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Dr. Jay Gordon on HuffPo: There is No Proof Cigarettes Cause Cancer

Dr. jay gordon Dr. Jay Gordon has put himself on the line for our kids over at HuffPo.  Please click HERE to read the full post and to comment.

It took fifty years before the courts finally acknowledged that cigarette smoking causes cancer.

There were billions of dollars at stake.

The dozens of court decisions that there "was no proof" were supported by physicians, expert witnesses of all types and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on attorneys.

Experts and doctors alike stated over and over again that we need not continue studying this issue because there was just no proof.

Let me state very simply, vaccines can cause autism.

No real scientist would encourage us to stop studying this possibility.



Thanks Dr. Gordon for your dedication to our kids, and trying to educate your peers in AAP.

David Taylor

The usual suspects trolling at HuffPost, including Orac. My comment there:

The debate is relatively simple and remarkably uncontroversial:

For the vast majority children, vaccines do not produce any acute illnesses or reactions. In fact, vaccines do much good. Fact.

Our current one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule results in 1000s of vaccine injuries each year to children. Fact.

In the case of Hannah Polling (and others that government has tried to keep hidden from public), the government lawyers and scientists said, yes, vaccines play a role in the regressive autism seen in some children. Fact.

It is reasonable and right for parents and children's doctors to look at VAERS and the 1 in 156 rate of autism and ask if changes in the timing and amount in the current vaccine schedule could help some children.

It is reasonable and right for parents and children's doctors to ask for the government to find out what the potential accumulative long-terms effects are of the 28-30 vaccinations children receive at a very young age. So far that question has not been answered.

It is reasonable and right for parents and children's doctors to evaluate each child for possible risk factors before vaccination. All parents, the government and the AAP should support such individualized care for our children.

Really, these are our children we are talking about. Please stop the shouting, posing, and the rest and act like adults who are responsible for these youngsters.

Kathy Blanco

Thanks for writing this article, it really does illustrate how stupid this court finding was..having no basis in reality or facts.


Love this -- ! Heading over to huffpo now......


Hurray for Dr. Gordon!!!


Last Dec weren't you and Jen gonna be on Larry King again?

what happened to that?

Im sure Larry would love to get in the hot tub with Jim again.

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