Vaccine Court Awards MMR Victim Millions. Conceals Diagnosis with Word Games.
Generation Rescue Ad in USA Today: Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Thoughtful House Center for Children on Court Ruling: MMR Causes Autistic Disorder

Thoughtful house 2 Court Rules MMR Vaccine Causes Autistic Disorder

Decision Contradicts Findings in Controversial Cedillo Case

(Austin, Texas) – The controversial Feb. 12 decision by the US vaccine court that there was no link between MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines and autism contradicts a ruling issued by the same court in June of 2007. In addition, just days after its announcement denying the vaccine-autism link in the Cedillo case, the court awarded an estimated $3 million dollars to the family of 10 year-old Bailey Banks  on Friday, February 20, 2009, and confirmed that the child’s acute brain damage was a result of the MMR vaccine, which led to his autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Although the US vaccine court continues official denials to the public of any connection between the MMR shots and autism, it quietly settled the case with the Banks family.  Special Master Richard Abell wrote that the family had successfully demonstrated “the MMR vaccine at issue actually caused the conditions from which Bailey suffered and continues to suffer.” 

Awards have been granted to three families because the vaccine court has decided there was in fact a causative connection between the MMR 3-in-1 shot and brain damage in these children. That damage resulted in an autism spectrum disorder.  Vaccines have also been found to be causally related to autism spectrum disorders in seven other known cases by the same court.  In the Banks decision, the court relied on a report based on a complete neurological investigation, including an MRI scan sixteen days after his MMR shot.  He was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a neurological disorder characterized by inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, which is known to follow immunization.
 “I am personally aware of many, many parents who report these exact symptoms in their children following MMR immunization,” said Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Executive Director of Thoughtful House, an autism treatment center in Austin, Texas. “Very few children with autistic regression receive the proper work-up that Bailey had during the early stage of the disease, so a possible ADEM diagnosis may well have been missed in the other children. The MRI findings often disappear after the damage has been done.”
Signs of ADEM usually appear within a few days or a few weeks after immunization or infection, often beginning with gastrointestinal or respiratory symptoms. The disease progresses to neurological deterioration including loss of eye contact, ataxia (poor coordination), changes in mental status, delirium, lethargy, and seizures. 

“The contradictory rulings from the vaccine court regarding vaccines and autism demonstrate that we still don’t have a definitive answer,” said Dr. Bryan Jepson, an autism specialist at Thoughtful House. “We need to realize that the question of the MMR’s possible contribution to autism remains a matter of scientific debate. Ultimately, the correct answer will come through honest, transparent, and rigorous scientific study, not from a court bench.”

About Thoughtful House: Thoughtful House takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating autism and supports a ‘safety-first’ vaccination policy that gives parents the option of choosing a stand-alone measles vaccine for their children.  The research program at Thoughtful House is dedicated to understanding the biological origins of childhood developmental disorders and establishing best practices in treating children affected by these disorders.



No Mercury

MMR is a live virus vaccine, it can not and has never contained Thimerosal. The mercury would kill the virus.


Is it not possible to manufacture single-dose M, single-dose M, and single-dose R - or even single-dose MMR - packaged for single-dose delivery, with no need for a preservative like thimerosal?

Yes, single-dose packaging would cost more, but many parents would gladly pay the higher cost for a mercury-free MMR vaccination which may also reduce the incidence of autism.

Either that, or, before accepting MMR or other multiple vaccinations, pay for an MRI of the infant or toddler's brain to keep for evidence in his or her future medical liability lawsuit.

donald meerlian,P.E.

see "Public Health" for the three Autism Research Reports and the research report based standards of Voices of Safety International (VOSI).

"The Contribution of Mercury (Thimerosal), the Triple Vaccines (MMR & DPT) and Genetics to the Autism Epidemic" Research Report is based on a survey of more than 1400 parents of children who were "never vaccinated", "received some of the shots" and "received all of the shots". The results:
18% Mercury (Thimerosal)....62% Triple Vaccines DPT & MMR....20% Genetics.

Conclusion:.... 80% of the autism epidemic is caused by vaccinations!

Please e mail [email protected] ....Chairman of VOSI or phone (973) 228-2258 to learn how you can force the FDA and CDC to become honest, accountable and responsible by accepting the VOSI autism , "Research Report" based "Standards" to finally end the autism epidemic of more than 100 in 1000 school aged children.

Freedom without Accountability and Responsibility equals Tyranny....F - (A + R) = T.......Hope you will support this long needed revolution to overthrow our DEMOCKERRY and initiate Democracy!.....Pogo

Alan Foos

Ms. Blanco is correct, no need to apologize, if anything you've not gone far enough. It isn't just the gov/med, but our entire society is feeding off the invisble blood of the vaccine injured. Most care not and think not because it hasn't hit them that hard yet, and others are autistic only in the sense that gov/med propaganda and information blackout has rendered them senseless and mute until such time as the gov/med pharmaceuticals finish the job that their mercury or other toxins started. Same thing happened in Nazi Germany only it was less subtle, so this time it's more likely that the good guys will lose...

anonymous antivaccinationist

[[ "brain-damage-is-ok-as-long-as-we-don't-call-it-autism" rhetoric]]

Oh... silly Randy, with your silly logic.

You have not properly designed a question, had an appropriate sample size, had a bona-fide control group, controlled for confounding, etc, etc.. if it shows promise in animals then your hypothesis can be graduated to pilot studies. Then maybe, if it shows merit, we might consider furthering it in larger human trials. And please remember, you cannot prove a negative... science is about the level of confidence (and scientific consensus) in evidence. Then, only then, may you proclaim that autism is akin to brain damage (or any other diagnonsense you'd like to proffer).


Raymond Gallup


Collateral damage!!!!

US Navy
USS Vulcan, Norfolk, VA

Kathy Blanco

Randy, if that was hilarious, almost to point of sick...but you know, you are right...what should we REALLY call autism? Brain damage by mankind? Intentional Chemical castration of the brain? Intentional money laundering via children's lives? Intent to ruin, corrupt and control the population? Ioatragenic epigenitic intentions with "certain agenda in mind"? Goody two shoes disease? Trust us we're the experts disease" Well intentioned while knowing it's not disease? I am having a hard time pinning down exactly this demise? Or should we call it Herod's edict? That all perfectly normal children previously NORMAL/THRIVING and or VULNERABLE and be subjected, murdered, and maimed by a decree from the land? It sounds like selective kill? It sounds like, go ahead and throw back the wild salmon, but take a few to eat....that's life...oh well...if it's your child, who cares?

One way I have always put it, is acceptible losses..just like how we do with soldiers in unjust wars. Some people want to hide behind the skirts of "what has always been done" never questioning the viability of our arguments, which are QUITE valid, if not sheer SCIENTIFIC/ORIGINAL thinking. Whatever happened to our best and brightest? Are they bought and paid for too?

The whole government is in on this, I am sure...and think of it? At a time of finanical collapse, this has to happen? It might as well go down with the ship now...then, when we clean up this act, the people will have final say of what they put into their bodies, PERIOD.


Hannah Poling, Bailey, Michelle

and Max's daughter

Does anyone buy into the "brain-damage-is-ok-as-long-as-we-don't-call-it-autism" rhetoric, in response to these stories?

How many young mom's would be thinking "yeah go ahead and fry my kid's brain, I'm ok with THAT, just as long as he/she doesn't end up with autism"...?

What do people in high places say when they get caught with their pants down?
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
"I am not a crook"
"Hannah / Bailey / Michelle did not have autism"

God almighty....

Ray Gallup

Kathy Blanco,


Ray Gallup

Kathy Blanco

I think as you discover the untruthful nature, squirly attitudes of these people, you come to certain conclusions...NO SHOT IS SAFE, NO SINGLE VACCINE IS SAFE. NONE, ZERO, ZILCHER. No safer schedule, none. Vaccines have NEVER ameleiorated, cured and or prevented disease. THEY CAUSE THEM.

Forgo vaccines in total! That is my message. No green vaccine (can't be done, wouldn't pass clinical trials, or what I call a a dud vaccine, and or contaminated one). Give up. Give in, and give your kids nutrition, breastmilk, antioxidants, and keep them healthy, happy and whole. NO MSG/ Corn/ Soy/ Wheat/ Milk. Key to healthy babies.

If my genetics were so bad (having a BOY and GIRL with autism, so way beyond X link here), my three BOY grandchildren would have autism by now..They don't...and that's because the mothers did not vaccinate, don't have amalgams, breastfed long and are still, don't have ear infections, cold and flus like vaccinated kids, and are smart, healthy, happy, developing far beyond expected milestones. The mothers, had no amalgams, were treated for any thyroid problems, treated for any infections (they had asymptomatic lyme) eat organic , don't eat gluten or casein. This is the key. Also, not immediate cord clamping or birth drugs (try hypnobirthing, it helps). This is the recipe to preconditions to autism, but bypassing them by not doing known toxins, or injecting viruses or bacteria in the body. I also think, yes, our kids have some funky metabolic disarray, so, why punch that through any further? Vaccines ruin MITOCHONDRIA. That's all our kids need, NOT. Mito cocktails...CoQ10, B vitamins, VIT C, (preferabbly whole food supplements), VIT K2, Lipoic Acid, etc. Carnitine if necessary.

I hope this helps, SOMEONE...but you know, I am too radical...

So be it..


From Stagmom - "Stopping individual vaccinations is a mistake that will drive more parents away. I already know several parents of toddlers who are opting out of MMR since they can no longer get the individual shots. These are parents who DO vaccinate their child. They are not autism parents - yet."

This is SO TRUE. I have two young children, neither of whom have autism. My daughter received the recommended shots up until she was 6 months old. At each of her vaccine appts. I would question her ped. about the vaccine-autism link and he would deny any causal relationship. I was still skeptical, switched her ped. and took a break from vaccines until she was 18 months old and did some research. At 18 months, one of the peds. in the new practice wanted to get her up-to-date on shots by giving her vaccines for chickenpox, MMR, DTaP, Pneumoccal, Hib and Hep. A (9 vaccines) at the same time. I refused and requested the MMR to be ordered separately, to which she argued that it wasn't available separately. After checking with a nurse she told me she stood corrected and that they would order the monovalent shots. Fortunately all three component shots were ordered and set aside for me and I have been making her appointments each year.

I am outraged that Merck has decided to stop producing the Mumpsvax, Attenuvax and Meruvax vaccines. I am a parent that believes in vaccines but desperately thinks we need a safer vaccine schedule. My son is 10 months old and I will NOT be giving him the MMR shot. I will continue to vaccinate him using an alternative vac schedule.

I urge parents to write to Merck with an impassioned plea to reconsider this decision.

Richard Clark, CEO
Merck & Co.
One Merck Drive
P.O. Box 100
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-0100

In my letter I urge Merck to spend less money on marketing and advertising by referencing their Gardasil "One Less" campaign. I am starting my own campaign of "Two Less" because my children will be Two Less getting the poisonous MMR vaccine. It can be Three Less, Four Less for however many children you have.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Thoughtful House, and Age of Autism. I am proud to say that Michelle is a patient at Thoughtful House. How fitting to see this post today. Just last night my husband and I held Michelle, trying to keep her safe during a particularly violent grand mal seizure. The convulsions so violent they caused her to strike her own face and scream throughout the entire seizure. This craziness has to stop. We must continue to fight for the exact science that Dr. Jepson is advocating for. We must continue to fight with all we are made of.

Theresa and Michael Cedillo


Lets not forget the Chiari brain malformations all over the place with our kids!!! A brain hernia associated with the mumps virus.
I want to be sick reading this.
The MMR literally blew up this child's brain.
This isn't front page news????


Oh, should have added that there is a more important driver to combo shots. COST!
It is much cheaper to manufacture combo shots than single doses. In fact, if you google the reasons for Merck moving away from single doses they cite cost.


Because parents have continued to question the number of vaccines in the childhood vaccine schedule, with more added every year, it makes sense that there will be many more "combo" shots in the future. To unknowing parents, this means only one vaccine as opposed to three or four. To those of us, it makes it very difficult to determine which vaccine caused an adverse reaction. My son had 4 shots but 8 vaccines in one day, MMR, DTAP, HiB, Hep B booster. It is nearly impossible to know which vaccine or combination of vaccines caused his sudden regression into the world of autism.
Be prepared, we will see many more combo shots as pharma companies want to make it appear there are no more vaccines added into the schedule. Expect to see marketing to pediatricians and parents about how this is new and improved and requires fewer 'injections.' This just means they are listening to the concerns of parents, and marketing the benefits of this approach.
Simple but effective marketing....

Ray Gallup

"Turns out that since Merck has declared that it will not make the single M, M and R shots anymore, the only option now will be to forego the MMR altogether. Which actually is a VERY good thing."


Of course it won't helped kids like our Eric who was already damaged. The MMR vaccine (and probably others like DPT, polio, etc.) caused Eric's autism and then when Eric got the three Hepatitis B shots in 1992/1993, his aggressions started.

Once kids get affected adversely by one or more vaccines, getting any more vaccines just damages them the point that they will never function in society as a normal, productive adult. Unfortunately, Eric and our family learned the hard lessons,
up close and personal.

Ray Gallup

Ernie Grice

Wow. Great for them! But what about the rest? My wife and I have twin sons who were born 10 weeks early and immediately immunized. How do you prove that. Until our government takes a stand and awards research funding to prove what causes this, it will continue. I have my own personal story to tell. click the link and pass it on...


Yes, if a child needed a Rubella booster - why should she also have to have a measles and mumps booster at the same time? Stopping individual vaccinations is a mistake that will drive more parents away. I already know several parents of toddlers who are opting out of MMR since they can no longer get the individual shots. These are parents who DO vaccinate their child. They are not autism parents - yet.

Good decision for once Merck!

"About Thoughtful House: Thoughtful House takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating autism and supports a ‘safety-first’ vaccination policy that gives parents the option of choosing a single measles vaccine for their children."

Turns out that since Merck has declared that it will not make the single M, M and R shots anymore, the only option now will be to forego the MMR altogether. Which actually is a VERY good thing.

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