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Autism, Bowel Disease and MMR: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Responds to Brian Deer

Brian Deer – history repeating itself as farce.

London By John Stone

Suddenly they do not know where to look. For five years some of us have been trying to warn about the style of reporting: now it looks to have come finally  unstuck.  Disgracefully, Brian Deer ambushed Andrew Wakefield with complex allegations on Friday, not allowing him time to make a proper reply (HERE) .

The story featured yesterday in the Sunday Times has not spread like wildfire across the media.  Has a little wisdom finally set in? The article required readers to accept Brian Deer’s uncorroborated reading of documents which he should not have had and could not be published . Moreover, after five and half years of pouring over this material and the 1998 study ‘Ileal-lymphoid-hyperplasia, non-specific colitis and pervasive development disorder in children’ (HERE) he patently did not understand any of it. He, himself, let on about his difficulties in an response to British Medical Journal in 2005 when he confessed his lack of scientific competence. He wrote: “My best qualification is a BA in philosophy, which is no use to anybody”.  (HERE)

In the interim he would have had time to gain, with a little intellectual application, a plethora of qualifications. Unfortunately, he is still operating on gut instinct, and it is making fools of everyone. What was the Sunday Times doing? Only on Inspector Clouseau principles would you appoint a journalist to investigate scientific fraud who did not have a basic grasp of the data. But that is exactly what has happened.

He has not understood that the statement that the twelve children were normal before vaccination does not mean that they had no prior medical history, but that they did not have the symptoms that they subsequently acquired. Nor does he understand that you would not go to their basic medical records (which he should not have) to find out whether the children had had adverse reactions to vaccine, because routinely GPs do not write these things down.  Or that Asperger Syndrome is an Autistic Spectrum disorder, and can be regressive.  And, incidentally, it should be noted that according to the 1998 study in 11 out of 12 cases the medical histories were compiled not by Wakefield, but by John Walker-Smith.

And yet the medical and political establishment has been constructing its case against Wakefield on Deer’s reporting for the last five years. It was on the back of his first report that Wakefield was held to be “discredited” and the world was brow-beaten into believing it was so. UK National Health Service websites link up to Deer’s website, and the longest medical disciplinary hearing in British history was launched on the basis of his complaint. It is a game in which everybody hides behind everybody else, pretending they can’t be seen – but actually they are all standing there, and their trousers are down.

It is time, finally, to call a halt to this nonsense.

John Stone is a member of Cry Shame, has an autistic son and lives in London.



Every time I read Deer's words I feel like I have to take a rape shower. This character attempted to spin himself a career niche (or audition for the post of agent provacateur for vaccine makers?) off sick and dead children and he has the gall to accuse Dr. Wakefield of his own motives.

John Stone


Yes, of course, it is completely inappropriate that Deer should cover the case (which is an issue also mentioned in the ChildHealthSafety commentary). What is alarming in the UK presently is that so many traditional ethical barriers are routinely breached that no one any longer seems aware of them. When Tony Blair took office a dozen years ago it was with a mission to create "joined up government" - and he might also have added "stitched up citizens". But actually yesterday's story was so outrageously unethical that no other British media source has touched it, so may be - after 5 years - they are beginning to smell something fishy.



Great point Ginger!


One day there will be a reckoning. Hopefully the powers that be will hold mr. Deer accountable for his actions.

Ginger Taylor

How exactly is Deer permitted to write about Wakefield any more?

It is not as if Deer wrote about this story and remained a journalist.

Deer took him to court... he is the one who brought charges against Wakefield et al. Deer is now a main player in this story.

As such he is not longer a journalist covering the story, there can be no presumption of objectivity.

Why is the times letting him write about this still? Why was the material not given to another reporter to write about?


It seems to me that Brian Deer was the perfect patsy for the job. What was his motivation? It is certainly hard to comprehend. Hopefully justice prevails (certainly you can understand the cynicism) and all charges are dismissed against the three and those of us with children injured by their vaccines can sit back and watch the finger pointing between Deer and the government/medical bodies begin.

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