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National Autism Association Response to Autism Omnibus Court Decision

National Autism Assoc Managing Editor's Note: Here is the response from our sponsor National Autism Association including a link to NAA President Wendy Fournier on ABC News 6 in Providence, Rhode Island HERE.


Government Conceded One Year Ago that Vaccines Caused Autism; Today’s Ruling Demonstrates Backpedaling

Nixa, MO -  Today’s ruling in vaccine court has thousands of families outraged at the federal government’s broken promise of medical care following a vaccine injury.
Last February, the government conceded that a child’s vaccinations led to her autism.  Today, however, the government ruled in favor of itself in three cases filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) claiming vaccinations led to regressive autism.   Advocates say they are disappointed in today’s rulings, but not surprised.

Last year’s concession brought the vaccination program bad publicity, casting suspicion on today’s outcome among parents and advocates.  Others feel the rulings today will actually hurt the vaccination program more than it helps. “Parents make their decisions on whether or not to vaccinate based on trust in vaccine safety,” says NAA president and parent Wendy Fournier. “Parents are led to believe that should their child be injured by vaccines, the government would provide medical care.  But the message today is that parents will be on their own should their child suffer a negative vaccine reaction.”

In 1986, the NVICP took effect for children born after October 1988. Unencumbered by litigation, drug companies had practically unfettered influence upon government vaccine program decision-makers, ensuring their vaccines were given to every child in America. But through the years, critics have argued that the program has become more like “Kangaroo Court” where no discovery phase is allowed and evidence pertinent to cases is inaccessible. 

In the case of autism-related injuries in the NVICP, the government has refused to fund science looking into the connection between autism and vaccines, while also forbidding plaintiff access to the Vaccine Safety Database (VSD).   “It’s difficult for parents to have a fair day in court when both funding for vaccine research and VSD access has been blocked,” says NAA Executive Director Rita Shreffler.

For years, thousands of parents have come forward with the same account: their perfectly healthy child regressed into a state of autism following well-baby checkups where vaccinations were received. But as more and more families come forward, they are repeatedly told it is merely a coincidence.  “These children are basically collateral damage while parents receive the coincidence theory from pediatricians and federal health agencies,” says NAA board chair Lori McIlwain.  “Thousands of parents have the same story. Will it still be considered a coincidence when we reach the millions?”

Since the NVICP was established, vaccines given to children have grown at an alarming rate and so have the rates of childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Autism and more. “As a nation, we have substituted acute illness with chronic disease and have produced the sickest generation of children ever in America,” says Shreffler.  “New parents are not blind to this and the government’s reaction to the autism-vaccine connection creates further anxiety.   The government is undermining the very program they’re trying to promote.”

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Sophia Alekov

Hello there,
I do not have a comment but a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. After reading so much conflicting news and information regarding the vaccine-autism link, I truly do not know what to believe and do here anymore.Our Son is due for his MMR & 12 month vacciantions tomorrow, May 1. up until now, he's received all his vaccinations. But, I have dreaded this day for a year now, because of the MMR-Autism link, not knowing what to do, so very worried. And now,at the last hour, i've come back on the computer to get more info. I will not have him get vaccinated tomorrow as of now, he is going in also for an earache follow up, BUT, should I eventually have him vaccinated, if not, is it only the MMR vaccine to worry about?? If okay to vaccinate, should I have them give doses at a time per visits instead of all at once?? I am terribly worried here and need someone's help. I've tried to educate myself by reading SO much information, but like i've said before, i do not know what to believe, or if the present vaccines have become safe. Please share any information that may be helpful.
Our deepest appreciation to any help.


Sophia Alekov


All of you, PLEASE Google “Congressional Record – Extension of Remarks May 21st, 2003 – Pages E1027-1030” which is called “Mercury in Medicine Report – Hon. Dan Burton of Indiana in the House of Representatives.” Read it -


“However, the Committee, upon a thorough review of the scientific literature and internal documents from the government and industry, did find evidence that thimerosal did pose a risk.
Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is likely related to the autism epidemic. This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding the lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharp rise of infant exposure to this known neurotoxin. Our public health agencies’ failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Please remember that Congress already came to its conclusion that there was something mighty wrong here. We can’t be foolish to allow three Special Masters who serve the same government that mandates the vaccinations to close this matter. Ultimately, we will have to bring our cause in front of a jury, within the eyes of the American public where we will have the openness of discovery procedures and fairness. Just recently look how they are trying to modify the Combat Autism Act so as not to allow continued research in vaccinations – much to hide.

The more you research this issue and understand our American governmental history (WMD comes to mind very quickly), it is very oblivious that our government cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It seems that the only way we will probably learn the truth, will be in an actual court of law and not some “dog and pony show” orchestrated by Special Masters who also work for that same government.

Folks, the gloves are off. Get ready for a fight we can’t lose, nor will lose in behalf of our children. “Don’t Stop - Keep Pushing.”

M -
For “A” and so many Others

Philip Rudnick

Until some researcher(s), institute or organization carries out, and publishes the results of, a vaccinated vs. never-vaccinated study, critics of the Vaccine Establishment's vaccination policies will become increasingly demonized and marginalized. The Vaccine Establishment fears, and will never carry out, such a study. However, at the same time, their critics have inexplicably also failed to do so, with the present tragic consequences. Can't THEY organize to support plans for such a study? What or whom are they waiting for?

Autism Grandma

This is a sad day for all of the children who will continue to develop Autism as a direct result of vaccines. It is another sad day in America, a country where people believe that their government can be trusted and is not corrupted by big money interests.

We witnessed my grandson develop regressive autism immediately after nine vaccines forciably given (all at once) by hospital staff doctors under threat of loss of custody. The truth about vaccine damages is easily accessible online. The scientific evidence is massive, although so many parents will continue to blindly trust their doctors and government, that they will not do the research until their own child has autism. They will spend more time researching which car or big screen TV to buy, all the while living in denial about the proven and evident vaccine risks to health.

For now, I will continue to focus my research on my grandson's recovery so that he will continue to move forward. But I am not blind to the fact that these "decisions" that continue to deprive the public of the honest truth, will also be used to support forced vaccinations. Perhaps our next research focus should be on which countries in the world do not force vaccinations, and which ones are compatible with living there for the future?

When I was a young girl I used to watch my father march with his troops at the military base. I always got tears in my eyes when I heard "The Stars Spangled Banner". I was so proud of my father for his pride in serving his country. Now when I hear The Star Spangled Banner, yes, I still get tears in my eyes....tears of sadness and disappointment...and SHAME. My father died many years ago and I miss him terribly, but I am at least grateful that he is not here to see what has become of his beloved United States of America.


I urge all parents to send Wendy's ABC-TV clip to their local TV reporters, in particular to other ABC affiliates.

Wendy did her usual amazing job of summarizing the key points about our vaccine-injured children.

Thank you AoA

"I saw more coverage on my television yesterday about the autism/vaccine link than I have in all of the last five years."

In one fell swoop, if there was anybody until now that did not know about the autism - vaccine connection, they do now. So, for that, thank you mainstream media.

Somebody said, I think it was Eckhart Tolle, that what you see in the news is not really how the world is. Its just what one person or an organization decides is important and needs to be broadcast to the public at large. Given that, the only way to get accurate information about really anything in the world is to troll the various websites on the information highway and read what people are talking about.

Thank you to all of you who write each day to give us the true news about the state of autism.

Robin Nemeth


The main stream media will now go back to business as usual. Pretending (in between pharmaceutical commercials) that there isn't a reputable scientist or doctor anywhere on the planet who supports parents who believe that their child suffers from vaccine damage.

I saw more coverage on my television yesterday about the autism/vaccine link than I have in all of the last five years. Coverage like this:

CNN reporter telling us that we now have even MORE reassurance that the ‘thermasol’ in our vaccines is safe.

Brian Williams on NBC showing us a picture of the label on a bottle of thimerosal. Oh but it’s merely a coincidence that the camera is zoomed in close enough that the skull and crossbones up there in the top left corner, and the words ‘very toxic’ underneath, happen to be cropped off of my screen.


We knew it would only be a matter of hours before that slime ball, Vincent Strully of the New England Center for Children of Massachusetts, would jumped right in (see news clip from NECN that htbenz posted) making sure he lets everyone know that vaccines do not cause autism and that he is soooooo happy with this verdict. I notice this time he brought on one of his "robo parents" to preach the same thing. I hear so many negative things about that place, so it isn't surprisng he is always trying to do damage control. How many more kids will that place damage by insisting on more and more vaccines and stale ABA?

Jeff Ransom

Thanks Wendy, Great interview! YOU ROCK!


Harry Tembenis, NAA board member quoted on New England Cable News:


Thank you Wendy.

I wonder if the two "mainstream" doctors who have expressed concerns over vaccines were interviewed for their reactions to the rulings?

Dr. Healy and Dr. Bob Sears any comment?

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