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Vaccine Awakening Blog: Vaccine Studies Under the Influence of Pharma

Svengali By Barbara Loe Fisher

If you take more than a casual look at the way the mass vaccination system in the U.S. works, you see that pharmaceutical companies marketing vaccines have a lot of clout. It was the pharmaceutical industry that told Congress in 1982 that they were going to leave the nation without vaccines if they didn't get liability protection but have opposed making it less difficult for vaccine victims to obtain federal compensation in the U.S. Court of Claims under a 1986 law that gave them liability protection. It is Pharma lobbyists, who bully the FDA into fast tracking vaccines like Gardasil and who sit at the CDC's policymaking tables urging that new vaccines be recommended for use by all children so they can persuade state legislators to mandate vaccines like influenza vaccine.

Today, a study published in the British Medical Journal reveals the clout that Big Pharma has in the world of medicine journal publishing, specifically the publishing of scientific articles about vaccines. In a Cochrane Collaboration review and analysis of published influenza vaccine studies conducted by Tom Jefferson, M.D., Ph.D. and his colleagues, they found that influenza vaccine studies sponsored by industry are treated more favorably by medical journals even when the studies are of poor quality.

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Barbara Loe Fisher is the President of


Holly M.

A ped that I know has a 15 year old that out of the blue got fibromyalga. My friend suggested to her the Gardisal vaccine might have caused it. The ped got so angry and then said "This summer my 10 year old is getting it. Don't even go there." My friend shut-up.



What is your skewed agenda anyway? I suspect you're the same poster who posts this mantra on many other sites. Recently on an alternative news site that posts many news stories (and they have a clue about the dangers of enviromnental harm), a comment very similar to yours was posted in response to an autism/vaccine article. That news site does not allow nonsense posts to remain, and the post was shortly removed. You most likely are trolling the Internet for opportunities to leave your mantra of older fathers being the cause of increased rates of autism. Are you a geneticist looking to taint people's opinions about the causation of autism? Looking to cash in on the travesty of environmentally damaged(including vaccine damaged) children? Maybe a member of the pharma militia? You're so full of shit, you have no evidence of what you state as fact, and you're becoming a menace for people who are interested in intelligent dialogue.
Go away.


People such as RWR ignore the fact that until a couple of generations ago there was no such thing as birth control, and people kept having babies until the wife reached menopause. And, since many women died in childbirth, men often married again to younger women and kept having more babies. There was never a trend towards the babies born to older parents having autism.

Babies born later in life had a higher chance of Downs, but there is no similar history for autism prior to the current vaccine schedule.


If you're so certain, how about using your name? Your comment is assinine. Fathers in the 20's and 30's make up the vast majority of parents of kids with autism.

Go watch some Elmo, let us know when you're autistic.



Since the rising age of fathers accounts for pretty much all of the change in autism rates, why does anyone expect to find a correlation to vaccine use?


good for you Kathy. I just saw the piece about vaccine court decisions and, at least, Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported it with some gravity and respect. THey both (him and the guy at CNN) seemed to be a ittle surprised by the results. Times seem dark now but sometimes, I guess that's the way it is before the sun comes out. I will be saying a special prayer about it today and keep fighting you guys.( If I lived in the States I would proudly wear a "no hep b for babies" t-shirt all the time. It's one little area to focus on but it could start a wider concern).

Kathy Blanco

Ok, one last try..
I got a call from Angelica Thornton (co anchor) at KATU news Portland Oregon, and she wants our stories on the hearing case. Please email her at

They are running stories on this ONLY TODAY for their twelve noon (hurry), and five oclock news hour. Would like to know you feel about the fairness of the hearing, OR NOT



This made me laugh a bit-- bitterly. If journals will publish just about anything favorable to the flu vaccine, I imagine this could be a new way for, say, surfer thugs hard up for cash to raise some funds:

Dude's Flu Vaccine Study

Like, I got a flu vaccination and, um, for a while month I didn't get the flu. I got something else that seemed like the flu but it wasn't and I got a vaccine for that too.

Conflict of interest: traffic citations forgiven in exchange for this study; author received grant in the form of weed and oxycontin.

Kathy Blanco

Yes, they often stack committees on most every board which identifies standards of care, regulation, products. For instance, in the lyme community, they are trying to get the IDSA to realize, that long term chronic lyme exist, and that some people need YEARS of abx's, which the insurance coampnies conveniently abruptly stop after four weeks. So, to make them appear fair, they try to put on these boards, people without vested interests...good luck with that, so far, they have put people with vested interests in LYMERIX vaccines, and the like. So, welcome to the greedy around the board corporate america, who's only function is to screw the people, sicken people, and the like. I hate america, getting really close to moving.

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