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MMR: Turning the Tables on the British Medical Establishment

Man bites dog By John Stone

As the hearing at the UK General Medical Council  against the three Royal Free doctors staggers on into 2009 it is intriguing to report that Bill Welsh, president of the Edinburgh based Autism Treatment Trust and autism grandparent, has launched a personal complaint against eleven British health officials closely linked to the MMR affair. The 25 page document has been sitting before the GMC since October, and he has now decided to publish it.

Bill Welsh’s complaint covers the whole history of recklessness and negligence surrounding MMR, going back to 1988 when a known defective version of the vaccine was introduced by GlaxoSmithKline despite the fact that it had already been banned in Canada, and indeed later had to be withdrawn in the UK. He also draws attention to the fact that up until the introduction of MMR medical advice was against the use of mumps vaccination for infants, thus delaying likely onset of the disease to an age when it is more hazardous – suggesting its application may still be unethical.

At the beginning Welsh outlines five areas of concern:

1. The inexplicable, and unforgivable, failure to react appropriately when it was established in 1998 that autistic children had a novel form of bowel disease/ inflammation.

2. An insistence on an “MMR or nothing” policy in face of the initial, and accumulative, scientific and anecdotal evidence re MMR’s lack of safety for a sub-set of children.

3. A refusal to press for proper investigation, using the most appropriate scientific means of research, of the claims of thousands of parents that the MMR vaccine had damaged children.

4. The promulgation, in conjunction with the Health Protection Agency, of information relating to MMR vaccine safety that is likely unreliable and potentially misleading in that context.

5. The recommendation that unethical treatments be given to children when there is no clinical need and irrespective of whether the child might be prone to adverse reactions.

Particular fire is directed at Prof. David Salisbury, Director of Immunisation at the Department of Health, who is named throughout the complaint, but ten other health officials are also named. They are the two Chief Medical Officers at the Department of Health during the period, Sir Kenneth Calman and Sir Liam Donaldson; chairmen of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation Prof Sir David Hull, Prof Michael Langman and Prof Andrew Hall; chairmen of the Committee on Safety in Medicines, Sir Alisdair Breckenridge and Gordon Duff (Breckenridge is also named as the head of the medicines licensing authority, the MHRA); two directors of the Medical Research Council Sir George Radda and Sir Colin Blakemore and the head of the Health Protection Agency, Sir William Stewart.

The complaint documents the systemic failure to heed any counter evidence about the vaccine’s safety over a period of two decades in pursuit of health policy – an over-reliance on epidemiology, and a tragic failure to monitor or explore the harm caused to individual children, failing ethically and humanely those children and the public.

Plainly, so long as medicines are administered there is a duty on officials, on doctors and scientists, to make sure that they are safe, and used as safely as they can be. As Bill Welsh makes clear, this has never happened. It could not throw into greater relief the present perversion of justice taking place in the prosecution of Andrew Wakefield, John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, who are on trial because of the bureaucratic fantasy that the children they were investigating and treating were not ill. Perhaps one day soon the bureaucrats, themselves, will be on trial. Thank you, Bill!

Read the full complaint HERE.


John Stone

Martin J Walker has by coincidence just written a closely related and powerful essay about 40 years of British Government committees burying the truth about vaccines, entitled 'To encourage the Others'. It can also be dowloaded from Cryshame:

John Stone


Thanks. Just to confirm that the British Medical Association and British National Formulary advised against the use mumps vaccine prior to the introduction of MMR to the UK in 1988.



Excellent job with this informative complaint.

This point especially bothers me:
"He also draws attention to the fact that up until the introduction of MMR medical advice was **against the use of mumps vaccination for infants**, thus delaying likely onset of the disease to an age when it is more hazardous – suggesting its application may still be unethical."

That's just horrible. So was the push to use the MMR actually just to force people to accept the unnecessary mumps vaccine (so the pharmaceutical companies could make more money)??

It's too bad the advice to skip the mumps vaccine was ignored. The Harvard Cancer Center found that having the mumps correlates with a *lower* chance of developing ovarian cancer:
"it is estimated that the overall risk for ovarian cancer associated with history of mumps parotitis was 0.72 with 95% limits of 0.59-0.87, suggesting that mumps may indeed be inversely associated with ovarian cancer risk."

In my opinion, this is one more reason to split up the MMR - so that girls can skip this vaccine. But now Merck is planning to take that option away...


Thank you for this report. Welsh has done an extraordinary thing. In a better world, he'd be knighted.

Not to call into question the (sometimes fun) British practice of beknighting certain individuals, but it's interesting (from an American perspective) how many "Sirs" are negatively involved in the MMR debacle. My father, before he died last fall, had made a crack aimed at the vaccine industry's attempts to create perfect legal immunity for themselves. He felt they sought nothing less than the "divine right of kings" to do and to profit as they wished (no matter how many of the "peasantry" died or were maimed).

In the U.S., this is just an analogy but the seven "Sirs" involved in the British cover-up make it a little more than that.

No offense to Sirs Elton John and Mick Jagger.

Jan Percival

Congratulations to Bill Welsh for putting into print what many parents of children/young adults with Autism know to be true. There has been a continued cover up by the government and medical establishment for the past 20 years. It is now not "If" but "when" the time will come that these so called professionals will have to eat their words. Unfortunately this will not be of any consolation to the damaged children who have a life sentence, lets hope criminal prosecutions will ensue against those who chose to ignore the facts. Thank you John Stone for making this article available.


I'd like to add to my posting above the recommendation for parents of children with ASD to eliminate all forms of glutamate from their diets, since they are particularly susceptible to its effects. It's high in wheat and dairy products (thus in part the value of a GF/CF diet), is in hydrolyzed soy products, in MSG, and even in aspartame, half of which the body converts to glutamate. Go to for more info. Carol Hoernlein is a former food process engineer, and knows her stuff.

For info on autism genes, go to:
(This peer-reviewed article states: "The candidate genes are involved in the trans-synaptic transportation of glutamate, a major excitatory neurotransmitter.")

Oh, and a hint, from a parent some time ago; who found out "that when you juice fruit and veg in a juicer it releases more glutamate...I had to stop at the end of the week. [Her son's] behaviour had changed, crying such a lot..."

We're getting there...


There's something particularly satisfying for me in seeing this official complaint lodged by Bill Welsh against the various authorities involved in this MMR caper. One of my very first exposures to this whole vaccine-danger subject was reading, ab. 15 yrs ago now, a short article in the UK n/letter 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' about the concerns of the editor of the Bulletin of Medical Ethics regarding misleading info given to the UK public by Prof Salisbury in claiming that there was a major measles epidemic coming up, and parents needed to line up their kids asap for this new jab. The editor couldn't find any evidence for the claim, but he did find evidence that 1 of the ingredients of the triple jab was reaching its use-by date. Clever fellows, these our authorities...

I'm also happy to see the MMR under the microscope again, because of finding out somewhat recently that it, as a live virus jab, has glutamate in it, and this substance is not only an excitotoxin (neurotoxin) in its own right, but it lowers the levels of glutathione in the body, which is the substance that eliminates heavy metals from the body. So especially when the MMR is given with other vaccines having such as mercury and aluminum in them, it acts synergistically, and puts the child in double jeopardy - AND some kids in PARTICULAR, who have the fairly newly discovered autism genes, which - get this - code for glutamate (= synapse formation). So these kids are in the main firing line of such vaccines.

All of which is to say, in short: Good on you, Bill Welsh; and don't let up. Our authorities NEED to be held accountable, for what they've done these last decades in particular, in looking the other way, while our kids have been put directly in harm's way; and continue to be, even after all that we know now, about the harmful side effects of vaccines.

Ray Gallup

Good for Bill Welsh. God Bless Bill Welsh for having the cojones to confront these mental midgets at the GMC.

We have our fair share of mental midgets at the CDC, NIH, AAP, etc. in the USA.

These "midgets" are the reason why we have an autism epidemic and why it will get worse because they have their big heads buried in an area where the sun doesn't shine.

Ray Gallup

Joan Campbell

Bill Welsh is doing all that he can to raise awareness of this autism epidemic. He is dead right to make complaints againt varies people high up in the medical establishment. I for one back him and make sure that our children's plight is never forgotten

Allison Edwards, Cryshame, UK

Just like the banking crisis, no matter what havoc is wrought no-one is held accountable. The authorities set up to police the system vacantly stand by, shrugging when the common man steps forward with an issue. Politicians and their DoH 'yes' men have made their own protection service out of the GMC. Let's see some fairness develop led by good old common sense starting with the questioning of those on Mr Welsh's list.
I do hope this causes panic amongst them.

Deborah Nash

I will be interested to know how The GMC react to these complaints. I trust they will treat them with the respect they deserve. I say, ' well done Bill', for your brilliant work.

Angus Files

Well done Bill and John lets hopt its our Autism year this year wouldnt even bother giving this lot of "Sir`s" a trial what a disgrace the lot of them ..

Angus Files

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