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Dr. Paul Offit: Fox in a Henhouse, the ACIP Years (1998-2003)

Nancy Snyderman: "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism"

Luckies Dr. Nancy Snyderman on MSNBC right now promoting her new book, "Medical Myths."

Joe Scarborough asked, Do vaccines cause autism?"  Her answer, an emphatic, "NO!"  Joe,: "How do we know?" Snyderman, "Because the science proves it."  She went on to claim, "Vaccines will be on the forefront of cancer.  Vaccines do not cause autism. No. That is the biggest urban myth. Vaccines should follow you through adulthood.  The shingles vaccines.  There's a vaccine for cervical cancer."



Eric S, please see


Good God Eric S give me a break. You are at a site that provides you all the information a thinking person needs to expose the study you are referring to as the pathetic joke it is, yet you obviously have not bothered to even look at it. Please educate yourself a little before posting. Vaccines definitely cause autism and a host of other serious chronic health conditions. wake up dude.

Eric S

Forgive me, but I just stumbled onto your site as I was looking for information about autism. Empirically, you are wrong and I worry that your site is spreading incorrect information to well-meaning parents. Put simply, vaccines have been absolutely proven to not cause autism. In the Denmark trial, there were actually numerically more austism cases in the unvaccinated children, though the results showed no statistical difference. I know you are concerned parents like me and I appreciate your passion, but the on this one the evidence is clear that the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism cannot be supported.


I saw Nancy Snyderman on Scarbourough's show yesterday morning. At the time I didn't know that it was her (I'd never seen her before) so I almost choked on my coffee when I heard her snotty reply including something along the lines of: it's the loud mouth Hollywood stars who spread the lie that vaccines cause autism.
I fired off an e-mail to Joe before that hideous woman was even off the air.

I watch this show every day and know how Joe and Mika interact with each other. What I thought was interesting was Joe giving Mika B a look & nod that seemed to say "don't start anything..." I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall afterward to hear what those two had to say off camera afterward.


Nancy Synderman makes no sense to me. She has contradictions occur regularly in different segments (as per Tracy M's comments.)

How can a simple thing called toxicity be considered for one disease and not for another?

My only conclusion is she is a paid spokesperson to make certain statements. She leaves me with no other conclusion.

The good news: occassionally these folks get face to face with their inconsistencies and put in a spot. Perhaps that will lead to her being fired. I think she is dangerous.

Tracy McDermott

here is an interesting link to a report Synderman did on toxicity and aging and alzheimers just a week before she flipped out on Matt that vaccines don't cause autism -

she says -
"toxic chemicals like lead and herbcidal pesticides in our homes, all of these things, can take those genes and they can switch things on, or keep them silent. They can keep your chromosomes short, or they can keep them long, which can make a difference in your body.."
and ends the interview with -
"know where things come from, be careful of what you put in your mouth, so much of it is the toxic soup around us!"

So, like any warrior mom would do, I emailed Dr Synderman and told her that the report was magnificent on toxicity and mental decline (which she referred to as aging and alzheimers). I told her it was what the autism community already knew about the toxins in vaccines and the cognitive regressions our children experienced. I never did get a reply from
the unbiased Dr. but would love to see her back pedal the reasons why this would apply to aging adults and not the infants!

sign lady

Outrageous that the author of a book entitled "Medical Myths" would utter the words,"There's a vaccine for cervical cancer."

Why is anyone in her position allowed to lie so blatantly on television and remain employed? What if a young woman who received the HPV vaccine believed Snyderman and didn't think pap smears were necessary? That one statement on MSNBC could very well contribute to needless deaths down the road.


I was looking for video and found this. Isn't this odd?
A coverup for a cause of Autism?
RFK Jr. explans how ingredient in vaccines may have contributed to spread
updated 6:15 p.m. ET, Wed., June. 22, 2005
"SCARBOROUGH: You know, Bobby, what we've always found, you and could debate 1,000 different issues, whether it's Terri Schiavo or the environment. I think we would agree on the environment. But, in this case, you have got the federal government coming in saying, well, there's no good science. And, of course, in politics, science always gets diluted. Why hasn't the federal government stepped up and worked more, because listen, Bobby, I can't prove it tonight. You can't prove it, but, intuitively, you look at the spike. You look at what happened with Thimerosal. There's no doubt in my mind — maybe it's two years from now. Maybe it's five years from now. Maybe it's 10 years from now. We are going to find out Thimerosal causes, in my opinion, autism."


Guys, mind your language about Dr. Snyderman, please. We know she is wedded to the vaccine industry. Many doctors will not budge on this issue. Few have her bully pulpit. But we don't need to call her names.

Plus, there's no need to offend female dogs.... (Whose veterinarians are FAR more careful about vaccination abuse.)


"Is it just me, or does it look like Dr. Snyderman used to be a man?"

"Snide-r-bitch has a book?"

I think he/she was/is Bill O'Reilly.
And in that light, I think the book belongs here as well:

The title of that page, plus the gifts to Bill at the end of the post happen to be from Johnson & Johnson? And how many other names come to mind while reading this vivid description of a "sock-sniffer":
"When Bill feels threatened enough, he goes after the people who say these "vile" things about him."
"Everything about this guy is obsessive. He speaks with an obnoxious cadence and rhythm, careful to chant the same handful of phrases over and over again."
coincidence? I think not...

Tim Booton

Is it just me, or does it look like Dr. Snyderman used to be a man?

Julie Swenson

"Vaccines should follow you through adulthood."

Don't worry, Ms. Snyderman, you can bet the damage from those precious vaccines WILL follow my vaccine-injured son through to adulthood. They'll follow my undamaged son too, into HIS adult years, since he'll ultimately be responsible for overseeing his brother's care.

Ms.S seems extra-spacey and extra-angry lately (I know, how is that possible?)...what's going on with her?

Kathy Blanco

Isn't she on the board of Johnson and Johnson? Check google like I did, seems as though I did, and I was disgusted. Fox guarding the henhouse, husband can't even stand to look at her...and throws things at the TV when she comes on with her lies.

Vaccines should be avoided at all cost. Because my grandchildren are living testaments that vaccines are the cause of autism, they will live witout autism because their Grandmother, and the siblings of two with autism while they were growing up, won't have autism again so help them. They are SMART, HEALTHY, developing normally, and if they do get these innocuous diseases, the mothers knows that VIT C, Selenium, CLO and other homeopathic/non allopathic principles will make them breeze through them with flying colors, only to leave their immune systems alone, smarter, and able to handle stealthy viruses and bacteria and toxins in a manner our kids never could. They will be fed no gluten or milks or soy or corn, and be disease free. One is three and a half, has never had one ear infection, or chesty cold...sniffles here or there, as day illnesses and boom, gone.

I would like to think, that I am the survivor and my children especially of a large not forget our children...and the best way to do that, is to never supplement the pharmaceutical companies again with their deadly toxic poisons. ON ANY LEVEL, on any monovalent, or slowed schedule or any GREEN so called vaccine, don't give them the time of day, or the pediatricians...make naturpathy/holistic methods your cure. Learn what our grandmothers did...feed them CLO everday, add a pinch or two of whole foods, added with sunshine and play (in tick free areas may I add), and your kids will be at the top of the class, if not the world. May I add? NO birthing in a hospital...the old fashioned way, is the healthy way (doing hypno birthing may be the clue to avoid complications). No immediate cord clamping, etc. This will guarantee all predispositions ot autism, (especialy focusing on parents who are healthy at time of conception with non infectious diseases in their body or metals or toxins) are the recipe and the incubators or not to stopping autism. Stop eating crappy man made food, and eat something that was grown from the ground without toxins, or an animal that was not fed GMO foods or brain dissections and grass fed. Know your allergies, and disist all toxic foods in your body, again another guarantee no autism in your generations to come. I advocate Diedre Imus's new book "GREEN YOU".

This brings to mind an old memory as a grandmothers old musty smelling home...your visiting, .and you want breakfast in the morning, only to find SUGAR FROSTED FLAKES, and SUGAR coated foods...truly, I had learned at an early age, how to eat wrong. Then the bad teeth come, so you get amalgams, the set up for autism. Then you get infections that stay in your body, and then you have babies and vaccinate them. This again, is the recipe for autism...we are the result of generations of bad habits, bad thinking, and old paridigms that doctors/pharmaceuticals are Gods. Yes there may be things that you have to take to save lives in the pharma field/sew a body part on etc, but for the most part, the way to health is to be devoid of doctor visits, mammograms, etc. Eat good food, sleep good, herbs etc, you are one healthy person. Avoid toxins, avoid cleaners in the home, go natural as much as possible. We can't avoid everything, but we can be in what I call Purposeful Living to make sure our generations before us, will not have to suffer from our decisions. And no, I don't blame or shift blame, or beat my chest everday, but once you get the knowledge, you have to do what is right, and pass it on. I only wish I knew what you young mothers know now, your luck/timing is on your side, and our stories are your new legacy of hope for a life without a very sick child with autism.

Kub Marshman

What a coincidence:

say no to  allvaccines

This whole vaccine thing is so frightning. All these kids exposed to so many toxic substances and viruses at such young ages. If a child slips by unharmed and goes on to reproduce, who wants to bet that their child/children will not be so lucky. This vaccine mess has implications for generations to come. Hide from the vaccines and protect your genes.


Snide-r-bitch has a book?....she is the ultimate Pharma- Whore.

Kub Marshman

I was speaking to a friend of mine just last night, who is a grandma to a 3-year old. This little guy, who had aa chicken-pox vaccine, came down with what was diagnosed as shingles a few days ago. "But he had his chicken-pox vaccine," said his mom. "Some kids still get shingles," was the reply from the pediatrician. "So, the chicken-pox vaccine isn't really affective," said his mom. "This case of shingles is a lot milder because he had the chicken-pox vaccine," said the pediatrician. "So, the vaccine is really not affective."
Call it what it is, Mr. unknown Tampa pediatrician


Can we have a vaccine against stupidity? It's contagious and incurable.


"I like Joe Scarborough, but MSNBC = Al Jazeera.

'Vaccinces don't cause autism...'? This was said on the network owned by (GE) the company that charges $8 for mercury-filled light bulbs!"

Is Joe Scarborough the reporter who has an autistic child?

Those light bulbs (compact flourescent) contain 200 times more mercury than Thimerosal containing flu shots.


Glad I missed the high BP inducing PW trying to sell her wares (flawed studies).

Denis Leary was scheduled to be on Oprah Friday but I see now that the show scheduled for Friday is about movies and the Golden Globes.


I like Joe Scarborough, but MSNBC = Al Jazeera.

'Vaccinces don't cause autism...'? This was said on the network owned by (GE) the company that charges $8 for mercury-filled light bulbs!

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