Brian Deer Shows True Colors, Blames Parents for Autism
Behind the Vaccine Court: Zero Accountability

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Five years after the initiation of a campaign to discredit the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the London Sunday Times carried additional allegations on Sunday, February 8, 2009. Three pages of coverage that presented no new evidence accused Dr. Wakefield of "fixing" research data. These allegations have no basis in fact and have been fully addressed in Dr. Wakefield's response to the General Medical Council (GMC) prosecution, now well into its second year.

We the undersigned, representing multitudes of citizens worldwide, demand an enquiry into the means by which the continuing episodes of misrepresentation concerning Dr. Wakefield came to pass.


We demand that the London Sunday Times review its coverage and the increasingly evident conflicts of interest of Brian Deer with regard to both the initial lodging of the GMC complaint and subsequent reporting.

We demand to see substantiation of allegations made in the London Sunday Times article of February 8, 2009, or to be informed should no such substantiation be available.

As Brian Deer has stated that his reporting was directed by editors managing his investigation for the London Sunday Times, we demand answers of the editors with regard to mismanagement of Deer's investigation and why unsubstantiated text was permitted to be published.  We request that the editor-in-chief and ownership of the London Sunday Times review, amend, and apologize for this mismanagement and editorial failure.

Further, we support an independent investigation into potential influences from pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and other special interest groups that may have played a part in efforts to censor the reporting of academic research that does not present the current mainstream medical position.  We also support an enquiry into Brian Deer's activity that addresses his statements about influencing vaccine cases in the United States.

We declare that:

1.  Dr. Wakefield is a man of honesty, integrity, courage, and proven commitment to children and the public health.

2.  Dr. Wakefield’s research is rigorous, replicated, biologically valid, clinically evidenced, corroborated by published, peer-reviewed research in an abundance of scientific disciplines, and consistent with children’s medical problems.

3.  We support clinicians who pursue treatments for bowel disorders based on Dr. Wakefield’s work and corroborating science, most specifically Arthur Krigsman, MD.

4.  We support all scientists, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, in the freedom to conduct medical research into the biological mechanisms for vaccine-related immune and brain dysfunction, including autism, without being attacked personally and professionally by industry, government, and organized medicine. We support scientific discovery, freedom to investigate, and freedom to speak in science.

5.  We question the work of Brian Deer. Although journalists have a right to investigate and report, time after time Brian Deer has stepped over the line in terms of journalistic ethics. This has included his misrepresenting as new information that which he knows to be untrue; consistently misrepresenting himself and his role; and failing to meet minimum standards separating facts from opinion.

6.  We renounce pharmaceutical lobby groups and the London Sunday Times supporting the complaint lodged with the GMC, the actions of which result in intimidating doctors thereby preventing objective medical assessment of autistic children with co-morbid bowel involvement.

7.  We condemn the censorship of science. There are more than enough facts and evidence to support the case of vaccine injury, but the politicization of these issues has made it impossible to publish important and valid science. The debate is rigged in favor of the vaccine industry.

8.  We condemn the conflicts of interest and abuse of power of the government, which has become the greatest proponent for vaccines and the greatest opponent to vaccine safety research.

9.  We serve the children and families who daily suffer the consequences of the largest institutional failure in modern medicine. This is a moral crisis demanding urgent action.

10.  We demand recognition of the global autism emergency. We call for investigation into the most likely environmental causes (including vaccines). We cry out for the application of proven treatment practices and for the investigation of other treatment options to help suffering children and families immediately.

Members of the public, parents, doctors and scientists worldwide are now calling for a formal enquiry.

Again, please visit to sign the petition.


Milton Rhodes

I have no idea whether there is or isn't a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, but I do greatly deplore the witch hunt that is being carried out against Dr Andrew Wakefield.

What sort of message does this send to young medical researchers? Basically, toe the party line in your research findings or expect to be ostracised and demonised by the medical establishment.

Julie Swenson

My word was "animal"...Brian Deer...animal....hmmm...hee hee.

Margaret Alexander

dr wakefiels was reporting what he found out and he was punished for it that is wrong.


My word was "screw." Like what they are doing to Dr. Wakefield.


I signed and have encouraged my friends and family to do the same.

My word was "weight" - for the weight Andy carries on his shoulders these days.

We love you Dr. W!!! Charlie says hello!

Amy W

done! code word "same".....WE DO NOT WANT MORE OF the SAME from them. Dr Wakefield and Dr Krigsman have made a huge impact on my son's health both directly and through their research. We support you!!!!



Our children are being treated at Thoughtful House and we're incredibly grateful that it exists. The clinic is extraordinary and we think the world of the practitioners there.


Done! My word ver was "pull" and I am pulling my daughter as hard as I can out of this epidemic! Bless you Dr. Wakefield


My word verifier was PROFIT!! No kidding.

K Fuller Yuba city

Signed...and I know it is the right thing to do. The code word for my signature was Snake, and snakes have become our sons favorite topic of the moment.


I agree with David Taylor

This is the behaviour of Brian Deer when he does not get an award for his investigative work.


I have signed and fully support this petition on behalf of Dr. Wakefield, who I had the privilege of meeting at a conference in Austin, Texas back in 2002. This was at a time that I was agonizing what I (we, my wife and I) what we did wrong with our first child not knowing anything about autism.

I had explained to him that I had read an article questioning the safely about vaccinations, but it was the farthest thing on my mind since I didn’t know better. That the burden was on my shoulders, where did we go wrong? He was very caring and told me not to feel this way, that it wasn’t the parents fault. And with the proper early interventions we could save our son.

This was hard to believe at first, I was very hard on myself and pretty much a wreak emotionally inside, but have always remembered his words of advice. Our son has improved, but still has many mountains to climb.

I openly asked him to stay at my house, if he ever visited Houston, and that he will always be welcomed. I still feel the same; he is a good man amongst much profiteering evil in modern medicine.

In due time, Andrew Wakefield - you will have your good name back. More then just another Doctor, more importantly you are a great human being and that fact alone no one can take away!

for Alexander and so many Others

Terri Lewis



done! The one thing we need most to win this fight is persistence.


Dr. Wakefield,

I support you and families in London also support you. You uncovered something that otherwise would never have been uncovered. You are a pioneer in your field of practice! Please read from the following link:


Signed. And my word ver? "sheep." Like the people who refuse to open their eyes.


David Taylor

Petition signed. An investigation of Brian Deer needs to proceed full force. Some major stones need to be turned over here and have been alluded to already.

Mr. Deer's obsession with the case is either a sign of mental illness or a sign that he is supported and encouraged by corporate and/or government entities.

dan olmsted

I just wanted to say personally how glad we are at Age of Autism to support Andy. Suppressing science and discrediting good scientists is as bad as it gets -- and this is what we're witnessing day in and day out.

Diane Frioni


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