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Generation Rescue Action Alert, Part 2

Generation Rescue Ad in USA Today: Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

GR adThis ad from our sponsor Generation Rescue is running in USA Today, today, February 25, 2009.  Click the photo to see a larger size.  Click HERE for a .pdf of the ad.

Thank you to Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and GR co-founder J.B. Handley for always putting our children first. Always.


Jim Witte

"holding her urine and only eliminating on average 2x's a day and sometime you can tell it's painful for her. Her workup so far has been negative.."

Do a screen for high hormonal vitamin D (1,25-D) and low storage form D (25-D), oxalate crystals, blood and urine pH, lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes, and a full thyroid panel (TSH, free T4 *and* T3, perhaps reverse T3 as well). Then go to the Vitamin K protocol (fat soluble vitamin protocol) group..

The pattern showing up in at least a subset of kids is this vitamin D imbalance, oxalate problems, and body and renal acidosis. Acidosis will cause internal oxalic acid synthesis by disrupting the function of lactate dehydrogenase in the liver, a problem which hypothyroidism may contribute too as well. The FSV groups can answer more questions.

Does she have "grit" in her bowel movements? This showed up in one case - we think oxalate crystals - and the problem cleared within about *one day* of starting bicarbonate baths, which help the body neutralize the acidosis.

Jim Witte

to Donna Kincanon

After years of constipation, this is the only thing that worked for our child (who weighs 125 pounds) - we tried everything else, to no avail: 3000 mg Ester C (vitamin C) and 6 seedless prunes (we call them plums) per day.

As for the urine retention, we try to take advantage of times when there is major interest in a certain toy, book, or movie. We say we will "give it back after you pee pee." Sometimes it works like a charm. Sometimes we have to add the sound of running water to the mix. Sometimes we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that it could take 2 hours. Most of the time it is less than 10 minutes. We use the master bath most of the time so that we can be comfortable in the event that there is a long wait.



My daughter used to suffer from constant constipation and thankfully this has been resolved. But for the past 6 months see is holding her urine and only eliminating on average 2x's a day and sometime you can tell it's painful for her. Her workup so far has been negative. She suffered as an infant with a urinary tract infection but it was an isolated occurence. She also has very limited communication skills so it's difficult to find out what is hurting her.

I am also curious if others see this problem in their kids...

Kathy Blanco

Sorry for all these long posts to prove our points further as I know I am preaching to the choir here, but this one, again, is a must read. It helps us all to understand this ruling further and in context of our own children.

.... federal panel recently declared that childhood vaccines don’t cause autism. However, numerous studies have shown that vaccines can trigger autoimmune diseases, including Guillain-Barre syndrome. Animal studies agree.

Because of early concerns regarding canine vaccines, the Haywood Foundation funded several studies, which were published by Purdue University in 1999. The studies found that vaccinated dogs developed autoantibodies to many of their own proteins, including fibronectin, laminin, DNA, albumin, collagen, cytochrome C, and cardiolipin. These antibodies were not found in non-vaccinated dogs. *(do these tests on your kids to prove vaccine injury? YEPPERS)

Targeted Proteins
The Purdue researchers found that vaccines cause the production of antibodies that target proteins involved in cell replication, cell maintenance, cell differentiation, and cell repair. The researchers found that normal cell functions necessary for the maintenance of life were being damaged by autoantibodies.

Autoantibodies are antibodies produced by the immune system that attack our own cellular proteins. Certain autoantibodies seen in dogs have corresponding antibodies in humans. Anti-cardiolipin antibodies are seen in humans with antiphospholipid syndrome, a common cause of miscarriage and stroke, and in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Autoantibodies to collagen and connective tissue interfere with the body’s ability to maintain bone and tissue. In canines, these autoantibodies lead to problems with mobility. In particular, problems with the rear hind legs often occur in vaccinated dogs. *(think ataxia and gait problems in our kids)

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
It’s also widely acknowledged that canine vaccines can cause a sudden, often fatal, disease called autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA). Without proper treatment, and frequently with treatment, dogs often die within days. (many of our kids have anemia or iron overload anemia)

However, no one warns the pet owners before their pets are subjected to an unnecessary booster, and very few owners are told the causes of AIHA.

Other Vaccine-Induced Diseases
The UK veterinarian, Catherine O’ Driscoll noted an increased rate of arthritis among vaccinated canines. In reviewing the literature in humans she found an article in Internal Medicine, which reported that it’s possible to isolate the rubella virus from affected joints in children vaccinated against rubella *(never thought of that, could that also prove vaccine injury? YEP). It also told of the isolation of viruses from the peripheral blood of women with prolonged arthritis following vaccination with the rubella vaccine.

Research in early 2000 showed that polyarthritis and other diseases like amyloidosis (that's alzheimers folks), which affects the pancreas and other organs in dogs, were linked to combination vaccines. Studies confirm that vaccines can cause a wide range of brain and central nervous system damage. Merck itself states in its Manual that vaccines can cause encephalitis:

Brain inflammation/damage. Merck states that "examples are the encephalitides following measles, chickenpox, rubella, smallpox vaccination, vaccinia, and many other less well defined viral infections."

In surveys, dog owners report that following vaccines, a high percentage of vaccinated dogs developed short attention spans and/or epilepsy within three months of vaccinations. *(HELLOOOO)

Of the many dogs affected by hind paralysis caused by vaccines, it’s noted that "paresis" is listed in Merck's Manual as a symptom of encephalitis. Encephalitis can cause partial or incomplete paralysis, resulting from lesions at any level of the descending pathway from the brain. Hind limb paralysis is one of the potential consequences. (my son had this, and still does, episodic paralysis)..*(go there with paralysi of urin, paralysis of the gut etc)

Organ failure should be suspected when it occurs shortly after a vaccination. Dr Larry Glickman, who led the Purdue research, reported that the heart conditions in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels commonly occurring after vaccines could be the end result of repeated immunizations by vaccines containing tissue culture contaminants that cause a progressive immune response directed at connective tissue in the heart valves. *(many of our kids have connective tissue disease and heart problems)....

This is just a post for vets, but guess what, that happens in our children, ALL THE TIME...crimney christmas...

curt linderman sr

My wife (who is an a Rescue angel) and I took the copy down to our local newspaper and paid to have it put in Saturday's paper!
Thank you GR!

barbara batchelder

a great ad!...and so true...i need no 'study' done by a pharma-beholden research entity to prove what i saw with my very own eyes!
my son suddenly began to have violent seizures after the first set of 'vaccinations' given at two months.
i never got him another.
i am 54 years old raising the grandson i adopted who has autism. i don't look to have the 'industry' pay me for his upkeep, but social security is! that means everyone except the industry is footing the bill for his needs.
recently my mom, who is 73, and i had an intense arguement about these vaccinations. since she had whooping cough as a small child ("i still remember how horrible it was!" she said) she's very much the believer in these poisonous injections.
i reminder her that when my siblings and i were younger, we actually got the measles, mumps and rubella so feared and each has gone on to live normal lives, that all my siblings got chicken pox, and outside of a few scars where they picked repeatedly, none had lasting repercussions. (i have never had chicken pox, my daughter, the mother of my grandson also never got chicken pox and wasn't immunized, and my adoptive son has never gotten them, despite attending an early intervention toddler program, where one of the previously vaccinated children did have it and was sent to school while sick with it)
my mom, very emphatically told me that ESPECIALLY whooping cough should be vaccinated for!
when i reminded her that while memorable and not fun, she did live! and that we have even better antibiotics these days, she only bristled.
now in the town where i live on the florida panhandle, a whole family; father, teen aged daughter and elementary age son, have some how come down with whooping cough, despite having had ALL of the recommended vaccines and boosters.
drug companies and doctors alike are now recommending that EVERYONE get boosters!
i have had quite enough of these poison peddlers!
and when, i wonder will the now famous "One Less" commercials for the latest vaccine craze 'gardisil' mention the deaths and such associated with some of the girls and women who have stepped up to receive it?
i am too through with these predatory profit mongers!

Donna Kincanon

Regarding the recent measles encephalitis post, I've often wondered how prevalent urine retention is among children with regressive autism. My ASD daughter not only suffers from constipation, that we address with a special diet, she also suffers from urine retention. This is not a behavioral problem. She really struggles with efforts to empty her bladder. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine whether the pain she complains about (very limited verbal communication skills) is coming from her bladder or her intestines some days. She will hold her hand on her abdomen just below her belly button and say "tummy owie, go dotor." When it gets really bad, she'll be really bloated to the point that she gets stretch marks in her skin and then she makes herself vomit because nothing, not even fluids, will empty out of her stomach. Unfortunately, we cannot get a doctor to give us a prescription for bethanecol or any other med for this condition. So she suffers.

Theresa Cedillo

Hi CindyPDX

thank you for posting the link to the song and thank you for the kind thoughts.


Kathy Blanco

This article is AWESOME, done by a homeopath, and way smart. Read every line, take it in, and realize the lies that have been told us about simple childhood diseases.

ENJOY, and or WEEP

With its affinity for the respiratory mucosa, the measles virus is dispersed through the air by sneezing and coughing infected droplets and inhaled by susceptible persons on contact with them. For 10 to 14 days, the virus multiplies first in the tonsils, adenoids, and accessory lymphoid tissues of the pharynx, then in the regional lymph nodes of the head and neck, and finally in the blood, spleen, liver, thymus, and bone marrow, the major organs of the immune system. Throughout this prolonged “incubation” period the patient usually feels quite well and experiences few or no symptoms of any kind.50

With the first signs of illness, circulating antibodies are already detectable in the blood, in concentrations roughly proportional to the severity of the disease.51 In other words, the illness we know as the measles is simply the concerted effort of the immune system to clear the virus from the blood, largely via sneezing and coughing, the same routes through which it entered in the first place. This mighty exploit involves a general mobilization that includes inflammation of already sensitized tissues at the portal of entry, activation of B- and T-lymphocytes, macrophages, and the serum complement system, and a host of other mechanisms, of which the production of specific antibodies is only one, which depends for its effectiveness upon its collaboration with the system as a whole.

Such a magnificent effort leaves no doubt that coming down with and recovering from acute illnesses of this kind are the defining experiences in the healthy maturation of the immune system. The immunity resulting from it is specific, to be sure, in that those who recover from the measles will never again be susceptible to it, no matter how many times they are re-exposed in the future. But it is also nonspecific, in the equally important sense of priming the system to respond rapidly and effectively to other infections it may encounter in the future.

The natural immunity acquired through recovering from acute diseases represents an enormous net gain for the health of individuals and their descendants, and thereby also of the community and the race as a whole. The measles virus kills 20% of populations exposed to it for the first time, and many centuries of adaptation were required for our own ancestors to convert it into a routine disease of childhood, such that when I caught it at the age of six, nonspecific mechanisms were already in place to help me recover from it with no complications or sequelÊ, an achievement that I credit in no small part for the good health I enjoy today. The ability to respond acutely and vigorously to infection ranks among the most fundamental requirements of general health and well-being, a truth so elementary that merely having to reaffirm it will attest to how far we have strayed from a saner and more wholesome conception of life.

Artificial or Vaccine-Induced Immunity: Relative, Partial, and Temporary

When the live, attenuated vaccine virus is injected into the blood, at most a brief inflammatory reaction may be noted at the injection site, with no local sensitization at the portal of entry, no incubation period, no acute illness, and no massive outpouring. Like a conjuror’s trick, vaccination yields measurable titers of specific antibodies in the blood, but without any overt illness or inflammatory response, and without any significant improvement in the general health of the recipients, apart from reducing their statistical risk of developing the acute disease as we know it.
But where the virus goes, how it persuades the immune system to continue producing antibodies against it for years at a time, and what price we have to pay for the counterfeit immunity that they represent, are the questions that are seldom if ever asked. Vaccines seem tailor-made to accomplish through deception what the immune system seems to have evolved to prevent, giving viruses, bacteria, and other foreign antigens free and immediate access to the organs of the immune system without any obvious or easy way of getting rid of them. No mere side effect, the continuing production of specific antibodies over the long term requires the physical presence of live viruses and other highly antigenic substances inside the cells of the immune system on a more or less permanent basis.

In the case of measles and the other live-virus vaccines, excellent models already exist for imagining how this chronicity might occur, and for predicting the pathologies that are likely to follow from it. Many viruses are known for their capacity to survive in latent form indefinitely within the cells of the immune system without provoking acute disease, by attaching their own DNA or RNA as extra particles or “episomes” to the genome of the host cell and replicating along with it, allowing the cell to perform its normal functions but adding instructions for the synthesis of viral proteins as well.52

Residing as foreign elements within the cells of the host, latent viruses of this type would automatically pose a major threat to the immune mechanism as a whole, which is programmed to destroy and remove them by every available means. Once viral elements are incorporated into the genetic material of the host, such attacks have no possible target but the infected cells themselves. Chronic intracellular parasitism by latent viruses would appear to insure a rich harvest of auto-immune diseases, which must also be regarded as “healthy” in that removing the transformed cells becomes the only way to eliminate the foreign material.

In short, my fear is that vaccinating children against measles and other live viruses simply reprograms their immune systems to respond chronically and weakly rather than acutely and vigorously to other infections, and indeed to antigenic challenges of any kind, a conclusion amply borne out by the clinical evidence already presented of alarming and as yet unexplained increases in the chronicity of ear infections, asthma, eczema, autism, and other common diseases of childhood. It is dangerously misleading and indeed the exact opposite of the truth to claim that measles vaccine “protects” us against the disease by obliging us to harbor the virus chronically instead, so that our immune systems are less capable of responding acutely, not only to the measles but to everything else as well.

If that is true, then the most major achievement of mandatory vaccination could be to exchange a few epidemic diseases of the past for the vastly more prevalent and less curable chronic diseases of the present, with their suffering and disability amortized at a high rate of interest over the patient’s lifetime. It is difficult to imagine that most parents would accept such a devil’s bargain if they were told the truth about it, let alone open a real Pandora’s box of new diseases and mutations for the future, through in vivo genetic recombination within the cells of the race.

Kathy Blanco

Look at this one, note MUTISM in an ADULT for heavens sake!

Measles encephalitis with peculiar MRI findings. Report of two adult cases.Accession number;02A0317209
Title;Measles encephalitis with peculiar MRI findings. Report of two adult cases.
Author;MITO YASUNORI(Nisseki Asahikawasekijujibyoin Shinkeinaika) YOSHIDA KAZUTO(Nisseki Asahikawasekijujibyoin Shinkeinaika) KIKUCHI SEIJI(Hokudai Dagakuin'igakukenkyuka Shinkeinaikagaku)
Journal Title;Neurological Medicine

Journal Code:Z0017B


Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.4, REF.8
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;We reported two patients with measles encephalitis. Patient 1. A 29-year old woman developed encephalitis six days after the appearance of typical measles rash. She was transferred to our hospital. On admission, she was in a state of mutism and had retention of urine. Neurological examination revealed flaccid paralysis of lower limbs. CSF protein was 64mg/dl with cell count of 31/mm3. Myelin basic protein in CSF was positive. CSF antibodies against measles were positive. In MRI T2-weighted images, high signal intensity areas were noted to spread in bilateral cingurate gyrus and insula cortex of frontal lobes, and bilateral temporal lobes. Steroid pulse therapy was started immediately after admission. Five days after the treatment, she made a remarkable recovery. Patient 2. A 19-year old man became febrile and developed cutaneous eruptions typical of measles. Neurological examination did not reveal any finding. CSF protein was l7mg/dl with cell count of 0/mm3. CSF antibodies against measles were negative. In MRI T2-weighted images, a round high signal intensity area was noted in splenium of corpus callosum. MRI finding disappeared after two months. It is suggested that the measles encephalitis in our cases were predominantly due to an immunologic reaction in a pathophysiological aspect. (author abst.)

Maureen O

How do you attach it to your facebook?
This is soooo awesome I want to share this with everyone!
One less

Kathy Blanco

This video below on you tube gets me every time. It reminds me of the losses we have all sustained, and it makes me think, that the death of our children by vaccine is not in vain.

From my faborite etherial calms my soul down and makes me focus everytime. I love their music, and I hope you will also, espeically MAX and Family.

CT teacher

Thank you everyone for this wonderful ad. It speaks volumes. May we overturn the media blackout, may the truth prevail, and may everyone have happy, healthy children!What a wonderful world it would be !


Dear Theresa Cedillo

Thank you for your message. And thank you and Michelle for telling us about that beautiful song. I've not heard of it before.

I was able to hear it online here:

(click on upper right play button)

I think of your family every day, and cry.



ADEM or encephalitis or acute encephalitis is best. Autism is just a broad generic term and doesn't really describe our vaccine damaged kids. Plus the PharmaMafia and others in society have used the word, autism to discriminate against our kids from birth to adulthood.....both in health insurance, schooling, etc. It is a no win situation when the child and families are tagged with the label, autism.


Posted by: Raymond Gallup | February 25, 2009 at 06:26 PM

I move we call autism encephalitis by vaccine or other infections and toxins. ADEM is a better term for our kids...

Posted by: Kathy Blanco | February 25, 2009 at 05:36 PM

Newsweek just did. They said the issues is whether or not vaccines caused Bailey's PDD, not Autism. Swear.

Posted by: Julie Obradovic | February 25, 2009 at 03:09 PM

Your story is heartbreaking and I pray you will get your justice, as my kids, two of them have autism and seizures from DPT and other shots. Please know, I found it intersting, they state TICK BITES as cause of encephalitis. I have an interesting theoyr on this which is ever developing. When contacting the lyme people, they are stating many kids with autism HAVE LYME, and their families (not just a tick bite, mothers can pass in utero). So, that got me thinking? WHAT IF? What if certain children have an ongoing infection like lyme already in place, then, when they get vaccinate, it damages the brain further? ME THINKS SO. For instance, at our LIA confrences ( ) we found many a mother sick with lyme, her child with lyme and autism and who had HORRIFIC vaccine reactions. What's interesting about that, is that the higher lyme states, have the highest levels of autism. AND, they are aparalleling in epidemicy. So, I think that may be the explantion why some kids vaccine react, and some don't. Interstingly, the same children through neuroborreliosis, have glutathione block, low magnesium and zinc, and all the things you need to have a in tact Blood Brain Barrier. This includes pours leaky guts and brains. So, I think we need to investigate the preconditions of vaccine injury, and perhaps forgo vaccines in such cases. Personaly, even if my child doesn't have lyme, I would not vaccinate, but that's another email..

Anyways, keep an open mind on that, because many mothers I see with this silent infection (sometimes asymptomatic, and sometimes the FATHER is asymptomatic and passing it to mother), is in fact, creating a child who may be quite vulnerable to any immune lowering event. After all, MMR vacines damage the immune system to up to one year, and often give permission to bacteria to attack the brain further? AND, we know that lyme bacteria is a spirochete. Syphilis is also, and this is known to cause autism in utero. HMMMMM?

Posted by: Kathy Blanco | February 25, 2009 at 02:40 PM


My deepest sympathies.

This is a warning to parents and parents-to-be.

The lies and the covering up continue ("since that time the VAERS web site has removed that statement").

By my estimate, there are currently well over a million children and young adults now who have been vaccine damaged to one degree or another. That would not include tragic fatalities, such as your own 5-year-old daughter.

How do you hide a million people?

You simply lie about the ones who die, and you lie about the ones who don't! People want to believe that side effects from vaccination are rare and rarely serious. They are neither.

Thank you for your courage and generosity in moving beyond your own pain to warn others.

Posted by: Terri Lewis | February 25, 2009 at 02:11 PM

One of our biggest hopes is that, in order to combat this news, the other side tries to say that Bailey doesn't have autism.

This argument is laughable and a loser -- and also untrue -- , so thanks, Peter, for making it early.

JB Handley

Posted by: JB Handley | February 25, 2009 at 01:40 PM

Thank you Dan and Kim. You are amazing.


Posted by: Theresa Cedillo | February 25, 2009 at 01:32 PM

My 5 year old daughter received an MMR vaccine and was dead in 7 days. She contracted encephalitis (swelling of the brain) We were told it was the "law" that she had to have this vaccine prior to attending kindergarten here in Texas. Since her death we have searched everywhere and even contacted the Texas Department of Health, they confirmed it was the law but when I asked to see it, they could not produce it. What I was advised of was a wevsite the government has, At the time of my daughters death you could look up the vaccine injury table, find MMR and it stated "encephalitis can be caused by a mosquito bite, tick bite and in some cases from an MMR Vaccine. First sign of symptoms will present no earlier than 5 days after and no later than 10 days after receiving vaccination. Adverse effects could include severe brain damage or death" My 5 year old girls first symptom was on the 5th day and 2 days later she was pronounced dead. After an autopsy which included the help of the CDC in Atlanta it was concluded that my daughter had positively no evidence of a tick or mosquito bite or any tick or mosquito born deases but would not say it was the vaccination because there was no proof it was the vaccination. Since that time the VAERS web site has removed the above statement regarding the potential "adverse effects" which I find disturbing. The VEARS website contains statistics from the early 80's showing just how many have suffered from severe brain damage or even death.

I have tried many times without success to get this story into the media so other parents would be equipped with the knowlege and the hidden risk of vaccinations that our doctors fail to tell us and no body wants to talk about it.

I have to say I am pleased that one newspaper accepted such an ad and I applaud the efforts of those who got the ad published to shed light on this once elusive subject related to vaccines.

My heartfelt sympathy to anyone who has had to learn it the hard way like we did.


Kelli Ann...Can I take a guess? If we all act tomorrow we will be VERY HAPPY to see the results of a certain survey!!!

Kathy Blanco


Ok, I have finally had it....I mean REALLY had it...we get a newsfeed "don't buy bulk peanuts now", it may harm our kids and you. Thanks for all the warnings. Where is the "your kid may get autism by MMR vaccines" heh?? Where is that warning heh? Where is the UPROAR!!!!!???? Salmonella-some deaths, Autism-some deaths/permanent brain damage...hemmm? Which is worse?

Interestingly, when I bought 10 copies of USA Today, I pull the add, and sent to my "unbelieving family", that still thinks vaccines have value in our society. BOUYA. Smoke that in your pipe of trust...I placed 10 copies in local pediatric offices too, personally handing it to nurses who do the dirty deed. Love the look on their faces, AND MINE...BOYUA again...

Then, I turn to the next section over, the PEANUT CORPORATION of america, going on so, that peanuts are SAFE, and that's why they are cheap, and "we hope you will still partake of them" sort of bizwax...and then it dawned on me...self interest??

A person will look at this add we placed today with the same keen eye..OK defend cigarrettes by WINSTON SALEM/CAMEL, or DEFEND peanuts, by peanut corporation of america...but what is our message from "a non profit organization about autism"? WE DON'T DEFEND anyone, in fact CONDEMN industry, BUT CHIDLREN WE DEFEND. Slight difference don't you think? If that is conflict of interest, then the whole world is going to hell in a henbasket...

Obama speaks of worthy priotiries..that's in the headlines of the same USA today paper. Excuse me to think that our priorities are SCREWED up. First of all, take out the rider in the economy package to vaccinate more americans and sicken us, so that we will neen more health's like a concecular circle of damage, a solution in mind, bandaids for screwing with us, aka, make more money off your sick people. Stop this nonsense, that being healthy includes regular visits to doctors that vaccinate our babies, tell us to take fluoride or put amalgams in our teeth, vaccinate our elders with mercury flu shots, and stop thinking that doctors ensure health, in fact, they cause a hell of a lot of disease in my estimation. Stop funding the coal industry, stop funding any industry that pollutes our bodies, stop funding NIH and CDC (when was the lsat time they actualy cured a disease"....they actualy HIDE what causes them).

I wish I could line by line eliminate the wasteful spending, but who am I? Oh yeah, I have a conflict of interest, I have two vaccine damaged children, polluted children from our world, gee..that makes me some kind of....opportunist? PLUEEZ

Kathy Blanco

. “An observant parent’s evidence may be disproved but should never be ignored” —Lancet 1:688, 1951, Anonymous

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Nancy


Partially correct. It is a "Call-In" but it will be directed towards the legislative arena on a slightly different issue.

The AD reinforces our stance that parents are on the "right-track" in regards to using biomedical approaches for treating their children and it should REMAIN the decision of the parent -- not some private organization -- on how best to treat their child.

More information tomorrow.


Kathy Blanco

My husband called me in response of this article and said something interesting...he said, why don't we fund a study, where people are intending to vaccinate anyways, that they first get an MRI on their child, and then after their vaccines (I mean the vaccine injury table soon), and see what changes take place? Unethical? Well, if they are going to vaccinate anyways and want to prove they don't cause encephalitis, then prove it then!!!!!! I am sure the pharmacetuical companies would foot the bill...or would they???????

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Theresa


I LOVE Bethany Dillon! I believe she is the Christian singer who is blind, correct?? She had a really popular song out several years ago that I absolutely loved! I think Margaret Becker (another "blast from the past") is her manager.

Bottom Line: Your daughter is one smart cookie!



Great ad. A catchy headline that gets people's attention -- and keeps it. Incriminating quote. Thought-provoking questions. Disturbing art.

I'm hoping that Part 2 is a call to action. Especially the business phone numbers of the public health administrators whose vaccine policies are damaging children's brains.

Voices Calling Out - Theresa Cedillo for Michelle

Michelle has always chosen her own music. She loves music of all types. I don't think it's a coincidence that one of her favorite songs is "A Voice Calling Out" by Bethany Dillon. If any of you have the time or inclination, please have a listen. It's our children's voices calling out -

A Voice Calling Out by Bethany Dillon
"I hear a voice calling out
I hear a voice in this wilderness
Where darkness has reigned for so long
Ground is being taken
The trumpet sounds
And Your glory touches the ground
And we all stand in awe
Who is this? This glory far beyond us
I hear a voice
I hear a drum beating
Heaven's drawing near
The sky will open up
Your people are being healed
I hear a voice
Heaven's battle cry
See the sun light what was hidden
Heaven's heart beat
See it moving
What was a whisper is now
A voice calling out
I see a generation rising up
No longer accepting lies
Running to the battlefield
And losing their lives
I see a generation rising up
No longer accepting lies
As a band of worshipers run to the battlefield
They're finding their lives
I hear a voice"

Theresa Cedillo


I am sending this ad out to everyone in my FaceBook contacts, and the autism groups around the world...thank you social marketing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I grabbed this paper as well as our Oregonian paper today while grocery shopping. Got home, reading it over with a cup of coffee and when I turned to page 5A I choked on my coffee! WOW!

Since then, I've been posting comments over on Huffpo under Robert's and David's excellent article.

I just want to frame and hang this on my huge front door window. I want to also have one posted on my car window! LOL

Excellent job GR!

Robin Nemeth

Kelli Ann wrote: "If the OK Department of Health was "not happy" can you imagine how HHS is reacting???"

We still have no nominee for HHS, do we?

I don't think anyone can be found who wants that job.


I just got back from Which Wich where they have newspapers posted on the wall to read while you wait on your sandwich. I promptly flipped the USA Today around to the GR ad. Then I sat and watched people crap in their pants when they read it. Priceless

Not an MD

What a wonderful and truthful ad! Thanks Generation Rescue.

I am willing to bet that numerous pharmaceutical industry representatives and some pediatricians threw up their morning coffee all over this ad this morning. Priceless.

Kelli Ann Davis -- PS....

Got this from Wayne Rohde a few hours ago! He's been working on some key OK state bills and I've been working closely with him (AAN) on the Durbin bill:


The ad in the paper has created a shit storm at the OK capitol this morning.

I guess that several senators that wanted the vaccine bill to be heard in committee have placed the ad in the chairman's office. The Dept of Health was not happy to see the paper as well.

Life at the capitol today.

Wayne Rohde"

If the OK Department of Health was "not happy" can you imagine how HHS is reacting???


Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Jim, Jenny, JB and Stan! What a powerful message.

Theresa Cedillo

Amy Stoutjesdyk

Thank you Generation Rescue, JB, Jenny, Jim, Stan, Dan, Kim and all of the other contributors who keep the truth in the public eye!! I will buy up every USA Today I can find to increase circulation today and hand them out to all of the non-believers!!

Ready and waiting for whatever you need us to do tomorrow!

Kathy Blanco

Thank you Generation Rescue for putting this out there for the entire world to read. Is it any wonder that parents are so confused? One day, the media says no, the next yes. Please, let's get over the land of tomorrow, and refuse vaccines IN TOTAL. This is the only language they understand, and hurts the bottom line. This should be shouted at the highest roof tops, put on your facebooks (as I did), and proclaimed to mothers to be, and mothers now. This article should be emailed, mailed, faxed to every authority you can think of. As well coppied and placed in pediatric offices (try at least two) for the day or more, in commemeration of the sorrow our kids endured, and this family in particular.

My one question is this? What pediatric doctor in his right mind would call for these tests to be done (MRI)? I don't think many would because of fear of being sued? Or, if you go into an ER situation, would they order such a test? My answer would be a definate no, so these parents must have been educated enough to go there and push it. Maybe this message should be on all vaccine sites too...if you are going to vaccinate, this is what you do if you see a reaction? Much of what this boy went through, my kids went through in spades and more, even seizures, and not being able to walk!!

I forwarded this article to as many people as I know or could. I hope that will be done by every parent reading this. I put a byline on the note, you trust these creeps now?

Kelli Ann Davis -- Get Ready To Rummmmmmble.....

Tomorrow will be the second punch (of the "one-two" punch) and GR/AAN will need everyone's help in rising up and speaking out on behalf of our children!!!

Stay tuned.


Teresa Conrick

WOW -- so great to see!

Thank you all!


This is super! Thanks so much. Just ran out and got my copy of USA Today. Gotta ask tho - what source does the 1:64 autism rate come from? Is this the US Dept of Ed autism numbers?




Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Thanks GR. That add choked me up pretty good. It's awsome-and sad.

PLEASE keep fighting the good fight.

This add is going up on my cube at work and I can't wait to be asked questions about it.

You have my families full support!


Generation Rescue-Thank you for all you do! This is an incredibly powerful ad. We keep standing, we keep fighting, and we keep healing our children because of strong organization like GR backing us. I have renewed strength today!

Michelle McNally

What a sight to behold! Thank you, thank you, thank you Generation Rescue!!


Thank you thank you thank you Generation Rescue for publicizing this decision!!!


I friggin love it! That's whats been needed lately- some seriously gutsy PR stuff questioning the atrocity that is the U.S vaccination schedule. Way to go you guys!!!!!
My daughter and I are working on a little video presentation about giving hep b to babies-barf- I'll keep you posted.


Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and GR co-founder J.B. Handley:

Thank You! This not only enlightes people who see this ad, it raises our spirits and gives us renewed energy that we need to keep going!!!

Erik Nanstiel

Love it!


I went out and bought USA Today so I can hang this up. Thank you Generation Rescue.

Barbie Hines

Thank you again and again and again...

Terri Lewis

Makes me proud that I'm a Rescue Angel, since 2005. Generation Rescue has been saving kids one at a time. This ad will save more, because lots of new parents and parents-to-be will see it.

Let's send this around to our pediatricians and politicians, too.

It's time they start having their eyes opened.

Thanks, JB.


Thank you GR!! Thank you.

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