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Age of Autism Contest: Leeann Whiffen's A Child's Journey Out of Autism

Whiffen Congrats to our five winners, Judy G, Valerie Carlson, Barbara Bucknam, Amy in Idaho and Garth Boyd.

The contest is now closed for Sourcebooks' new release by author Leeann Whiffen: A Child's Journey out of Autism. Visit LeeAnn's website to read more and to buy the book HERE. Sourcebooks has generously donated FIVE books to the contest!

From the publisher:

Told with the intensity of a medical thriller, the extraordinary story of how Clay Whiffen and his family conquered autism.

When Clay Whiffen was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, his parents didn't know where to turn. They refused to believe that he could not be cured, and began to try every therapy they could afford - and many they couldn't.

Frantically they worked, knowing that Clay slipped further away every day. When intensive medical testing revealed that Clay no longer fit the criteria for any condition on the autism spectrum, the Whiffens' wildest dreams were realized. Clay had conquered autism.

Written by Clay's mother, with a foreword by autism specialist Dr. Bryan Jepson, A Child's Journey out of Autism spells out what treatments worked, where the family found help, and how they made it through this crushing crisis. In a time of despair and confusion - when another child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes - this is a profound, proven message of hope for anyone whose life is touched by the disorder.


"Leeann Whiffen's fight for her son is a poignant, intimate story of perseverance and love - a reminder to all of us that a mother is the greatest ally a child with autism will ever have. A Child's Journey out of Autism shines a heartfelt light on a future of healing and hope."
Jenny McCarthy, author of Mother Warriors and Louder than Words

"I have heard so many stories like Clay's that I thought I could no longer be moved by them; I was wrong. This is an important book to read if your family has not been touched by autism, because it's important to understand the disorder that has affected so many all over the world. If someone you love is on the autism spectrum, read it because it will allow you to see that autism is treatable. While not all children make a complete recovery, improvements in their quality of life are possible at any age. I strongly recommend this moving and intelligent book."
Jane Johnson, Executive Director, Defeat Autism Now!

"This uplifting and positive book gives parents of newly-diagnosed children hope for the future. There is no easy fix or magic bullet for recovering a child from autism, but as Leeann so skillfully shows us, with perseverance and determination, the possibilities and rewards are endless. Thank you, Leeann, for sharing your story and empowering parents to make that journey to rediscover their child."
Chantal Sicile-Kira, author of Autism Life Skills, Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

"Leeann Whiffen takes the reader onto the rollercoaster ride that is autism from the first chapter to the last. A Child's Journey Out of Autism is field guide on how an average family can grow in love as they take on autism, refusing to accept the mainstream doom and gloom pronouncement that there is no hope or treatment. This is an important, really powerful book. If you know a child with autism, read this book for them."
Kim Stagliano, Managing Editor, Age of Autism, and mother of three girls with autism

"The journey from diagnosis to recovery is filled with obstacles and setbacks. The financial and emotional burdens families endure are heartbreaking. Yet, like the Whiffen family demonstrates, there is power in hope and determination. Parents like Leeann and Sean demonstrate that autism doesn't have to be a lifelong struggle… With effective treatments, a supportive network, and unwavering parents, recovery is indeed possible… Leeann's determination, drive, and hope are inspirational. Her story is unique, yet it mirrors what so many families encounter, the stress of inadequate funding options, the frustration of misdiagnosis, the confusion associated with learning about the best treatments. Her ability to tell her story with heart mixed with concrete information will no doubt help many families."
Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA, founder and executive director, The Center for Autism & Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD)

"The Autism club is not one that we choose to join. Sadly, many of us are welcomed to this club by medical professionals who offer little hope for our children. But as the Whiffen family and thousands of others have discovered, our children can get better and in many cases, even recover from Autism. In A Child's Journey out of Autism, Leeann Whiffen welcomes us to the club with the gift of hope. This book is a must-read for parents with a newly diagnosed child with autism."
Wendy Fournier, president, National Autism Association


A Child's Journey out of Autism  is a story filled with hope… the Whiffen's story highlights what is possible with early diagnosis and consistent treatment.

It reinforces my idea that each family needs to make the decisions that are right for their child--find what works for him or her… [B]ooks like this, which both describe the symptoms of Autism and record the path to recovery, are desperately needed.

I can only say that, whether or not you or anyone you know has been affected by this tragic disorder, you will not regret reading this extraordinary, inspiring and moving book.

This book… should be read by every parent, not only the ones with autistic children. It is a story of how to appreciate every little thing about our children, how to love them fully and unconditionally. It is a story of perseverance in the face of biggest despair, of determination to never give up, even if we are told that that’s precisely what we should do.

I think that any mother could enjoy this story of a mother's love and determination to help her child. For me personally, it also helped me to appreciate what I do have; a beautiful loving child who can communicate through some sign language and who loves to give everyone hugs and kisses.

The determination that Leeann and her husband Sean put forth throughout this trying time is well documented and will be an inspiration for any parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers who have an autistic child in their care. This story is not only inspiring for those who are caring for an autistic child but it would also be inspiring for anyone who has a loved one struggling with an illness of any sort by providing hope through means of determination.

I was impressed with her openness in the book. How can we help to inspire and encourage others if we are not honest with our own emotions: the positive and negative. Whiffen does not appear to try and whitewash herself, which is why I think this book is so powerful.

This was a touching memoir that worked for me on a lot of levels.  Whether or not you have someone with autism in your family, know someone who has it or are just curious there is a lot of information that is presented in a way that is compelling and readily absorbed.

The contest is now closed. Thank you.


Jacky Santos

Dear Chicago Tribune, ( i hope you read them email and don't just delete it).

I would like to let you know of the success we have had for my son from biomedical treatments. My son was diagnosed at 18 months. He was diagnosed by a very very experienced psychologist who told me that he was 100 positive that Noah had Autism. My child was not part of our world, he didn't respond to his name, he didn't understand what I would ask, he had one word that he said and he liked to spin objects, watch escalators, flick lights on and off, and run around the kitchen table for hours on end.

After starting the gfcf diet Noah came out of his zoned out fog
After starting antifungal medication, Noah stopped any and ALL "stimming" and repetitive behaviors.
After starting B12 shots, Noah started talking
After killing the bacteria and virus noah had from documented stool tests, Noah became more and more affectionate

Noah is currently up to age level in all aspects. I have my son back! He is social, loves other kids, and actually AHEAD in language of many other children his age.

I am sad that this is not the story you are putting in your newspaper. How can you live with yourself knowing that parents might read your articles and believe these therapies will not help their child. I hope that you someday, can feel the pain of hearing that all your hopes for your child are gone, that you may never hear them talk or hear them say, "Daddy, I love you!" My husband and I GET to hear those words every night thanks to these therapies that you are telling parent don't work.

Please, don't take that possibility away from these parents. Everyone deserves what I have and what you have. My son, has RECOVERED FROM AUTISM. He is 2 and 4 months, his name is NOAH.

Jacky Santos


I seen this book on Free Book Quest, but I'd like a real copy. I am very grateful that someone took the time to write it.

Stagmom for Minta

Minta, Click the blue "HERE" in the post to go to Leeann's website. On the right she has "where to buy." Amazon, B&N, Borders, or you can order a copy from your local independent bookstore.

Thanks. KIM

Minta Greenblatt

Where can I buy a copy?

Judy G.

Yes please!


I was moved by Leeann's promotional video and watched it several times over. I look very forward to reading this book.

Lynne Dooley

I stayed up late one night and stumbled upon you tube. That is when I first saw Clay's story. It brought tears to my eyes but at the same time I knew this would happen for my daughter Molly as well. She was diagnosed Aug 07' at age 29 months. It is Mothers intuition that is always the guiding light. I believe this will be the book I have been waiting to read to help me on my journey.... Thank You!


I am dying to read this book! I can't wait to get a copy of it. Leeann you are amazing!


Though neither of my two boys are technically considered on the spectrum, I have one with ADD & depression and one diagnosed Early Onset Bipolar. It's my theory that eventually all these will be considered as the same "spectrum". I read all the autism stories I can find and use many of the same biomed approaches for my boys. Looking forward to your book!


I love reading books with messages of hope! I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I think I've become a book addict, but every piece of information I gain leads me further to helping my child. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us!


I can't wait to read this book either! Clay speaks for himself in the awesome YouTube video! I'd love to know ho LeeAnn and her family brought him back.

We all have dark days--thank goodness for Ms. Whiffen to share and let some light in for those of us in the trenches!

Kathy Drago

I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who was diagnosed at 26 months. We've done all of the therapy we can afford and she has made great progress. Sometimes still I get so down that this just won't work but I keep plugging along because I can't give up on my baby. I love these inspirational stories because they give me hope which helps us to keep on going. I'd love to win this book so I can read it and keep the hope alive!

Stacey Thomas

I am so excited to read this book. I coordinate a moderate sized support group for families with loved ones with autism and love to find new materials to share with them. Many families give up hope too soon. We need thousands of stories like this one to promote hope and healing for our precious kids.

Ann Kaplan

This book is a great inspiration. Our motto is always "Never give up"! Thanks for making your journey available to us.

Lynne Sanchez

I am so glad to hear about this book. I want our libraries to be filled with books exactly like this one. It gives hope. Our kids can improve and recover. They are very sick and need real help. If I win those five copies, I will make sure they are not sitting on a shelf, but in the hands of parents who need to hear your message.

Amy Archibald

I am so excited to hear about this book and look forward to reading it and sharing!!!


I cannot wait to read this book. My son was diagnosed two years ago and we are on the verge of being recovered.
I am in a moms group where we pass books and materials around so everyone gets a chance to read materials without the price tag. Our group is dying to read this book.


We are only 8 months into this journey of autism. I already have faith that we can pull our son out of his isolation. We have 4 children with one leaving for college this fall. We will have 2 kinds of financial hardship to overcome. But we have faith!! He will regained all that he lost and then some. I am looking forward to reading Journey Out of Autism.


I would love to win this book! I have a friend who read it and she said it's amazing.

Please enter me into the contest. I am working hard to heal my daughter from autism too!

Denice Rulo

I have two boys with ASD, I must have this book!!! We are so close to recovery maybe this will lead us to a final result.

Nonie Snyder

I have been on this autism journey for 2 yrs now and not making much progress. We have tried so many therapies and have depleated our resources. I am losing hope a little more each day. I need a shot of hope and if I win a copy of the book I am thinking it will give me enough hope to keep going. Thank you for listening.


I can't wait to read this book! We have six children so far, but two of them are recovered from autism. My oldest boys had severe, overnight reactions to vaccines that caused their autism. After 4 years of intense biomed, we can finally relax and enjoy life. It's a life full of supplements and NAET treatments, but normal in every other way. We are very grateful to God!


Re-posting because my first post did not show up. I was hoping to write this type of book someday but we are still working on recovery. Would love this book for a "hope recharge"!

S. Sanford

So far I am in the first 7 chapters and it's amazing how her story is almost "textbook" to what my little one is going through or did at his age. Tear jerker so far and is wonderful!


I just learned today my neighbor's grandchild has been diagnosed with autism and I can't wait to share Leeann's story with them. I'm so proud of Leeann and her example to the world of what it means to do everything in your power for the well-being of your children.

Sharon Mahan

I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! The trailer had me weeping. The only reason why I haven't bought it yet is because our budget is so tight!!

Angela Warner

I would love to win this book! If I do, I will pay if forward through a contest on my own blog after reading it!

Thanks for the opportunity AoA!

Laureen Forman

would love to get a copy to read!

I'm an autism advocate, freelance writer and book reviewer. I would love to get my hands on this story!

Amy W

I would love a copy of this book. Still struggling and need some hope after 7 yrs of biomed, seizures, gi problems, and several regressions.....Thanks for the opportunity

Kim for Amy

Amy, budgets are so tight - I hear you! Ask your library to purchase a copy! And your school. I'll bet they have the budget. See if there's any money kicking around and then offer to bring in a stack of books for your autism resource library. This book. Julie Matthews Nourishing Hope - go crazy! There's more than one way to skin a cat. We do have FIVE winners - so your chances are good though!



Valerie Carlson

Not only would I love to read it...but I believe my 9-year old (recovering) son would love to also. He loves to read about autism and is fascinated by the stories that I tell him of his early years.
Whether I win or not, I can't wait to read this book!


I'm really looking forward to reading Leeann's book! I've heard many great things about it, and I'm so glad for Clay and their family!

Amy Aberg

I'm dying to read this book. Unfortunately, given our current financial circumstances, I can't seem to find it in our budget to purchase one. But, winning one would be amazingly helpful!


I cannot wait to read this! Looks fabulous...


I would LOVE to win this book, not only to read it but so I can share it with other parent's who need this kind of information!

lisa sigismondi

i'm in!


Please enter me.This sounds like a great read!


I just read this and absolutely loved it!!

I'd still love to win another copy to give to family members (although I'm already sharing my copy with them too, since it's so well written and shares some of the same feelings and experiences we had - in a way that I often can't when talking with them).

This book is far superior to Jenny M's - Leeann doesn't use the "F" word on every other page, had real-life struggles of a non-celebrity, and it reads like she spent a lot of time crafting the words. I'd recommend it to everyone - the new, must read/share for understanding and relating to families with autism.


Me too, me too :-) I have read Leannn's blog and love her writing style! Best of luck in the book sales...


Please enter me too...

Rachel Ford

I bought this book last night and read it before I went to bed. Aothough it may not *quite* be the turn-pager of Jenny's "Louder Than Words", as a fellow mom-of-a-recovered-child, I could not put it down until I finished.

It is wonderfully heart-felt, intimate and well-written, and more than Jenny's book, provides an amazing amount of detailed information about what I believe is state of the art treatment: diet/biomedical, learning/behavioral, and RDI. (Basically, doing it *all* and doing it as early as possible!) While they paid tons of money for the behvioral and RDI, I found I could do a lot of it on my own (as well as my husband when he could) once I learned how from professional and books. I also trained our son's part-time care-givers in how to do it as well--so it doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive.

Ms. Whiffin, with the help of Dr. Jepson, clearly link the genesis of her son's autism to vaccines and antibiotics. I hope she will be on Oprah or similar venues soon.

The cover photo is amazing!

Thank you Leeann Whiffin for this generous contribution--its going to give a lot of parents incredible hope and guidance.

(My son's very similar story is posted on this website under "Parent Warriors". If I win a book, I'll give it to my friend with a newly diagnosed child!)


please enter me!


I pray one day that I can say that I helped my child on a "journey out of autism" Thank God for stories like this that give us hope when all seems lost!

Cyndi Newton

Please add me to the running! :)
I am going to buy this book for me, but would like to get another copy for my mom (aka the president of my son's fan club!) and a copy for my MIL as well.

Debbie Canady

I look forward to reading one day. I have currently hit a major snag in treatment for my child who also has cerebral palsy and I need a boost. This sounds like exactly what I need to give me a good kick in the butt and refresh the hope that I have for him and his future.

Stephanie McBride

Sounds like another great, positive book!


I just bought the book, and I heartily recommend it. Leeann's narration is heartfelt and clear, and the book clearly shows all the turmoil her family went through, as well as her strength in helping Clay overcome his challenges. If more non-autism families read this book, maybe families like Leeann's wouldn't have to live on credit cards to afford ABA--maybe we'd have a truly "free and appropriate public education" for children like Clay. I hope at least a few lawmakers read A Child's Journey.

Maria M.

Looks like a great book. Please put my name in the hat. ;)

Cathy Jameson

The endorsements/praise are a nice tribute--can't wait to read the story.

Cathy Jameson



Julie Swenson

I'm sick today and can't think straight, so my comment is...I hope I win! :)

Barbara Bucknam

Sounds like a great book, hope i can win it!


I would love to read this book! Please enter me in the contest.


Am I allowed to beg?
(re-entering cause I don't see my comment from this morning)


Please sign me up!

Barbara Fulkerson

I can't wait to read Leeann Wiffen's book. There is much, much more that I need to learn about Autism to help the young, Autistic children in my family. Thanks for the opportunity to win a complimentary copy.

Delores Goneau

I will love reading it! Especially if I win it !


I can't wait to read it!

Willie J. Evans

I'm good for one! I can't wait to read Clay's journey and what better than to read it from a high school classmate! Great job Leeann!


I can't wait to read this book!


Clay is amazing! Thank you Leeann for shairng your story!

Laura Sauls

Sign me up, too! Sounds like a great book! Thanks for writing it, Leeann!


Please enter me...




I love leeann! I hope I win!


Please enter me...sounds like a great book.

Julianne Boise

I have heard wonderful things about this book ... can't wait to read it!


Would LOVE this one.



I grew up and graduated with Leeann. We still keep in close contact and I am so proud of her! I have read the book but I don't have my own copy yet. I would love one!!

Casey Ohlsson

I love this topic! I love that publishing companies aren't afraid to publish book like this! Thanks!


What an inspiring mom Leeann is, I will be reading this book win or lose!


Leeann is my Hero and a good friend... It's amazing what she has accomplished in her life.

sue cranmer (sparkil2)

Would love to win this book- I absolutely will get the book and read it whether I win it or not

Holly Weston

I would love my own copy!


Sign me up!!!!!!!!

Shenell Madsen Clark

Grew up with Leann! She was and is such an awesome, inspiration to all of us! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!!! Love ya Leann!

Amy in Idaho

Thank you for entering us! We appreciate the opportunity.


Sounds like a great book!

K Fuller Yuba city

I would like to win it, read it, and pass it on.

JoAnn Mrozinski

I would like to read this book...I work with my son but we are not there yet...thank you


Enter me...


My local newspaper had a great review of this book by one of their columnist on Sunday. That was nice to see since this newspaper's position is squarely "pro-vaccine, no possible link." Read it here:,5143,705289471,00.html?pg=1

Julee Huy

I can't wait to get my hands on this story!

Val from Ohio

Our son is getting there, but it would be nice to have a reminder that it's really possible to get ALL the way there.


((waving hand in the back of the room)) oh! oh! sign me up!!


Looking forward to reading this book---LOVE that it has a happy ending!!!

Linda Wynne

Please enter me too! My son is doing well, but we arent there... yet.


Please sign me up...I could use a big 'ol dose of hope!


OOOOH!!! I'd love to win one too!


I can't wait to read this book!


I'd love to win this book


me! me! me! pick me!

Garth Boyd

With this book perhaps I could find hope.


I will be reading this book whether I win or not, but still fun to win something!

Holly M.

Sounds good.


Enter us, please! Our daughter is improving, some days might even be said to be recovering, but she still has such a long way to go. I'd love to know how another family got their child "all the way there."

Diane Frioni

When I read about this book earlier this week, I immediately put it on my "books to buy" list. It sure would be nice to win a copy!

Lisa Thompson

I would be thrilled to win a copy of this book.

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