The Politics and Commerce of Autism
An Addendum to February's "First Read"

Pediatrics Warns Docs about Dr. Sears and the Alternative Vax Schedule

Boulder uphill Pediatrics is warning it's members about the alternative vax schedules that its customers, its clients, its PATIENTS are demanding.  And that politicians, parents, doctors, scientists and other sane people are now considering the norm, not the exception. And look! Another Rotovirus vaccine has been licensed!

Read the full piece HERE.

Please visit Ask Dr. Sears, and make sure you buy The Vaccine Book for unbiased information that puts your precious child first.

In a special article in the January issue of Pediatrics, the authors discuss the increasing popularity of a book by Dr. Robert Sears (The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child) in which he provides alternative vaccine schedules for parents who want to decline, delay, or reduce the number of vaccines. The authors of the special article provide information about the fallacies of the alternative approach and summarize misconceptions of families and physicians who opt for the alternative schedule. All physicians who care for children should read this article to increase their understanding of alternative vaccine schedules and to better inform parents.

Guess who wrote the "special article?"  Dr. Paul Offit. HERE.

Vaccine Update 2009

Changes in the recommended immunization schedule, a warning about the growing popularity of an alternative vaccine schedule, and progress with the avian influenza (H5N1) vaccine in children

The vaccine schedule for children and adolescents is a moving target that requires frequent updates and adjustments. The AAP, the CDC, and the American Academy of Family Physicians have published the 2009 immunization schedules. Two important changes include:

Influenza vaccine is now recommended for all children ages 6 months through 18 years, close contacts of children through age 4 years, and contacts of high-risk children ages 5 years through 18 years (JW Pediatr Adolesc Med Mar 12 2008).

A second rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix; GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) has been licensed; the dosing schedules for Rotarix and RotaTeq have been synchronized so that the first dose of either one can be administered at ages 6 weeks through 14 weeks (JW Pediatr Adolesc Med Jul 30 2008).



Kathy Blanco & Kelli Ann -- thank you both for your comments.

I thought the Washington D.C. march was incredibly exciting. (I wasn't there -- too far away and in the middle of the week -- but I read about it.) It was truly amazing how little it was covered in the news. I have noticed lately that there seems to be more pharma ads on the news than ever. Probably this has two purposes: to sell the products and to provide indespensible income to the news programs and thus increase pharma influence. In addition, the govt agencies are still saying, "Don't talk about it because diseases are dangerous!"

Never-the-less, there were some news reports about the rally, and there are still stories on the internet. And in Washington D.C. many people in power -- politicians and agency employees -- saw first hand (through their windows) that there are thousands of people who are passionate about the issue of vaccine harm. I hope that there will be more rallies (how about west coast?) It's odd --a few years ago I would never have imagined that vaccines would become a civil rights issue for protests and marches.

I don't think it needs to be a choice of either-or. I think that both rallies and studies are important. I hope that a good vax/unvaxed study will be done in the near future. Surely there is a way to fund it. I'm sure many parents and autism groups would be willing to contribute. Once it is done, the propaganda machine will spew criticisms of methodology etc. It will have to be very very well done, and preferably large.

It's amazing to me how long some people -- such as Sandy Gottstein and Barbara Loe Fisher -- have been working for vaccine safety. I do believe we are at a turning point these days. Unfortunately, I think the cause of this is that as the vaccine schedule has increased, the number of injured babies and children has increased as well -- some of whom are children of politicians, scientists, doctors, celebrities, or just extremely committed active parents. I do believe that change is coming. If not, five years from now you can tell me I am hopelessly naive.

Anyway, we're all in this together, trying to help the children. As my younger daughter would say, "peace out".



Ok, I couldnt TAKE it anymore, so I didnt finish the article from Offit...I shouldnt have even started to read it since I knew i would get irritated! ARGH!

He totally contridicts himself, gosh he is getting more and more sloppy in his lies/intimadations/etc.

Offit says (Under headline "Vaccine Safety Testing Is Insufficient")
"Furthermore, safety mechanisms such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the Vaccine Safety Datalink Project are model systems for detecting rare adverse events after licensure. Drug surveillance would benefit from mimicking these vaccine catchment systems."

Then, just a few paragraphs later Offit writes (in headline "Risks From Vaccines") "
Sears thinks that reports to VAERS represent an accurate profile of a vaccine's side effects. However, VAERS is a passive surveillance system and cannot be used to determine the true incidence of adverse events, which can be determined only by using control groups (not provided by VAERS). For this reason, VAERS reports often represent coincidental and not causal associations. Furthermore, the source of VAERS reports can be misleading. For example, many of the recent VAERS reports of autism after receipt of vaccines came not from parents, doctors, nurses, or nurse practitioners but from personal-injury lawyers."

So Offit things VAERS is Good AND Evil all in wonder why he thinks he is 'helping' children....

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


I don't believe the pharmaceutical companies will stop unless they are forced to. They have no incentive (liability) to stop AND they actually have financial incentive to continue. The few vaccine injury cases that have been awarded aren't even paid by them. That, too, is paid for by families with a vaccine tax/surcharge. This has all been orchestrated masterfully. I don't think anyone is so naive to think they will just stop out of the goodness of their hearts. If so, they would have done that many, many years ago. This is all about money. (Read Grisham's "The Appeal." )

How long has the 'collective we' been trying to end this with diplomacy? Decades?

It's not a reflection on *you* KAD or anyone else. It's a reflection on the entire situation. Taking it personally only brings division among those of us with a common goal. We don't need to be divided and/or conquered and we certainly shouldn't be attacking each other. It goes both ways. We and our children are already paying the ultimate price.

I have no doubt that the suits in DC tell our diplomats that their work is VERY important and progress is being made, which could definitely be interpreted in more than one way.

Now, would anyone like to discuss ethyl vs. methyl mercury?

Would anyone like to discuss the effects of mercury poisoning via inhalation, vs. ingestion, vs. IM injection?

Kathy Blanco

Twyla, you seem to think that I am downplaying parents TRYING to get a message through about vaccines. But, what I am saying is, the message has been thwarted by belief that vaccines can be made safe. There is no put down in this, this is about our philosohpical stance on vaccines. It is apparent you still believe in vaccines as is your right, as is my right to not believe in them. Once you study the science and how diseases were on the decline before any vaccine hit the market, you will understand that the body after a while, understands how to deal with these diseases. GIVEN, that we are given the proper information on how to treat them before, during and after. This means, knowing measles depletes VIT A, then we should not be vit A deficient in the first our grandmothers understood this, and gave their children DAILY cod liver oil. What mother on this planet does that now? Only the autistic moms from my count...

That said, I am sorry if I came across strong...but of recent I have met many mothers attempting slower schedules, only to find their children with autism/ADHD and other autoimmune problems. I take that more seriously, I think, than you do.

One mome wrote me off list, and said, that she finally realized what I was talking about.

I do think funding for research is a lot easier than changing the vaccine zealotry industry. It is very easy, if we are bold in this stance...if we are not bold, then we sit back and let things happen to us. I do think the monies that were spent in Washington DC and rallies, airplane tickets and hotels would have translated to at least a half million dollars. That's a good chunk of independent research change. I have raised money for researchers before, and it is very easy to get at least one hundred thousand. I think that would probably fetch at least one hundred children unvaccinated, and one hundred children unvaccinated study. That would finally prove the whole mess would it not? One hundred subjects is considered a measurable study. I would be glad to initate that, if someone already has a NPO. I am that serious.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Thank You Twyla


Thank you for your *spot on* statements regarding Kathy Blanco's behavior.

As I've indicated to others privately, I have no desire to post to the site if my work -- as well as others like DAN!-- continue to be berated publicly by another parent on this site.

That said, I had to break it this once to express my gratitude for your (as always) level-headed thinking ;-)




Kathy Blanco, you said, "I know I piss people off with this message." I don't think it is your message that pisses people off. If you want to boycott vaccines and raise money for independent research and use alternative medicine and eat organic, go for it.

But when you say things like "All this pussy footing around the issue, kissing the toes of these people in order for us to make our voices heard?" that is a slap in the face to people who are working so hard to change laws, raise public awareness, influence politicians and doctors and scientists, and more.

The fact is, laws matter. In some areas of the country, if parents don't either give their kids all the vaccines or come up with a medical or religious exemption that gets approval from the powers that be, they can't send their kids to public school. There are even reports of parents being reported to social service agencies for not vaccinating. And lawyers saying that parents of unvaccinated kids should be sued if other kids get sick.

These are issues that need to be addressed on many fronts. Simply boycotting vaccines isn't enough. Good luck on raising money for independent research. It may take a while until that research is done. In the meantime, why expend so much energy on criticizing people who are basically on the same side as you? Go ahead and express your opinion that all vaccines are bad and should be boycotted, but don't slam people who are working for vaccine choice, increased awareness and understanding of vaccine problems, etc. etc.

Our government agencies are supposed to be there to protect our children. We can just accept the CDC as is and go live in a commune out in the wilderness, or we can keep trying to bring about change. If you have given up on the CDC, that's fine, but why criticize people who are still trying to bring about change?

Not every single person in these agencies is corrupt. Some of them chose their profession out of a concern for public health. Look at the group of FDA scientists who wrote to President Obama to say that their scientific opinions were being subverted.

In another thread you said, "I fail to see why someone feels I am attacking them personally. What I am attacking is the message. That's way different..." I don't think you realize how contemptuous your comments sometimes sound.

You also said, "Vaccines should be avoided, we should not work with these people, and they only understand boycotts, not committees, not emails, not faxes, not trips to washington DC. I have had it with trying to drive this point home." Again, that is a slap in the face to a lot of people who are working very hard to have an impact on our government. I don't know why you think that everyone else should stop what they are doing and focus only on a vaccine boycott. If that's what you want to do, fine. But why keep belittling other people's work?

Furthermore, you need to have some respect for other people's beliefs about vaccines. You are not an omniscient goddess. Your opinions are your opinions, just like my opinions are mine. We are all trying to balance the risks and benefits of vaccines and infectious diseases. None of our beliefs have ultimate absolute certainty.

Do express your views, but try to be more conscious of how you are belittling others' work and beliefs.

Why am I even bothering to write this? I don't know!


OMYGOSH Scroll down they are promoting vaccinating for Bird Flu!
What's next Kooties!

Kathy Blanco

If the goal is to stop neurological injury by vaccine, then I think the radical approach may be the only approach that is not only scientific but ethical. I can go/see to the fly to honey approach, but, I just think it allows parents to STILL BELIEVE that vaccine have any value. That's the part where the whole belief system has gotten out of whack and it will take decades until some understand the holocaust that happened. ONE VACCIONE, ONE LESS MERCURY VACCINE, ONE OLDER CHILD GETTING THE SERIES, is still going to cause autism in a susceptible child. And, not just autism, other things. I just think these diseases are outmoted, and are innocuous if given the right sanitation/hygeine/nutritional status. That also would be a grander solution to kids in Africa, instead of thse quick fixes.

As long as the vaccine industry thinks they are doing us favors, or working with us, they will continue to enlarge the schedule, make kids more toxic and virally loaded with gene/oncogenic viruses, and our world will continue to sicken. What will happen in the next generation, scares the begeebees out of me.


Hi Kathy and Ray, I am glad there are people who are radically saying no to vaccines. We need that.LOVE the radicalism!Am a big Edgar Cayce fan, too. There is room for all of us to play our part in helping with this problem. "Blood poisoning" is a great term!!by the way. I just think we also need to respect the more moderate approach as having a lot of good impact as well. It must be very hard for some of these people to have lunch with the enemies and go to the vaccination meetings with a straight face and have to listen to all the crap. But, some of these people ("there's no problems with any or all of the vaccines or the vaccine schedule" people) will need time to get themselves accustomed to the challenges to their dogma and time to "save face" and come to this conclusion for themeselves. It's human nature. In an old episode of Petticoat Junction, I remember Uncle Joe saying, "you get more flies with honey", and I think there's some truth to that approach.
I think when I got emotional once at a pubic health meeting to introduce Garasil to our public school system, I think it gave them more pause for thought that something could be wrong with this course of action (plus I annoyed the shit out of them with facts and questions about vaccination in general). Also, at an autism meeting there was a guest speaker (some guy talking about "gut bugs"- a Canadian researcher- and I annoyed the hell out of him, too. I even got a little bit reprimanded when the Autism sponser guy got up and reminded everyone that we need a respectful discussion. The thing is, I know by the way that the doctor addressed me that he felt (and even stated) that my points were all valid. Hey, he has his pressures too as to what he's allowed to say.
It kind of reminds me of that mom whose child was murdered by some creepy guy and she actually buddied up to the guy and ended up getting info that convicted him. That must have been tough! All these people fighting in the trenches to change things are awesome.
We seem to be reaching a critical mass. I used to wonder who would be the standup group to question what is happening to our children, but now it seems as though it could be the Pediatricians. Godspeed.

Raymond Gallup

There is a magazine out now that has an article titled "How Safe Are Vaccines?" which isn't online as yet.

A portion of the article:

"While researchers seek answers, some families are left wondering if their tragedies are vaccine-caused. Philip Tetlock, an organizational behavior professor at University of California--Berkeley's Haas School of Business, is desperately trying to determine if his 14-year-old daughter Jenny's juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig's disease) is a result of her Gardasil vaccination. Another young woman, Whitney Baird, 22, died in August from this disease, just 13 months after receiving Gardasil. Both were healthy before getting the shot, and the condition is extraordinarily rare, affecting just 1 in every 2 million people. The cases have been reviewed by CDC researchers who, says Iskander, "didn't feel that vaccines were the likely trigger." Yet Barbara Shapiro, an associate professor of neurology at case Western Reserve University School of Medicine who has also pored over Jenny's and Whitney's medical records, believes the cases raise red flags."

I am anti-vaccine and have good reason to feel that way. Our family paid our dues in trusting the medical community that vaccines are "safe". Did we ever get screwed because of that trust. So apparently have other families as well.

Ray Gallup


Is it just me, or is Offit the only one willing to be the quote machine for Big Pharma and baby-poisoning? My husband and I were just wondering when we will read his article (in the New England Journal of Medicine, perhaps) defending high-fructose corn syrup contaminated with mercury. No doubt he believes that kids can handle 10,000 doses at once of mercury-contaminated HFCS.

Kathy Blanco

One last attempt to educate...

After a careful consideration of the history of vaccination gleaned from an impartial and comprehensive study of vital statistics, and pertinent data from every reliable source and after an experience derived from having vaccinated 3,000 subjects, I am firmly convinced that vaccination cannot be shown to have any logical relation to the diminution of cases of smallpox, and — "1 — That the practice of vaccination has been the means of disseminating some of the most fatal and loathsome diseases, such as leprosy, syphilis, tetanus and tuberculosis;
2 — That vaccination is not only useless, but positively injurious,
of protecting its subjects from contagion of smallpox, it actually renders them more susceptible to it by depressing the vital power and diminishing natural resistance;
3 — That immunity from all diseases is to be realized through the attainment of health, not by the propagation of disease;
"4 — That it is never necessary to set up one disease in a healthy organism to protect against another; that such procedure is an appalling violation of the basic principles of hygiene and sanitary science;
5 — That the performance of the vaccine operation in the very nature of the case, violates the cardinal precepts of modern aseptic surgery, the aim of which is to exclude the products of disease from the organism, and never to introduce them;
6 — That there is no evidence worthy of the name, on record, to prove that vaccination either prevents or mitigates smallpox;
7 — That many healthy children have died from the effects of vaccination;
8 — That millions of vaccinated people have died of confluent smallpox while having the plainest vaccine scars on their bodies;
9 — That smallpox epidemics invariably attack the vaccinated first;
10 — That smallpox follows closely upon flagrant violation of the laws of health, hygiene and sanitation;
11 — That the occurrence of all the great epidemics of smallpox have coincided with periods of sanitary neglect;
12 — That cow-pox and venereal-pox have much in common;
13 — That the analogy between the manifestations of vaccine and those of syphilis is so close that several of the most eminent pathologists of the world regard cow-pox as a modified form of syphilis;
"14 — That the so called, ‘spontaneous cow-pox’ is a myth; that cow-pox is a disorder not natural to the cow; that it never occurs in bulls or steers, nor in young heifers that have never been milked; that it is a disease of milk cows, which has been communicated to them from sores on hands of milkers who were suffering from syphilis;
"15 — That the serious killer diseases such as cancer, syphilis, heart trouble, polio, tuberculosis, etc., will never be eliminated as long as blood pollution through vaccination is continued;
"16 — That the community that has sanitary surroundings, a pure water supply, wholesome food, good health and freedom from the blood-poisoning effects of vaccination, need have no fear of smallpox or any other diseases;
"17 — That no man can be truly said to be susceptible to the contagion of smallpox or to that of any other disease so long as he is in a state of perfect health;
"18 — That such a state resists and repels the assaults of all morbific influences and is therefore the best protective against disease;
"19 — That vaccination has utterly failed to fulfill the promises made for it by Jenner and his followers and that he saddled a legacy of disease and death upon the race for which he was paid $150,000 by the British government;
"20 — That compulsory vaccination ranks with human slavery and religious persecution, as one of the most flagrant outrages upon the rights of the human race."
"21 — That Switzerland, England, Australia and other enlightened countries abolished compulsory vaccination after it was tested and proved to be disastrous; but laws sanctioning this crime still disgrace the statute books of "free" America.
"22 — That reforms are not made by those who profit by them so the doctors or the government cannot be depended upon to abolish vaccination of their own volition; that the people, themselves, must rise up and make demands for freedom from this curse of greed, ignorance and destruction, for only then can we hope to see the light of a new day of health, progress and harmonious adjustment.

Enough said, AMEN and AMEN and AMEN..

Excuse the zealotry...but it can be infectious...WINK WINK...

Kathy Blanco

I hear what your are trying to say too. Your wish is that a volume of parents will boycott it as I...yes, I am saying, this is possible, probable, and MORE likely than changes at CDC/NIH/Pseudo concern committee's and the like. Within a span of acouple of years, whole communities can get together to conspire against them. In my own state of Oregon, down south in ASHLAND, or what we lovingly call HIPPIE DIPPY LAND, the HIPPIES got it, got away from the establishment so to speak, and now have healthy children. The autism rate is very low there, very low. God, I love least they protested and actually put their butts in jail for their belief? What do we do? Ok, granted, we are all in unending stress..but what we still trust this diobolical establishment of death and maiming by vaccine. YUCK.. The Amish by faith, knew that this practice was also autism...excuse me??? HELLOOOOO? It takes a village to stop this madness...and a single mother and father, seeing the research and the lies, to stop it...not telling them, sure....have at at a time...see if that works for ya?

I think that ONE VACCINE is IS UNSAFE, this is where we differ. In a susceptible child, ONE vaccine will help them into autism land. I am not willing to promote that agenda. Rome can be built in a day, if parents get some hootspa, and do the right thing. The only thing these people want, is our trust, our enending devotion to their program and our blood money, be it from one vaccine, so called green vaccine or the like and our prescious children as objects of massive experimentation. They should be jailed, and shot for what they have done to our kids. The more we put the information out with scientific facts to the same, that vaccines HAVE NO PLACE in our society, the more we will get the message through. Mixed messages stink. Unfortunately, SOME autism organizations have gone on the bandwagon of either not saying vaccines cause autism, it's all genetic, and or, a toxic "greened" (even the greenpeace people would laugh at that) free vaccine, or a slower schedule (as adovcated by DAN doctors evidenced by their speaker agendas). I for one think this is being meely mouth and unethical. All vaccines can cause huge problems in automimicry, microvascular stroke damage, persistent viruses, organ dysfunction, death, autism, vegetablehod for lack of a better word, SIDS, Cancers, later year autoimmune neurological problems aka ALZ...these people are not our pals. They are not to be dealt with, but on a gutteral level...where it hurts right in the pocketbook. STUDY the UNVACCINATED/VACCINATED - sweeping research by independent researchers funded by parents, (I don't care, five dollars from two million parents is a hell of lot of money) Partaking STILL in the program, is a liscence for them to continue this epidemic. The whole vaccine theory, artificial immunity, is unscientific and flawed. It is a money grubbing blood laundering disease causing operation. People who write books on these evils are my heroes, and people who write books that side on both sides of the fence are whimps. I don't care what almighty label you have, and the reputation, if you know that killing is going on, you don't throw daisies at it.


Kathy, good luck getting enough people to actually boycott vaccinations. Hey, I do hear you; once you do the research it becomes kind of obvious that a "safe" vaccine may be a misnomer. BUT, as "grey" as it may seem, promoting a safer schedule where there are not multiple vaccines given at one time, no hep b at birth, chicken pox optional, more use of titers, only maybe one MMR for a lot of kids, etc. is a good place to start.
When I had my first baby, the person whose opinion I trusted most in the world (my friend, Carol) was RABIDLY anti-vaccine. Yet, I could not bring myself to go against the orthodox medical opinion and not vaccinate my first child. Through time, research and observations I gradually realized not to immunize my second with much of it. We really have no choice but than to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Things are changing( or maybe just becoming more openly talked about), and, really, quite rapidly. Check out a lot of the responses to Offit's charge against Sears!!! There is obviously a lot of questioning going on amongst Pediatricians and a lot of them support some honest and unbiased thinking about vaccination. I am really encouraged by this.

Raymond Gallup

I agree with Kathy Blanco. Our son, Eric was damaged by the vaccines and in particular the MMR vaccine put Eric over the edge into autism. Eric was normal and we will never get him back because he is in an out-of-state residential center. Eric and our family paid our dues in believing and trusting the medical community about the "safety" of vaccines.

Eric will never be on his own like a normal 24 year-old man. He is trapped in a neurological, autoimmune compromised body. Eric has elevated measles antibodies, tests positive for myelin basic protein antibodies, has colitis and a quarter-sized stomach tissue in his esophagus.

Those that want to trust vaccines and that greening vaccines will make vaccines "safe" are free to believe that. You can also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus too. There are over 5,000+ cases in the US Federal Claims Court involving kids with vaccine-induced autism. There are over 200,000 cases in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS--including Eric) that are in the FDA files.

From 1995 to 2001 I tried to get the NIH and the CDC to recognize an autoimmune link to autism (and vaccine link to autism). I was naive because I should have been smart enough to realize that these people would never fund any research in this regard. They did fund research to disprove a link because they are in bed with the vaccine/drug companies (the PharmaMafia). I know parents and autism organizations will disregard what happened to me and try to get the NIH/CDC gang to fund vaccine/autism studies. I truly hope they are successful in my heart but my brain says the reality is that the CDC/NIH will not change their ways. Also, I feel even politicians in Washington, DC can make them do the right thing.

Ray Gallup


One of the more recent commentators on the Pediatrics site (Corrinne Zoli, Syracuse University) nails the issues from a political point of view. It is a very good read.

Kathy Blanco

Kim, we are in total different universes. You can keep up the faith, good for you. When you study what vaccines do, then you will come to my camp, eventually. Most parents I talk to, when given the proper information, never vaccinate I don't get how you think parents can't go cold turkey, it's rather easy, affective, and almost life changing. Not only that, but the parents are starting to think of not only the health of their child, but of themselves, often the real reason why parents are also sick themselves, the apple doesn't fall far from...

It's because you can have faith in that system (good luck with that), that I can have faith in what God has desgined for us, a functioning immune quality able to handle these minor insults with flying colors. I don't give up all allopathics or their emergency medicines, when needed, but certainly, if a body mileu is strengthened by building immune quality, there is no need to fear. I do not fear these diseases, I invite them when I am able to handle them with a nutritiously prepared body, mind you with hardly any cell poop (meaning, the cells are not full of toxic substances). Of course, I may be leaving out some who feel that their bodies cannot handle them...and for that I say, it's called homeopathic vaccines. It's called, remedies like COD LIVER OIL that disintegrates measles, or IV VIT C's or even RIFE or Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation. These techniques are often employed at my ND's office. Whenever we feel we are coming down with something, BANG, we are there, and it's gone within hours, HOURS.

Look, Dr Sears is in mainstream medicine. He is trying to uphold what his collegues have done to our children. A valient effort indeed, but what it lacks is the choice that is's like kind of sort of pregnant or not...or is there really safe sex? In those two realms, it's black or white...and as far as I am concerned, vaccines are causing or initiating or worsening all our modern day chronic illnesses, especially neurological ones. I am not going to hold up that paridigm anymore nor make them any more rich by the blood of our children, and, I am certainly not going to entertain the thought that a little vaccine here or there, is not going to damage my children or yours. I know of plenty children with autism, after a monovalent non thimerosol vaccine, at three years of age. The russian roulette games stops here. And I am beginning to make a lot of sense to people, when you really dig deep in your soul for the answers.

I know I piss people off with this message. It is radical. God I love radical. Don't we need that now? All this pussy footing around the issue, kissing hte toes of these people in order for us to make our voices heard? The only way they know we mean it, is we boycott them, period. This is the only way, that our great vaccine propaganda machine, will pee their pants about this. Until then, all the faxes, emails, pseudo concern committees and having lunch with the big guys, will only bring more kids misfortune. I am not saying stop with the adovacay, but I am saying, that we have a mixed message. I won't promote the green vaccine, never had, never will. I won't promote vaccines are safer on a schedule. Can't do it babe...what I can say is, let us have a choice, let us promote independent research, and most of all, let the whole world knows what happens to kids when they are on the vaccine schedules, or on a modified one, and let's see how much autism exist in the non vaccinated group. As far as I am concerned, one more autistic kid, is too much.


I've been going through the pediatrician's comments to Offit's article on Pediatrics (thanks SD). As SD says it's worth reading. It's amazing, I see a lot of dissenters with Offit's view and AAP policies in general with regard to immunization. There is a lot of resentment by peds towards AAP leadership for attacking one of their own (Dr. Sears) and missrepresenting his views. The huge conflicts of interest by Offit and AAP with respect to opinions on vaccines are highlighted. More than anything, there is debate for godshakes!! debate between scientists, Can you believe that?

The tide has definitely turned my friends!!!


Kathy, I disagree with you. Most parents are certainly not going to go from a complete trust in vaccines to a cold turkey, "never again!" Dr. Sears' book provides valuable information for a large group of people. I think it's very important.


Kathy Blanco

Enough is enough...don't buy the book, don't buy the lines that vaccines are made safe on any schedule or can be green, I'm not buying the political masherashuns (sp?), and let's just get out of the pediatric office, to a NP or an ND, or whomever you feel has medical tuition, even your own damn selves. I don't recall any time I REALLY needed a pediatrician...I could have called in an abx' for this or that...of course, abx's are used in sickly kids who get vaccinated... Let your kids get the measles, good for them, good for the excercise of their immune system. Let them have adequate levels of VIT D, LOVE, REST, etc. A less toxic home, a less toxic body is not going to get terribly ill, EVER.

That said, I have grandchildren who don't see the pediatrician at all, because they are not vaccinated and the moms are versed on old fashion remedies. Maybe we have to return to the good ole days of cod liver oil, feeding your kids unmanmade foods, eating from glass instead of plastic, not nueking our foods, and no high fructose corn garbage? Maybe this is our new era. We have bankrupted our health on trusting these white coats, it's time they feel our pain, where it counts for them, their pocketbook.

So, as for me, no, I won't buy the book, I won't buy down the paired down ideal that vaccines can be made safe in any form. I am not buying it for one minutia second.


Josh Day - we were forced out of our GP's office when we told her we weren't going to vacc him. She told us flat out - her malpractice insurance won't allow her to treat any children that weren't vacc'd. End of story. Sad, too. We liked her, but she was rude in the end.



"Before the hepatitis B vaccine became part of the routine schedule for children, every year 16000 children <10 years of age were infected with hepatitis B virus after nonsexual, person-to-person contact."

Note: less than 10 years of age. So, why exactly are we vaccinating them as early as BIRTH!?!


Even more importantly, check out the responses to Offit's article. At least some pediatricians are speaking out in favor of freedom of choice.

Josh Day

Enough is enough.

Family and general practices are more than capable of treating children and people of all ages. Same goes with NPs and PAs.

Hurt em where it hurts. In the wallet.

We have what I consider to be a decent pediatrician but, out of principle, we've decided never to step foot into her conglomerate-like practice again. It's not worth the stress the night before and having to fight your way out of signing their goddamned medical neglect paper. When physical time comes in august -- it's a local NP for us.

We also contacted GenRescue and talked to a nearby rescue angel. She gave us a practice that's an hour away, where the AP has a vaccine damaged son, and we know we can go there. I'd just like to have something closer in the event of a true emergency.

I wonder if anyone has had experience with GPs turning away children and trying to force business back into the pediatrician industry?

If enough parents opt out of the harassment and inhumane treatment from pediatricians, I bet that's the next step from the AAP.



If not before now, I have completely lost the view I used to have of medical doctors. That these people are somehow smarter than the rest of us mere mortal beings because they went to school for all those years to become doctors. The vast majority of them are idiots, at least whne it comes to this subject, who stubbornly refuse to face reality.

They should be thanking Dr. Sears for trying to prevent people from abandoning vaccinating altogether. And trying to "work" with people on getting their kids immunized.

The writing is on the "wall". The vaccine program is on very shaky ground. People are frightened and rightfully so. Why can they not see this?


Steve - just my 2c - another poster (either here on on HuffPost) recently summed this up in an interesting way (and I apologize for stealing the thunder) - it was something to the effect that this is the McCarthyism of the day - as the attacks on Dr Sears' approach seem to demonstrate - discussions around current vaccine policy /safety are treated like a flag burning - any variation from just keeping your mouth shut and rolling up your sleeve relegates you to the new age "Communist sympathizers" group. People are told to fear you, not listen to you.

The Wiki article here is a good summary

One voice of reason in the entire debacle was Edward R. Murrow:

"We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men."

Some critically important questions have not been "asked and answered" - when we should be rallying around sick children in search of those answers we get another round of blame the victim. Will people be talking about "Offit-ism" 50 years from now? Not trying to be funny but why do we believe this can't happen again? Communism isn't funny and dead children aren't funny. But destroying innocent individuals and families in the name of "security" was insane then as it is now. I don't think Dr Sears will end up on the wrong side of history here.


Stimulus bill also had something over $300million to CDC to fight STDs. When I read that, I assume there is going to be another big push for HPV vax for boys and young girls. Planning to subsidize the high cost of the shots?


Obviously the book is doing well because more parents are worried about the current vaccine schedule and the current ingredients. This is something that I learned in Business 101...if the public doesn't like the product, make the product better! If they could put as much energy into making the vaccines cleaner and separate rather than trying to sell the product that more and more people are rejecting, we would be moving in a more positive direction.


A little off topic, but I was looking at the specifics of the newly passed stimulus package and though it odd that there was 450 million going to "fight avian flu". Now I get it. Another new vax that all of us NEED URGENTLY!

Stagmom for Steve

Hi, Steve. AAP is warning docs about Dr. Sears's book and is telling members to read the Pediatrics article rebutting Dr. Sears's' work, not to read Dr. Sears's book. The "special article" was written by Dr. Paul Offit.



Wow, the Pediatrics article summary just brings images of goosestepping into my mind. Dr. Sears is not advocating elimination of the vaccine program, but their response makes you think that this is what they think he's trying to do.


Am I missing something? Essentially, they are telling the physician to read Dr Sears' book (be more informed). I view this as a positive. Not all doctors follow the herd blindly. This is an opportunity to bring more doctors to the "middle" ground!!

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