Dr. Andrew Wakefield Responds in The Spectator with Melanie Phillips
David Kirby on HuffPo: Keith Olbermann

Deirdre Imus on HuffPo: The Vaccination Money Trail

Money trailManaging Editor's Note: Please read Deirdre Imus's HuffPo piece and keep me company in the comments HERE. You know the acolytes are already on their way.  KS

Last month, Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the vaccine industry's most outspoken activist, warned Huffington Post readers not to "risk going unvaccinated."

When presented with conflicting information on a critically important health issue I generally follow two simple rules...educate myself on the issue and "follow the money." When it came to Dr. Paul Offit, and the credibility of this advice, this was an easy assignment.


Kevin Barry

Great article Deirdre!

Lisa Thompson

Oh Kim, your comment on the Huffpost Blogger sight is so brilliant:

"Are there sham products and terrible docs taking advantage of us in the autism world? Yes, there are. Same goes for cancer, diabetes, weight loss and every other ailment that exists. I don't see Dr. Offit rallying to protect fat people from "Dieting's False Prophets."... Don't think for a moment Dr. Offit is looking out for our kids. He's the face of the highly profitable, government mandated, lawsuit exempted vaccine industry. Cha Ching."

Well said!!!!

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