Prozac Study Fails to Show Effective Reduction of Autism Behaviors
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby on HuffPo: Vaccine Court Autism Debate Continues

Las Vegas Sun Reports: CDC Admits Autism is Environmental

Las Vegas sun Managing Editor's Note:  Thank you to Marshall Allen of the Las Vegas Sun for this article in which Dr. Catherine Rice, Director of the CDC's National Center for Birth Defects states that vaccines and other environmental insults are possible causes of autism.  I think the genetics only crowd and vaccine deniers' luck is running out, don't you? Please click HERE to read the full article at the Las Vegas Sun.  You can thank Mr. Allen for running this article HERE. Please do. Kim

So are there more autistic children, or is the broadening definition causing more children to be classified as autistic?

It’s impossible to say for sure, Rice said. Awareness of autism is increasing, which leads to more effective identification, but it’s also possible that it’s increasing. Even with the more inclusive definition, the number of autistic children seems to be on the rise, Rice said.

It’s not known what causes autism.

Researchers say environmental factors could contribute to the onset of the disorders. Studies have linked autism to air pollutants, pesticides, pet medications and even drugs used in the birthing process, such as Pitosin, Rice said.

“It could be anything from the exposures in our physical surroundings — chemicals around us in homes, clothes, products, medications we take and food we eat,” Rice said.

Rice said the recognition that environmental factors play a role in causing autism shows that there is common ground in the debate about whether vaccines play a role in the disorders.




Stephanie, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia and Autism? You certainly have your hands full and we all know what that's like. I hope your kids are getting sufficient support and help, regardless of whether we disagree on the "how did this happen" of having four neurologically injured children. I will say that I'd be hard pressed to assign their diagnoses to pure genetics.


Kim Stagliano


I don't know where you all get your shots facts from but i don't think the shots have anything to do with it. At least in my case anyway. All of my children had their shots at the time they were supose to be given. Only one of my kids is Autistic. I think his Autism was inherited. His uncle has Aspergers and so do a few others in his fathers family. They have some form of Autism or another. My son wasn't given anything different than my other children were. I had pitocin with all of my kids because my labor wouldn't get going on it's own. All of my children were exposed to the same things in vetro and as children. All of my kids have some kind of special need or another but only one with Autism. The others have ADHD, Dislexia, and ODD. I also have one with PTSD but that's a cause of my Ex husband and a different matter. ADHD and Dislexia I beleive is also inherated as well. I have both and my children have them as well. The doctor for my children even told me that these kinds of disorders can be passed on to your kids. He said that Autism isn't know yet for sure but if my sons dad has a few people in his family he would bet that it too was passed on. Given my childrens history I think the same thing. Maybe you can get this disorder in many ways but as for me I will keep on thinking it is passed on until I know other wise.

Autism Grandma

Here we go again. It's always the same. They skirt around the vaccine issue and hide in the bushes. But can we blame the journalists and employees of government agencies who are all at risk of losing their jobs "if they say too much". So even if secretly they have become totally convinced that THE major cause of autism is vaccines, they publicly cannot even state that. Do you think that Dr. Bernadine Healy would have been able to make the public statements that she has regarding vaccines if she was still the acting director of the NIH? Thankfully she is now the Health Editor for U.S. News and World Report.

Congressmen also are making the choice to protect their own interests. Are they willing to risk the loss of campaign "donations" from Big Pharma associated parties, and are they willing to risk loss of re-election due to public scandal created by "public relations" and "investigations" backed by Big Pharma, who are obviously willing to do anything to protect their own interests. Congressman Dan Burton deserves a medal of honor for choosing to stand up for his grandson and the rest of our vaccine damaged children, and so does any other congressman who makes the choice to stand for the truth regardless.

We can see what happened to Dr. Wakefield and the other brave men on trial in England for their research regarding the autism and intestinal damages caused by the MMR. These men should be given a medal of honor for standing up for all of us in spite of the harm that it has brought them, but instead of an award for honesty and bravery, these men have become the victims of a witch hunt. The other parties who had been involved with this research "recanted" their support in order to protect their ability to continue to make a living in their respective fields. ("Recanted" always reminds me of the Inquisition).

I am always amazed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his fearless and outspoken support for the truth. He followed in the footsteps of his father who was also an attorney and willing to stand up for the truth and the downtrodden. John Kennedy authorized Robert (Sr.) to prosecute the Mafia, and it is still a logical question if this contributed to his assassination. In spite of this, Robert Kennedy Sr. continued to fight the battles, including his work with Martin Luther King in support of civil rights for the black community. And both of these great men were also assassinated. In many ways the Autism community is also the victim of civil rights abuse, and yet Robert Kennedy Jr. continues to fight our battles....and do we really understand the risks that this brave man is taking in his stance against the Medical Mafia??!!

There are so many people involved in bringing this horrific vaccine assault on our children to the Public Light, including Age of Autism and the many other organizations. What about the many D.A.N. doctors who are willing to expose the truth about the vaccines and treat our injured children in spite of the dangers and risks to themselves; Doctors who are at risk of persecution and even perhaps loss of their license to practice medicine. My grandson has two medical doctors who also practice alternative medicine. Both of them are "Blacklisted" by the medical community here, and neither one of them can continue to issue any more Medical Exemptions for vaccines.

We are all at risk of persecution if not prosecution. Here I am just the grandmother of a child with autism, and my daughter and myself were investigated for "Medical Negligence" and "Child Neglect" for refusing the vaccines, including various other false allegations. [Regarding refusing vaccines, yes we are Guilty as Charged] My daughter had to comply with the vaccines under threat of loss of custody, and the only reason my grandson is autistic is that he received 27 vaccine doses within 6 months (nine doses each given at once 3 times). We had to hire an attorney to resolve this situation, but it's still not over.

My grandson needs us to take care of him and help him to recover from his vaccine injuries, so we can't risk any more forced vaccines, and we can't risk having to give the money for his recovery over to an attorney, and we can't risk losing custody of him and we can't risk going to jail either. We cannot take the risk of enrolling my grandson in the state autism medical programs here, and we can't even take the risk of having him treated by our local Defeat Autism Now doctor, although she is privately consulting with my grandson's naturopathic doctor. We must "Fly Under the Radar", therefore we will be taking my grandson to a D.A.N. clinic out of state this summer. I posted a condensed version of our story here at Age of Autism, and based on the advice of 2 attorneys and 2 other alternative medicine doctors who have had to move to South America due to medical persecution and prosecution, I should not have signed my true name to my statement. I have been explicitly directed by hospital staff doctors who instigated our investigation to discontinue any further "dangerous" research on the Internet. So here I am now, "Autism Grandma", living in the underground anti-Nazi movement, and cringing in fear that the SS Troops may discover that I am listening to Radio Free Europe.

We are in a WAR to overcome this strongly entrenched propaganda and control by the pharmaceutical and medical Mafia. Anyone who supports us in any way or who makes any kind of public statement regarding the connection of vaccines to autism deserves our appreciation, even if their statements are limited by their own lack of full understanding, or if their commentary is "guarded" due to their own self preservation. Our job as "privates" in this war is to support the officers leading the battles, and to share accurate information in order to bring the truth to the public.

It is only a matter of time before the Medical Mafia will become "condemned by their own words", because their own medical literature, studies, and research findings regarding vaccine damages are ever increasing. There was plenty of evidence in their own literature to condemn vaccines prior to the manifestation of the Autism Epidemic, and now with so many more hundreds of thousands of autism cases, there is a mountain of evidence the size of Mt. Everest. Yes, they will continue to produce their own funded and manipulated pro-vaccine "research studies" which are in direct contradiction to the majority of amassed scientific evidence, and even though for NOW Power and Corruption enables the continuing raping and pillaging by the vaccine industry, I often think of Martin Luther King's words: "I have been to the mountaintop... and I have seen the Promised Land"....Because this statement applies to the recovery of my grandson and so many thousands of others.

Kathy Blanco

Two words are necessary here...YA THINK?

Julie Swenson

"Apparently the CDC's figures of 1 in 150 are considered the gold standard (even though these figures are many years old and have not be updated)."

The CDC has proven that even gold can tarnish- we all know the true numbers are far larger and far more frightening. By the time the CDC releases its miser-hold on the 1 in 150 stat, the true number will be far closer to 1 in 2.

Raymond Gallup

Over the years I documented the autism epidemic by using the US Department of Education figures. In September 2007, the Vaccine Autoimmune Project (VAP) went down and will not be restored. There was a lot of good information including "When 1 in 150 is really 1 in 67" by myself and F. Edward Yazbak, MD

Apparently the CDC's figures of 1 in 150 are considered the gold standard (even though these figures are many years old and have not be updated). The figures that Dr. Yazbak and I supplied were chopped liver and not important so that will be another thing I will no longer pursue (like trying to get the media, politicians and the NIH and CDC to do the right thing).

Tracking those figures were and are unproductive and not useful and I rather pursue areas that I can be more productive.
I was stupid thinking I would make a difference with those figures just like I was stupid thinking I could change the Federal agencies, politicians and media.

"The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue."

Ray Gallup

Kathy Blanco

I only wish our government, media would stand up and tell the truth, be it in small increments or not. But, I think the bigger picture at hand is simply defined autism a trust disease? Why so much autism in AMERICA, the land of the vaccinated and high trust in medical viewpoint/aka through media Snyderman drive by shooting style, what, their killing our children? Many feel our government WILL still PROTECT THEM from harm...NOT!!!

I trusted that vaccines were safe, I trusted that the white coats were honest or even smart how the immune system works (they still don't know), I trusted that the media would show the truth of our stories, no, more than stories, our truth, and I trusted evil conspiring men of our day to make safe whole foods, grow our foods without pesticides, vilified mutated grains and the like. I trusted that they would not, certainly not, poison a generation of children via amalgams, vaccines, coal plants, crematora, and or pollute our waters with fluoride and waste water, air, etc.

My shred of humanity and dignity are lost,broken, everytime my children suffer one more seizure or autism disease symptom, as well as one more despiteful look from predjudiced physicians who think are kids are genetic accidents, flaws. I hate what the world in terms of our dishonesty, conspiring ways have destroyed potential future lives. I want no part of it. But I have to live in it. And the only way I live in it, is to disconnect from the whole ideal that someone will listen to the voices of countless mothers and fathers TELLING THE SAME STORIES in the thousands, that their children disintegrated soon after their vaccine series. This and other reasons is possibly why, I follow the value of not trusting people as this, and never trust a product that "they say" is greened, or safer. I prefer, disconnect, and don't partake in total. That's my way of saying to them, SCREW YOU people... but more than a world such as ours, with lies, and beholden people with stock holdings in mind, I say, are we able to stop the tidal wave of dishonesty from corporate people, politicians and the like? Good luck with that...and I hope it works believe me...but I can't see it ending.

Let's end autism OURSELVES, by being showing them that unvaccinated children, children born safely without immediate cord clamping and birth drugs, children without mothers who have amalgams and thyroid dysfunction, children who play with safe plastics or wood, and children who are not exposed to toxins in total (as best we can), are in fact, the healthiest, smartest people on the planet. Let's show them OUR AGENDA. It is an agenda, of, screw you people, we won't partake EVER in your products and procedures. Instead of the other way around, or by us trying to force their hands. The only way force it? You make them beg for consumers....who, in the end, will screw their industry by not trusting them anymore. Do I buy Firestone tires anymore? NOPE....same thing should happen with total...


Perhaps parents have no fear because Autism Speaks portrays the children in it's ads as gorgeous smiling tots playing outside or doing something like looks like it came from a Sears catalog instead of covered in poop, screaming, running toward the street, stimming in a corner, darting away from the playgroup, red cheeked, belly impacted and on and on. And then bloggers love to portray autism as a special set of lovely uterine parting gifts. Autism is pretty! And "someone" will fix it if there's a problem, right? RIGHT????? I so admire the young Moms I meet with 2 and 3 year olds, diving into biomed.

Holly M.

Hey Steve,

I hear you. I'll be at gymnastics or the pool and overhear, "He can talk; he just doesn't want to," or "We have our special- ed evaluation..." I too want to scream out,"Your kid is vaccine damaged; when are you people going to stop trusting your doctors and stop vaccinating your kids?"


Terri - thanks. I value the conversation.



Elucidatus, are you really my Mom in cognito? I have no problem with critique or even critism. We'll never please everyone. Nor do we try. I can give as good as I get - and sometimes I do. Thanks for the support. We have a great readership - and I'm grateful for those who disagree too - it keeps us sharp and in tune with various opinions. Nothing wrong with that (unless it's the wackospere, I've not the time, patience or stomach for them.)


Ray Gallup


"Ray - every cig exec stood before Congress and lied. Someday, one day CDC is going to have to change before the vaccination program is utterly destroyed by lack of confidence. It's happening already. I know it's a long process. I know it sucks. My heart breaks that your precious son was injured. I keep on doing what I do for Eric, Mia, Gianna, Bella and every kid. We may differ on style and technique - and that's cool. I'm doing the best I can and I know together we ARE making a difference."


I have no problem with parents trying to change things even with the CDC and NIH. I just realized years ago after being frustrated and spending time doing it from 1995 to 2001 that my efforts were better spent on raising funds through the Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP). Also trying to talk to politicians like Henry Waxman was a waste because he was and is in the tank for the drug companies like many politicians are.

I went down that futile path and will no longer do that but parents and organizations are free to do is their prerogative if they so choose. I rather concentrate my energies on things that will be more productive rather than banging my head against a cement wall....been there, done that (when it comes to Federal government agencies, politicians and media).



It was just a matter of time before people started question AoA's method of research and writing. I mean this is a blog site for crying out loud! This site is for us and our children that don't have a voice.

Terri, at what point did this blog become a critical reading assignment? On top of that you insult the editor by saying "As a practical matter, maybe we *shouldn't* leap to thank everyone who throws us a bone. Maybe we should save our "action alerts" for the real, heavy-duty political stuff, and concentrate our efforts more."

You should be thankful that she finds the time to write about recent events while taking care of three children with Autism. By the way where is your essay to critique? I thought so. Maybe if you could email her and ask to help out, then maybe your argument would have some value here.

I would love to know of any parents who have thrown their hands up and said "I give up, I am going to abandon AoA." I speak with a lot of parents and let me tell you no one is going anywhere! Kim, keep up the good work!

My comments and questions were sincere.


Ray - every cig exec stood before Congress and lied. Someday, one day CDC is going to have to change before the vaccination program is utterly destroyed by lack of confidence. It's happening already. I know it's a long process. I know it sucks. My heart breaks that your precious son was injured. I keep on doing what I do for Eric, Mia, Gianna, Bella and every kid. We may differ on style and technique - and that's cool. I'm doing the best I can and I know together we ARE making a difference.


Ray Gallup

The CDC promotes vaccines. Don't expect them ever to admit the truth that vaccines cause adverse reactions. They will never admit it (no one associated with the CDC will ever admit it). All of the personnel with the CDC are in the tank for promotion of vaccines and if a person isn't working with the CDC they will be working with the pharmaeutical

“If anyone believes that our smiles involve abandonment of the teaching of Marx, Engels and Lenin he deceives himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle.” ---Nikita Khrushchev

Ray Gallup


A phrase used by my mother is, "baby steps."

I'm happy when I read ANY article quoting someone from CDC, FDA, or any of the other groups, leaning a bit more in our direction.

And by the way, who in the heck has abandoned AoA? Do tell.


I just heard two co-workers chatting about each of their children's (seemingly quite significant) speech delay. It is SHOCKING how blase of a subject this has become. Daughter not talking until after two - "guess the mouth can't keep up the brain"(laughs).

I felt like shouting from my cube "HELLO, VERY SERIOUS ISSUE - NOT NORMAL, *N*O*T* NORMAL!".

It will take a mountain of information like this before some of these folks are able to connect the dots. That day will come.

Terri Lewis


I'm not going anywhere, nor do I want to throw lemons.

I think it's possible to overly praise relatively poor effort.

I also think it's possible (and necessary) to encourage people to do better and try harder--although I've clearly failed to do that this morning!

Twyla--your comments seem reasonable and balanced as per usual. You called out one sentence in particular that made you mad. I'm not trying to stir up anger, but you're certainly entitled to your feelings.

It just makes me sad more than anything that we lose energy pushing against one another.

My comments and questions were sincere.


Julie Swenson

"Editor's note: This article has been changed to clarify the CDC's position that research has not proven a link between autism and vaccines."

What part of the article changed? I only read it after the 'change' occurred.

Media Scholar

Awareness of autism is increasing, which leads to more effective identification, but it’s also possible that it’s increasing.

According to "the tin can network" rates are being manipulated to conceal remission.

Frankly, you only have to read and hear so much that "the younger children all talk...the younger children are high-functioning..." to derive children are now essentially being diagnosed using the same sort of eye that can see "gnat crap at fifty paces".

Perhaps this is why Dennis Leary looked into the issue and then made his observations? (Just maybe)


I agree with a lot of what Terri Lewis says. This article and the CDC commenter don't go far enough. But my reaction would be to encourage people to write to the journalist and tell your stories of vaccine injury followed by autism, and link to science on our side etc.

I also agree with Kim that baby steps in the right direction should be encouraged. And I think that sometimes there is too much bashing of people who are raising questions or opening the door a crack without being fully on board (at least, not yet) with the understanding that vaccines can cause autism.

Regardless of where one is on the spectrum of angry agression vs. catching more flies with honey -- both of which can play a helpful role in advocacy -- the following sentence makes me mad: "I know some other people think so, too [that "we're being too cautious and too grateful and we need to push more"], and have abandoned AoA."

I'm so tired of people knocking other people who are working their butts off for this cause. If anyone wants to work more agressively, AoA isn't stopping them.


P.S. Dr. Rice is a behavioral psychologist, not a geneticist or immunologist.

She mentioned autism having both a genetic and environmental component back in 2007:


Dr. Catherine Rice, in my opinion, seems to be open minded and displays a genuine concern and willingness to learn more about what is causing the autism epidemic. If you look at her past involvement in autism issues, she has not taken the historical stance that many of her peers have that there is 'no environmental' cause, and she is trying to learn from our community as evidenced by her participation in autism conferences. I agree with Kim, here. We need to support all progress, even if it seems like baby steps.
It's better than no progress. Further, if we criticize those who try to meet us halfway they will retreat back to the land of mainstream thinking where it is safe and free of conflict. We cannot afford to lose any ground here. Our predecessors have worked for too many years to make the world a better place for our children, and when you read their stories you will find they have been in this battle for 20 years and now have adult children with autism.
It's great to be passionate and driven, but we must also learn to be considerate and diplomatic and not lose credibility with those outside of our community. I have made more progress with my representatives and local media with the tempered but factual approach. There is no generally no argument when I show them the past few years of lab test results for my son.

Thanks for reporting Marshall Allen

It just seems to me as though the CDC is finally tentatively, cautiously, admitting that autism is a disorder that can't be explained solely by genetics. That there IS an environmental component. It smacks of a cowardly approach, neither here nor there, lest there be a backlash from Big Pharma. The wording is such that there is room enough to scurry back into the rat hole from where the comment came. Let nobody say for certain that I said that, because if you read carefully you will SEE that I have said NOTHING.

However, should the tide turn and if it would behove me (the CDC) to have said SOMETHING prior to this state of chaos, well here it is. If you would read carefully between the lines, you can see that indeed I have said SOMETHING.

In the final analysis, nothing really was said. Life continues, kids keep getting vaxed with a frenzy, insurance continues to not pay for chelation (no matter what the legislation says, the insurance companies and BigPharma will have the last word on that trust me), and the Big US of A continues to tank owing itself hook, line and sinker to the third world. What a great equalizer!!

Paula p Proffit Merckelos

I think the best thing to do here is have people contact this gentleman and give him more. Ask him to do a follow up , perhaps a three part story. He may get an interview from the polings. Ask him to look at vaers data. Ask him to ask the question....How many dead or disabled babies is too much for the "good of all" . Where do we draw the line?100 dead/disabled,2000? 1 in 700? currently we are at 1 in 6. Too much for me. I think the line needs to be redrawn. Like our goal should be none. why does everyone get a bail out to give themselves bonus' and these children cant get therapy/medical care... Why are they being discriminated against? Other folks with other disease get therapy/medical care.........Heck drug addicts get taken care of for self inflicted harm. Why are these children being discriminated against?

Managing Editor

Teri - you're welcome to throw lemons at Mr. Allen if you so choose. I learned a phrase many years ago that has served me well, "Don't punish progress."

Let us know when those of you who have abandoned A of A start your own site.


Terri Lewis

Oh, brother.

It is known what's causing all this autism, AKA brain/immune/central nervous system/gut damage.

It is environmental, in most of the cases we're seeing.

The CDC admitted it a year ago with Hannah Poling's case.

Common sense tells us that many of the kids we're seeing are just like Hannah. The CDC tells us that Hannah's case is "rare," and now--one year later--most people have forgotten all about Hannah Poling, if they ever knew in the first place.

Should we thank the Las Vegas Sun for kind of, sort of, bringing it to everyone's attention again? That autism is (maybe) (in some cases) linked to pesticides or cleaning products or the air we breathe. I ask this sincerely.

And maybe we should thank Dr. Rice, too, for telling us that "everything" causes autism, kind of like "everything" causes cancer, so people just shrug and give up, and keep on going.

I don't know.

I'd feel more thankful if Dr. Rice had said (for example), "Yes, there is a great deal more autism today than there was 20 or 30 years ago," instead of (once again, ho hum), "it's impossible to say for sure."

And maybe she could have actually pointed the finger at vaccines, the way doctors are (finally) happy to point the finger at cigarettes.

"You shouldn't smoke."

"I can't vaccinate your baby until he's two years old. It's just too risky."

"You can't have both shots today. You'll have to come back in 6 months."

"The flu shot!?" (Laughing.) "We haven't given those since 2009. The risks outweigh the benefits."

Oh, gee. I'm still asleep and dreaming.

As a practical matter, maybe we *shouldn't* leap to thank everyone who throws us a bone. Maybe we should save our "action alerts" for the real, heavy-duty political stuff, and concentrate our efforts more.

Any other opinions?

Maybe instead of thanking Mr. Allen, we can ask him to go a little further for us?

I'd truly like to know what others think.

I think we're being too cautious and too grateful and we need to push more. I think that in general, not just in regards to this specific article.

I know some other people think so, too, and have abandoned AoA.

How can we all work together more effectively?


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