Child Warrior: Mira
For Autism Awareness Month: Autism Research Institute's Puzzle Piece Challenge



Thanks David & Robert - fabulous. Keep talking.


Ah CamJam you rock, thanks!!!!!!!!


Hey Kathleen and others

I THINK we all might get a chance to listen to it again SUNDAY from HERE ONLINE at *8PM:

I believe the times are shown in *Eastern time therefore I will have to tune in at 5 pm Pacific time.


Darn, why does KY have to be in the dark ages? We have no progressive anything...and that includes Ring of Fire.
Is there any other way to hear this interview?

Julie Swenson

I listened to it today on the radio..WAY TO GO GUYS! Brilliant, well-researched and very truthful. Also, terrifying, sad and heartbreaking because of that same truth.


I am listening to it LIVE now -- found it streamed online here:

I clicked on LISTENLIVE

I hope there is a way to hear the entire discussion because I've missed alot already.

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