Vaccine Court To Weigh In On Thursday
The Children Show Us the Way

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Thursday, February 12
2:00 PM - 2:30 ET
Shauna Layton: WE Are Together In Autism
Guest: D.J. Svoboda

Topic:  Living With Autism - Advocacy & Imagifriends
Twenty-four-year-old Daniel John Svoboda was diagnosed at the age of three with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Psychomotor Retardation. During DJ's school years, he went through some very difficult times and was often picked on and made fun of.

It was from these very difficult situations that he began to explore art, and the Imagifriends were born. Daniel is a vital contributor to society who loves his job, his community, and is always spreading good cheer. His greatest love is what he does at home with his Imagifriend art and being able to present it through his website

3:00 PM - 3:30 ET
Jennifer Laviano and Julie Swanson: Your Special Ed Rights with Jen & Julie
Attorney Jennifer Laviano and special education advocate and parent Julie Swanson will answer your questions about your rights under the special education process in the United States. Jen and Julie will provide practical advice, strategies, and solutions to the everyday issues you face with your child’s special education. Having represented hundreds of children throughout the special education process, Jen and Julie will blend their individual and professional backgrounds to navigate you through this very complex system. Please visit Jen's website and Julie's website  Please send your questions to  Debut topic: Introduction and overview of the IDEA.

Monday, February 16
1:00 PM - 1:30 ET
Devin Houston, PhD:
The Latest News in Digestion, Enzymes & Diets for Autism
Dr. Devin Houston, enzyme biochemist and CEO of Houston Enzymes, explores the most recent information in the area of supplements, medicine, and diet.  What's in?  What's out?  What's worth a second look?  Join Dr. Houston as he shares his own expertise and interviews other researchers across the field of enzymes, digestion, and dietary intervention.  Email your suggestions for future shows as we discuss "hot topics."  Debut topic: Enzymes in Autism: What works, what doesn't?


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