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UK's Sunday Times Journalist Challenged Over Role in US MMR Cases

Raun Kaufman on Vaccine Decision: Parents Know Best

Trust yourself Click HERE to see this piece on MSNBC.

Autism Expert on Vaccine Decision: Parents Know Best

CEO, Fully Recovered From Autism, Issues Statement Responding to Thursday's Ruling on Autism and Vaccines
SHEFFIELD, MA - Raun K. Kaufman, CEO of Autism Treatment Center of America, issued the following statement Thursday:
"We disagree strongly with the court's ruling and stand firmly behind parents of children with autism and other developmental disorders. Although there is currently ostensibly no statistical proof that vaccines have caused some cases of autism there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence. We work with thousands of parents, hundreds of whom have told us stories about how their children appeared completely typical before being vaccinated and within days or weeks of vaccination displayed the symptoms of autism.

The program we teach, The Son-Rise Program, is built upon the idea that the parent is the child's best resource. No one has the love, life-long dedication and day-to-day understanding of their child that parents have. When parents tell us that their child was typical, received the vaccines, then developed autism soon after, we believe them. In everyday language we call these true stories. We do not believe in waiting 20 years for the right kind of statistics, but rather helping parents and their children now. Apparently the court disagreed." 

When Mr. Kaufman was diagnosed with severe autism, no language, and a tested IQ of less than 30 his parents ignored the statistical evidence and instead developed The Son-Rise Program, which led to his complete recovery from autism.
Although vaccines do not cause all autism occurrences, Mr. Kaufman disagrees with those who say that so many parents are making up or imagining a link, and further disagrees with the position that the autism/vaccine link is coincidental.
Mr. Kaufman does not support canceling the vaccination program but believes it's prudent for parents to ensure their child's vaccines are thimerosal-free, administered separately and not at too early an age -- and never when a child is ill.
Autism Treatment Center of America is a non-profit organization that teaches parents to help their children with autism and other developmental challenges. As providers of an educational intervention it has no vested interest in whether vaccines have caused some cases of autism but always stands by parents. Parents know their children and have an ability to help their children that is unparalleled.




Gladys, I am sorry you are in so much pain. There are many good parent support groups online, for instance in the San Francisco Bay Area, at The groups are private, and the focus is on getting people the resources they're looking for to improve their and their kids' quality of life and education. I hope things get better for you and your child, soon.


So sorry to hear about your child being injured. I have no personal experience with this law firm, but read yesterday that they successfully represented a vaccine injured child and won a $61 million settlement. There is a "Vaccine Court" that was set up by the federal government in 1986 for the purpose of compensating vaccine injury victims. It is funded by a $.75 tax on each vaccine sold in the United States. This Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (aka VICP) has paid out over $3 billion to the vaccine injured since its inception. It is important for you to know, though, that there is a very short statute of limitations for filing a claim and if you don't file in time, you will not be eligible. There are other lawyers that do this kind of work, but this is the one that I read about yesterday. They have an impressive website:

Best of luck to you. I hope your child recovers.

Gladys Amantea-Hue

I agree with Raun Kaufman. I believe that my child also developed autism through vaccines. I would like to know if there is any pending litigation? How can I participate if there is. I don't know what to do I am desperate and suffer from depression over this issue. I want to sometimes die. The pain is too great....

Tim Kasemodel

My wife and I have been working with Raun, his family and trained staff for over 8 years to help our son. They have heard our stories not just from the U.S., but from hundreds of countries and from every continent except Antarctica. Have no doubt in your mind about his "expertise" in parent stories.


Thank you so much for voicing your opinion on this important matter. It means so very much to us.

Tim & Laura Kasemodel


barb, yeah, secret ingredients. I've always wondered what the heck is up with all those nut allergy kids. Sure en0ough, I googled up food allergies and vaccines and I found someone who has done a research paper on exactly this. They did find a significant association between the two and she did try to disqualify rural, unvaccinated kids to control for the hygiene hypothesis re. allergies. I'll look up the site again soon and post the link.


The good health of the nation's children has never been a goal of the CDC or our government. It is interesting the vaccines are considered "innocent until proven guilty". Vaccines are BIG business. How can they even be studied properly when they have secret ingredients that do not appear on the package inserts? The ingredients of the culture medium and the vaccine adjuvant does NOT appear on the package insert. They may list one or two of the ingredients if they want to. It may be hard to prove the link between autism and vaccines but it isn't hard to prove that we do not have full disclosure of all of the vaccine ingredients. Start hollering about the secret ingredients. This is important because besides the risk of autism, we are playing food allergy roulette every time we vaccinate a child (or adult for that matter.... ever wonder why adults come down with shellfish allergy?)

Media Scholar

The average reader only feeds so much before they quit. Too bad this piece was "front-loaded" with this line....

"Although there is currently ostensibly no statistical proof that vaccines have caused some cases of autism"

Actually, there is plenty of statistical proof. The Autism rates in America sky-rocketed from 1 in 10,000 rare to 1 in 150 as of 2002.

That statistical increase is contemporary with the advent of the Clinton Adminstration's nationalizing their Arkansas every child by two vaccine program, and that meant the proliferation of multiple doses of vaccines with Thimerosal in them.

Becky Estepp


What a beautiful statement you penned. Thank you for going on the record for families like ours. I know that we will prevail someday. This will be because of people like you speaking out for us.


Thank you very much for speaking out for all our sakes.

Kent Heckenlively


Your support in this dark time means so much to us.

My wife and I have had the privilege of going to your "Option Institute/Autism Treatment Center of America" three times in the course of setting up our daughter's Son-Rise program.

The principles you teach of "passionate persistence" and being a "happy detective" have long guided our lives.

I often tell people that I think we need to work as hard as we can to medically heal the bodies of our kids for the long-term, but that the Son-Rise program of being happy in our interactions with our kids and our lives today is a powerful combination.

I'm glad to know that the Option Institute/Autism Treatment Center of America is publicly saying the same thing. My respect for your staff and the principles you teach is as high as it is for any group of people I know.

If you'll forgive a cheesy "Lord of the Rings" reference I feel a bit like saying, "The warriors of Gondar welcome the brave Riders of Rohan!" Your help couldn't come at a better time. I hope we will make this fight together.

Kent Heckenlively

Fix the draft Legislation NOW

WoW! Raun Kaufman - you have set yourself out as a leader in the real status of the vaccine court's opinion. Your voice joined with AAN, TACA, SafeMinds, Generation Rescue, etc. can begin to be heard in time to change the federal legislation for autism. (are you listening AS and ASA?)

If the nation does get new funding and mandates for autism treatment, I hope it includes the recognition of autism as a SYMPTOM with causation/etiology that must be carefully considered for each individual - not a cookie cutter approach.

One treatment will never fit all. The future of autism treatment must be based on the individual - unique genetics, biochemistry, exposures, experience, etc.

Individualized, intensive therapies along with appropriate, individualized medical and biomedical care will be the best chance of children with autism at full health and functioning.

The pace of scientific research findings has quickened and calls for quick dissemination and implementation into front line doctors and appropriate referrals to specialists and testing.


How do you define 'sick'? Could 'sick' include 'an activated immune system' without discernible illness, as presumably observed in this new GMO fed animal study published 11/14/08?

Could some children develop the same (?silent) immune respnse to GMO foods as the animals studied, and could that condition be the equvalent of 'sick'?

Might assessment of the immune system status of all children prior to immunization be required to rule out illness under these circumstances?

"Intestinal and Peripheral Immune Response to MON810 Maize Ingestion in Weaning and Old Mice
AbstractFull Text HTMLHi-Res PDF[248 KB]PDF w/ Links[196 KB]Alberto Finamore, Marianna Roselli, Serena Britti, Giovanni Monastra, Roberto Ambra, Aida Turrini and Elena Mengheri*
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca per gli Alimenti e la Nutrizione, Via Ardeatina 546, 00178 Roma, Italy
J. Agric. Food Chem., 2008, 56 (23), pp 11533–11539
DOI: 10.1021/jf802059w
Publication Date (Web): November 14, 2008
Copyright © 2008 American Chemical Society"

A. F.

Mr. Kaufman: Thank you very much for defending the parents! At this time of discouragement, I very much appreciate your words of encouragement and your defense of our stories. I have had the pleasure of hearing you at a seminar and of seeing your parents' movie many, many years ago. You are truly a miracle! Thank you for your help.

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