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Id and Nancy

Drama queens By Katie Wright

Autism’s biggest drama queens ride again!

There is nothing Paul and Nancy love more than publicity, drama and self pity.

Whenever I see the Pittsburgh Post Gazette byline I know my day will only get better! After a very serious week and we could all use a few laughs. And who provides us with better material than PA’s own: Paul Offit and Nancy Minshew!

Mark Roth did a very balanced piece, interviewing both the articulate and well informed Cindy Waeltermann, Mom of two boys with autism as well as wealthy vaccine profiteer Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Nancy ( all autism vaccine research is ‘crappola’) Minshew. While Cindy came across to the reader as intelligent, compassionate and reasonable (‘I am NOT anti-vaccine’), Paul and Nancy held a shockingly angry pity fest.

Even when Offit’s side wins, he is still angry, lashing out at grass roots autism organizations, founded by families to help to help children suffering with autism.  How dare they! “It would be nice if autism orgs (AS, NAA) actually advocated for children with autism!” he fumes. “Instead they are anti-vaccine organizations (because demanding safety studies = heresy!)…and it is high time that these orgs stopped deluding people…”

Wow, is this guy angry, what a freak! Does it infuriate him that AS provides cash grants to communities in need? Or is Offit angry that AS has undertaken a huge campaign to provide insurance re-imbursement for autistic kids? How awful! Maybe Offit is also infuriated by NAA’ s modest research budget investigating how to help sick autistic children as well as their grants to struggling families is need. That is, obviously, really wrong!

Now I can see why Paul Offit is so mad. Instead of plowing every dollar into endless and extremely expensive gene studies, AS and NAA dare to advocate for families as well as assisting them with money! These sick organizations must be stopped!

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to chime in with Dr. Offit, Dr. Minshew hones right in on his action. Interestingly Minshew did not label this vaccine court ruling “crappola”, as she has so eloquently described the widespread public concern about vaccine safety. Naturally Minshew expresses no sympathy or concern for the long suffering Cedillo family or their daughter Michelle, who is so severely physiologically affected. Instead, Minshew focused on the suffering of scientists. Will their agony never end? Minshew re-iterates for the millionth time “I hope this begins an end to the death threats and character assassination against scientists!” Here we go again, Minshew and Offit are the REAL victims of the autism epidemic not kids like Michelle Cedillo.

Again with the death threats! That is truly a subject these two drama queens never tire of discussing, they discuss it in every interview. Paul and Nancy- newsflash- none of this is about you. No parent I know would dream of threatening you. We only want objective and authoritative vaccine research done, that’s it.

What “character assassination” could Minshew be talking about? Minshew is a high powered autism researcher who runs an Autism Center of “Excellence.” Dr. Minshew is regularly lauded by gene researchers wherever she goes! She is beloved by Paul Offit, pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers everywhere! I am shocked she even notices how much the autism community dislikes her.

My favorite quote is “I hope this begins an end to the death threats… against scientists and physicians who have tried to convey The Science to the public!” Oh, The Science, meaning the science she likes. What about The Science behind the Hannah Polings decision? What about exploring The Science behind the 700% increase in autism over the past decade? What about The Science regarding the dozens toxic adjuvants in infant vaccines? How about researching The Science behind post vaccination regression? Or how about science not paid for by vaccine makers or the CDC? Why do these two work overtime trying to stop that Science? Among the many things that seem to scare Paul and Nancy is objective vaccine research. Apparently a terrifying prospect that must be stopped!

Thank you to ALL the autism organizations who have made a historic show of unity and support for real science. Objective and authoritative vaccine research will happen, like it or not Pal and Nancy.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.




Terrific once more, Katie...thanks.

I can't see a memeber of the autism community sending that man death threats, but if I read it was a parent of a child that didn't survive intussusception due to his rotovirus vaccine. I can understand that.


I love Nancy & Paul's "they are the victim attitude." Its really pathetic and beyond what anyone could dream up.

Who is the victim?

What they forget is the bashing, beating, and yelling about kids. Disabled kids and their families. Their actions are pathetic.

The attention is in the wrong place.


I always chuckle at the death threat line.
Who has time to plot death threats for heavens sake?
I for one am busy doling out supplements, writing letters to correct demented thoughts on Autism, attending IEPs, plotting my next DAN intervention etc.
Besides... I know God has a special place in hell reserved for those who intentionally maim children.


Ok, I have to comment because I read this post 12 hours ago and I'm still laughing at the title. Katie, I think this one is your best yet.

Wade Rankin

Well done! Drama queens indeed.

Kub Marshman

Well said Katie. They are an angry duo. For me, what's just as infuriating are people like Julie Gerberding who acknowledge we need to study vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated children and talk in terms like the study is imminent. Add NBC's Brian Williams who starts off his report the other night, solemn face to the camera, with something to the affect "autism is a very emotional issue." Then the reporter (same solemn face) who brought you the story says “it’s an emotional issue and this is far from being over.” They just don't get it – rational people have emotion for their children. Isn’t that a given? The emotion lies with the way people like the angry duo and the patronizers try to push me aside. There are days I feel like the frog that is beating eaten by the stork. You can see the frog’s legs sticking out of the stork’s mouth. It doesn’t look good for the frog. But then the frog’s hand comes out of the stork's mouth, wraps his hand around the stork’s throat, squeezes hard, and screams, “Never give up!”

Tim Ziegeweid

Thanks for the great post Kaite! I would like somebody to ask Dr's Offit and Minshew why it is that previously non-verbal children suddenly become verbal within a matter of weeks when they begin mercury-chelation therapy? Tim Ziegeweid


You hit the nail on the head! If i were Paul O and made 10's of millions from a marginally necessary vax (that the UK won't even approve for that matter) I'd be yelling too to vax away and tow the line on the bloated mandatory US schedule. Poor Poor Paul, can't he just buy some Island in the Carribean and go far away from all us crazy autism parents.


You nailed it Katie. The current so-called "scientific elite" are a terrifying combination of ignorance, arrogance and narcissism.

And they wonder why more and more parents shun them everyday?


Wonderful post, Katie-- thank you.

For some reason, the following line made me laugh until I was choking. If I think about it, I can't stop cracking up:

"Instead, Minshew focused on the suffering of scientists. Will their agony never end?"

Now my face hurts, lol. There's something very criminal-psych about Minshew and Offit's self pity, I'm sure of it.

Media Scholar

Assuming that AS is actually Autism Speaks it seems quite silly to suggest that Paul Offit has anything, but gratitude to express to them.

After all, did they not hire/retain/place on payroll these pro-mercury expert witnesses to testify against our children in vaccine court?

This "skin of their teeth" notion that Alison Singer resigned ahead of her anti-vaccine research vote does not relieve this organization from it's redactive history as a well-noted bunch of welching liars, who for their own pleasure stabbed our child vaccine-injured children in the back.

Alas, not a glint of sunshine today. The occult is blinding, indeed, but most won't make out obfuscation at fifty paces.

I suppose vaccines ultimately are a business and it helps to control both sides of the Autism-Mercury issue.


Here's the link


Here's why the Offit "death threats" are just a whole lotta hot air.

We know from reports about celebrities and other public figures who have received actual death threats, as well as incidents such as the Jody Foster/John Hinckley case, that the FBI directs high profile individuals targeted by threats to NOT SPEAK TO THE PRESS ABOUT IT OR BRING PUBLIC ATTENTION TO THE INCIDENT. Any celeb or public figure who is asked about such an incident ALWAYS responds with a "No comment." The point is to discourage copycats.

Therefore, we can deduce that Paul Offit's "death threats" are more likely death threat WISHES to draw the attention and sympathy he so fervently seeks, and to malign all parents who oppose his views.

In the unlikely event he IS receiving death threats, he is behaving in a wildly irresponsible manner that may encourage rather than discourage such threats.

And let's not forget our fellow parent who donned prison stripes and demonstrated against Offit. This parent's description of his encounter with Offit completely contradicts Offit's description; Offit claimed physical attack while the parent described a verbal encounter only. No charges were filed. Why not, if he was truly attacked and fears for his life?

Enough dramatics and theatrics. Now lets get back to the real death threats - the ones that are contained in syringes and injected into tiny human beings every day:

Christine Heeren

Great post. I was amazed (and not in a good way) by the ability of networks like NBC and CNN to take what happened last week and use it bash "desperate" parents. You are correct- it's all about them. Meanwhile kids are recovering from biomed treatments. Oh well. Guess it's all dumb luck.


Wow, Katie...once again you have knocked it out of the park. Paul and Nancy could give a 'crappola' about any of our children...they just want us to shut up so they can sweep our children under the rug. They have their sights set on one thing...Mo money, mo money, and mo money!

Kevin D

Do you have a link to the article?

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