How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?
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Vaccine Court: Hepatitis B Shot Caused MS

Ms By David Kirby

All eyes are on Vaccine Court this week, as people await rulings in the autism “test cases” on MMR and thimerosal. But another omnibus proceeding involving Hepatitis B vaccine and autoimmune disorders in adults, including MS, has already been quietly ruling in favor of several petitioners. (HERE)

The most recent case was announced about a week ago. In it, the Court ruled that the victim, an adult female, had contracted a form of demyelinating disease and MS, and eventually died, after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine series. It was just the most recent case in a rash of rulings in the omnibus proceeding dealing with hepatitis B vaccine and “demyelinating diseases such as transverse myelitis (TM), Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease (CIDP), and multiple sclerosis (MS),” according to court papers.

“Petitioner has prevailed on the issue of entitlement. The medical records during decedent’s final hospitalization reflect that she died from demyelinating disease. Not only did decedent have a vaccine injury, but also her death was vaccine-related,” wrote the Special Master in the case.

Interestingly, the US government chose not to present any expert witnesses, nor to contest the case any further.

But the family of the deceased woman had presented testimony from an expert witness who stated that, “It is biologically plausible for hepatitis B to cause demyelination because vaccines are composed of organic compounds of viral or bacterial origin, whether recombinant or otherwise, whose purpose is to initiate an immune response in the recipient,: the Court noted in the ruling. “But if any of the vaccine antigens shares a homology with the recipient’s antigens, the host’s immune response will attack both the vaccine antigens and the host’s antigens, resulting in an autoimmune response. This concept is also known as molecular mimicry and is well-established in immunology.”

In the last few years, it turns out, the Federal Vaccine Court has issued a number of rulings in favor of petitioners seeking compensation for Hepatitis B vaccine-related demyelinating diseases, especially MS.

What is also notable about all the Hep B rulings is that they fly in the face of the reasoned opinion of an IOM panel that looked into the matter in 2002. That committee determined that “the epidemiological evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between the hepatitis B vaccine in adults and multiple sclerosis.” Likewise, the panel said that it “does not recommend that national and federal vaccine advisory bodies review the hepatitis B vaccine on the basis of concerns about demyelinating disorders.”

Apparently, Vaccine Court Special Masters are willing to make their rulings independent of what the IOM has decreed (and given the IOM’s spotty track record on the etiology of illnesses such as Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome, perhaps there is a solid legal underpinning for that).

So, what does any of this have to do with the autism cases? Perhaps nothing. But, if the autism Special Masters suggest that more research is needed, one area that scientists may want to explore is demyelination in autism and its many potential causes.

Myelin is the fatty acid sheath that protects and insulates nerve cells and the brain. Some people with autoimmune disorders, including MS, present with damage to myelin in the brain.

Myelin damage has long been suspected in autism, though the jury is still out on this question. One thing that does seem to be certain is that children with ASD appear to have unusually high levels of antibodies to myelin basic protein, or MBP. That would suggest they might have myelin damage as well. Some studies have also shown highly elevated levels (up to 90%) of MBP antibodies in ASD children who received the MMR vaccine. The development of MBP antibodies could possibly be caused by a reaction to the live measles virus in the vaccine, because the virus may mimic the molecular structure of MBP. (The finding of antibodies to MBP is also associated with MS, which is a demyelinating disorder).

This vaccine-myelin association was also supported by a study in the October, 2008 issue of the journal Neurology. It reported that exposure to Hep B vaccine in children was associated with a 50% increased risk for CNS inflammatory demyelination of 50 percent (OR: 1.50; 0.93–2.43). This was especially true for children who got GlaxoSmithKline’s Engerix B vaccine, in which case the risk was elevated by 74% (1.74; 1.03–2.95). Among ASD children with confirmed multiple sclerosis, the risk increased by 177% (2.77; 1.23–6.24).

“Hepatitis B vaccination does not generally increase the risk of CNS inflammatory demyelination in childhood,” the authors concluded. “However, the Engerix B vaccine appears to increase this risk, particularly for confirmed multiple sclerosis, in the longer term. Our results require confirmation in future studies.”

Of course more studies are needed, but it is becoming more difficult these days to argue that there is no active immune/inflammatory response going on in the brains of autistic individuals, and even harder to contest that MBP is associated with at least one aspect of that response, although there are likely others. The MBP findings are not 100% concordant, but there is a fair amount of supportive evidence.

Equally intriguing, along these lines, is a new study published in the Journal of Child Neurology. That paper reported that “anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein positivity” was found in a stunning 62.5% of the autistic children studied. And, a family history of autoimmunity was five times more common in ASD children (50%) than controls (9.4%).

“Anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein serum levels were significantly higher in autistic children than those without such history,” the authors wrote. “Autism could be, in part, one of the pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders. Further studies are warranted to shed light on the etiopathogenic role of anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein antibodies and the role of immunotherapy in autism.”

This information is tantalizing, to say the least. And it could provide new avenues of research into the role of vaccines, demyelinating diseases, “autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders,” and autism.

If the HepB series can destroy myelin in some kids and adults, and cause full-blown MS in adults, then is it really that “fringe” to investigate the plausibility of a biological mechanism whereby some vaccines (including MMR) in a subset of susceptible infants might produce symptoms that are characteristic of autism and/or other neuro-developmental disorders?

For years, the US Government and the IOM have insisted that Hepatitis B vaccine does not and can not cause MS. But the Federal Vaccine Court has now, essentially, overturned that opinion. Will the Court now do the same for vaccines and autism? I don’t think so – not this week. But it just might keep that door slightly ajar for the future.

David Kirby is author of Evidence of Harm and a contributor to Age of Autism.




"The French have emerged in a large global survey as the biggest sceptics in the world about the safety of vaccines.

The study, conducted by Gallup and funded by global health charity The Wellcome Trust, found one in three French people think vaccines are unsafe – the highest rate in the world - and almost 20% believe they are not effective....

David Loew, an executive at the drug- and vaccine-maker Sanofi Pasteur, puts French scepticism down to misinformation.

'There have been in the past years a lot of theories connecting vaccines to various health issues. There is also fake news circulating on social media which poses a real problem,' he told reporters last week...."

Hm, what could be causing it? Is it just all the fake news on social media or could it be because:

"Since the implementation of the mass vaccination campaign against hepatitis B in France, the appearance of multiple sclerosis, sometimes occurring in the aftermath of vaccinations, led to the publication of epidemiological international studies. This was also justified by the sharp increase in the annual incidence of multiple sclerosis reported to the French health insurance in the mid-1990s. Almost 20 years later, a retrospective reflection can be sketched from these official data and also from the national pharmacovigilance agency [ANSM]. Statistical data from these latter sources seem to show a significant correlation between the number of hepatitis B vaccinations performed and the declaration to the pharmacovigilance of multiple sclerosis occurring between 1 and 2 years later. The application of the Hill’s criteria to these data indicates that the correlation between hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis may be causal...."

Yes, it must be the fault of those crazy anti-vaxxers :)

vicki p hood

40 years ago i got a vaccine as I had a borrowed camper in which a child that had become sick. Within a few days i had what i thought was the worst flu a person could get, but i also went blind. Retro-bulbur neuritis. RBN is only with MS. The medical merry-go-round ensued. I had insurance. Had a wonderful neurologist (dr Greer in Santa Barbara) finally who gave me the diagnosis and also informed me to knock off the constant, sometimes painful testing. I still think of him. A truly wonderful man as well as a brilliant and caring neurologist. I went further and refused pharmaceuticals and my entire diet changed to healthy, no meat, no chemical foods. I still have a brain at 80.


Thank you for this post...
My girlfriend shared it with me after I shard with her how I was stuck by a needle from a 93 yr old resident, and I had to go to the doctor for a blood test forHep B and C and HIV.
The doctor and nurses where trying to insist that I get the Hep vaccine to prevent any problems. I told them no, I said I refused the one thru work and I will not get this one either. They had me sign a refusal paper.
Then they tried to make me feel like I was doing the wrong thing by not getting the vaccine.
I was able to explain that my body is very healthy and it should be able to fight off anything that goes on. And three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and Jesus healed me and told me not to listen to man. I did not have chemo or radiation. So I wasn't going to listen to man again. Since I did the cancer researcher and have learned how they poison us in so many ways. I do not listen to man without praying about it.
Thank you Jesus!!! Again.. For saving me.

Grace Green

Recently I read a comment (elsewhere) by an anaesthetist ridiculing "anti-vaxxers" for worrying about adjuvants being injected into the muscle, when he daily injects 10 or more such ingrediants intraveinously and none of his patients wake up autistic. I heard the conductor Daniel Barenboim on the BBC saying that his late wife, the world-famous cellist Jaqueline Du Pre, contracted MS after a general anaesthetic for routine surgery. She sadly died aged forty-two.


I developed multiple sclerosis back in college. The RN program at Shasta College required all student nurses to receive the Hepatitis A and B vaccines in college as well as the flu shot. My immune system could not handle the vaccines. Within hours I had a high fever. Within days I had left side weakness, foot drop, balance issues, severe weakness and fatigue.

The MRI showed the vaccine triggered demylanation in my brain and spinal cord. Sadly the local Dr.s in our small town missed them. They kept saying I was making up the symptoms. It wasn't until years later that I found a specialist who recognized what triggered it.

The vaccines totally changed my life. I went from being a healthy fit individual to being disabled. Its really horrible what vaccines do. I can no longer work. The illness has progressed over the years. Its gotten much worse.

Tammy Martino

Thank you so much for posting this. To continue on in podiatry school in 1995 I was mandated to get the hepatitis b vaccine. Within 1 month I had vision trouble left eye, within 4 months I had bilateral thigh numbness. Within 4 years of the vaccine I was diagnosed with MS. It has ruined my life. My case was denied due to time frame despite the fact that it took a team of doctors 4 years to make the connection between the hepatitis b vaccine and MS. Vaccine court is horrible, a wicked fight that is near impossible to win. Avoid this dangerous drug at all costs!


Marc Girard was commissioned as a medical expert witness by the French court in the aftermath of the 1994 mass hepatitis B vaccination campaign. I've edited the letter below slightly for an English-speaking audience and provided a link to another short paper.

"As a drug specialist with more than 30-years experience in safety, I was often commissioned as a medical expert witness in criminal or civil inquiries on vaccine litigations where I repeatedly pointed out the worrying lack of knowledge of most vaccine experts regarding the basic scientific and regulatory requirements normally applicable to pharmaceutical products--esp. as far as adverse reactions were concerned: this represents a tragic shortcoming for such preventive drugs, targeted towards people in perfect health with the problematic aim of protecting them against diseases the occurrence of which in a severe form is often an unlikely event, and for which, therefore, the risk of side-effects should not go beyond extremely narrow limits....

The primary tool to assess drug safety is not 'epidemiological studies' but double-blind investigations versus placebo (a genuine placebo, namely a completely inert product and not another vaccine) performed during development for a sufficient duration: as everybody knows, vaccine makers have managed to get exempted from this otherwise inescapable step....As far as 'epidemiological studies' are concerned, their main fault is being inextricably polluted by major conflicts of interests as, in most cases, they are performed either by the manufacturers or, even more frequently, by national or international health agencies (or their 'experts') whose most obvious interest is to hide the (sometimes tragic) drama they may have triggered by their irresponsible campaigns to promote some vaccines: this is the reason why, amongst a dozen of such studies performed on the neurological risks of hepatitis B vaccination, the only one showing a clear increase was also the only one whose financing was independent of any promoters of this immunization...."

World Health Organization Vaccine Recommendations: Scientific Flaws, or Criminal Misconduct?

Gwen Laird

Can I sue the school that forced me to take the Hep B shot before going out on clinicals, and If I didnt take it I couldnt finish the school. I got Guillian Barre Syndrome, and CIDP now I walk like I'm drunk, can't live a normal life and can't drive. I was wondering if there was a statute of limitations. I took the shot in 4-2003 and in 2004 I was unable to feel my feet and unable to walk. 2 weeks in a hospital rehab situation and 2 weeks in a nursing facility at the age of 38, I got an award from the NVICP, which wasn't enough. I'm now getting garnished from the school loans which would have been discharged because of my disability. Can someone lead me in the right direction to check into this. I am just now getting garnished for the school loans. I am not a happy person right now.


I am 38 years old, about to give birth to my first child and am being led to believe that I am CRAZY for not wanting to immunize my baby. I am so old fashioned that not only do I NOT want to know the sex of my child before we are introduced to each other, I intend to use cloth diapers.

Since my newborn baby should not be engaging in casual unprotected sex or intravenous drug usage my concerns began with the legitimacy of the Hepatitis B vaccine. My researching it's side effects have fueled my belief that this vaccine may be the culprit of my 25 year old nieces' debilitating and loosing battle with Relapse Remit Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) as immunizations are required for Post Secondary enrollments. She was completely normal, less than 18 months later wheelchair bound with lesions on 80% of her brain!!

I am NOT crazy, I am NOT a bad parent, I am NOT paranoid. "The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself" ~Archibald Macleish

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

That case is far from straightforward.
DEVIC's disease is no longer considered a variant of MS. Although "auto-immune", the neuropathology is quite different, it remains confined to the optic nerves and the spinal cord and is characterized by the presence of necrotic, inflammatory lesions. The brain itself is spared.
An anti-aquaporin antibody is detected in most patients. Only hope for recovery of function(albeit unlikely) is the rapid initiation of treatment with IVIG in an attempt to bind and remove the abnormal antibodies.

It is a rare disorder when compared to MS.

The condition itself is not likely to kill the patient, however a bedbound hospitalized patient is at risk of acquiring infections of the urinary tract or pressure sores with secondary infections.

Sad case.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

My stance as a neurologist who specializes in the care of patients with MS: Hep B vaccination in adults can cause 3 types of auto-immune reactions:
- Guillain-Barr syndrome
- MS
I advise all my MS patients to refuse any vaccine unless cleared by me. I offer to discuss it with the doctor who recommends the vaccine, interestingly, I have yet to receive a call. As a rule I oppose Flu Shots and Hep B vaccines, as I have heard too many patients tell me how they developped either first symptoms or exacerbations within 3 weeks of vaccination against either Flu or Hep B.


Okay, should have searched archives here before figures that you guys are all over this:)


Although no one ever want to have the "vaccine" conversation with me, there is a doctor that I work with that doen't run me off immediately. I asked her what she thought of Hep B being associated with MS...her reply...oh no, that's not it, it's ADEM, very similar to MS, but not the same." So I asked, well does that bother you? SHe said it is a known side effect of vaccines.

Kathy Blanco

Mom with the CP child?

Look at immediate cord clamping as a co factor in this fine mess....I believe the both set up for autism, CP and other things. ACOG has also caused autism and CP in our children, without the mom knowing it. The cord blood stem cells are the motivation for this practice.

Do on line search DR MORLEY CORD CLAMP


Dr. James Howenstine explains it best -

"Naturally acquired immunity by illness evolves by spread of a virus from the respiratory tract to the liver, thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. When symptoms begin, the entire immune response has been mobilized to repel the invading virus. This complex immune system response creates antibodies that confer life long immunity against that invading virus and prepares the child to respond promptly to an infection by the same virus in the future.

Vaccination, in contrast, results in the persisting of live virus or other foreign antigens within the cells of the body, a situation that may provoke auto-immune reactions as the body attempts to destroy its own infected cells. There is no surprise that the incidence of auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis) has risen sharply in this era of multiple vaccine immunization."

Julie Swenson

I have been reading that like MS, cerebral palsy is now also considered an auto-immune disease, rather than just a case of "trauma" before, during or shortly after birth (trauma from vaccines, maybe?).

My son (healthy, perfect Apgar score, no malformations of the brain, not premature and not sickly in any other words, no predilection for a CP diagnosis) was diagnosed with CP at the age of 27 months after a continual downward spiral of vaccine-related regressions, resulting in landing in the ER for seizures (sound familiar, autism parents? ;o)...Until he received 12 month shots (6 shots at once, including MMR and chicken pox) he was developing just fine, and ahead of schedule in some cases. The neurologist said it was 'unusual' for a child to be diagnosed that long after birth. Well, duh, let's chalk this up to vaccine damage as well, shall we? I'm convinced that is was.

I wonder how many other conditions will ultimately be blamed (rightly so) on vaccine damage? When you have hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with MS or CP and hundreds of thousands more with other auto-immune disorders, autism, ADD, ADHD, have to put two and two together and start to look at the common factors surrounding these people with those conditions and we know what that might be!

anonymous antivaccinationist

The lovely trojan horse we call Vaccine Court. By ruling in favor of a vaccine injured person, it corroborates the claims that antivaccine nuttery needs to justify their cause, while simultaneously exonerating the medical, (and by extension) scientific community in general, because the very nature of the court doesn't hold up to "scientific scrutiny". Then we get nowhere... for decades, it's perfect.

Destruction of the myelin sheath is not some revolutionary concept, which has clearly been recognized as plausible and a reaction to vaccine administration. Myelination continues in humans well into adolescence. If you pierce the skin, and bypass the mucous membranes and epithelial cells and give the vaccine (and its friends) direct access to the body's raw nerves, is it any surprise it has the capacity to cause nerve damage (lest we forget how jab happy the US is)? Silly me, it's attenuated - it causes no harm! That is unless parts of the innate response do not get engaged and the pathogen cannot be adequately eliminated. Surely it won't grow a mind of its own and adapt to its environment now would it? Evidently no one cares as long as we line up with our sleeves rolled up and participate in herd health management. Besides, humans are far smarter than the bugs they are trying to extinguish.

Better yet, how about we sue you for not participating for the greater good of society! They best get busy on that societal contract if they intend to bind me legally to this barbaric practice. If there are plans to move forward legally, I say... put up or shut up because the posturing and muscle flexing is making me ill.


John Fryer

Let's not forget that mercury is still in many vaccines along with many other toxic chemicals.

In addition biological attack can be mounted by training the body to recognise protein fragments and destroy them. Pity if these fragments are part of our cells, blood and bone for the unlucky few.

The global rate of friendly damage seems to be around the 1 per cent level.

Looking at so called SBS cases of up to 2000 a year from a previous ZERO we see the injuries inflicted by vaccines are virtually unobtainable from the STRONGEST and MOST MALICIOUS, EVIL, ADULT MALE.

When the damage is TERMINAL at four months. After three rounds the KO. They bring up the triad for convictions but keep from view the damage to every bone that is so serious that a doctor SHOULD be able to spot in life.

The RIBBED bone. To me a feature of VACCINE HARM. And with 50 nodules evenly spaced an IMPOSSIBILITY to cause mechanically. But let's ADD to the triad for completeness and damnation of the vaccine dead child's parents and carers to put the BOOT in again.

Chemicals need to be treated with respect.

Vaccines need to be treated with the UTMOST respect.

And nurses and doctors that supply DANGEROUS CHEMICALS and VACCINES need to be TREATED.


The practice of reading AoA with my morning coffee and sometimes, with my breakfast, has shown to be an excellent appetite suppressant. Trying to lose a few pounds? I dare you to read these stories and eat at the same time. Swimsuit season is just around the corner. Keep reading.

But (try to) take comfort in the fact that someday your vigilence in searching for answers will save someone else's baby. For all of them, I thank you.


Jen - as to your question about the octuplets, I'm sure they were immunized. 15 years ago when my son was born at 26 weeks, all his vaccines were held off until he was big enough for the dose (he was almost 4 months old by then). We were encouraged to spread out his shots and to never never give him the pertussis portion of the DTP. We were told his immune system "couldn't handle it". He doesn't have autism. Last year I read an article in a Long Island newspaper that the autism rate in premature boys is quadruple the national rate. After a very short internet investigation, I saw that the increase in autism among preemies followed a new policy in treating preemies. It is now recommended that they be vaccinated on the federally recommended schedule, just like "healthy" newborns. Hmmm.....


Jen (about vaccinating preemies)

Well, our boys were 10 weeks early. And they were wise enough to not give them the HepB in the NICU. I was quite proud of that looking over the records.....until I realized that that just enabled the HepB to be given along side with DTP, Hib, Prevnar and Polio (and possible RSV which we also got) at 2 months. Oh, AND this was two days after stomach surgery while still on antibiotics and lots of tylenol. Oh, and still before their due date even.

The stupidity of this is absolutely mind-boggling.


IL march? I'm there:)


I think the head office for AAP is in Illinois. I'm feeling a rally there to demand vaccine-safe practice.


thanks Carolyn, even though it sure wasn't the answer I wanted to hear. So there really is no such thing as "prevention" or "first do no harm" when it comes to vaccine injuries. You have to try for the salem witch trial exemption or home school. I still wonder WHO is ensuring (at the very, very least) that any doctor or nurses are giving the vaccine as per the insert instructions/contraindications.

Carolyn M for Jen

Jen -

There is a medical exemption, but it is not easy to obtain. The CHILD has to have a known medical reason for not getting the vaccination. No medical condition by any relatives (allergies, autoimmune disease, reaction to a vaccine in the past by a relative as per your examples) applies. The child himself or herself has to be known to have the reason, and the form has to be signed by a doctor.


speaking of pediatric formulations of hep b vaccine, I wonder if the NICU has already given the tiny octuplets just born in California their hep b shot? I would imagine that being born early and weighing 1-3 pounds would rule that out for a while. Then again, I could be horrendously wrong. I was especially interested in this as I just read that one of Nadya's other six kids has autism. I hope the babies doctors are reading the hep b insert!
It never occurs to me to tell pilots(or many other professionals for that matter) how to do their job. I feel like they've kind of got it under control (and I hate flying), but these doctors, I think they don't know what they're doing with all this vaccinating and it's scary. I asked my husband, why the pilots seem to handle their responsibilities better than the docs and he said, that they were more regulated and a plane crash is a big deal killing around 250 people instantly. You can't hide it. I think we've had enough autism,seizures and learning disabilities that we can't hide that for much longer.
God help our children, because the doctors aren't.

d ayoub

Myelin is a preferential target of aluminum-mediated oxidative damage. Verstraeten SV, Golub MS, Keen CL, Oteiza PI. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1997 Aug 15;344(2):289-94.

Progressing encephalomyelopathy with muscular atrophy, induced by aluminum powder. Bugiani O, Ghetti B. Neurobiol Aging. 1982 Fall;3(3):209-22.

to name a few

and the Engerix package insert:

Nervous System: Migraine; syncope; paresis; neuropathy including hypoesthesia, paresthesia,
Guillain-Barré syndrome and Bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis; optic neuritis; multiple sclerosis;

not rocket science



Kawasaki disease in an infant following immunisation with hepatitis B

Miron D, Fink D, Hashkes PJ.
HaEmek Medical Center, Afula, Technion Medical School, Haifa, Israel.
The known association between hepatitis B and vasculitis has been
reported in rare cases in adults after hepatitis B vaccination. We
here describe a 35-day-old infant who developed Kawasaki disease 1
day after receiving his second dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Although
extremely rare, this possible side effect should be noted and further
PMID: 14677029 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


I just read the Ruling on Entitlement. The petitioner was born in 1961, received the vaccine in 1998 and died in May of 2008. The ruling was dated January 16, 2009.

On January 9, 2009 the FDA announced that:

Merck expects an interruption of U.S. supplies this month for Recombivax HB, the adult formulation of its hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine supply for adults probably will be depleted during the first quarter of this year, but the company does not foresee any effect on the pediatric formulation, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website on vaccine shortages.

"but the company does not foresee any effect on the pediatric formulation"

Of course not.


“Petitioner has prevailed on the issue of entitlement. The medical records during decedent’s final hospitalization reflect that she died from demyelinating disease. Not only did decedent have a vaccine injury, but also her death was vaccine-related,” wrote the Special Master in the case."

Why isn't this a crime? Why aren't people arrested? Why is nobody in the street setting effigies aflame?

When is it enough?


Willie asked on another post (Paiges'), What is the plan?
Surely there is something we can do to demand better safety, when even the pharma companies mention in their inserts that certain people/kids should not be vaccinated. Even THOUGH they are absolved of the liability issue, SURELY they would WANT their product to be administered safely, so as to maintain the public's trust.
Is there no such thing as a medical expemption? (I'm Canadian so excuse my lack of awareness about this as to American laws). I know there is a religious exemption and or a philosophical exemtion but isn't there simply a medical exemption form? This would be used because a)the PARENTS have a known allergy to one of the ingredients in the vaccines (for ex. I know I am allergic to molds) and so it is logical that my newborn may also be and therefore would not be allowed to get hep b vaccine until tested. (or say my husband had an allergy to MSG, again no shot for baby that has MSG in it).
Another contraindication would be that b)either parent has, themselves, or a close relative, a known auto-immune disease. (or a sibling has had a bad reaction to a previous vaccine).
c) the person/baby about to receive the vaccine is sick/has a fever and d) no adminstration of more than one vaccination at a time. (they are not tested for safety as to this practice, anyways).
Surely to God there has to be a medical exemption form that could prevent some of the tragedies such as what happened to poor little Ian. (personally, in the case of hep b shots, I think it should simply not be done and I would love to picket any hospital that gives them).
Maybe we could write to the AAP or AMA to demand that there be these safety concerns be addressed by hospitals. Wherever their headquarters is located there should be some kind of RALLY to demand at least the safest possible administration of vaccines. Willie is right-someone has to be ACCOUNTABLE.Surely we have hit a point where all this vaccine damage is actually costing us more than the cost of problems associated with the actual diseases. We shouldn't have to do the AMA or AAP's jobs but they sure as hell aren't doing a good job of protecting the children. (couln't there be some kind of bill passed where a medical exemption form is in place?)Someone should be going around to all the hosptitals and verifying that the vaccines administered are being done so in a manner that is responsible. The hospital that poor Ian was born in needs to be outed. Maybe besides rescue angels we need to have some "awareness angels" who let lots of prospective parents know about the true risks of immunization, especially hep b right at birth. Anyone know where the AAP head office is? I know I'm ranting but it really bothers me that hep b is being given to babies

Kathy Blanco

Somehow, I think these people are actually delighting in maiming our children, and adults...I mean, if they are real scientist, don't they know this stuff already? For Decades? PLUEZZ...

Most of the post are pointing to a variety of agents in these vaccines...which bears my nagging question, green a vaccine? Of viruses? Of each and every ingredient-or leave a couple in? Bottom line, there is no possible scientific way to make vaccines safe. Our entire autism family, as in the whole of our autism society, should not be frustrating our causes more, by doing things that are impossible...the most possible thing is, is, to boycott them, IN TOTAL. This is the only way these people will understand our position.

Also, there are very hidden articles that MS is caused by borrelia borgdefri lyme disease (else the higher prevelance rates in lyme countries, low VIT D areas). Could it be, the vaccines wake up lyme pathogens? We know that HEP B and MMR cause a lowering of the immune system for at least a year? And or, in consortium with the lyme infection, more damage is allowed in the brain? Me thinks so. Molecular studies are finding by PCR and DNA the borrelia signiature...which bears the next question, does it eat myelin? YEPPERS. Which bears the next best question, most kids with autism MAY have lyme or congenital lyme infections? YEPPERS.

russian history

to CHerry Sperlin Misra, re: "assasins in white coats", i strongly advise you against using this phrase due to the context in which it was used in the USSR in the 30's: FALSE accusations directed against a number of prominent Jewish doctors. the executed doctors were innocent of a conspiracy against the state- they were the victims of Stalin's repressions. i don't want the pro-vaccine camp to claim that since the Soviet accusations were false, medical profession is innocent in this case as well and is being unfairly persecuted.


Isnt it more technically correct to say

"The HepB shot caused MS"

rather than "Hepatitis B Shot Causes MS"?

Ray Gallup


"But, if the autism Special Masters suggest that more research is needed, one area that scientists may want to explore is demyelination in autism and its many potential causes.

Myelin is the fatty acid sheath that protects and insulates nerve cells and the brain. Some people with autoimmune disorders, including MS, present with damage to myelin in the brain."

In the early 1990s I came across the following article by Vijendra Singh in the Autism Research Institute (ARI)newsletter per

The National Institute of Health (NIH) didn't want to fund anything regarding autoimmunity and autism including what Vijendra Singh found per..........

In addition, we found an interesting correlation between measles antibody and brain autoimmunity, which was marked by myelin basic protein (MBP) antibodies. These two immune markers correlated in 90% or greater autistic children, suggesting a causal link of measles virus with autoimmunity in autism.

Dr. Singh has devoted his entire career to academic research on neurodegenerative diseases and neurological disorders, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), multiple sclerosis (MS), and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).{8BFCAF0B-FBA1-4EB4-B925-C8210D248B9C}

Harris Coulter has mentioned vaccines and demyelination in his books per..........

The possible long-term neurologic effects of the vaccines have been well-documented by Dr. Harris Coulter in his book Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Assault on the American Brain. He
delineates a hydra-headed syndrome of brain insult and injury possibly caused by vaccines. These effects include allergies, autism, dyslexia,learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and antisocial syndromes, all attributable to the assault of vaccines on the body. He postulates
that vaccines have a damaging effect on the developing myelination process of the nervous system in children. This assault causes an allergic encephalitis (inflammation or infection of the brain) with
widespread effects. That is, the allergic response initiated by a vaccine injected into the body is capable of causing encephalitis and brain damage, because the physical development of nerves is

I have been fighting for years about this since 1993 to the present. I even organized The Autism Autoimmunity Project to fund research to the tune of $140,000.00.
Nobody at the Federal government would listen nor autism organizations like Cure Autism Now, National Alliance for Autism Research and Autism Speaks.

Maybe someone will WAKE up and do what needs to be done. This has been totally ignored.

Ray Gallup

PS: Eric received 3 hepatitis B shots in 1992 and thereafter, his aggressions got worse over the years and that was a factor in his aggressions. Eric tested postive for myelin basic protein antibodies and elevated measles titer antibodies in his blood.


Also, this web site states that there are only two Hep-B vaccines -- Merck's and GSK's Energix B. So I'm assuming that the HepB shots my son got back in 1992-93 were Energix B since the record says "SKB" under manufacturer (i.e., before Smith-Kline Beecham merged with Glaxo. Does anyone have any information to confirm or contradict my assumption?


David, I hope can respond to these questions regarding two of your statements: "All eyes are on Vaccine Court this week" and "Will the Court now do the same for vaccines and autism? I don’t think so – not this week."

1) Do you have information about when we will have a ruling on any of these cases? I'm dying to hear the results.

2) Does your second statement imply that you think they're going to rule against the families in all three cases?

3) And, what make you think this? I've been hopeful, and this HEP-B case makes me more hopeful, that they will rule in our favor.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Reading Jen's comment about "nurses as executioners", I cant resist mentioning the Soviet era phrase (in Russia) : " Assasins in white coats !" Sorry to be morbid- but I think some could vibe with the sentiment.

Actually Jen- I studied Nursing at the U of W , Seattle- and deeply regretted for many years that I did not finish the course. What fools we are - Today I give thanks that I did not finish the course. I could have been one who made tiny babies autistic.


All I want to know is...What would Paul Offitt say about this?


From Vaccine, this study seems to indicate "they" are interested in even further boosting the immune response in HepB shots, without regard to the effects that boost might have on the immune system:
Effect of the strength of adsorption of hepatitis B surface antigen to aluminum hydroxide adjuvant on the immune response

Bethany Hansena, Mary Belfastb, George Soungb, Liping Songb, Patricia M. Eganb, Robert Capenb, Harm HogenEschc, Ralph Mancinellib and Stanley L. Hema, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author

aDepartment of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, 575 Stadium Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2091, USA

bMerck Research Laboratories, Sumneytown Pike, West Point, PA 19486, USA

cDepartment of Comparative Pathobiology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

Received 17 September 2008;
revised 12 November 2008;
accepted 20 November 2008.
Available online 9 December 2008.


Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) is known to adsorb to aluminum hydroxide adjuvant (AH) by ligand exchange between its accessible phosphate groups and surface hydroxyl groups of the adjuvant. To study the effect of the binding strength, five vaccines were prepared with AH or four samples of AH that were modified by pretreatment with different concentrations of potassium dihydrogen phosphate. The adsorptive coefficients ranged from 3660 to 250 mL/mg based on the Langmuir adsorption isotherm and degrees of elution ranged from 1 to 31% when the vaccines were exposed to interstitial fluid in vitro. When tested in mice the four vaccines containing phosphate-treated AH (PTAH) induced significantly greater antibody responses than the vaccine containing AH, which had the highest adsorptive coefficient and the smallest degree of elution of HBsAg. The results indicated that antibody production is reduced when the antigen is adsorbed too strongly. Thus, the strength of adsorption of the antigen to an aluminum-containing adjuvant can affect the immunogenicity of the vaccine and should be optimized during vaccine formulation."

Talk about clueless!

Apparently the Hep B vaccine also depletes the mitochondria. By shooting this sh*t into infants on the day of their birth, these f***ing assholes are killing off a whole generation of kids.

My 4 lb preemie son developed a low grade fever and was fussy and crying for several days after his Hep B shot. We have some 7 visits to the ped's office in 14 days, going by the entries in his baby book. Back when I used to do all that so diligently. I wish I could sue each and every one of these clueless bastards, starting at the top.


"Will the Court now do the same for vaccines and autism? I don’t think so – not this week."

Why not? Really? Come on, I was hoping for a verdict on our side, and thought it looked good for us? NO?

Dr. King

Interesting, didn’t Energix B contain Thimerosal during the period when the children in the study were vaccinated?
At a preservative level?


Sherry Tenpenny had a startling presentation on how much antigen they use in the Hep B vs how much you actually need to form a immune response. The result is auto-immune as the T-cells go crazy.
A while back France had this same revelation.
When will informed consent and vaccine choice be a constitutional amendment, like the right to have a hand gun or free speech.


P.S. A subset of children particularly susceptible to ASD/brain damage because of, apparently, a genetic polymorphism rendering them low in glutathione, and thus incapable of eliminating heavy metals/toxins as well as other children. Boyd Haley et al on this one. And as well, because at least some of the genes associated with autism code for glutamate:
Glutamate/glutamic acid lowers glutathione levels; thus rendering such kids particularly susceptible to being damaged.

Glutamate is in the diet. It is also in vaccines, as a stabilizer.
(See We have, in short, been playing with fire for years. It's time to grow up, and deal with these sorts of issues with transparency.


"The development of MBP antibodies could possibly be caused by a reaction to the live measles virus in the vaccine, because the virus may mimic the molecular structure of MBP."

It doesn't even need to be a case of m mimicry. The measles virus in the MMR shot is (or at least used to be) cultured on chick embryo cells. Such vaccines can be contaminated with the MBP from the chick embryo, which the child's body will react to - in an inflammatory way - along with the other ingredients of the vaccine; and hence attack its own MBP. MBP is MBP.
With the child's myelin sheathing thus breached, the measles virus from the vaccine, leaking through into the bloodstream from the damaged gut - and with any other toxic aspects of the vaccine - is capable of crossing the normal blood-brain barrier. Voila: a damaged brain, with a hit-and-miss effect ON the brain. And thus the amazing variety of Minimal Brain Damage/Disorder (MBD) conditions that have plagued us for the last 50 years or so, AND other autoimmune conditions - corresponding with the rise of the mass vaccination programs, and latterly, their number.

So it's not just the MMR combo that is causing such damage. Nor just the mercury in other vaccines. It's a whole range of toxins, affecting the brain because of the demyelinating effects of the vaccines by their nature, ie, due as well to the manufacturing process. Good for the 'experts' finally recognizing this feature - that vaccines can cause a whole host of CNS/brain-damage conditions. Including autism, since it can't logically be ruled out from the biochemical processes involved.

It looks as though we're finally getting there, in dethroning epid studies from their misplaced perch, and getting back to scientific evidence, and case histories. Past time. But then, sometimes it takes time for the truth to out, when dealing with powerful vested interests. And I'm speaking here specifically of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.

Keep letting us know of these important events in this unfolding story, David. Your work in this regard has been invaluable.


David, you knocked my socks off with this one! Incredible!



Regarding the MMR, some other ingredients (besides the viruses) which might possibly trigger an autoimmune reaction: "Amino Acid, Bovine Albumin or Serum, Chick Embryo Fibroblasts, Human Serum Albumin, Gelatin..." There are a number of proteins in vaccines. In those prone to auto-immunity, it seems plausible that the immune cells might confuse some of these proteins with the self's own proteins.

The Hep B vaccine contains aluminum -- an "adjuvant" meant to increase the response of the immune system. The MMR does not contain aluminum, but is sometimes given at the same time as other vaccines which do (such as DTaP).

I don't know what significance this has, but Wikipeia says, "Serum albumin, as a negative acute-phase protein, is down-regulated in inflammatory states. As such, it is not a valid marker of nutritional status, rather, it is a marker in inflammatory states." I only quote this because human serum albumin is an ingredient in MMR, and here is mentioned in relation to infalammatory states. But I don't have time for further research right now.

Thanks so much for this article. Simply amazing how the news media ignores these stories.


Thank God for the vaccine court special masters!!!! Now, why on earth are hep b shots given to infants in the U.S.?????? Nurses as executioners indeed.

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