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How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?

Ian 1 Managing Editor's Note: Below is the tale of Ian Gromowski, a boy who lived 47 days after his at birth Hepatitis B vaccination. Thank you to his mom Deanna for sharing her agonizing story with us. I am proud that Age of Autism is here to publicize stories like Ian's. (And there are many more stories. I'm thinking of a darling girl in NJ named Gianna who succumbed to her vaccinations.) Autism One Radio featured Ian's story last week. Download Deanna GromowskiFINAL

Deanna and her husband have a healthy baby boy named Vance. Deanna is now battling thyroid cancer. You can read more of Ian's story here:

By Deanna Gromowski

There are days I cannot believe what happened to my son Ian Larsen Gromowski. 

It almost seems as though it was a bad, horrible nightmare that I cannot wake up from.  My name is Deanna Gromowski and I am just a mom. 

Ian born 

I live in Wisconsin and have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology  from UW-Milwaukee and my husband Scott has his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from UW-LaCrosse.  I work in Human Resources and he decided to get a 2nd degree in Fire Science and is now a full-time fire fighter.  We dated for 3 years and then got engaged and a year later married in Hawaii in 2005.  We decided to hold off on children for the first year to enjoy married life. 

We ‘did everything right in life’, we planned and prepared and educated ourselves about all our major life decisions. 

Then June 25, 2007 and our son Ian was born completely healthy.  Well, there was a slight mishap at birth and it is very common.  Ian swallowed meconium (his stool) as he came through the birth canal.  He was originally brought back to our room with us, but then the nurses noticed he was having trouble breathing.  

The meconium is like tar and it was in his lungs.  So Ian was admitted to the NICU, discharged the next day to our room, but yet again went back because he hadn’t worked all of the meconium out quite yet.  Scott and I were worried, as new parents, who wouldn’t be, but we knew it was common and we were told this many times.  Some babies need 2 to 3 weeks to work the meconium out of their lungs. 

Ian was having a hard time getting this tar worked out, but you cannot imagine our JOY when the doctors told us on his 5th day of life, June 30th, 2007, that he would be able to go home.  All he needed was his hearing test and his Hepatitis B vaccination.  

Moms kiss  

We couldn’t wait for both of them to happen so we could go home.  Looking back Scott and I get frustrated because we weren’t really given an option about the vaccine.  We were told to sign a form (in which we were not given any instructions on vaccines) and I remember it seemed strange because the form we signed didn’t have an area for a parent signature, the nurse had to physically write in “Parents Signature” and “draw a line”.  Hardly seems professional or right, but I signed it anyway.   I look back on that form to date and still get sick to my stomach. 

Dads kiss

Ian was given his Hepatitis B vaccination on July 1st, 2007 even though he was fighting off the meconium, even though he had a fever ABOVE 100 degrees on June 30th, and even though he had a fever above 100 degrees the day of July 1st they STILL VACCINATED HIM.  It states on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website this : “Some people should not get hepatitis B vaccine or should wait.

Ian dying

Anyone with a life-threatening allergy to baker’s yeast, or to any other component of the vaccine, should not get hepatitis B vaccine. Tell your provider if you have any severe allergies.

• Anyone who has had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a previous dose of hepatitis B vaccine should not get another dose.

• Anyone who is moderately or severely ill when a dose of vaccine is scheduled should probably wait until they recover before getting the vaccine. Your provider can give you more information about these precautions..”

Ians face 4

So how are parent’s to know if their child is allergic to baker’s yeast?  Do you want to just risk it?  I would consider Ian moderately ill because he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and still had a fever.  Shouldn’t the experts know this information.  Isn’t it there job?  Well, that is all hindsight and immediately after Ian was vaccinated the following happened:

Ian mom and dad

FACT: After receiving the Hepatitis B shot these symptoms also appeared:

• Platelets dropped from 248,000 to 131,000 – severe thrombocytopenia
• Scalded-like rash appeared
• Seizures noted
• Irritable, crying non-stop
• Stopped eating
• Viral-like symptoms

His pictures speak a million words.  Within 12 hours of his vaccination he had the rash, within 24 hours the severe thrombocytopenia set in, and then he was in a fatal state from then on.  NO DOCTORS, NURSES, STAFF would even consider the vaccination as the source. 

Ian rash 3

Nothing else happened, no medicines of any kind because he was supposed to be going home!  It even lists on the CDC website that 1 in 1.1 million have a severe reaction and on the Merck website it indicates that thrombocytopenia is a typical reaction of a person with a vaccine reaction.  Why didn’t they know this?  Why wouldn’t they consider the vaccination?  It is possible.  It even states so on the form from the CDC that they were SUPPOSED to give us and didn’t!!

Ian lived for 47 days.  My son suffered nearly his entire life.  Look at the pictures.  Imagine watching your child going through this pain and not being able to do anything.  No one would listen to us….we are just parents, what do we know?  We didn’t leave his side for one moment.  We lived at the hospital, literally.  I couldn’t save my first born son, I couldn’t make the ‘ouchie’ better.  I sat there day in and day out and watched this vaccination destroy his organ one at a time. 

But I want you to know that Ian was an old soul.  He had a peaceful presence about him.  He received edema massages 2 times a day for his swelling and he loved it!  The therapists said most babies in his situation do not do well with massages, but he was relaxed, peaceful, and accepting.  He fought so hard.  He is the strongest person Scott and I have ever met.  He took our admiration to a level we didn’t know existed in the world.  He was and is our little Sunshine, but more importantly he is OUR HERO.

We now are blessed with another son, Vance.  Vance shares his brother’s blonde hair and has blue eyes that glisten like the sky.   Vance is almost 6 months old and Vance is not vaccinated yet.  Pending on the future of vaccines, we don’t know if he ever will be.  Hopefully Ian’s story will touch the lives of others including people who care for children.  His case is not as rare as one would think.

Ian Larsen Gromowski
June 25, 2007 - August 10, 2007

Birthplace:   Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Resided In:   Brookfield Wisconsin USA 
Funeral Home:   Max A. Sass & Sons Funeral Home   
Visitation:   August 14, 2007   
Service:   August 14, 2007   

Gromowski, Ian Larsen

Returned safely to the arms of Jesus on August 10, 2007.  Precious son of Scott and Deanna Gromowski.  Cherished grandson of Lawrence (Pamela) Gromowski and Gregory (Anita) Lehrkamp.  Beloved great-grandson of Eugene Gromowski, Patricia Larsen and Bill Betlinski.  Loving nephew of Paul (Amy) Gromowski and Melissa Waszak.  Further survived by other relatives and many amazingly dear friends.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tues. Aug. 14, 7:30 PM at ST. JOHN VIANNEY CATHOLIC CHURCH, 1755 N. CALHOUN RD., BROOKFIELD.  Visitation AT THE CHURCH on Tues. from 6 PM until time of Mass.

Special thanks to the NICU nursing staff of St. Joseph�s Hospital and Children�s Hospital.  Ian was a fighter with a strong spirit.  He will be forever loved and never forgotten.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. 
You will always be our sunshine.


John Stone

Hi Kathy

Hep B is the vaccine given to infants shortly after birth in the US, so one must presume Deanna Gromowski’s statement is correct - it is a different shot from HiB (ie Hepatitis type B as opposed Haemophilus influenzae type B) which is administered later.

Kathy Heyne

This site says baby Ian was given his Hep B vaccination, but I've read on other vaccine safety sites that baby Ian had been given HIB vax. Perhaps vaccines are interchangeable.


I reside in Brookfield WI as well and plan to deliver in Waukesha. My husband and I are NOT getting our baby vaccinated. We stopped with our other 3 after doing our research. I hope this Hospital doesn't do anything behind our backs or there will be retaliation for sure. Thanks for your story. It really helps us realize how many people actually choose not to vaccinate.


I can somewhat relate to your situation. My son was born 5-22-09 and was as healthy as could be. We had never thought to research vaccines, so he was vaccinated on schedule until he was one. For some reason, I had fallen behind on his one year shots. We were getting rest to go in vacation and I wanted to "just get it over with", so on 6-23-10 my son received his LAST that has forever changed our lives and we were the "lucky" ones because our son lived. Here is his complete story:


When we had our son, Noah he was born 35 weeks and a premie. About a week before we had him I read your story about precious Ian. I broke down and could not believe what happened to him. My heart breaks for you guys because I know it's a loss you feel daily! I can totally relate to you guys about doing everything right before having your baby because we were such planners too. Anyway at the hospital we must have been asked 50 times if we wanted the hep B vaccine even when Noah was in the NICU because he stopped breathing for 5 seconds and other problems. But because of your story and just how much I researched how not necessary it was to get at the moment I kept refusing. Noah is now a very healthy 9 month old but does have some severe allergies to certain things. I have no idea if or how that shot would have affected him but I'm so glad we didn't at the time. Thank you sooo much for sharing your story even though I know it was hard to do! It definitely made a difference in our lives! Thank you!!!

Marc Hermitte

I don't believe in God so I won't be able to bring you that kind of nice conforting words. I just wanted to say that I have a newborn (7 months) and watching at Lian's pictures first made me so angry, I could feel myself in front of my child just like you and I knew for a fact that I would have snaped and probably killed the doctor who gave him the shot.I could feel myself in your shoes, becoming insane, litteraly. I have seen other cases like your child but this... those images will haunt me probably until I die. Then something made me cried. The picture where lian is grabing his stuffed monkey. I saw you guys going out to buy It for him, puting It in his little bed so that he wouldn't feel too lonely. That turned my anger into a bottomless sorrow. I'm so deeply sorry for what happened to your family. It's unfair, It's criminal. Definitly not an accident. My thoughts are with you.

Alexander Backman

Permission to translate this testimony for our Spanish Autism Awareness Newsite

I would like to speak to the parents as well for an interview to get this out.

They are criminals! There is no other way to define the ignorance and depraved indifference by the medical community.


To all reading this heart-wrenching story... please know that you can refuse any and all vaccines. You can go to to see if your state allows religious and or personal belief exemptions. I'm a 43 year old woman who got the Hep B shot when I was 36 yrs old and couldn't walk or talk for 3 to 4 months after the shot... I had tingling throughout my body and lost most of my hair... I thought I was dying and almost did... until I stopped listening to the mainstream doctors and did a 6 month green juice fast to get out all the toxins the vaccine put into me. I'm now fully recovered but not because of the medical community... I'm so deeply sorry for your loss and so angry at the hospitals that appear to know these reactions can happen and still keep giving these shots to our angels.

Dominie Robinson

I can't stop crying . I AM SOOO SOOO AGONIZINGLY SORRY FOR YOUR DEVASTATING LOSS ! I have two children who suffered severed adverse reactions. My youngest child is from a man who had seventeen years in the medical field and wholeheartedly believes in shots. he took the baby without my knowledge and got him and ENTIRE series of vaccinations aLL at once including the flue shot. It's been a long long story but now my little has screaming episodes unexplained. other troubling characteristics. I don't believe in vaccines, I never have. whereas he was trying to mimick sounds at five months old, he now clearly struggles with his speech although in many other ways he seems developmentally on target and is a bright inquisitive little boy, occasional screaming fits with ear splitting screams have concerned my neighbors. I am searching for a specialist who will make an accurate diagnosis and respect my feelings on shots. Thank you for sharing your utterly heartbreaking soul shattering agony with us, it is my deepest hope that at the very least, others may be spared. for others concerned out there about the vaccine issue, please See the Award winning documentaries by Scientist, Naturopath and Homeopath Dr Gary Null entitled "Autism: Made in the USA" and his other documentaries on vaccines and psychotropic meds. God Bless ALL of you


This is just medical incompetency at its worst - little Ian should never have been given the vaccine at that time, whilst running a fever & having been ill post birth. My heart goes out to you. My son was prem & weak, with feeding issues & hospital staff suggested he have the Hep B shot as a newborn (in his compromised condition ). Ludicrous. I refused. I cannot believe that the medical community would think it good practice to even immunise a healthy baby so young :-(

samantha johnson

i am so sorry for your loss and my heart gose out to you guys i know what it is like to loose someone that i love my baby sister died when she was being born so i am so so so so sorry for you loss

Amber Mynatt

wow. i am terribly upset to read this story. my son didnt get the hep b vacc until his 4 month visit because his father had heard about the potential issues it causes. He never had a reaction to it thankfully. But now after many different professionals, drs who are personal friends, daycare workers, speech therapists, family memebers who have children with autism,have noticed a difference including myself, my son is going to start being evaluated for autism at his 2yr check up in october. he has severly delayed speech, he was evaluated at and 11month level when he was 20mths old. He does not make eye contact unless you are directly in his face essentially forcing him too. He has a hard time with reactions that are apropriate to the situation and just started waving bye bye and only has mastered 3 signs in sign language despite daily consistent efforts on his wole family part. Hopefully he will be able to make some strides in someintensive therapies. But i now am even more convinced that my second son...due in january...will not be receiving this vaccine at all.
My love and prayers go out to allth families affected b this vaccine.


That hospital and medical staff should be possibly sued for vaccinating sick infant against the guidelines


What a sad and encouraging story at the same time. Thank you! I am comforted that I made the right decision with my child not to vaccinate. My daughter was over vaccinated with Hep B when she was a few years old because the nurse couldn't read her own handwriting on the vaccination chart. We have had some health problems with her bowels though I don't know if it is related. I stopped vaccinating my second child at 3 and my 17 month old has never had one shot. They always look at me like I'm some sort of alien when it comes around to vaccination times at the doctors office. But I don't care. I'm so glad I didn't take that risk with my newborn. My second child, swallowed miconium and was in the NICU for 5 days because they couldnt control his bp. He did get the vaccines in the hospital. This could have happened to him. There is no way to know if they are allergic to anything in those shots. (brewers yeast, eggs, etc) not to mention the high rate of toxins in them for such a small body. I was thinking about starting shots at two years just to keep the doctors off my back..but now I'm not so sure. Bless you for your courage to speak out for other babies. I am so sorry for your loss. God will bless you for what you do.


I just wanted to say this is an amazing story. It's very informative, I'm done having kids but if I wasn't I may have to choose no vaccines. Thank you, Ian was a beautiful baby.


Jersey RN
I don't mean to keep picking on your statement but here is another.

A professor of biochemistry of Oragon State says that medium chain fatty acids are at very low levels or not present at all to be metabolized by the mitochondria has been found in many babies that died of sudden infant syndrome.

You will find it on 30:11




Jersey RN
My daughter is also an RN.
She had Kawasakis as a baby from the DPT shot.
Nursing school made her take the Hep B; they did not care what her background was.
On her third one, her SED rates went sky high and stayed that away.
The immunologist said she had unspecified inflamatory disease.
Her mood disorder that I did not recognize as that became much worse.
She had a flu shot after that, and then could not sleep and I do mean she could not sleep. She had a psychotic breakdown.
When my kids were little the smart docs said put them on thier belly so they can move around enough not to smother, and won't choke if they throw up.
Then they changed that and said put them on thier sides.
No doubt infants can get in trouble with pillows and smothering but you need to research this whole subject a little more before you say - nothing else.

Many stories you will read from parents eye witness if a vaccine shot and they find their child not breathing or barely breathing. They rush them to the hospital but the heart just will not maintain it's beat, or it is very slow, or it is irregular. This very much goes along with mitochondrial myopathy. Hannah Poling that won a big settlement in the vaccine court had a mitochondria problem --- so does my husband - he has acquired mitochondria myopathy brought on by a tetanus vaccine. Emory Clinic said so.
It goes for their hearts, just as Kawasakis goes for the heart. Long term Kawasakis as in Jett Travolta's case lead to the weakening and slowing of the heart - not always the vessels springing a leak.

for ella belle


If you live in the U.S., the following page may be helpful.

A titer test may also show that your child does not need a booster.

Further information:

ella belle

i am saddened and actually cried upon reading this story. but faith tells me, little angel Ian is now in God's care and in Mama Mary's loving arms free from the pain he endured in this world.
i am also eternally grateful for our Lord God the Creator and Provider whom all good things come that my son who is now 6 and a half months old didn't suffer the same fate as Ian's. fortunately my son Xander has received previous doses of the Hepa B vaccine on a delayed schedule due to non-availability in the health center. yet he still has to take the last dose. i am now doubtful. i want to know if it is all right for my baby Xander to refuse the last dose of Hepa B even though he already had the previous doses? please enlighten me on this.

Jessy, RN

@ Bernadette: I apologize if my response came across in that manner. I was not trying to discount their pain and suffering at all. In fact, I did state that losing a child is the hardest situation in the world and that I felt sorry for their loss...and I truly meant that. Also, I said that Ian should not have received the vaccination. If somebody wants to wait to give the vaccination until older (which is what my sister did) that's fine. If they are not going to be in any contact where they are at risk for it, then that is the parents’ choice to wait until they are older to find if they have an allergy to yeast prior to getting the vaccination (via allergy testing). Also, if you don’t want to give all the shots during a well appointment and only give one or two, that's fine. Be safe about immunizing, but at least consider them.
I just don’t want people out there to think that they should not immunize at all. There are risks to immunizing. There are risks to not immunizing. I am just saying there is a reason why scientists have made efforts to create vaccinations for these diseases. There is a reason we don’t want another outbreak. So yes, we do care about infectious diseases. It is our job to care. We wash our hands between each patient. We wear personal protective equipment and implement isolation precautions so infectious diseases of all kinds (not just those which have vaccines) do not spread....because they are horrible and consume numerous lives during an outbreak.
Also, we do care about every disease, ailment and syndrome. Not just infectious ones. We care about pain and suffering. My whole purpose when I go to work is to try to eliminate it as much as possible. For example, when I start IVs, I use pain control methods and most children say they didn't even feel it.
Furthermore, to say that medical people don't care about Kawasaki’s is false. That is a rare disease and many medical personnel do not understand its implications both acute and long-term. It can have detrimental effects on a person. Many nurses do not know how to educate on it. I always tell my patients that if they have questions or concerns to call and we will help them through it. I do care tremendously.
Also, there was a person who was asking about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Even in the medical community who coined the term, it is a ridiculous diagnosis. It is suffocation either due to environmental factors (pillow, stuffed animal or not being able to turn their head to breathe) or from a congenital neurological problem (which is why we don’t see it in older children or adults). Nothing more.


Never discount the suffering of others but pointing out the suffering of ----- others.

Dehydrated is a bad thing.

But so is a full blown case of Kawasakis. Blood red tongue, Red eyes, swollen belly from enlarged spleen, 105 temp that will not respond to tylenol and just a little to asprin, the dangers of heart disease that comes with that disease, they won't mention the damage to the brain but it left Jett Travolta with autism, and my daughter a mood disorder; and life long damage to lipid metabolism.

Medical people are all over an infectious disase; but serious Kawasakis disease after they unhook them from an IV - is sent home to suffer mysterious things like a cycle of periodic fevers; mental issues that the parent my know or may not know is "NOT" normal, and all that goes along with a messed up metabolism which is a lot.

Jessy, RN

I am very sorry for Ian and his family. Loosing a child is the single most heart breaking situation in the world.

I am a nurse. I do advocate for vaccinations. One person commented about how the disease we are vaccinating are rare in the U.S. Yes, I agree, they are. However, it is not because they are rare at all. They simply are not seen as much because we do vaccinate and the phenomenon of herd immunity takes care of the rest. However, within recent years there has been a rise in Measles, Rotovirus and Whooping Cough. I work in an E.R. and we have had several cases of the above. There was a one year old boy with Rotovirus. He was so dehydrated just from a day and a half of being symptomatic. Literally every single time I was in the room (which was very often) he was vomiting/dry hacking despite several anti-emetic medications. He also had severe diarrhea that was pure liquid that saturated the bed. It left a horrible scathing rash despite quick efforts from his parents to clean him immediately after. There was another kid who got chick pox. He actually got necrotizing fasciitis. Despite every effort, he died.

My parents didn't immunize me. I got meningitis and almost died. I had to be intubated while I was pregnant, which put my child in jeopardy.

I agree that Ian should not have been given the immunization until better. There is a reason children are not given immunizations if they are sick. It can make them more sick (especially when getting a live virus injection-which Hep. B is not).

I agree that immunizations are not for everybody, such as those with allergies (that is where her immunity comes into play), but please do not discount them altogether. Consider other places in the world who do not have the resources to immunize. Their children die in the most horrible ways. The most heart breaking is neonatal tetanus. Heck, tetanus of any kind always makes me cry.

joan burger

Lord Have Mercy, Repose for ian and others passed away Lord Willin' and Comfort for those left behind. PLGB

do be careful though in exposing unvaccinated infants to potentially pathogen-containing situations or other unvaccinated children (there was an svu episode 'made up' about such a while back)

and prayers for careful discernment in vaccination, less harmful preservatives, etc., and more condition care, etc. as well, praise God for the 'good' done by such.

PLGB Lord Forgive Lord Willin' be i or any wrong or offbase. (Lord Willin none may i judge)


To the woman who said her baby was vaccinated in a NJ hospital immediately after birth without her permission, I want to say that NJ also has the highest rates of autism in the country! No one can make the correlation though, it's sad. When I had my daughter (5/4/2008) I didn't want vaccines but was bullied into them by nurses at her doctors office that made me feel like a horrible mom. Right after her 2-month vaccine she developed the worst case of eczema anyone could possibly imagine. I would cry myself to sleep at night for my miserable baby who would blood under her fingernails every morning once she learned to scratch. She still has eczema that we have to put steroid oil on daily just so she doesn't miserably cry and scratch all night. At the time I didn't even associate the two until she started solids and we realized all the food and environmental allergies she has. After some research I found these are also caused by the shock to a baby's immature immune system that these poisonous injections inflict. When we had our son (11/20/2011) my husband and I knew we were not going to be swayed no way no how. He didn't even go to the doctor at all until he was 4 months and I had gathered the courage to face any bully nurses who would try to make me believe he would get all these horrible illnesses and I wasn't concerned with his well-being. The chances of life-long side-effects of these poisons are much more likely than your baby developing any of these illnesses, look up incidences of diptheria, tetanus, and hepatitis in babies in the US. The only thing somewhat common is pertusis (whooping cough) and the only 2 infants I've ever heard of having it were both immunized for it!!! My heart breaks for this couple and may baby Ian rest in peace and may his strength and legacy save the lives of babies who's parents read this and are considering the Hep vaccine. Have you ever wondered why SIDS is most prevalent from 2-4 months, the exact same time babies are given 5 immunizations at once? Look up how many babies die of SIDS or "unexplained death" within 7 days of immunizations. It will blow your mind!

Erwin Alber

Thanks for sharing your son's tragic story! I have long ago arrived at the conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

"Vaccines contain substances which are so noxious they should not ever be injected into a human body."
Dr Viera Scheibner PhD, Australia

"I was shocked to find that this whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax."
Dr A Kalokerinos, Australia

"Vaccination is a massive fraud."
Dr Russell Blaylock MD, USA

"Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

It shouldn't just be children who are unwell or who may suffer an allergic reaction who should not be vaccinated, but all children should be spared this child abuse.

Vaccination is an assault on a child's biological and spiritual integrity. It is institutionalised insanity on the one hand, and biochemical warfare against children on the other.

jemil abdella

i am jemila abdella from ethiopia ,thank you for your advice ,but i am very sad about hepitites vires


Im am very moved by this very sad sad story as a mother of six this is very heart renching and just confirms how discusting and ill educated the medical staff are. Looking at the pictures I am very disturbed at the fact that these parents could sit there holding there dying newborn with smiles on there faces.. I could not apeer soo none disturbed as they seem to be in this time of great sadness...!!!
All My Love And Blessing's Go Out To Little Ian.~xXxoOo~

Marie T.

My son received the hep b vaccine a fews days after he was born. We were pressured by the pediatrician and as new parents we did not know better. During our 2nd month visit to a new pediatrician she insisted that he received the second dose since he already had the first and didn't react negatively to it. The shot was administered... after that she discussed the future vaccination schedule and we decided he will receive no more vaccinations because we did not want to "play with fire." Sure enough once he it one years old he was not pointing, waving bye bye and spinning wheels. Now he is 18 months old and he severly delayed in his expressive and receptive speech. He is has very limited speech and appears to struggle with words. He has repetitive behavior and terrible social anxiety. He was diagnosed on the spectrum just short of turning 18 months old and we will be seeking every therapy in existence to bring our boy back.

My prayers are with all the families whose children have been severely damaged by vaccines and who are dealing with the mysterious epidemic called Autism.

If and when I have another baby, he/she will not be vaccinated at all. If you feel uncertain please do not undergo vaccines as you will live with the guilt if your child is injured. There are enough stories to convince parents that vaccines are highly likely to damage your child. If you are one of the parents whose children received vaccines and they have developed typically then thank your lucky stars. Some of us were not as fortunate.


Thekidneys are not even functioning properly when your little one is born, no one should authorize a hep b shot for your child at that time. I say hell with people telling me what to give my children and telling me its safe- screw you, i reject and if you dont like it I will leave right now.


The more I read and learn the stronger my feeling that the Vacc. can cause more harm than good. My 2 1/2 YO was diagnosed Autistic recently. He was in the NICU after being born 5 weeks premature , and yet they still gave him a HEP B shot while still in the NICU. My heart goes out to these parents and all parents who have been lied to and pressured tricked or forced into doing what some Drug Company is saying is for the better!



Thankfully, he didn't seem to have a reaction.

He did, however, have a severe reaction at his 4-month shots, where he had a terrible rash over much of his body. The dermatologist called it a "drug reaction." Weeks later, she said it had "morphed" into severe blistering eczema.

I fed him only breast milk for 10 months, and continued to nurse him for 2 years.

When he was 9, we discovered that the terrible blistering eczema disappeared when we eliminated gluten from his diet, and reappeared whenever he had gluten.

A different ped dermatologist told us that vaccines can trigger severe food allergies, and said, "you wouldn't believe how much business we get from vaccines."


My grandson had this shot right after birth. My daughter did not want the child to have the shot but she and her husband were pressured by the nurse. No other vaccination shots have been given to him and he is now 23 months old.
He will be undergoing evaluation in a few weeks at the University of Iowa hospitals. As his Grandmother, I have known for sometime that something was not right. He rarely makes eye contact, does not respond to his name, does not talk etc. He never jabbered like babies do. He will not wave good-bye, will not talk and did not walk until he 15 months old. Sometimes he acts like he is all alone even when others are in the room....Pray for us!

teresa wilder

My son had the hep b at birth and also got very sick two days after we came home from the hospital i woke up to him all blue..we rushed him to the er..where they "claimed" it was sleep apnea..then a week later he had a horrible viral infection and had to get a spinal tap =( it was horrible after reading this im sure it was the hep b vaccine! and now im waiting on all of his shots until hes 5 hes now 3. did i mention he was also born in JUNE 2007!

Shawn Siegel

Words cannot even begin...

I would beg all those who have stated in their comments that they are considering vaccinating, perhaps because they feel, for instance, that the batch of vaccine from which Ian was injected was bad, to re-consider. At the very least, Ian had just come from NICU, and never should have been vaccinated; immunocompromise contraindicates vaccination.

Research the ingredients in any vaccine you consider injecting into your child. Research the reality of the respective declines of "vaccine-preventable" diseases, vs what is told us by the medical establishment. Realize that there are millions who feel childhood diseases are almost overwhelmingly less threatening than we are led to believe; and vaccines, less effective.

My heart goes out to Ian's family.


My heart goes out to your family and baby Ian. I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through. I am currently a nursing student and a new mother myself. Although I have many critics for my decision, I still stand firm in declining vaccines for my daughter of 6 months. She is perfectly happy and healthy without the help of any vaccines. This semester I’m actually writing a term paper on the negative consequences of vaccines in infant children, and your story has touched my heart. I’ve interviewed many different medical professionals on the consequences of vaccines and I’ve noticed a pattern in pediatricians focusing more on the strong points and downplaying the negative consequences which vaccines can (and do) cause. As a future neonatal nurse, I will be sure to inform parents of both the negative side effects and the benefits of vaccines. I don’t think anyone should sign a release without being properly informed of both sides and I believe it’s the responsibility of the medical professionals to inform parents. Being misinformed is pure negligence, and in my opinion the Hep B vaccine isn’t even necessary for newborns unless the mother is a carrier. Hep B is contracted by drug users and promiscuous people, and I don't think newborns are either of those.

ms Stiles

thank you so much for sharing your story, as heartwrenching as it is to read and see, the more i educate myself, the more i see vaccines are purely political and greed based. i am sorry for what happened trully heartbroken


I had a very bad adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccination when I was 26 years old. I now have MS because of it. I just won my case through the Federal Vaccination Compensation Act. It's been a looong/tough 12 years but we did prove it. They now have to pay for all past/future medical expenses, past & future loss of wages & pain & suffering. We all need to fight this. It's a conspiracy between the Feds & the drug manufacturers. It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. This was confirmed by my lawyer recently. She also confirmed to me that THE JUDGES/SYSTEM DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PETITIONER (that's me),.....She also said they will be extremely careful in how they word my case so other petitioners in my same situation don't come back sayin: See, See,.....that's what happened to me. Did any of you know there is over 2.5 BILLION dollars in their fund to pay victims claims. Many of them get dismissed. It's a disgrace,....We are all made out to be the bad guy. It's a nasty thing they have put me through. My lawyers are disgusted with the program & so am I.

David B

You know what is even scarier.

I have had 2 children born within the last 3 years. I checked both of their records and they were both given the Hep B vaccine shortly after birth. My wife and I have no memory of authorizing anything. We did not even see them give the vaccinations in either case. It is possible in our overwhelming joy we weren't paying attention because they do force a lot of paperwork on you.

Why I am bothered is my elder son (2 yrs 8 months old) is suspected to have autism and we have an appointment to see the developmental pediatrician this month.

Pat Patterson

One of the above commenters states the nurse gave the shot after being instructed not to. Can an attorney or someone assure this does not happen? I saw another commenter said he would hire a 24-guard. Will that work?

My friend's baby is due Feb. 28, 2010.

[email protected]


My son was born on June 9, 2007 and they gave him the hepatitis shot...the nurse acted kind of weird about it, I guess I should have picked up on that but they assured me there was no worry. Well, my son is now autistic. He did have some strange rashy looking blotches on and off for months after the birth. Something makes me wonder being as our sons were born about the same time. I wonder if there was a run of bad vaccine about that time? I would be interested to know if our hospitals used the same long the shelf life is for the Hep B...stuff like that.


New born babies given the hep b vaccine at birth is complete and utter insanity. The purpose of a vaccine is to jump start your immune system (using adjuvants)into producing antibodies to counter the perceived illness. Parents with no history of hep b have a zero percent chance of infecting a newborn baby with it. When my daughter first came out of the womb in a NJ hospital they immediately injected her with the hep b vaccine without consulting me at first. I found this quite disturbing seeing how infants do not have a functioning immune system until around the age of 18 mths. Scott and Deanna my prayers are with you and your family. Your precious son Ian was a casualty in a silent war being waged against the american people. 24 vaccines recommended by 15 months! Utter insanity.


Very sad and touching, but it was almost definitely not due to the vaccine. Even if we assume it was, a child that can't handle an injection of a single pure viral protein wouldn't live long in this world, sad to say.


Hi, I'm no expert, however, I've studied vaccines for over 5 years now, and I have chosen not to vaccinate my 5 year old son as well as our newborn who is due any day now. You would be amazed at what I am learning. All I ask is that anyone concerned with these injections, please do your homework! I have a closet full of material, books, articles, DVDs, audios, documents from the CDC, you name it. Best wishes to all of you!
Stay healthy!
[email protected] (and no, I'm not selling anything!) :D

Sarah B

I have chosen to vaccinate my daughter, though with an altered time-table. My dear mother-in-law was appalled that I did not allow the at birth hep-B vaccination be given to my daughter. The look she gave me made me feel like a horrible mother for denying my daughter a vaccine (I felt I was being called a horrible mother before I even left the hosptital with my first child!). The at birth dose is completely unnecessary, the doc even told me so when she saw the MIL's reaction! After reading your story, I am extra glad I stuck to my decision and was not swayed. Ian was a strong child and you are proving that strong children come from strong parents! May God be with you! Please know the Blessed Mother is caring for your baby just as She did for Jesus. (what better baby-sitter is there;-)--seeing you are Catholic I feel comfortable sharing, everyone else, please don't be offended.

Sara B.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It took courage to write it out, and I pray that good will indeed come of it. I am so sorry for the loss of Ian. Like you, I take comfort knowing that our little ones who did not make it are safe with the good Lord.
Sara B.

Laura Gonzalez

Hi Deanna
My heart goes out to you- I have a daughter who was also injured by the Hep B vaccine- she is developmentally delayed and autistic but she is here with me for which I am grateful.
Thank you for sharing your son and your story- I keep praying that enough will be enough and people will finally see the truth.
God Bless,

Laura Gonzalez, Proud Parent of a Special Needs Child

PhillyLisa for Angela Warner


No response yet, which doesn't surprise me as he ignored Diane's points.

His name is James Coplan. He has an expensive consultative practice and doesn't accept insurance, which is what the DAN doctors always get blasted for.

He appears to me to be sort of an Offitt wannabe. Judging by his post,with big bold letters, he seems to be screaming for attention. I'd say ignore him, but the problem is parents are believing and trusting him and others like him. I know I used to. Blind trust in seemingly knowledgeable medical professionals is why we have autism, and why Ian and others have tragically lost their lives.

Cindy Schultz

Ian's mom Deanna contacted me on Nov 21st 08. She said she did not know where else to turn for help, she needed an ANGEL. Though Ian did not have autism, she thought had he lived he might have developed it. Deanna had many questions and wanted answers. Her fear was she did not want what happened to her first son Ian to happen to her new baby Vance. She wanted a way to share her story about Ian with the world. After reading Deanna's email, seeing Ian's photos and reading Ian's short life, I knew in my heart I had to do all I could to help this mom. God allowed Deanna and my path to cross for a reason. We now have a bond and a common goal to continue to educate. I had the pleasure of meeting Deanna and her family Christmas Eve while they were waiting to see Dr Gregory Brown at the Autism Recovery Comprehensive Health (A.R.C.H.)Center in Franklin WI. for little Vance. Deanna is an amazing woman, as if she has not went through enough, now she is fighting thyroid cancer and I pray for her and her family daily. God has opened up the doors for her story to be told. I recently heard a song on K LOVE the singer sang "Here I am Lord, send me, some how my story is part of your plan." I believe God has a plan for all of us. Deanna shares Ian's short life story to help others be wise about vaccinating their children. God has sent all of us special gifts in our life, share them with others to better the world. God does not make mistakes our children with autism are gifts from Him, making us realize the beauty of a life so simple and honest. Let us continue to share our stories with others ~ Sharing is Caring!

Love Always,
Cindy Schultz
Autism Solutions
Autism Network through Guidance,Education & Life ~ A.N.G.E.L., Inc.
Southeastern WI. Advocate
[email protected]

Angela Warner For PhillyLisa


Did you ever hear back from the good doctor?

Please let us know his response. The irresponsible truth denying bastard.

I apologize for my potty mouth and name calling, but Ian deserves a response.

I hope he is here reading all the comments and has the nerve to come forward and say what he said in Philly here on AoA for the world.

Again, Ian deserves a response.


I guess we'd have to tell them what constitutes a moderate illness as well since, yeah, they seem that stupid. It really is gross negligence.

Sandy Gottstein

Deanna and Scott,

There are no words, but I will try.

My heart breaks for you and all the other families devastated by what I have come to think of as "Public Health's Ostrich Policy: What you don't know can't hurt you". It would be laughable if it weren't true.

As I once asked in a 2002 Scandals column: "Vaccine-related infant deaths - When is enough, enough?"

Really, when is enough, enough?

Thank you for coming forward and sharing your tragedy.

All the best,


It would be great if some organization (ideally, of course, it would be the AAP but they seem to be asleep at the wheel) maybe Generation Rescue, would at least write to all hospitals to AT LEAST administer this vaccination (disgusting and unnecessary as it is) as per the insert instructions i.e. not administer it to a moderately ill child! Maybe it doesn't seem like much but it might get hospitals thinking and increase awareness of the dangers of this gross negligence in following the vaccine manufacturer's instructions. Maybe we could at least try to get that going, which, I know, is only one small tiny part of the problem.

Scared Sh*tless

I can understand the doctors and nurses refusal to admit to what they had done to Ian, but how can they then bring themselves to inject the next child born again with the same vaccine after just seeing first hand the result of their actions?

I will be hiring an armed security guard to police our hospital room when my Wife delivers in July!!!!


I think the most disgusting part is that the docs would have let the parents leave without admitting it was the vaccine, and if Ian would have lived they would have poked him again. If Deanna did not do her homework, they would have injected her 2nd with it too. I am sorry my government is so irresponsible, it is a true shame!

Donna Scherzberg

Larry and Pam
My heart cries with you as I see the pain abd heartache that you suffered. As a mom and grandmother I cannot believe going throught this agony. We have the assurance of that reunion with all our love ones in heaven and that gives us the knowledge we need to get throught this sorrow. As your neighbor and friend know I am talking with my children about this. I will take extra minutes this night to thank the Lord for each healthy grandbaby that I have been blessed with. You have opened my eyes again to this love I have been given. God's Blesses Always!!

Erika Roberg

To Sarah, who asked: "This is such a tragedy and outrageous...can't the hospital/staff be reported for refusing to report an adverse reaction.. isn't there a law?"

What a great question! In fact, there IS a law on the books (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 ) requiring adverse reactions to be reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). However, I’ve talked to several doctors in private practice that aren’t even aware this law exists nor are they aware of the existence of VAERS. Incidentally, if a doctor fails to report an adverse reaction, a parent can do it themselves at

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 also gives immunity to pharmaceutical companies and doctors if one of the vaccines they make/administer injures or kills someone – THEY CANNOT BE HELD LEGALLY LIABLE. Instead, parents have to make a claim against a general fund that has been set up by the government to compensate those who have been injured or killed by vaccines - the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). However, the red tape involved in order to be compensated out of this fund is overwhelming to the vast majority, and most claims end up being denied because of the strict guidelines that are in place for determining whether a vaccine reaction is worthy of compensation.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 gives the pharmaceutical companies the freedom to market to the masses without fear, and leads to quality control measures being sidestepped. After all, why pay more for quality control if you're not liable for any adverse outcome anyway? The law also gives medical staff the freedom to be so lackadaisical about Informed Consent and the administration of vaccines. Sadly, it just isn’t seen as important, and these vaccines, which contain neurotoxins, live viruses, antibiotics, foreign animal DNA, human diploid cells from aborted human fetal tissue etc., are written off as being as harmless as vitamin C.

You’re right; the laws should be changed and enforced! No parent should be strong-armed into allowing any toxic drug to be given to their child. We should all be given PROPER Informed Consent and given more than a moment’s notice to investigate whether we want a vaccine to be administered. It should be everyone's inalienable right to decide for ourselves what medical interventions we and our children receive, but this right is being jerked out from under us state-by-state every single day.

My condolences go out to Ian’s family. This should never have to happen to ANY family!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Deanna, Thankyou very very much. You help us to continue to fight for the children. Someday we will stop these disasters. I will send your article to my daughter, a neonatologist. I know that she has intervened at times to prevent vaccination of ill, weak, underweight babies. Your story can give her strength to continue doing what is right.
Sarah- we dont know what doctors and nurses know, but we fear it isnt very much. My friends grandchild had thrombocytopenia at age one and a half. In my friends words , " They looked at his vaccines, but he had just had the usual vaccines that everyone gets" The second child of this couple has been diagnosed with autism at age 7. If only their doctor had told them that thrombocytopenia is a vaccine reaction, they could have been more careful with their second child.

Diane F.

I was one of a few moms who got into a brief debate with the doctor on the ASAPhilly listserv when he posted his horrendous "flogging" comment last week. I emphasized the extreme need for the development of tests for babies to see if their systems could tolerate vaccination, (just like Kim said here about allergy testing, testing mom, etc.) as well as the extreme need for un-biased, independent research into the vaccine (ingredients) themselves, the safety of the current vaccine schedule, and what conditions, such as immune and mito dysfunction, would render one susceptible to vaccine injury. Only then could parents fears about vaccination be eased. He responded to my post, but didn't respond to these important points. I guess not even he could argue with that?

I'm anxious to see if he responds to this story posted on the listserv by PhillyLisa.

Amanda Blinn

This explains what happened to our son who was born two months early (I had toxemia) by emergency C-section; they gave him the Hep B vaccine even tho' I had forbidden it and later when I pointed it out on his birthing chart...I know some people would not believe this but it's true...the nurse in charge said "Oh that's just a mistake" and erased it (it was in pencil.) I have to take a deep breath just thinking about it but I remember thinking "we're hosed." Our son looked like Ian for quite a while and other moms would take their babies out when I walked in...but our son survived. There was never any dx given but "life-threatening eczema--it's hereditary." His only rx was 6 months of triamcinalone, a steroid ointment that is only supposed to be given for two weeks (I found that out later; this was in 1996 before wikipedia etc.) Our son had an adverse reaction to the DTaP at age one (went from walking up the stairs by himself at that age to falling down every few steps until the age of FOUR when we went GFCF) and his MMR at age 15 months took away the last of his burgenoning verbal skills. He was dx'd autistic and severely mentally retarded at age 3. At 12 he is just barely independent on the potty but also is an old soul, patient, sweet tempered, and the gentlest person I've ever met. Thank you Deanna for sharing your story with us. God bless you. Amanda Blinn

Craig Willoughby

I cannot come up with the words to comfort you. I don't think there are words in the english language that I can give you to ease your pain. And though I have never met you, your pain and sorrow and strength have touched me.

I will give you these words from a great man. The Poet with the Golden Voice, Leonard Cohen. I dedicate it your beautiful Ian, and indeed to all of our children who have been silenced.

"If it be your will
That I speak no more
And my voice be still
As it was before
I will speak no more
I shall abide until
I am spoken for
If it be your will
If it be your will
That a voice be true
From this broken hill
I will sing to you
From this broken hill
All your praises they shall ring
If it be your will
To let me sing
From this broken hill
All your praises they shall ring
If it be your will
To let me sing

If it be your will
If there is a choice
Let the rivers fill
Let the hills rejoice
Let your mercy spill
On all these burning hearts in hell
If it be your will
To make us well

And draw us near
And bind us tight
All your children here
In their rags of light
In our rags of light
All dressed to kill
And end this night
If it be your will

If it be your will."


The parents of the Hib death baby refused antibiotics. Details like this are being omitted by public health officials and the mainstream media.

Are unvaccinated children the only disease carriers on this planet?



Thank you for having the courage and strength to share your story. My heart goes out to you and your family.


"Recently he said that by "flogging" vaccines, Kennedy and Kirby are partially responsible for the death of an unvaccinated baby who died from Hib."

The Hib baby was a tragedy as well. But I'm really getting tired of this emotional blackmail. Ian and this child were equal and infinitely valuable members of this human race, as are all children. What's getting a flogging is the incredible degree of institutional and medical arrogance driving the continued practice of shoving all these vaccines down peoples' throats.

If this doc doesn't want anyone talking about the dark side, something the attending medical staff apparently would not even outwardly acknowledge in Ian's case, is he then at least "partially responsible" for Ian's death? What an ugly comment, and my apologies to the families of both these children - but the hypocrisy here needs to be dressed down.


This is such a tragedy and outrageous...can't the hospital/staff be reported for refusing to report an adverse reaction.. isn't there a law?

It seems like many parents have been dismissed by doctors and nurses on the reporting of adverse reactions in their children.

Maybe we parents should push for a new law requiring hospitals and medical staff to report or tighten existing laws.


I am so sorry you lost your precious child, Ian, to something that was completely iatrogenic in origin. Between the pain of dealing with his horrible decline, his untimely death, and the insane denial by hospital doctors about what really caused his death, I am not able to comprehend which was worse. It is this blanket denial of harm that is going to destroy the public's faith in the medical community and in vaccines. This horrid denial is what will ultimately undermine the vaccination program. The doctors involved should be ashamed of themselves and of their profession. They must think we are so incredibly stupid.

On a personal note, Deanna, I wish you major success in your fight against thyroid cancer. Your amazing courage will see you through. Thank you for coming forward to show us what a deadly vaccine injury looks like. We all know the truth, even if the doctors are in denial.

Shauna @ Together In Autism

Autism One Radio Interview & Ian's Story...

I am so happy to see this story on AoA! Deanna told me that Kim planned on running an article this month. Thank you Kim! When Deanna first contacted me back in early December, the breath was literally taken from me, the rug pulled out from under me and cried as if God was just letting me experience just an ounce of her pain. There aren't even words! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Deanna and her son Ian. It was important to me to give Deanna an opportunity to literally be heard. So that's how my interview on Autism One Radio with Deanna came to be. As I've told Deanna, this will be the most important interview I will ever do. Very near and dear to my heart. Prior to our interview, as we were exchanging many emails, she informed me that she had just been diagnosed with cancer. I tell her all the time that she is a TRUE MOTHER WARRIOR and is a fighter. She will help thousands and she will beat this thing! She is reliving her trajedy to save others. And it will. Ian had a purpose. For anyone that hasn't, please visit Deanna's site or and you must listen to our interview on Autism One Radio "January 29th- Ian's Voice", you can feel Ian's spirit and purpose through out. Deanna, you're an amazing person and I continue to pray for you every day. I am proud to call you a close friend. I am so happy for you, you are doing it!

Shauna Layton-Founder
Together In Autism
[email protected]
Autism One Radio Host

Sue M.


I am so sorry for the loss of your angel baby. I am also so sorry that the medical professionals were so unwilling to even consider the possibility of an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Shame on them...

When will this nonsense end? A baby just out of the NICU who still has a temperature NEEDS a Hep B vaccine? Are you kidding me........?

ps. Vance is a total doll... great pictures on your website. Blessings to you all.


I cannot even imagine the pain this family has endured. When I stopped crying, I became enraged. The senseless killing of this baby due to a completely unnecessary vaccine is infuriating.

We have a local doctor who likes to push his pro-vaccine message on the ASAPhilly listserv. Recently he said that by "flogging" vaccines, Kennedy and Kirby are partially responsible for the death of an unvaccinated baby who died from Hib. In response I posted Ian's story and asked who was responsible for his death. Most of us here already know the answer to that.


There is a special place in Heaven for children like Ian and a special place in Hell for the medical community that causes these horrors to be visited upon our children.


This is absolutely criminal!

Deanna: God Bless your little angel and give you and your husband the strength and love you need at this time.

I have walked in your shoes, and know exactly what you are going through...

Harry Tembenis

Jessica Fleckenstein

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry that your little angel had to go through what he did. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are a very brave woman to come out and tell your story. Thanks again.

God Bless
Jessica F Bismarck, ND


Ian is a beautiful angel. I am so very sad and sorry for your loss and can't begin to imagine your pain. My son was in the NICU after birht w/ breathing issues and fever but they insisted on that Hep B shot the next he is severely Autistic. If I only knew then what I know now. WHEN are our leaders going to open their eyes to the safety of our many more beautiful, innocent children must suffer or lose their lives! Enough is Enough!!!!!!!!!

Lila White

This is such a heartbreaking story. My first grandchild is due today and I will be there when she comes to make sure that the Hep-B is not given to her. My son and his wife have been educated about this and have said they do not want this vaccine, but mistakes are made. My youngest son is a victim of a vaccine error, receiving someone else's MMR at 8 mo. of age. Fortunately, he was able to recover from the vaccine induced autism.



It is like a bad, horrible nightmare and I am so sorry that your family had to endure it. Thank you for reaching out to help others and educate those who don't know and those who don't want to know.

Bless you all.


This is heartbreaking; I am so sorry for these parents :*(

You know, I look at these pictures of how horribly Ian suffered and I think of all those horrible, scary pictures of vaccine-preventable diseases that they liked to hang in the immunization room at the military clinic my kids used to go to. You know, the awful ones of kids in Third World countries with neonatal tetanus and those rare cases when chickenpox covers the entire body?

I wonder if they would ever post pictures like THIS of a vax reaction up on their walls to help parents make an informed decision? I doubt it.


Thank you for sharing your sad BUT TRUE story of your son....and your family. I am truly at a loss for words....however you story has really touched me.

I am a mom of a four year old FULLY vaccinated Girl and a FOUR month old UNVACCINATED boy. I didn't learn about the dangers of vaccines until after my daughter was vaccinated. SHE, THANK GOD, didn't have any bad reactions, however, SHE HAS been VERY VERY sick for her whole life. FROM ear infections, to acid reflux, cold after cold after cold. WE have been in the hospital with her FIVE times already!!!! I TRULY believe that ALL these VACCINES Weaken their immune system.

NOW this Manditory FLU SHOT!!?!? ITS gone too far.

I did turn down the Hep B shot for my son in the hospital. I MADE sure I PUT it in writing before I went to the hospital. Thanks to advice from my Girlfriend. I HANDED it to the Doctor BEFORE my son was born.

I do not plan on vaccinating him until he is at least one years old.......IF AT ALL.

GOOD luck with your new son. I LOVE HIS name!!! :)

STAY strong through your own battle. Im sure you will do fine. YOU have a WORLD of people praying for you!!


Up is down, and black is white. This world is insane.

We are about to put my son to bed (late night for him - Mario Kart rules) - tonite he'll get an extra kiss on the head for Ian.

That's the closest I can get to finding words for this brave family.


Form the bottom of my heart and soul thank you for sharing your story about an amazing strong Angel.
His story will stop so many children from suffering.
God bless you

Kelli Ann Davis

I saw the top picture about 5 minutes before I had to go on a conference call last night -- to say I barely held it together is an understatement.

Then to deal with all the bureaucratic denials in today's IOM meeting. Every time I went to post a comment, I had to confront that beautiful little angel's swollen body and I couldn't help but think, "I'm so sick and tried of all this crap! This little boy DIED because of the incompetence of health officials" and yet there they sat, totally obsessed with *protecting the herd* come hell or high water!

This only solidifies my drive to make sure no other child is killed/injured by challenging the insanity every chance I get.

God bless Ian. His 47 days on this earth will NEVER be in vain. Not while I still have breath in me.

Scott,Deanna and Vance -- thanks for sharing his short but precious life with us.



Deanna and Scott,

Thank you for having the courage to speak out and share your family's tragic story. I hope there is comfort in knowing that your son has touched countless others. His testimony will most certainly save immeasurable others the same fate. I cannot begin to imagine your grief. Please know you are thought of and prayed for and that the gift your son has given the world is beyond precious.

The Wessels


This morning I could not post as I was overcome with tears and heartbreak for your family. There are no words to convey......A baby so beautiful and so tiny should not have had to go through so much in his short life. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you battle yet another difficult journey. I am humbled by your thoughts of others needs to share your experience, you are truely brave parents. Much love to you, and God bless!

Tracy McDermott

I thank you for your story. While I do have a vaccine induced autistic son, my older son, who on record had bronchitis or ear infection within 7 days of every vaccine, also had Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura at 2.5 yrs old... I never knew to this day until I read your story, that Merck identified this as a vaccine reaction. My son's hemotologist at the time, a top Dr. at Miami Children's Hospital brushed the ITP diagnosis off, saying he saw 2-4 patients a month with it and IVIG therapy would fix it. Hindsight is 20/20 that 10 yrs. later we would stumble into autism with our youngest son after a severe vaccine reaction at 1 yr old. It shakes my soul that all of these "reactions" can be listed on websites and not documented when they happen. I had 10 yrs. to identify that my third child might be at risk to vaccine injury, but the web of lies was too thick.


Like nhokkanen and Angela said, we will certainly be thinking about and praying for Deanna as she fights her cancer battle.

Deanna, I hope that you will keep our community posted as you battle and beat cancer! I am sure you will channel that warrior spirit you have for Ian toward your own recovery.

With Love and Great Respect


This is the most difficult post to read that I've ever seen here. And, yet, it is one of the most important. This is one courageous couple for sharing their story. I hope their future is filled with only good things.


Kim, please tell Deanna that she is in our prayers as she undergoes cancer treatment. Her son's sad story reverberates so powerfully that it takes time for one's brain to process the additional tragedy -- that now she is dealing with her own health struggle. May the medical profession respond far more productively to this crisis.

Matt Flynn


I saw an interview a while back where David Kirby said that the reason Doctors give hep b at birth is because even after the mother test's show negative, their is a window of time just prior to birth that they say men often have the urge to cheat so they must play it safe and vaccinate.

Anne Dachel

Dear Deanna,

Just when I think that I've heard so many heartbreaking stories that there just couldn't be
anything sadder, I find something that leaves me without words.

I can't imagine your personal loss. Please know your story will touch thousands. Ian's brief life
had a purpose.

God bless you and your family.

Anne Dachel
Media editor
Chippewa Falls, WI


I hope you know how brave and wonderful you are for telling your story. I have friends that lost their 2 month old and others that lost a 15 month old who would never come out and tell their stories. I don't understand it, but it's their way of dealing. You're amazing for having the strength to do this to help others.
My son was also damaged by HepB. He got the one in the hospital and they started the series over in the office, so he got 4 total. My pediatrician says this happens all the time. These 4 shots were the only ones he had that had 25 mcg of thimerosal, others may have had trace amounts. He was born in 2000. He has been diagnosed with encephalopathy and mercury toxicity. How could that have happened any other way than from the vaccines? For a disease he never would have gotten. For a disease that he's protected against until he's somewhere around 12 years old. UNNECESSARY. He's sick because of GREED.
Again, thank you for your strength. I have no idea who I'd be if I'd lost my son. I feel luckier today than ever that he is still with me. Please know that Ian's story saved some other child's life today. Probably more than one.


My prayers are with this family.
The greatest travesty is that Hep B is a screenable, sexually transmitted disease.
Blood or sex and good at best for 7 years.
Thank you for bringing your pain out in public.
Maybe it will save future Ian's.
Your son was beautiful.


Why don't docs test babies for this allergy before administering the vaccine? Or test Mom for Hep B to see if the baby needs it at all? Not sure how that would be considered radical, and yet, they don't.

Toughest post I've ever put up = and I've run over 2000 of them here at A of A. Every photo that went up, I had to walk away from my compute for a moment.

I got a wonderful email from Deanna thanking everyone. She is an amazing Warrior Mother.


Angela Warner


You know the river I've cried for you and your family and for the pain that Ian endured. Your little man stole my heart.

You are a Warrior for Ian and countless children. The only way this insanity will ever end is if we continue to speak out about what has happened to our children. Ian paid the ultimate price, but his life was not lived in vain because of your bravery and willingness to share.

I know you are a Warrior Deanna. You are now a Warrior for yourself, and you are gonna kick cancer's ass lady! You are in my prayers every day.

Love ya!


Deanna, sorry for your devastating loss. There is absolutely nothing I could tell you to alleviate your pain.

But these things need to be told and be made public. My son had a severe reaction to the MMR shot, developing high fever within 12 hours of the shot and a full body rash days later that lasted for weeks. When the rash got bad enough we ended up getting him to the ER, were a lousy just-out-of-school doctor at 5am treated it just like a common cold. The following day his former pediatrician completely rejected this reaction as being the result of his shot. What was the cause then? Does this stuff just happen? We were never told of what might have possibly been the cause and, from the ped answers, you could tell she wasn't about to find out. I think she knew well enough what it was.

As Deanna says in her story "NO DOCTORS, NURSES, STAFF would even consider the vaccination as the source." That is the scariest part of all, that it goes unreported as if it never happened, and so it does happen again and again. How can you trust any stupid number given by a pediatrician to lighten vaccination risks? Do you really think that the MMR risk of adverse reaction is as low as they tell you when most cases go purposedly unreported?

We are talking about medical professionals deliberately avoiding calling things by their name. Vaccine reactions become something else and, strange enough, when they happen no other cause is ever investigated. It's like they know exactly what it is but they corporatively take it as collateral damage that should not be reported, to avoid growing mistrust in the vaccine program. Like someone commented on one of these posts, after vaccine damage occurs dostors behave like OJ Simpson in pursuit of the real killers. Why is it a taboo to report adverse vaccine reactions? How can you put any trust into a medical system that allows this to happen? In a state of mass denial on the part of doctors, nurses, Are we really the insane ones? They say we are just hysterical parents, antivaxers by selfish choice - Are you kidding me??

The vaccination program as we know it is coming down at an exponential rate, and they are bringing it down themselves: the vaccine pusher zealots and interested parties. I say that in the highly unlikely event that an epidemic should occur due to lower vaccination rates it should be blamed squarely on the CDC and the AAP. If you want people not to trust the vaccine program you could not have done a better job.

Julie Obradovic

Oh, Deana. There are no words. I am so sorry for your loss.

But I am also grateful for your story. You have given me an answer I have searched for forever.

That rash! That scalding rash! My daughter developed that rash at 2 weeks old on her face too! It started as a dot on her cheek and exploded into a hot, red, burn all over her cheeks and head! I'd post the picture here if I could!

I've never heard anyone else here or elsewhere say that happened to their child, so I never knew what to make of it. We were told it was "contact dermatitis", and even though I knew that wasn't close to what it was, never got a difinitive answer. I always knew it was the first sign of something very wrong.

Thank you for the answer I've been seeking for years. It was the Hep B she got at 2 weeks old.

God bless you and your family.


Julie Swenson

I would like some folks from the wackospehre to look at what happened to this healthy, gorgeous baby boy and still tell us to our faces that vaccines don't harm. That it's for the "greater good", et all.

What a tragic, tragic thing to have happen to such a beautiful little boy and his loving heart is broken for you both.

Diane F.

My tears flowed and flowed as I read this story. How strong and courageous you are for sharing this story here and your website to help even one child and their family avoid this anguish.

A vaccine should NEVER even enter the door of the NICU. My son was in the NICU for five days at birth for some breathing problems. He advanced quickly, but was never in my room with me. On the fifth day they gave him the Heb B and released him from the NICU to go home. He was diagnosed with moderate ASD at age 2.

There is a REASON for babies to be in the NICU. They are "moderately to severely ill" and shouldn't be getting the Heb B, according to the CDC!

This madness must be stopped. THANK YOU for all you are doing to help end this madness. God bless you and your precious family.

Amy in Idaho

My heart is breaking. Just breaking.


You know how I feel about Ian and his message. I'm thinking of you girl. Hang in there.
What you've done with is so important because Ian is the voice for those that either don't have one (like my Riley) or the children that never had a chance to have a voice. You are a strong mom, a warrior mom.

Robyn Beliveau


Thank you for sharing your story. It is a tragedy that never should have happened and it is utterly disgraceful that every medical professional involved in your son's care is not held accountable for this, nor will change what they are doing. It is mothers like you who fight for your own kids and everyone elses so that parents can become more educated and understand the implications of vaccinating at birth or while a child is ill (among other things).

Thank you.

Erik Nanstiel

Deanna, thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story. I'm speechless. My only daughter became severely autistic after her 15 month vaccines, and not a day goes by that I don't recall her horrible reaction and regression that week... but that pales to the horror that your family experienced.

God bless all of you,

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