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Ray Salomone Fitness Tips for Parents

Ray head shot Managing Editor's Note: We're pleased to provide a second workout routine from fitness expert Ray Salomone (who is also a proud new Daddy! His son was born in December.)
His WARRIORS AND GODDESSES WORKOUT PLAN is free for the asking, just
send him an email through his website  www.GrecoRomanWellness.com

By Ray Salomone

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for welcoming me back. The last workout I posted was a quick blast that worked the entire body. (HERE)

This time I want to focus on legs. Many reports have shown that leg
strength, or lack of, is a great predictor of longevity and quality
of life as we get older. So my thought is: Strong legs and the rest
will follow.

Group One is if you have a staircase in your home. Group Two if not.

Ray squats 2 
Group #1

10 Jumping Jacks at the bottom of the staircase
10 squats (you can hold dumbbells if you wish)
Walk up staircase two at a time (again dumbbells if desired)
5 squats at top of the stairs
Walk back down.

Repeat this routine 3-5 times in a rapid pace. You should be
breathing pretty heavy when you're done. Then do as many pushups as
you can for a great finish!

Group #2

10 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats (dumbbells if desired)
20 mountain climbers (see photo)
10 squats (breathe deeply)

Ray squats 2 
Repeat this 3-5 times and finish with a max set of push ups.

After the initial soreness (if any) of 2 days, followed by a day of
"tired" legs, you'll begin to feel much stronger in the legs which
will increase your energy and stamina.

Stick with this program (I know you have patience and persistence!!)

Please email me with any questions or comments

You and your children are the true WARRIORS AND GODDESSES

Ray Salomone
Personal Trainer and Wellness Crusader


workout routines

I did whatever of your workout today! My kids went into hysterics when they saw me do your exercises. Intellectual situation they are too youthful to be scared for brio watching mom descent around
marq thonpson


Hello this is Allan visiting first time to this site and found it very interesting and I am really going to work on it and I will start it from today.Thank you for such a great concept I really like it.



Workout Routines

Julie Swenson

er...scarred...not scared...though that may apply, too.

Julie Swenson

Thanks Ray! I did some of your workout today! My kids went into hysterics when they saw me do your exercises. Good thing they are too young to be scared for life watching mom flop around.... :oD

Kathy Blanco

Number one problem in all these autism moms is a disorder thyroid function. Mostly hypothyroid or Hashimotos...can we crawl out of this mess of obesity, with all that going on, toxins, etc? Excercise my buns everyday, but still, I have problems...eat no gluten or casein like your kids....the weight comes off like, no one's business...perhaps hidden in all that food is HFCS with mercury, preservatives, bromine (which attacks thyroid gland), etc? HMMM? Also, check for infections in your gland, such as MUMPS virus, not kidding, or even Lyme disease. When I began to treat that, the weight came off.


Ray - thanks for checking back in - and taking the time to update the routines.

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