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Oh John, it so nice to finally meet you!!! What a handsome, fine young man you are! Thank you for helping out your mom who in return is able to help all of us! We very much appreciate the both of you!!

All our best always,
The Wessels


Anne -
This is a beautiful picture, and judging by the comments from people who know him, your son is as wonderful as he looks!

Barbie Hines

What an inspiration to all of us...and our children...and I'm talking about Anne and John...

John, thank you for being such a great example for my son...I already told him about you so he can look forward to a successful life, like yours! are truly a warrior!


I enjoyed hearing the story of how John learned to drive and the perseverance needed to get through taking his road test.
You should consider sharing it in a story.
So many times my son has collapsed in tears saying "I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!!". Especially with school related challenges.
Many times we have had to work things over and over until we had success.
I once heard the Drummer for Kansas comment that our kids have to work twice as hard at everything. Therefore I think they need twice as much applause when they fight through goals to success.
John's driving story will always be an inspiration to me as a mother, to keep at it.
What lies within our kids is greater than the challenge!

Anne Dachel

Kelliann! Now all my secrets are out!!

LOL...Anne Dachel (mom)

Kelli Ann Davis on Why John Rocks

Hey Karen -- you stole my line!

John -- YOU ROCK!

When it comes to computers he is "thee" guru. [Translation: His mom is NOT.] Whenever Anne and I do our whole *webcast thingy* (Red wine and Sangria in hand -- Cheers Anne ;-) John is standing by ready to *fix* whatever it is Anne breaks.

I've told Anne many times, she needs to hire John and pay him for being her *right-hand man* cuz trust me -- if it weren't for John half the stuff she writes and sends around wouldn't ever make it to our computers!

(PS. John is the one who told ME I had the ability to do *webcam* [Translation: I didn't know my laptop had a camera on it] and he was sitting 2,000 miles away. Now if *that* ain't the bomb, I don't know what is....although I know Jenny's somewhere in that mix ;-)


Thank you for introducing us to this kind looking and handsome young man. :~)

K Fuller Yuba City

Thanks so much. Our son is 16,we have been battling Autism and health issues for 14 years. We have won many of these battles but there are still battles ahead. He wants to drive, he wants a girlfriend, he wants to be a snake handler. We want it all for him. John is an inspiration that this will all be possible.
Happy New Year!

Tim Kasemodel

John is a true warrior. He represents the first hint of the tsunami of kids that will become adults with very unique needs. John is putting to the test the "available resources", which unfortunately sometimes means and helping to define the failures of a system that is not yet ready for the onslaught of the next generation of kids with autism.

Having met John many times and been welcomed into his home with my own kids, I can assure you all he is the greatest. My wife Laura and my own son John also had the pleasure of accompanying the Dachels to Washington D.C. for the Power of Parents rally.

The song that came to my head when I saw the picture above is John Lennon's "Imagine". After all, aren't hopes and dreams what the Age of Autism blog is all about?

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one....."


John totally rocks!
He has been our inspiration for years.
He's smart, drives and lives and active independent life.
I hope my son will grow up and be a fine young man like John Dachel one day!

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