Deirdre Imus on HuffPo: The Vaccination Money Trail
Vaccine Court To Weigh In On Thursday



Now I really feel like I may be spinning conspiracies out of straw (or something), but both these employees have ventured at least somewhat into the unorthodox realm of questioning some part of the "vaccines are perfectly safe" dogma:


I hope these two events aren't connected:

Cathy Jameson

Thanks for the heads up about this. While filing my mountain of medical bills tonight, I turned on the tv and went straight to MSNBC. Keith was just beginning his "Worst People" segment--it was goooooooood.


Thank you David. Thank you Keith. Bless you Dr. Wakefield. And well, you can figure out the next one, right?



This makes me think of Haman from the book of Esther in the Bible.He was hung on the gallows he prepared for someone else.
I do not understand why deer brian did not get the gold from Olbermann but I will settle for the bronze.

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