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Heart Managing Editor's Note: Only our friend Barbara Fischkin could connect the dots between the vaccine court, the media coverage and the death of an autism Mom in Ohio with such razor sharp insight.

As an Autism Mom, I spent last week with my head spinning. Ultimately though, I could see that the events - in a conflicted American court, a decimated American home and a misguided British newspaper - were all connected, albeit in a deep, unsettling manner. But one that also illuminates that the debate is far from over.

In America last week, our Vaccine Court very curiously threw a hearty dose of cold water over the widely reported connection between autism and vaccines. I use this phrase -- widely reported-- to emphasize that the connection between autism and vaccines has been spotted by multitudes of front line participants and observers -- parents and physicians who have seen children and patients fall apart after being vaccinated. Ignoring these eyewitness accounts is akin to dismissing testimonies from soldiers until those testimonies are "peer reviewed" by scientists who may have no first hand experience in war zones.

Read Barbara's full post and comment at the Spectrum Magazine blog HERE. (If you don't get Spectrum Magazine, we highly recommend you treat yourself to a subscription.)


chantal Sicile-Kira

Great article, Barbara.



How sad as a mom of soon to be 20 yr. old son who was fine untill he got the mmr also having 2 older sons that are ok the very nite he was given the shot he ran very h-fever & 2 wks after had a seizure that almost took his life iknew that the shot was what did this to my precious baby also living with in a hr. drive from 1 of the cases that lost in court i was so aggravated at thier decission & reading 1 family had a video of befor & after really thought they would prove it once & for all so PLEASE! let us all yell as loud as Jenny did a voice that was heard when mine couldn,t yrs. ago as LOUD & LONG as we can yell til i pray they will listen to protect out future precious babies, Linda.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks, Barbara. This is a terrific article that covers it all. You always bring in your own personal stories that pull us in.
Yes, it was a bad week. Here's to good weeks in the future.

Kathy Blanco

I hate the word autism, because it does not apply to the reality of this situation or this disease (and let's call it also NEURODEGENERATIVE if not treated), as the poster mary said above, it is an inflammatory disease in response to infections and toxins-both occuring in utero and out. I think we can have a susceptibility, but I don't go with in your genes are fragile, rather, what was the mother/father before your harboring or had deficiencies in, how much toxins were in them and are these not what causes fragility? Was the baby born with slight asphyxiation and low blood volume or had onboard infections? How much does that damage detox pathways or ability to handle things in a normal timely robust or unrobust manner? For instance a study was out recently, that showed three days of intrinsic problems with mothers thyroid affects the growth of the brain FOREVER. Other studies like VIT D receptor/metabolism not working, affects brain maturation in utero (noting more autism in low vit d states). All of these things matter of course, when you put it in perspective..that is, if vaccines damage the immune system further, make you harbor unnatral infections, then, what is truly the trigger? Of course, it is vaccines..but what was the underlayment?

For me, I have seen plenty a mom who did not LOOK well (ok, autism does that), but I mean, her tests were off, just as off, or more off than her childs (fathers are in this picture too-think of Hannah polings mom-sometimes in quantifiable autoimmune disorders or asymptomatic mito)? So, I go there to think, that vaccines in some children, represent an assault, sometimes immediate, such as death, and SIDS, and slightly delayed such as AUTISM or ADHD, and then further delayed, WITH ADULT onsent diseases, such as MS, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Who is free of this damage? Practically no one. All the oncogenecicity, all the toxins, must lead to some disease state, eventually.

I think Dr Mouldins thinking is right with microvascular strokes, and I think Wakefield is right, because I was reading just yesterday, that the brain is the master controller of what is happening in the body as far as inflammation is concerned. If far out organs are inflammed, so are the brain, and so forth-the signals are off, the immune system is going crazy. So is it any wonder with inflammed guts, have brains that don't work? AFter all, the vagul nerve goes all the way down to the gut, up to the brain? This is the same nerve they disrupt activity for to stop seizures via VNS.

Look at google news, there was a famous cancer doctor who was realizing the reason for cancer of late-a cure on the horizon, and was murderd in her home's think our world hasn't had some responsbility for that one? Or someone wanted her to be silenced? Think of all the scientist like her? Plenty of them...and so, like Wakefield, God help us, that he will continue to define what this disorder is in all it's details. And, all the other researchers who are implicating the changes in our environemnt, aka, vaccines, our food supply, etc, must be looked at with an unbiased eye. Then, smush the theory together in a working hypothesis, that man has done this....all of it..

Perhaps, if a child gets diagnosed with autism, right off the bat, the neuro should be on inflammation and infections like a rat on cheese...going after it before it permantely damaged the brain? I think this is the new fronteir really...after all, what is the first thing they do when you child is diagnosed with some type of cancer, they treat them for crying out loud/hospitalize them? Why so much predjudice? For us it was "refridgerator mothers", "it's in your genes", and "just put them away", "this is as good as it's going to get" kind of attitudes. We at least have to confirm further this encephalitis SSPE like feature in our kids, and get jiggy with it? Confirming the levels of toxins, etc, and the dynamics of what vaccines could do in a child with a sitting duck nature? Unfortunately, that takes money, time, patience, that a lot of us don't have. So, that is why, we moms have figured out what the HELL has happened, and shock our doctors into submission to testing things, and then they get shocked by the very nature of this disease, and then they realize that THEY have caused it too. So, thusly, the silence, so, thusly, the burying as mary said, of the whole truth, and nothing but. It's a good thing I don't have a leadership position to state these facts, or else, I would have cut brake lines by now...and all of us...


An excellent article!

mary podlesak

There may be many factors contributing to the increases in autism in children. While the number of factors is large, a well designed study should demonstrate which factors are related to autism and which are not. A well designed study can show relationships, yes, causation, no. That being said, I hold the conviction that the etiology of autism must be in the vaccines due to the common inflammatory encephalitic effect observed prior to the onset of autism, often caused by a virus. While other factors contribute to the problem they could not be the origin of it. Heredity creates susceptibility to vaccines, drugs, etc. I'm not the only person to have made the autism-vaccine connection. My daughter's neurologist, whom she saw after her seizure was the first person to have made clear to me that indeed there could be a relationship between autism, seizures, encephalitis of the brain - and vaccines. The other person was a statistician. Vaccine court and the media cannot create Truth. The Truth will bury them, just as it did that poor mother of an autistic child from Kent State.

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