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Age of Autism Presents The Cedillo Appeal

Legal update Legal Editor’s Note – Normally I don’t recommend legal briefs to people to read, but the Cedillo appeal is something different.  The lawyers have done an excellent job of detailing the prejudice against the vaccine-autism theory and the changing of the standards of evidence in the Vaccine Court itself.

If you want to clearly understand the strength of the Cedillo case and how appalling the decision by Special Master Hastings was you need to set aside no more than 20-30 minutes to read this appeal.  (Lawyer’s hint to non-lawyers – You don’t need to read the footnotes.)  Read the appeal HERE.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively




Has anyone seen this item in the LA Times on witness tampering?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Cedillo family, You are our heroes- Anyone who fights for the truth for one autistic child fights for all autistic children and for every unborn child in the entire world.

Fielding J Hurst

"If the general public truly understood this double standard and procedural cover up they would be outraged."

Hey, Rolf. I don't even understand it, maybe AoA could do an article on this to help the rest of us understand.



God Bless the Cedillo family and everyone at CCANDH who has worked so hard on this awesome appeal. I pray justice will be served.

Teresa Conrick

I just finished reading this--today was a hard day for 20 uninterrupted minutes. In my head, this is fascinating and truly shows how Michelle became "autistic" but in my heart, emotionally I feel super angry for Michelle and her family, and sooo terribly sad.

The plot to this entire unfolding could not have been dreamt up by the best authors in history but it is far from over. I hope this appeal with all of its accurate points and excellent summary will give Michelle what she needs for her care for the rest of her life and change the future for all those who have had this same biological catastrophe happen -- vaccine induced autism.

Thanks Kent and all my best to the Cedillo's.


once again the Cedillos are my family's heroes! thank you so much for keeping after this, i know it must be so stressful. you are going to save so many children just by doing what you are doing, win or lose, according to these people who have other agendas. we can all point people toward your appeal win or lose to show what's really going on here! thank you so much for everything! i hope someday i can find you all and hug you and tell you myself! much love!


Thank you Cedillos for your courage, perseverance and tenacity thoroughout this entire travesty!! We appreciate your family so very, very much!! Our thoughts and prayers go with you, always, everywhere!

Thanks Kent and AoA for keeping us so very well informed and enlightened!! You guys ROCK!!

paula p proffit merckelous

Mr Hastings
Wow! Thankyou so much! Your frank abuse of the law and grouce misconduct are so blatant that you likely have just saved the lives of many children. You sir may have put a final nail in the publics trust of the vaccine program,rightly so. Your transparent attempt to serve as a liasion of the pharmies ,instead of fullfilling your duties under the law ,speaks loud and clear to the public that we should not ever trust this vaccine program program or you.
To the Cedillos,all the autism parents,children,and attorneys working on thier behalf, I commend your mission of bringing the truth to the public so that more children are not permanently damaged or killed by these malicious people. I hope you get compensated for your vaccine injuries and those whom have tried to cover this up are put in jail where they belong. Any outbreaks of any infectous disease[which frequently occur in previously vaccinated] is on thier heads,thier heads alone.

Cathy Jameson

Wow. I'm flabbergasted. I really hope and pray the appeal falls on open ears. It made me so so sad to read, '..(Michelle) was sacrificed to protect the integrity of vaccines.' I feel the same way about my son and the many other children I've met or read about in the last few years.

To the Cedillos--God bless you for what you've had to endure. You are leading thousands and I know a lot of us are so thankful. Keep the faith!

Cathy Jameson

Theresa Cedillo

Hi Rolf - excellent point. Also in our Motion For Reconsideration (which was refused) is Zimmerman's new book which supports our theories of immune injury and immune dysfunction.

Rolf Hazlehurst

Don't over look footnote 37 pages 13 and 14. What the HHS does not want to reveal is that Dr. Zimmerman filed two contradictory expert witness reports. The first states, “there is no scientific basis for a connection” between the MMR vaccination, mercury intoxication, and autism”.

The second expert witness report is believed to state words to the effect that Hanah Poling is autistic as a result of a vaccine injury.

This is why the Government conceded the Poling case. The affidavit and expert witness reports by Dr. Zimmerman in support of Hanah Poling is what the Government does not want the public to see.

Dr. Zimmerman was an expert witness for the Government, but also a coworker of Dr. Poling.

If the general public truly understood this double standard and procedural cover up they would be outraged.

Rolf Hazlehurst, father of Yates Hazlehurst (the second test case)


Thanks for posting. Once the kiddies are down tonight, I will take that 20-30 minutes to go completely through. Kudos to the Cedillo's and their team!

How scary is that

"...some people out there who have our kids in mind:


I know its nice someone made the effort to don a spidersuit BUT, how in the world can we expect everyone to be supervigilant so that our kids do not come to harm. Accept and love your kids, sure. But how do we stop them from going all out to kill themselves?

It was preferable to be out on a 3rd floor ledge than in the classroom!

Katie Kelley

Thank you Cedillo Family for contuing on! I pray thata response to this appeal will not take as long!

Theresa Cedillo

A great big thank you to Age of Autism for continuing to be our voice. And a great big thank you to Kevin Conway, Sylvia Chin-Caplan, Ron Homer, Susan, Ryan and all the good people at Conway Homer Chin-Caplan for never giving up on our children. You too are warriors in this battle.

The Cedillo Family: Theresa Mike & Michelle


Wow! This is excellent. Ronald, Theresa, Michael and Michelle -- you guys go! Best of luck...

And, this just makes me madder. This is the best quote: "The respondent has failed to do so."; you can write that one over and over and over again.


Thank you to the Cedillo family and all their lawyers and experts, for fighting so hard. I find it interesting the particular venom that the decision directed toward Dr. Krigsman. In light of Brian Deer's braggodocio about influencing the Omnibus cases, and Deer's obvious vendetta against Wakefield, it is especially interesting and troubling. Once the GMC case is resolved, can we expect the next front to be going after Wakefield and Krigsman hammer and tongs on this side of the pond? It seems the groundwork is already being laid.

autism is mercury poisoning

None has done more damage to the inegrity of the vaccine program than the pharmaceutical companies who continue to put mercury, aluminum, etc. in them.


Thanks so much for posting this link, Kent. It is great to have information to point to when people say the matter is now closed because of the Autism Omnibus decisions.

Thank you so much to the Cedillo family and your attorneys for writing this excellent appeal and for continuing to fight! This is very inspiring. Very best wishes to you in your appeal, and in your everyday life.

Craig Willoughby

Hey guys, Completely off topic, but after all of the rough news we've gotten lately, I thought I'd share something with all of you that will make you smile and feel good. It's really nice to know that there are some people out there who have our kids in mind:


candace passino

awesome appeal...our hearts and prayer with the Cedillo family . Special masters, all of them .should be ashamed of gross misconduct..the truth ..will prevail..the children represent the truth.. isnt it funny after all the establishment does to cover there ---. the truth keeps bubbling up..


Good luck to the Cedillo family. I hope Michelle gets the justice she deserves. Oh what a worldwide mess our government has made with these vaccines. God help us all..


sorry, meant to say Dr Oldstone!

Ray Gallup

I have known the Cedillo Family for many years and it is a travesty that the Federal Court ruled against them. I hope and pray that they and their lawyers will be successful with the appeal.

That whole 1986 law that created the Federal Court, the three year limitation rule, etc. was a big bone the politicians and others threw to the PharmaMafia. Instead of standing up for the public these weasels favored the PharmaMafia. The more things change, the more they remain the same.


This is great, thanks Kent sharing. Theresa, I have some new information on viral neuroinflammation and involvement of vaccination that could help the case. If your lawyers, or dr Oldham, are interested let them contact me.

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