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Vaccine Awakening on Gardasil Death & Brain Damage: A National Tragedy

Katie Wright on IACC, aka "Team Can't Do"

Bomb clock By Katie Wright

The IACC committee makes an incredibly persuasive case for direct democracy.

IACC’s unelected leader and unelected government officials have repeatedly acted only in their own self interest rather than in the public’s. Interesting, because that is why we have the autism epidemic in the first place.

Tom Insel is a man clearly trying to run out the clock. His boss, Mike Leavitt is gone and Insel is taking full advantage of his power in pursuit of his own agenda- stopping vaccine research. The committee voted to spend a miniscule  2% of the CAA budget for independent vaccine research. Insel, apparently panicked at that prospect, held a surprise “re-vote” at the next meeting. Anti- vaccine research committee members were told about the re-vote in advance but members who stand for honesty, transparency and the public interest were not.

There was a huge public outcry over Insel’s deceptive actions and a near universal call for re-instatement of the vaccine research. But rather than listening to appeals for common decency,  reason, Senators, Congressmen, Moms, Dads, Autism Speaks, ASA, the National Autism Association, SafeMinds, Generation Rescue, TACA, Tom goes it alone- yet again. This self-professed non expert in autism, non expert in vaccines, unelected bureaucrat believes he knows better than everyone. Rather than respecting the public’s wishes and the public interest, Insel hands the CDC and other govt agencies even more money to continue investigating and exonerating themselves. Why not just burn the money now? Let’s just end any pretense that these projects will amount to anything.

Tom Insel is not alone in fear driven agenda to stop independent scientists from taking a close look at vaccine safety.

A co-captain of team “stop vaccine research” is Dr. Yvette Janvier. Dr. Janvier likes to remind the committee and all the autism parents listening in that we are spoiled Americans who (drumroll please) “don’t remember the real diseases.” Oh, how many times have we been subjected to this irrational, baseless and condescending argument. Janvier, Insel the CDC, the NIH all present our families with the same ridiculous threat; parents must either accept their lousy, sloppy vaccine studies riddled with conflicts of interest or every American child dies of an infectious disease! Janvier went on to reminiscence, at length, at her life saving work in Eastern Europe and …how Americans are ignorant about these disease…how we do not understand The Science! Who cares about the public input, who cares what every single autism organization wants done, who cares that the Denmark study is riddled with embarrassing errors and would not merit a D in a stats 100 class. All that matters is Janvier’s opinion and her all consuming loathing of Jenny McCarthy.

Yes, yes, you see the real enemy here is not the tragic human suffering of autism but Jenny McCarthy! In Dr. Janvier’s twisted universe, McCarthy’s call for independent vaccine research amounts to a call to arms. The fact that Jenny’s child regressed became chronically ill and almost died as a result of autism is irrelevant.  Dr. Janvier knows better! McCarthy has never once said that she is anti-vaccine, quite the contrary, so why are these bureaucrats so threatened by her advocacy for better vaccine safety testing? Where was the medical community’s outrage and sense of urgency about autism before Jenny came on the scene?

Another IACC committee member who believes vaccine research, not autism, is the real enemy is Story Landis, PhD. After Dr.Mark Noble so eloquently spoke of the paucity of research regarding the safety of so many toxic additives in childhood vaccines,  Ms.Landis scoffed! Landis stated that no matter what, many parents will never believe The Science! Landis than compared the situation to a research study on echinea which failed to demonstrate its effectiveness as proof. Landis decried the fact that still people keep buying ecchinea- not matter what!  Incredible! OK, I am lost; this has what to do with autism? I suppose the difference between echinea and vaccines is that vaccines are legally mandated and our children’s has been endangered by 11 horribly done vaccine studies while echinea is a harmless herb? Or was Landis saying that if parents dare to question the CDC, they are crackpots who can never be satisfied? Well whatever Landis meant to imply or say, her contributions to IACC were useless.

Now we come to Ms. Alison Singer, the Rod Blagojevich of IACC. Singer lost her job at Autism Speaks precisely because she did such a terrible job representing the autism community on IACC. Like Blagojevich, Singer bizarrely clings to a seat that any reasonable person would vacate- immediately. As with Blago, Singer refuses to accede to the reality that her presence on IACC is neither legitimate nor justifiable. Singer is has no support from ANY autism organization. What is she even doing there? Crowbaring in Paul Offit’s tired talking points into the IACC discussions does not constitute a representation of our families’ interests.  Instead, maybe Singer can explain why it is “perfectly safe to inject a baby with 10,000 vaccines at once” as Offit like to claim. Singer, naturally, had cast her vote to stop all independent vaccine research. Singer says there are “more promising” leads? What leads? Eye gazing? What is she so afraid will happen if we were to comprehensively study vaccine safety?

Finally we heard from Bruce Gellin of the CDC. Gellin reported that the CDC had undertaken a number of listening projects to hear what Americans thought of the CDC’s immunization schedule. Surprise, surprise, Gellin reported that most Americans do not feel that our immunization schedule is safe. Families have serious concerns about the additives in vaccines as well as in the combinations vaccines are administered to babies and toddlers. OK, CDC, tell us something we do not already know…Yet Gellin did indeed seem surprised by these findings. At least he was honest.

Rather than implementing Lyn Redwood’s motion to re-instate independent vaccine research into the Strategic Plan, Tom Insel, instead, to decides to collaborate even more closely with the CDC. Now we are right back to the beginning, the CDC, whose immunization safety research the public does not find credible or trustworthy, are once again investigating their own vaccine program. It is a bureaucratic masterstroke driven by fear of the truth.  Nice work Tom, 2 years of meetings and IACC is right were they started- no independent vaccine research. Fear, corruption and self-interest win, American children lose.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.


jill r

i can't believe this. i just can't. giving more funding to the cdc? what the #$#!$#%!!!
i had, well my son had a bad day today. he is doing so well with his biomedical treatments and he transitioned to school really nicely. but then he''l have these off days. he was stimming and screaming all day. wich just causes everyone to fight more. i just want someone to say i am not crazy and tell me what i have known all along. i want some answers, i want to know why people aren't all over this problem. and it is a problem. what will my son do if he has a in sick and say he has to stay home and stim all day? is there anyone down at the cdc watching this all unfold? this is on your hands.

Heidi R

Katie, As a resident of the up and coming Police State of NJ (as you so accurately dubbed it) I am not surprised by the similar antics of Tom Insel and these members of the IACC but I AM outraged. I'm sure Tom is just following orders to stall any forward progress as long as possible in the hope that statute of limitation on liability for this heinous crime has expired. Thanks for never giving up.

Heidi N

I am beginning to think the IACC is just a cover-up to put more money into the pockets of those who seemingly have been getting paid to manifest poor health. I wonder if it were better that the IACC didn't exist at all. After all, I recovered my children with no help from them or the government. The private sector is making leaps and bounds. These gov't bodies concerning health regulations are collecting money for what? They didn't help my kids.

Teresa Conrick


I enjoyed reading this so much! It is all so true and crazy yet knowing I am not the only one who thinks it makes me feel better! Go, sister!

This cannot keep going on. It is insanity. Like an old western town with no sheriff, the thugs and black hats keep getting away with illegal and immoral activities. It is time for Gary Cooper..high noon...true grit--you get my drift.

And we have a new administration who fits the bill...but are they listening?

I hope so.


I once looked up the list of autism studies the NIH is doing. They are ALL studies of existing psycho/pharma drugs, trying to create a new market (autism! here, take a pill developed for schizophrenia!) for drugs that have dangerous side effects. The whole thing is a big racket; pharma is running CDC, FDA, and the doctor's office I was in yesterday. I have become completely cynical.

Kathy Blanco

I will hope for a better tomorrow, till then, I work to the bone trying to get my kids better, in the midst of denialist and liars. This world is truly going to hell.

Why don't we do what the FBI is doing to the president of the "peanut corporation of america"? They are going to ask him to partake of his own products...geee, why didn't we think of that?

And isn't it funny that people will get the FBI around them, when a PRODUCT has poisoned them, but we can't do that to the Vaccine industry? Where is our country going? Again....HELL...


So, Insel voted to give the CDC more money to investigate their vaccine program?

Isn't that like giving the tobacco company money to investigate the safety of their cigarrettes?

And what do you think the CDC will find? When they are investigating one of their own programs for corruption?

In science, such investigations require an impartial 3rd party to remove both confirmation bias as well as potential conflict of interest. Apparently, vaccines don't fall under the science umbrella.


Testing, testing, is this thing on?

I have to be in a strange dream or something, because something THIS clear, THIS factual, THIS outrageous cant possibly be happening in the US, the world today in 2009?!?!?

What the F?!?!

I guess the US cant handle more than one thing at a time, and right now its the economy...gosh, if someone would just link the LOADS of money this is costing and GOING to cost the taxpayers in the future if not handled like YESTERDAY, it might, just might get someones attention....
I want to SCREAM!

Great article! keep it coming! We are being heard....Facts do not and can not be hidden, and certainly WILL NOT kept hidden any longer with all of us Warrior Parents!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Kelli Ann Davis

"All that matters is Janvier’s opinion and her all consuming loathing of Jenny McCarthy."

Personally, I think part of Janvier's "loathing of Jenny" is due to guilt.

At one of the earlier IACC meetings I attended about a year ago, Janvier made the comment that many of the parents of her older patients (late teens) were coming to her in distress after reading/hearing Jenny's message, wondering if they had "missed something" that could have helped their child. She stated it was “unfair” to these parents for Jenny to be saying that her child recovered. (Yup, believe it or not, she cared more about “fairness” than the fact that child were recovering!)

Later, while waiting in the lunch line next to Janvier (and deciding how I was going to bring up her remarks regarding Jenny), an individual came up to her and "congratulated her" on her bold stance during the meeting. Well, that of course opened the door and I “pounced” on it!! (Surprise, surprise – Gomer Pyle style ;-)

I basically said this wasn’t an issue about “fairness” but about helping children!! And I further stated that even if there were children who couldn’t be helped by the recommendations that Jenny was suggesting, did that mean we should not attempt to help the children that WOULD benefit from those suggestions????

Bottom Line: One of those rare occasions where I wished I had a tape recorder under my shirt. It was that classic and telling!!


Everybody watch Allison Singer's next job...maybe her child will be well cared for during her lifetime because of what she did.

Julie Obradovic

Tom Insel is not now and never was a friend to the Autism community. This is the same insensitive person who had the audacity to suggest "A vaccine for Autism or something like it" at the NAA Conference in 2007...big red letters VACCINE splattered across 3 screens as a possible prevention for Autism. Talk about not knowing your audience or the issues. It's beyond unfortunate that he has been selected to allocate the research dollars we desperately need to find out what is going on with our's disgusting.

None-the-less, this debacle makes the truth even more obvious:

The science we need can never be done by those who will be held accountable. It's just that simple. Our government caused this problem when they gave pharmaceutical companies freedom from liability and responsiblity for a product they mandate their citizens to have, and they can't be allowed to decide whether or not that's the truth.


As always, Katie, your strength and determination are inspiring. We are living in an insane time. A couple of nights ago I was talking to a friend of mine and she was relating her fear for continuing vaccines for her youngest son. This is a dear friend to me and definitely knows how I feel. My friend is worried because she believes that her son had a strange reaction to his last vaccine and says that something in her "heart" is telling her not to go any further. She also has a friend that is a pediatric nurse...these are her brilliant words:
"There really hasn't been a link associated with autism and vaccines. If there was...personally, I can live with autism I cannot live without my child. That's just my opinion."

This is exactly WHY there is no support for families when asking for safe vaccines. If a child is vaccinated safely (um, excuse me, I mean if they have no reaction), previous nurses quote applies...if your child is damaged...your a psycho parent who wants to spread disease throughout the world, without reguard for anyone.
Back to my empty glass...what a ^&%*& rollarcoaster this is.

Oh, and btw, her sons reaction was to fall asleep immediately without being able to rouse him for 1 1/2 hours. This doesn't sound like a lot, but he was unrousable (word?), and this is a child who wakes up if you are breathing too close, and mom says it was odd how quickly he fell asleep.
Is this familiar to anyone? He is 13 months now, and was 3 months at the time. Her pediatrician said the child went into "shut-down" mode when he was over stimulated.

Anne Dachel

Thank you Katie for all your efforts in the face of such opposition. Lost in the exchange over vaccine research, is the reality that we have a generation of suffering children disabled by a disorder that no one can reasonably explain. I saw a recent comment by Dr. Jon Poling, father of Hannah Poling: "How
Do We Know What Autism IS NOT if We
Do Not Know What Autism IS?"

Anne Dachel
Media editor

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