor Neuron Disease after HPV
vaccine.Dated October 28,2009 Investigators
are reporting a case of motor neuron disease
after immunization (death two moths after the 3rd dose of Gardasil).Postmortem evaluation: "Researchers report extensive
DEMYELINATION and severe loss of MOTOR NEURONS" Aluminum adjuvant is the new "mercury free vaccine".They really meant "ONE LESS".

Concerned Professional

We need to lok at the synergy factor.For eg.
aluminum and mercury together are more dangerous.Boric acid and Polysorbate 80 has more detergency as they enhance each other.
Boric acid presence will increase aluminum
adjuvant breakdown and absorption.They find other ways to hurt us and hurt our children.
This is a war on our children.

R. Investigator

Aluminum (and other toxins combined in vaccines)toxicity affects severely the mitochondrial respiratory functions. Mitochondrial ATP (cellular energy)decrease was seen under aluminum stress. Gardasil is a good example as it has multiple cytotoxic ingredients and aluminum adjuvant.Boric acid,salt (NaCl),polysorbate 80 and Merck's specially prepared aluminum adjuvant.Once the cellular energy is depleted neuron degeneration occurs. Merck
has possibly something else in that vaccine that we do not know about . I wonder what kind boric acid they use , this is a banned substance that contain very low level of heavy metals. How did this ingredient got into the vaccine? The aluminum delivered to the central nervous system (CNS) with the help of polysorbate 80 and L-histidine.

Just a thought...

When did we start hyperfocusing on aluminium, anyway?

First it was thimerosal, despite the fact that the neurotoxic concern of this substance was based on it's cousin, methyl-mercury, neglecting the 75-fold difference in toxic doses between the two (methyl-mercury being more toxic). There's still no substantiated data implicating thimerosal as the guilty agent. And I'm willing to bet the rates of autism haven't changed since thimerosal was nearly completely removed from circulation.

Then the measles component of the MMR vaccine was put under scrutiny, with people clamoring for immunological studies and measles titers, and fingers pointing because their children's titers were "so much higher than normal". What is 'normal'? What is 'normal' for a vaccine response? From what I know of antibody titers, especially strongly detectable ones, this only shows the immune system has built a strong response and thus a stronger immunity to that virus. Guess what, no obvious smoking gun in the literature to date.

So now we're onto aluminum, something that's been used in vaccines for decades. Now we demonize DTaP, gardasil, and flu as our offending agents. Where do we go next if this current scrutiny fails to deliver much more than weakly linked circumstantial relationships?

So many conclusions about the origins of autism are based on here-say, pseudoscience, mass paranoia, and the "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy that just because an event follows another chronologically means there is also a causal relationship. Just because a group of people can form a consensus about something does not make that consensus factual.

Blame big Pharma. Blame your idiot pediatrician (yeah, because only idiots go to school for a decade to take care of kids). Blame the devils at the AAP and CDC and WHO and NIH, oh my gawd, and the entire U.S. Government (and the governments of the European Union, etc.), all of whom sit in darkened, candle-lit conference rooms, strategizing ways to poison our children through vaccinations. And by all means, let's keep making ad hominem attacks on anyone who dares to question the methods by which these conclusions are made.

Thank you. I am now ready for the personal attacks on my character to begin.


To "Just a thought..."

To further address your question about the high amounts of ingested aluminum, consider this quote from Dr. Sears:

"We know aluminum is a neurotoxin. We also know that humans can ingest huge amounts without harm, since 99% of it passes out through the stools. I’m sure Dr. Offit knows that, so I’m curious as to why he’d use the “babies ingest tons of aluminum anyway” argument."

So only 1 percent of ingested aluminum is absorbed.

Now let's look at the amount of aluminum babies consume:

"Breast milk contains 40mcg/L aluminum, milk-based formulas contain ~225mcg/L, and soy-based formulas contain ~500mcg/L."

1% of each of those amounts equals .4 mcg, 2.25 mcg, and 5 mcg. So their kidneys only have to filter about .4 to 5mcg of aluminum from daily milk/formula consumption.

As I stated in a previous post, 100% of injected aluminum has to be filtered by the kidneys. So, the amount of aluminum in vaccines is not just 'a drop in the bucket' compared to consumed aluminum.

.4 mcg - 5 mcg of aluminum from food sources pales in comparison to the 295 - 1225 mcg a child could receive in one day from vaccines. The study Kent referrenced found that at least 100 mcg of daily aluminum consumption was associated with greater cognitive decline. So 1% of that is 1 mcg, which would imply that breast milk at .4 mcg is perfectly safe, and perhaps soy infant formula isn't such a great idea.

And finally, as stated earlier in the quote from, "Aluminum and Health" By Hillel J. Gitelman, the small amounts absorbed by the intestines are usually excreted by the kidneys (and accumulation only occurs in cases of high chronic intake). However, Paul Offit said that after 2 weeks, 85% of the aluminum from vaccines has been excreted (and that's for the average healthy person). That would mean that we still have 15% of 295 mcg - 1225 mcg unaccounted for (equalling 44.25 mcg - 183.75 mcg from just one office visit). Has anyone done any studies to see what happens to the remaining 15% of the injected aluminum? Is it ever excreted, or does it accumulate in brain and skeletal tissue?


"Could this frenzy be a bit misguided towards aluminum?"

I hardly call it a frenzy when people have the temerity to point out the obvious: Maybe it isn't such a hot idea to inject neurotoxic metals into babies with developing brains. Or pre-teen and teenage girls. Or grown men and women. Or really old people.

Zoiks! It's a frenzy of truth! If the existing studies don't at least give you pause, if not cause for outright alarm, then you aren't paying attention. Or you have another agenda.


The Vaccine Book by Dr. Bob Sears, contains much more information about aluminum toxicity studies and cites, among other things, that aluminum can cause neurological harm, newborns are at increased risk of aluminum toxicity, aluminum toxicity is NOT rare in newborns, and that this toxicity is difficult to detect by observing symptoms.

It is difficult to detect because aluminum toxicity causes neurological and skeletal delays. Children with autism have neurological delays and the CDC reported finding that children with autism had thinner bones than the control group. The aluminum that can't be removed by the kidneys gets deposited into bone mass which acts like a 'sink' for the extra aluminum. And MSN had ran a story not too long ago reporting that there has been a rise in rickets cases.

There is a lot of aluminum in processed grains and cheeses (which may explain why GF/CF is helpful.)

Also "only a small percentage of ingested aluminum is absorbed by the intestines of healthy subjects, and what have been absorbed is excreted by the kidney. Although increased levels of aluminum in bone and serum have been reported for patients/subjects ingesting large quantities of aluminum" quote is from "Aluminum and Health" By Hillel J. Gitelman

Since 100% of injected aluminum is absorbed by the body, and "only a small percentage of ingested aluminum is absorbed", I think it is difficult to claim that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is safe based on how much aluminum we consume. Remember that the FDA set a limit of 25 mcg of Aluminum for injectable solutions because the aluminum-containing medical products were causing neurological delays in premature babies (presumably due to a decreased renal function) yet doctors still give the 250 mcg Hep B vaccine to preemies even those who are not at risk of catching Hep B. Very low birth weight is a risk factor for autism.

And many factors can effect how much aluminum a person absorbs. Increased levels of circulating parathyroid hormone (which can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency) increase aluminum absorption, and citrate increases the amount of aluminum that is absorbed by the intestines, and certain genetic disorders also result in increased levels of stored aluminum. Liver biopsies of Wilson's disease patients (known primarily to cause excessive copper accumulation) were found to also have high levels of aluminum (1 out of every 100 people is believed to be a carrier of 1 copy of the Wilson's Disease mutation, and one study found associations for this same gene in children with autism.)

So point being, some children appear to be more sensitive to aluminum than others.

Aluminum Damages the Blood Brain Barrier
"Our present studies suggest that aluminum increases the permeability of BBB by changing its ultrastructure and the expression of occludin and F-actin. Zinc can protect the integrity of BBB in juvenile rats that are exposed to aluminum and inhibit the decrease of tight junction protein occludin and F-actin expression in BBB."

Children with an impaired metal efflux ability would have more trouble than their peers eliminating the aluminum in vaccines, and most children with autism have low zinc levels and low zinc levels also result in low metallothionein levels and impaired excretion of aluminum.

So the children who don't have an impaired metal efflux disorder or a reduced renal function are not going to be as sensitive to the aluminum as the children who do have these risk factors. Every child is different. That's why one-size-fits-all vaccine policies are unwise.

I also agree with Garbo that the aluminum-mercury studies need to be considered. Perhaps children who are exposed to more environmental mercury from diet or pollution are also more sensitive to aluminum:
"A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die"

However, with all that said, I know we still don't know for sure what the exact cause and risk factor is, but I certainly do think that aluminum needs to be seriously considered.

Just a thought...

Hi, just to offer a bit of a counter-point,
Has anyone looked at the aluminum content in what our kids consume every day in breast milk or formula?

On average, a 3 or 4 old month infant will probably consume 3-4oz every 3 hours or so. That works out to be ~1 liter of formula per day, or more.

Breast milk contains 40mcg/L aluminum, milk-based formulas contain ~225mcg/L, and soy-based formulas contain ~500mcg/L.

Running my calculator, it looks like our kids get as much aluminum in one round of immunizations as they consume every few days through their formula (and within a few weeks from breast feeding).

I don't know how much our older kids, teenagers, and adults eat.. couldn't find that on off the cuff...

I acknowledge the research raising concerns between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease, but... wouldn't we expect to have more kids with autism if the silver bullet was vaccine components, given how ubiquitously our kids are vaccinated?

Could this frenzy be a bit misguided towards aluminum? Seems like the aluminum content in immunizations is just a drop in the proverbial bucket given the actual daily dose our kids consume.


I got vaccinated three times with the twin vax (hep A and B) and a dt while i was breastfeeding my son and he was getting his schedualed vaccinations (including Hep B, all three times) at the same time. How much aluminum goes through the breast milk? An infant isnt supposed to even get the Hep A before one years old. Why not, and does whatever it is that is harmful, go through the breast milk? How do i find out if there are heavy metals in his body? My son has autism. He started out headbanding, hyperactive, aggressive, with apraxia, and little sensitivity to hot and cold. Has anyone heard of this? breastfeeding and vaccines and its effects. All i can find is Recommendations of the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (ACIP)
MMWR Vol 39, RR-2;1-26 2/0/199
"Data on the safety of this vaccine (hep A) in breastfeeding situations is not available. While it is unlikely that the vaccine would cause untoward effects in breastfed infants, consider administering immune globulin rather than vaccine”.


Good question. Some vaccines contain both aluminum AND thimerosal despite the fact that the MSDS for Thimerosal explicitly states it isn't supposed to be combined with aluminum. Two examples are:
The Tripedia brand of DTaP
The Engerix-B brand of Hep B


What has me most curious is that the MSDS for Thimerosal explicitly states it isn't to be combined with aluminum. So what happens when a child receives a bunch of aluminum-containing vaccines along with mercury-containing ones? Or even if a child with trouble excreting metals has accumulated high aluminum levels (aluminum which has been shown to cause permeability in BBB), and then gets a flu shot? Has anyone even studied this? Ever?

Autism Grandma

My grandson developed Regressive Autism immediately after his last batch of vaccines, NINE given at once. He was also given 2 other batches of NINE each time previously, for a grand total of 27 within 6 months. We are awaiting the results of his heavy metal testing, and I expect to see high levels of aluminum. He also had the flu vaccines which included mercury, so that was just "adding gunpowder to dynamite", not to mention all of the many other toxic ingredients in the vaccines. Combining explosive ingredients in a bomb will eventually explode into Autism, ADD, Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, or one of the many other diseases which have been demonstrated to be connected to vaccines.

Since Alzheimers has been linked with high Aluminum and Mercury levels, I am wondering if perhaps Autism is possibly "Early Onset Alzheimers" and maybe Alzheimers is "Late Onset Autism". We have certainly had enough advance notice regarding neurological damages produced by heavy metals prior to the autism epidemic, however it may be that our damaged children will be the candle that finally lights a fire under the asses of the government policy makers. If the autism epidemic does not finally get their attention, I don't see any other hope regarding the pharmaceutical industry making any changes. They have known the truth for God knows how long, and they have no intention of doing anything differently. They probably would have been forced into making changes by now if the government would not have granted them legal immunity from prosecution, but as it stands, Big Pharma has a legal hunting license and it's open season on our children.


Since our daughter's aluminum levels are so high I have been following this issue closely. You have missed one high aluminum vaccine -- the anthrax vaccine given to our troops. The recent congressional report on Gulf War Illness includes reference to this study from Shaw et al which links the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome to the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines.

"Aluminum adjuvant linked to gulf war illness induces motor neuron death in mice

Neuromolecular Medicine, 2007

Christopher Shaw, Ph.D. [Department of Ophthalmology and Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada]

This study demonstrates the extreme toxicity of the aluminum adjuvant used as a preservative in vaccines.

"testing showed motor deficits in the aluminum treatment group that expressed as a progressive decrease in strength measured...Significant cognitive deficits in water-maze learning were observed in the combined aluminum and squalene group...Apoptotic neurons were identified in aluminum-injected animals that showed significantly increased activated caspase-3 labeling in lumbar spinal cord (255%) and primary motor cortex (192%) compared with the controls. Aluminum-treated groups also showed significant motor neuron loss (35%) and increased numbers of astrocytes (350%) in the lumbar spinal cord."

Google it and you'll find interviews with Shaw at the time the study came out; basically they found that the adjuvant causes motor neuron death. All the people in his lab were freaked out and none wanted any more vaccines. My daughter has motor coordination problems and motor speech issues. The Gardasil girls are stricken with progressive motor loss. Not hard to do the math. You are right; it's all related.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou, John Fryer !Before reading this article, I had just emailed a friend saying: "If I didnt know that doctors are stupid and pig headed, I would think that someone is out to destroy the population of India" Now, why do I say this?
In the year 2000, just as the US was stopping mercury in vaccines (or shall we say, pretending to) the Indian Pediatric Association added all those 6-7 doses of mercury vaccines to the pediatric schedule, ending up with 9 mercury vaccines by age 6 months. Not surprisingly, after 2-3 years I began to see 5-6 kids each year, in my nursery school who had symptoms typical of mercury poisoning- and some with full autism. After a couple of years I began to have 8-9 kids a year and I was baffled. To my astonishment I discovered that the pediatric association had made another change- Now it was 9 mercury vaccines by three and a half months!That could expllain the increase. Now, some kids are lucky and get mixtures of 4 or 5 vaccines and this gives them 12.5 mcg mercury, but the unlucky ones may get three separate vaccines, 25mcg each, totally , in one doctors visit, 75 mcg ethylmercury. Now suddenly lots more people are listening to what I tell them about vaccines, because so many people know someone with an autistic child. Oddly, the govt ran a full page advertisement in a major magazine detailing symptoms of autism. Could that possibly be because autism is increasing ????? I intend to write a letter to the pediatric association congratulating them for proving what no one else could succeed in doing- That mercury in vaccines can cause autism.

Regarding aluminium, I recently Googled on Aluminum toxicity to see if it could account for the symptoms which I see in my school. It does not- It has somewhat different symptoms, but I was totally angry and disgusted. It appears that aluminum toxicity is less understood even than mercury. I get the impression that no one knows what it might do to a small baby. It has been put into vaccines under one of those clever titles - GRAS- Generally regarded as safe ! Which probably means that no one has proved it to be safe for vaccines. A few small examples- cancers in cats at injection site - cancers in women who worked in an aluminum foundry. It doesnt seem to be clear how easily the body excretes it. Here's a question- If the body has a method for excreting metals, does that not imply that those substances are not good for the body and in fact possibly very harmful? It would appear that the possible harm from vaccines outweighs the possible benefits in most cases.

John Fryer



A great article.

Vaccines were injected under the skin but today are normally injected into muscle and the French researchers for the past 15 years have shown conclusively and uniquely that the cause of the death and damage to muscle tissue which could set off ME or MS and various illnesses is associated with the presence of aluminium particles in the damaged muscles.

To most people the presence of vaccine aluminium in muscle tissue might cause a worry that aluminium is the DIRECT cause of the problem, but not to the WHO who are not clear of the significance. So in a 200 years history and now finding the culprit RED HANDED we are still thinking that the aluminium is OK. Perhaps if it wasn't there the illness would be much, much, much worse then?

I dont understand the WHO or their stance on this.

Neither do I understand the stance of the USA vaccine regulators who have permitted the aluminium dose to be increased TEN times in our vaccines.

They really do think that particles of TOXIC metals are good for our muscles then and we need this ten fold increase to cure us of MS, ME or any vaccine adverse effects?

I know one special master talks of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

So is this the SEVENTH and deadliest impossibilty.

That a toxic substance is bad for us and must therefore be increased TEN FOLD to obviate vaccine adverse events?

I feel totally sure now there is no CONSPIRACY.

These people - WHO and USA regulators are just TOTALLY BRAINLESS and that's perhaps why they can't see that anything can do brain damage to an already TOTALLY BRAINLESS person.

Aluminum Didn't Kill George Washington

You can't rule out mercury. The stuff goes way back with America's medicine men. And they're still fighting to keep it in.



Well, the New England Journal of Medicine paper in which it looks like the guidelines for <5 mcg/kg of aluminum in IV feeding solutions come from (Aluminum neurotoxicity in preterm infants receiving intravenous-feeding solutions.N Engl J Med. 1997 May 29;336(22):1557-61.) has this line, "Aluminum accumulates in the body when protective gastrointestinal mechanisms are bypassed, renal function is impaired and exposure is high."

So whether the exposure is IM or IV the GI tract is still bypassed. And I find it hard to justify that a 100 fold increase above the IV level would be safe IM.

That said, it is good to point out the correction. That's the kind of mistake people love to point out to discredit us and take away from the otherwise extremely important article.


Here's another reason to be concerned about aluminum:
"Nanomolar aluminum induces pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression in human brain cells in primary culture.
...suggesting a role for aluminum, HIF-1 and NF-kappaB in driving atypical, pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression. The effect of aluminum on specific stress-related gene expression patterns in human brain cells clearly warrant further investigation." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15961160

While this statement is true:
"...vaccines are not injected into a vein but into muscle. So it takes a little longer for the aluminum to end up in the brain..."

100% of that aluminum is eventually absorbed by the body and has to be processed by the kidneys. And there apparently is a risk that the person administering the vaccine could accidentally hit a vein: "Special care should be taken to ensure that the injection does not enter a blood vessel."
(However, I'm sure this is a very rare accident and doesn't account for autism, but I do wonder if it can explain the cases where a child dies within hours of being vaccinated.)

And even though the aluminum is not injected directly into the blood stream, the amount of aluminum is still high enough that the NNii concedes that after being vaccinated, childrens' aluminum levels are above the minimal risk level. They then say that is not considered a problem because 50% - 70% is filtered out the next day.
First of all, 50-70 percent shows a big discrepancy and proves that some children are less able to excrete the aluminum than others.
Second, read what Paul Offit said:
"So when you’re injected with aluminum, about 50% is excreted within 24 hours. About 85% is excreted within two weeks, very quickly, in the kidney."

It is a well know fact that impaired kidney function increases the risk of aluminum toxicity (one example is dialysis dementia).
And even the AAP had published a paper in 1949 stating that "In many of these earlier observations there were already indications of an underdeveloped kidney function in young infants." http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/5/2/171
Shouldn't that be a contraindication against the current vaccine schedule which, as Dr. Sears has calculated, can result in over 1200 mcg of aluminum being injected at one office visit?

On the subject of EDTA:
Be careful because it also removes zinc. I'm not saying either to try EDTA or to not try it, but I do think that if EDTA is done, zinc levels need to be closely monitored and supplemented as needed because:
Zinc deficiency can cause many health problems including glutathione deficiency, increased infection rates, and even neurological problems.
Zinc supplements have been found to increase metallothionein and available glutathione, and zinc supplements have also been helpful in preventing recurrent candida infections in HIV patients because zinc increases a specific type of white blood cell. (but as I've said before, too much zinc isn't safe either, so consult a doctor before trying this.)

Zinc is one of the supplements listed in this pdf regarding treatment of mitochondrial diseases:
It's a pdf designed to educate primary care physicians about mitochondrial disease and all the recommended supplements are listed on page 7.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism:
Aluminum toxicity is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction: http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=13447164

And this study of 100 children with autism found that,
"The relative carnitine deficiency in these patients, accompanied by slight elevations in lactate and significant elevations in alanine and ammonia levels, is suggestive of mild mitochondrial dysfunction." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15679182

That is why I keep wondering if in addition to glutathione (and antivirals when appropriate), would children with autism also benefit from taking the all the supplements suggested for treating mitochondrial disorders listed in the pdf? (The supplements would of course need to be tailored by the child's doctor to fit the child's individual deficiencies to avoid giving too much of a particular supplement.) I don't know if it would help, but I think it's at least worth asking a good DAN! doctor about...

The following implies that the supplements work better in conjunction with each other than when administered separately:
"Feeding ALCAR[carnitine] in combination with LA [lipoic acid] increased metabolism and lowered oxidative stress more than either compound alone".

Three strikes you're out!

"The current listing of the amount of aluminum in vaccines are as follows: DTaP – from 170 mcg to 625 mcg, depending on manufacturer, Hepatitis A – 250 mcg, Hepatitis B – 250 mcg, HiB – 225 mcg, HPV – 225 mcg, Pediarix – 850 mcg, Pentacel – 330 mcg, and Pneumococcus – 125 mcg."

Someone should do the math and figure out the cumulative load of this boatload of aluminum in the human body. No wonder the Gardasil girls are taking a hit - the cumulative burden is getting them. Just how many strikes can the pins take before they get knocked down?

BTW who is going to pay for these disabled citizens? Right, the taxpayer. Unless Proffit decides to write a bailout check for vaccine injuries, he loves the kids so much you see!!


The FDA will approve anything when properly asked by their partners in private industry. The following is meant to be a joke and it comes from the satirical magazine "The Onion". It would be very funny if it didn't hide a lot of truth behind it, as satire always does. In fact, if you substitute the word "salmonella" with "aluminum" or "thimerosal" it can becomes painful to read because it ceases to be a joke.


Calling it "perfectly safe for the most part," and "not nearly as destructive or fatal as previously thought," the Food and Drug Administration approved the enterobacteria salmonella for human consumption this week.

The federal agency, which has struggled in recent years to contain the food-borne pathogen, and repeatedly failed to prevent tainted products from reaching store shelves, announced Monday that salmonella was now completely okay for all Americans to enjoy.

"Rigorous testing has shown that salmonella is...fine," FDA director of food safety Stephen Sundlof said. "In fact, our research indicates that there's no need to pull any more foodstuffs from the market. Not raw chicken. Not contaminated spinach. Not thousands of jars of harmful peanut butter. Not anything."

It's approved," Sundlof continued."Healthy, delicious salmonella is finally approved."
Following the announcement, the FDA released a 20-page report, which included evidence that salmonella is barely more dangerous than other live-culture products such as yogurt, and results from a clinical trial which found that participants who ingested salmonella were totally fine for up to three minutes.

More at:



MinorityView said: "I just wanted to mention that vaccines are not injected into a vein but into muscle. So it takes a little longer for the aluminum to end up in the brain..." Longer than what? Longer than if it was injected directly into a vein, certainly. But it certainly wouldn't be longer than if you got the aluminum by drinking water (as in the French study). Injected vaccines enter the lymphatic system and then the blood, bypassing the bulk of the immune system (i.e., the gut).


Just when I think I have exhausted my capacity to be outraged anymore something like this comes along.

So, just days after stomach surgery my 4 1/2 pound premature boys were injected with approximately 1000 mcg of aluminum about 100 times what the FDA says is toxic since they were premature. Oh, and of course they were probably already in oxidative stress from the anesthesia, antibiotics and boat loads of tylenol.

Well done doctors. Well done, indeed (although, I will say the stomach surgery went nicely and I could not have done that myself-so see, I give credit where it is due).


Thanks Kent. Something else that deserves consideration - anesthesia. I read an article yesterday on Science Daily about anesthesia being linked to neurodegeneration. I have a friend who swears her daughter's autism was triggered following surgery at 12 months. My son with autism regressed again following dental work using nitrous oxide at 6 years old. His neurologist said that "anesthesia changes the chemistry in the brain." Not sure if this could relate back to epiderals being using during labor. My guess would be yes, add a hep b vaccine on day of birth with all the crap in that and we have the beginnings of autism for some kids. Some kids can take more hits before they fall. I think our whole medical system needs a complete overhaul with a more "hands off" approach.


Why is it so hard for pediatricians to believe that aluminum is harmful? Even I knew it was associated with Alzheimer's, and that was before I had a child who regressed into autism. It's like the unholy cabal of vaccine manufacturers, the CDC, FDA and AAP are playing a giant joke on parents across this country. "Sure we took out the mercury - everything's fine now. Try and prove your autism-vaccine connection now!" What I didn't know about aluminum was that it is an ingredient in almost every childhood vaccine.

We have been doing iv DMPS chelation for almost 6 months now, and the aluminum is pouring out of our son. At our last round, he excreted 410 mcg. Most of the time it averages out to about 150 mcg. In total it has been close to 2000 mcg in 6 months and it is still coming. And he is getting better. On paper (not just in my eyes which is what most people expected). Much, much better. I have no idea where my son will end up in regards to recovery. He still has a long way to go, and I pray that I do not fight this fight every day of his life only to lose him again to Alzheimer's when he is 30.


Good article. I just wanted to mention that vaccines are not injected into a vein but into muscle. So it takes a little longer for the aluminum to end up in the brain...



Here is a question from the latest newsletter from Vitamin Research Products. According to this, the doctor says that the best chelators for aluminum are malic acid and EDTA.

Dear Dr. Dean,

I have had systemic candida for about 1 year. I just got my hair analysis and it showed high aluminum, uranium and calcium. What is the best protocol for me to follow? I am afraid of stopping the supplements I am taking for yeast. So I need to chelate the aluminum and uranium from my body along with trying to keep the candida in check. Should I be taking EDTA or chlorella? Should I be taking therapeutic doses of Vitamin C for the aluminum? What chelates uranium? Can I take everything at the same time? What are your views on oral hydrogen peroxide therapy and can you take supplements during it if one chooses to go that route for candida?

Ms. W.


Dear Ms. W.,

You did not say what supplements you were taking for candida. I recommend a combination of KandidaPlex™ and Silver Liquid 400 ppm. The two best chelators for aluminum are malic acid and EDTA. Both are principal ingredients in Oral ChelatoRx—along with chlorella. So you don’t need to make choices. I think Oral ChelatoRx should be effective in reducing your body burden of aluminum and uranium. Do you have any idea of the source of your exposure to uranium? I think oral hydrogen peroxide is beneficial for many conditions. It can be taken in conjunction with KandidaPlex, Silver Liquid and Oral ChelatoRx.


Ward Dean, MD

Before starting a supplement regimen, please consult with your healthcare professional.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, trea, cure or prevent any disease.


Great article Kent! Thank you. When I see the amounts of metal saltss listed in a vaccine, it makes me want to vomit. How is this debate still going? How can anyone defend injecting this crap into our children:(


Thank you for writing this excellent article Kent!

I recently watched an almost 3 hour Vaccine documentary online given by Dr Sherri Tenpenny. Even back in 2004 when this came out, she stressed that it is not just the mercury, it's the huge amount of Aluminum and other things in the vaccines. I now also realize that the 40 vaccines our twins each received by the time they hit 48 months old is far more than just 40 vaccines. :(

And last month I caught a show online with Cynthia Janack. Janack explained that it is ALUMINUM. The show was called:

"Gardasil Girls give the silent faces of autism a voice -- again"

Read about it here under March 4th, 2009

Listen to the show online here dated 02/16/2009:

And then add to the equation on how Acetaminophen (which is in Tylenol) depletes the much needed Glutathione. How Tylenol is constantly recommended by many Pediatricians (like ours) before and after vaccines, for colds, fevers, teething etc
And how foods with HFCS also have MERCURY.

What a nightmare.

The more I find out, the more frustrated (that's politely putting it) I am. Our one twin son now dx'd with Autism never had a fighting chance.

Holly M.

What chelates out aluminium? Magnesium malate?

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