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Public Comment on National Vaccine Plan Needed!

Participate Friday, February 6th National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting

WHAT:  Open meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee with Stakeholders to discuss the 2008 Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan.  This is one of the initial steps in updating the 1994 National Vaccine Plan.

WHERE & WHEN:  Friday, February 6th 200 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC. 8:00am EDT to 3:30pm.

Comments or questions about the draft Plan and planning process may be directed to the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) at [email protected].  Click HERE to attend the meeting in person or click HERE for the audio conference. To view the draft plan, click HERE for the 2008 Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan (PDF).  Click HERE for the agenda for tomorrow’s schedule.

BACKGROUND:  During Monday’s third stakeholder meeting by Institute of Medicine to review priorities in the National Vaccine Plan, panel members Dr. Louis Z. Cooper and Dr. Samuel Katz stated that more honesty in communications with parents with regard to vaccines were needed.  Dr. Cooper added that communication should be coordinated and based on sound vaccine safety science and noted that that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) spent $300 billion on the promotion of vaccines, while spending only  $20 billion on vaccine safety research.  Dr. Cooper stated that this sound science had been “done on the cheap” and was seriously deficient.  

Many public comments at this meeting centered on parents concerns on lack of information received from physicians on vaccine risks and the need for a comprehensive study of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations to determine total health outcomes (e.g. – mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc.), possible detrimental effects of current timeline of immunization schedule and the number of vaccines given at any one time. In sharp contrast, CDC’s Glen Nowak, CDC’s Media Director, response was “less is more” in terms of information given to parents.  During yesterday’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) meeting, NVAC’s Dr. Gellin stated that parent concerns were not limited to the autism community and the need to address these concerns to restore the public’s trust in the immunization program. 




Autoaggression has been linked to porphyrias since the 1950s with the detection of porphyrias in lupus, Guillain Barre (Landry paralysis)and now Rasmussen encephalitis, but physicians are convinced they never blow the diagnosis of a porphyria and the disorders are rare. However, penetrance for classic symptoms is low and many DNA carriers are latent. Do you really believe it is a coincidence researchers are detecting porphyrins in autistics now?

Kathy Blanco

Forgot to mention, tylenol...great, given at the same time of mercury, which lowers gluathione, good thinking, NOT

Kathy Blanco

I was in the Treating/Recovering Autism book, and you can read my story. What came at me, was that almost all the moms used tylenol. When my friend Dr Torres put this theory out, I was like, OMG! This is probably the key? Think about it? What if, fevers are used to expel viruses? And, if mother was also sick during pregnancy, and she thwarted a fever, yet, was carrying a virus to her baby? This is a no brainer, yet, the ACIP member RECOMMEND I knew? Since our kids ALREADY have immune dysregulation, complement deficiencies, it's a not brainer.

The moms way back then in the early eighties (like me, and yes, I am a grandma now), shot tylenol in the mouth before the vaccine appointment to avoid the fever and the illness and the constant'd think my inner spirit in me would scream NO? And, if my child was having fevers (so called normal reaction) with each succeeding vaccine, you'd think I would get it, and think, what the hell is the vaccine doing to my kid? Of course there were no GOD GIVEN internets back then, and I didn't know better. I remember my mother in law saying, this reaction is not normal...ya think?

I do remember a distinct feeling and or prompting, to take my baby and run...I should have listened to that still small voice. Knife in chest...

These committees need to hear this connection and drop this one recommendation..perhaps it may save some kids from autism, thought I wonder, if the vaccine itself, even without the visual reaction/fever, can initiate the cascade of problems per below...answer...yes...

Dr. James Howenstine explains it best -

"Naturally acquired immunity by illness evolves by spread of a virus from the respiratory tract to the liver, thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. When symptoms begin, the entire immune response has been mobilized to repel the invading virus. This complex immune system response creates antibodies that confer life long immunity against that invading virus and prepares the child to respond promptly to an infection by the same virus in the future.

Vaccination, in contrast, results in the persisting of live virus or other foreign antigens within the cells of the body, a situation that may provoke auto-immune reactions as the body attempts to destroy its own infected cells. There is no surprise that the incidence of auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis) has risen sharply in this era of multiple vaccine immunization."

Maureen O

I found the website fascinating. My Dad was an internist who was very anti tylenol and NSAIDS. I think the reason my youngest child was only "brushed with autism" as jenny mccarthy says vs full blown was that I NEVER gave him tylenol, he was my 3rd child and I had more confidence in myself as a mother. I therefore started him immediately on hypoallergenic formula (unable to breast feed) so no ear infections so no antibiotics. I also having worked with drs in the icu for so many years knew they were human and when I knew my kid needed help I went around them.
I think when the health of our children became a "business" in the 1940's with the pharmaceutical companies and Dr spock became the expert not moms and grandmas our childrens health has plummeted.
Give the children back to their moms and grandmas with their intuitive ability to understand what THEIR child needs and they will flourish again.
So tell every young mom NO TYLENOL after vaccinations. It may not save all but it may save some.


Diane, I'm dying to know---what did Kristen V. want clarification on from your letter? (which was very well stated, by the way!) I'm just so curious as to which of the many important points you made grabbed her attention enough to seek clarification? Thanks for speaking for our kiddos!

Diane Farr

I just noticed this. Kirsten Vannice is the one that received our letters. The meeting is from 9:30 to 11:30. Looks like this is phone number to listen in.

Goal # 2: Enhance the safety of vaccines and vaccination practices: Rm 305 A
1-888-989-4406, PASSCODE: 41520
NVAC Chair: Dr. Andrew Pavia; HHS Staff: Dr. Daniel Salmon/Kirsten Vannice (NVPO)

Diane Farr

This is the letter I sent. I actually got a reply from Kirsten Vannice; to clarify something. I noticed she is on the agenda today around 9:30

Hi....thank you for letting our voices be heard. I'm sure you will see similar stories over and over: I promise you these are not coincidental.

My first child received a DTaP and an MMR shot at 15 months. He had been sick often that winter so the doctor told me it was important to get him up to date. Within a week of the vaccine he quit talking and socializing; the months to come other odd behaviours started to emerge. I expressed to our pediatrician at about 18 months that my son had met all his milestones according to his chart that I had always seen in his office but at 18 months he had not. He brushed me off and asked me if everything was fine with my marriage. A few months later I asked for speech therapy and he would not order the service until 24 months. Later when we did start speech therapy and baby evaluations and myself starting to search for information outside my pediatrician I figured out he was autistic. It was almost a year's wait for a developmental pediatrician appointment.

I tried to disbelieve that the vaccines were the cause. I think I wanted to always trust my doctors and do everything they said. I became pregnant with a second child so I was under a big responsibility to do some of my own research. I could not burdon myself or society with another autistic child. What I found is that I took a chiild with a compromised immune system and loaded him up on too many live virus, mercury, and other toxins at once. My child was sick a lot with ear infections, colds, and an asthmatic type condition. After doing my own research I found that the studies that my pediatrician so preciously held sacred were tainted by money greedy people had been slanted to be favorable for them. A good analogy to compare these studies is to say that because your risk of cancer does not increase if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day vs. two packs that it does not cause cancer. A simple population based study is what I think is proper but the door is shut everytime this is brought up.

Why can't we just vaccinate for the important things? Go back to the 1984 schedule when autism was just 1 in 10,000; not 1 in 165 as it is today. How is okay for the CDC to lie to us about how many people die of the flu every year. They actually bind two lies together. It was probably five or six years ago; I checked their facts. The news said that the CDC reported 64,000 deaths from the flu the previous year. I looked it up and it was 1,600. I also looked further and found that always the person had some other life threatening illness and the flu laid them to rest. I joke that they meant to say that 64,000 men felt like they were going to die when they got the flu. Has any doctor ever told a new parent that their is a chance that their child will never leave the hospital because they might die from the Hep B shot? I doubt it. Why can't it be suggested that the mother be checked Hep B and if she comes up clear then hold off vaccinating until they have other care takers. The baby does not even have an immune system. I really think this borders on criminal. The vaccine has never been tested on anything younger than 5 years of age. Why is this okay?

Please, I beg, do not shut the door on research. You have an opportunity to do the right thing and stop this horrible epidemic of autism. Be a hero and don't be seen as the coward in years to come. I tell you this with a heavy heart. This administration has a lot of cleaning up to do and it's not just with the vaccines. I keep you all in my prayers.


Diane Farr


Mine got a tad long, but here's a couple parts...

Safety of the overall schedule could be improved by minimizing the number of boosters. The addition of a new booster requirement is not an accpetable solution to a failing vaccine. We need to go back to the drawing board on some existing vaccines.

and the ending..

Further I would like to see additional studies designed specifically to address potential problems in the vaccination of subpopulations which may suseptiable to vaccine damage, such as premature infants. Personally, I find this point extremely important. My twins boys were born 10 weeks prematurely. At seven weeks they underwent surgery for pyloric stenosis. Two days later, while on antibiotics, tylenol, still a week shy of their due date and still weighing less than six pounds, they were vaccinated with HepB, Hib, Prevnar, IPV, RSV and DaTP. Despite the fact that this flies in the face of all common sense and no doubt conflicts with contraindications listed on many vaccine inserts, this was done within the accepted practices outlined by the CDC and AAP. Having worked in the vaccine business for awhile I've been around the design of enough clinical trials to know that no study would ever include my children. It would be considered both unethical on one hand and a sure recipe for a failed trial on the other. And yet, despite this lack of studies due to the very unethical nature of conducting them on this population, we proceed with vaccinating nearly half a million premature infants in this way. It defies reason and is a crisis that needs to be addressed.


Kathy, I could not have made a better list myself. Nice letter!

Lindy Smith MN

I had wrote in too. Here is my letter, it is short.
To whom this may concern:

I am a mother of a child with Autism. My child was administered 4 compiled vaccinations in one visit with his pediatrician. I strongly believe that this event had caused him to fall into the world of Autism. It was within a week that my son's ability to verbalize was gone, along with other unusual things that had occurred regarding him.
I am asking you to change the vaccination schedule and remove all toxins from the vaccines. Not just for the children but for adult vaccinations as well. I would also like to ask you to please study the effects on multiple vaccinations that are administered at one time.
I am asking you as a human being to consider the dangers that lurk in so many vaccines that are administered daily to human beings.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Lindy Smith


> 17. Realize, parents are walking to naturopaths and chiros for their family will start to deflate under this mistrust.

I would add to the last commenter's list that the best way to rapidly grow a pediatric practice in 2009 and beyond is not to expand to the hit or miss adolescent market but rather for pediatricians to immediately market and promote themselves as being supportive of parents who choose to delay or alter the standard vaccine schedule in any way.

In my town the handful of pediatricians who accept such families in their care have new patient waitlists 6-8 months long!! Imagine the immediate growth potential of pediatric practices in every market - more new patients than they can handle - all for having an open heart and an open mind and an attitude of acceptance.

But they better act quickly and be sincere in their support of such families because eventually, that's the way most if not all of the peds will have to go - as parental concerns continue to grow as more undeniable vaccine damage stories circulate the internet and even the main stream news.

No amount of spin can close the floodgates, so the policymakers need to learn to live with this changing tide - perhaps better described as the coming children's health and wellness tsunami.

Kathy Blanco

HEre is my letter

To whom it may concern

As a parent of two vaccine injured children, and showing bias toward the injury that they sustained by mandated vaccine schedules, I plea for the following plan for an behalf of the American Children.

1. TEST THEM, for immune dysfunction and mitochondrial stress/disease/dysfunction

2. Test them for Hyper IgE on Cord Blood (after full exchange), so that you may detect if a child is prone to anaphylaxis/allergy, an inability to handle pathogens. ( ). This includes variations of common variable immune deficiencies, IgG and NK cell deficiencies, etc.

3. No witches trials on whether a parent has a TRUE contraindication, per medical, religious and philosophical. Protection of freedom of body is foremost our principles of our constitution.

4. No denials that on the VAERS list, injuries do occur, and are underestimated

5. True vaccine injury is measurable, per hyperperfusion in brain, edema, inflammation markers, oxidative stress, viral persistence in lymph nodes and bloodstream, antibodies to myelin, etc.

6. There is no such thing as making vaccines safer...this is a scientifically incorrect term. Vaccines present factors in some children, which would exasterbate preexisting autoimmune genetics and polymorphisms

7. There is no taking "into account" the familial autoimmunity issues, and or GENETIC SNPS, such as HLA DR 4/B27 as contraindications in whole.

8. No longer recommend fever suppressors for vaccine fevers ( ), this is liken to Reyes syndrome and aspirin. Currently the ACIP is recommending it

9. Holding off on vaccines may save SOME kids, but not all. If mothers want to delay vaccines, let them as is their right, and knowing their child better than the pediatrician. No vaccines on days of fevers, or recent antibotics, or ear infections.

10. Artificial immunity is highly touted, yet, we are trading diseases that are innocuous in the US, to diseases that require pharmaceutical remedies. This is a great business model for the AMA and AAP, but not for our kids

11. Fund Independent researchers who have no financial ties to vaccine industries, fund a vaccine and non vaccine group to find out percentage of autism, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Also, correlate if the child is sicker after vaccinated within months of vaccines, such as impetigo, ear infections, unknown fevers, fussy, not eating, not sleeping, etc.

12. PHYSICALLY touch autistics, test their blood for antibodies to vaccines, if they still can't make a titer, etc.

13. No longer recommend MMR vaccines for mothers

14. Limit number of poly vaccines

15. I know you can't take out neurotoxins, so I don't agree with the Green Vaccine Movement, all vaccines, can be dangerous and lifethreatning in certain children.

16. FULL DISCLOSURE without provocation and remarks from physicians that you MUST vaccinate or I will drop you as a client, et al.

17. Realize, parents are walking to naturopaths and chiros for their family care....busines will start to deflate under this mistrust.

18. No longer ACOG, immediate cord clamp babies, or give vaccines to preemies.


Kathy Blanco

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