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Big Balls at Ball State: Flu Vaccine? Not so much...

Think for yourself Managing Editor's Note: Yes, I considered that photo. But this is a family site, despite the Pam Anderson appearance.  My eyes are still stinging from the Google search I attempted, and I can't get a certain AC/DC song out of my head.

A group of Ball State University students are worried a preservative found in a flu vaccine meant to keep you healthy could lead to harmful side effects.

Tony Farmer, president of Ball State's Truth Movement, has been leading his group in a protest against faculty in the Amelia T. Wood Health Center over the preservative thimerosal. Farmer says multiple studies indicate thimerosal, used in the flu vaccine Fluzone, can lead to Alzheimer's disease and autism.

Farmer believes the evidence found in the study is convincing, but not enough is being done to rid Fluzone of the potentially harmful preservative.

"The problem is, most people don't examine the evidence either because the FDA has convinced them it doesn't exist," Farmer wrote in an e-mail to DayWatch. "Some are putting more trust in their government than in their own eyes."

Read the full article HERE.


Brooke Kelley

"Why are the Ball State students so much more knowledgeable and informed about the dangers of flu shots than the brainwashed students at the University of Minnesota?"

Because Tony Farmer chose Ball State over Minnesota. Duh!

K Fuller Yuba City

Our children's older siblings have reached college age! They will tell what they have lived and learned with their younger Autistic siblings.

Maureen O

I tell my kids all the time fight the power!!!! This still is America right? we still have freedom of choice? I love this young man. Here he is doing something so powerful and courageous during his college years, where most college kids I know think college is an entitlement to be f***ed up for four years.
Tony brace yourself its going to get bumpy going up against the establishment, but truth ALWAYS wins out! An all of us here at AOA support you fully.

Kelli Ann Davis -- FOUL BALL!!!

"Big Balls at Ball State. Yes, I considered that photo. But this is a family site, despite the Pam Anderson appearance."

No Frickin' Fair!! (Sorry, I was busy today with all the IACC crapola going on an am now just getting to this gem of a post.) Why the double (as in D's -- no pun intended) standard????

The guys got to see a pair of "big 'uns" so why can't the gals???

PS...And obviously you're starting to work on the Tee-shirts, no??

Remember, "Baloney, Good for Sandwiches. Bad for News" etc, etc, etc.


thanks for posting this important story and thanks to those who gave links. I emailed the school newspaper and made some supportive comments. Of course I did also mention the stupidity of giving hep b to babies, besides the thimerosal and vaccines issue. It is so encouraging to see young people (in fact the generation that has been most experimented on) questioning the vaccine agenda. So many of their cohorts are damaged with seizures, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism etc.
Go Farmer!!!!!
I still see a rally sometime soon in Illinois at the AAP headquarters. Those guys should be stepping up for the kids and they just haven't been. Maybe they need to be shamed into it.

Shauna @ Together In Autism

Tony on Autism One Radio...

Tony Farmer, a fellow Hoosier, will be a Guest on my radio show on Autism One Radio "Shauna Layton:WE Are Together In Autism" Everyone please tune in, should be set to air on Feb 26th 2PM Eastern Standard Time @ This will be a very informative and interesting show. He will be covering many topics, mainly how they want to encourage other students on college campuses to do what they are doing and create a national movement.

Shauna Layton-Founder
Together In Autism
[email protected]


I'd love to hear more on AOA from the Truth Movement's president, Tony Farmer; how he's organizing, what kind of flak he encounters along the way, how students respond, etc.

Que huevon is right.

Don't forget to read the newest article

There are now two stories about this in Ball State's student paper. Here's the latest one and it is longer and doesn't have any comments yet.

Flu vaccine challenged
Alzheimer's, autism possible side effects, Truth Movement says
Kelly Allen
Section: NEWS
Originally published: 2/4/09 at 4:10 PM EST
Last update: 2/4/09 at 4:07 PM EST


Let's hope these kids go on to med school!

Terri Lewis

I have great hopes that the next generation will be the ones to see through the vaccine propaganda machine--after all, as karenatlanta points out--they have brothers, sisters and classmates affected.

They've also seen a lot of those kids get better over the years, and some of them know why.

Whoo-hoo! Good news, indeed.

Shauna @ Together In Autism

Yes! I am so proud!!! A fellow Hoosier. This is a HUGE movement for our midwestern region!!! Way to go Ball State!!!

Shauna Layton-Founder
Together In Autism
[email protected]

No med school at Ball State = no propagandized fear

Ball State is on the ball! Way to go Ball State!

Why are the Ball State students so much more knowledgeable and informed about the dangers of flu shots than the brainwashed students at the University of Minnesota who bought into the ploy of setting a single-day Guinness world record for administering seasonal flu vaccines back in October of last year? Maybe UM should change their mascot from a gopher to that of a sheep?

Oh that's right I almost forgot, UM has a medical school that it utilizes to place propagandized fear of diseases into the hearts and souls of unsuspected UM students.


New T-shirt: "I ain't no duncie! I go to school in Muncie!" ;)


A 60's like college revolt against the establishment. I love it.
I knew the next generation of kids would be smarter. The saw vaccine damage up close and personal. It was their brothers, sisters and classmates.
(Insert stranding ovation and long building clap.)

Hats off to Ball State

I am greatly pleased that the younger generation is seeing the truth behind the vaccine propaganda. Good for them.


At least someone has big balls.....

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