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MMR: It’s ALL or NOTHING! Say goodbye to choice.

All or nothing By Allison Chapman

Your choice to work with your pediatrician on safer vaccine schedule has just received a very large blow.  Merck and Co. has decided to take away your option of separating the MMR, instead of getting the whole shebang at once.  Forget those who may be predisposed to not handling 3 viruses at once; you know the weak, the infant who may need a bit more time.  What if they are unable to take one of the viruses due to allergy of an ingredient, but have decided to go ahead with one or both of the others?  Well too bad, allergy or not you have lost your right to choose.  It’s now, all or nothing. (HERE)

I’m shocked at such a move.  Why on earth at a time when some Doctors are just barely beginning with work with their patient’s parents by creating a schedule per individual child, is Merck deciding to pull the plug?  Is this something they believe will quiet the supposed anti-vaccine crowd?  Quiet the MMR/Autism controversy?  I highly doubt it.  This is a mistake of monumental proportions that will likely come back to bite them as given only the choice of all or nothing, many more may choose nothing.  So you can stop banging down our doors at that point because the blame will be in the mirror.

The vaccine court was set up for the purpose of when adverse reactions happen to some children, vaccines have always been known to have side effects for some, and vaccine court is there to compensate them when there is sufficient evidence.  On Christmas Day I learned of a recent case in vaccine court just decided in favor of a child who developed seizure disorder and acute encephalopathy or the marked deterioration in neurologic development as a result of the MMR, his name is Ben Zeller. (HERE)

Anyone watching Ben Zeller’s parents holding him, this beautiful child, without the ability to sit up or fend for himself at all, would be overwhelmed with compassion, those of us with injured children can feel the knife passing through us. Click HERE to watch video.

I remember clearly what it was like when my son CJ received the MMR.  Ahead of all milestones necessary; talking, walking, imitating, pointing, smiling, etc., all early.  He used to look right into my eyes as I rocked him to sleep and sang to him.  His favorite song was “Take me out to the ball game”.  He was walking by 10 months and not long after was trying to play every sport.  He had a set of plastic golf clubs and would wake up every morning and expertly whack balls all around our small apartment as if he were Tiger Woods in training.  He also used to like to sing “Who let the Dogs out, who….who….who…” 

Then at 15 months we went in for the MMR.  I remember him not sleeping at all that night, crying and waking up with the most toxic smelling diaper.  I also remembered when 48 hours later he had a 105 degree temperature.  I called the pediatrician’s office but thought that 48 hours later was too long to be a result of the MMR but asked the nurse anyway (turns out that fever up to 2 weeks later can be result of MMR per Merck).  The pedi’s office said no, it’s probably not a reaction, maybe he’s just getting a virus. 

Well 3 days after that we still had no sleep, still had toxic diapers that didn’t seem to stop and I lifted up his shirt to see a rash all over his midsection and beyond.  I called again and thought maybe it was roseola, they said maybe.  Very few answers, just many coincidences.  He started staring episodes which later realized were most likely absence seizures, started leveling off development and “Who let the dogs out, who…who….who...” became only “who…who….who…”  As if he no longer had the energy to say the whole thing. 

At 18 months we discussed some of the changes but his gross motor skills were still really good so we gave him his 18month shots.    He immediately stopped calling me “Mommy”, stopped wanting to be in the same room as my husband and stopped following his sister around.  He had on and off days but everything was steadily leaving and by 2 he was gone completely into the world of autism. 

Do I believe the MMR alone is to blame?  Or do I believe it was the thimerosal containing vaccines at 18 months alone?  No, but they were both triggers, both involved absolutely in the decline of my son’s health.  My children all reacted to vaccines in a way they should not have.  I absolutely believe in predisposition, other toxic insults, all combining in a way to wreak havoc on a little body not equipped to handle them.  There are too many too soon for some.  I should be anti-vaccine from what I’ve been through but I instead believe in an individual’s right to informed choice.  Their right to choose their own medical procedures designed around each child.  I am not a fan of the “horde”, as I’m often confronted with those who believe I should take my lumps because it’s better for the “horde” and too bad for you if your children couldn’t handle it.  I happen to think each child is worth more than that.  Slower, less invasive schedules may have been the best decision for some, but no longer is it an option with the MMR. 

I guess Merck believes you don’t need the choice, or that you aren’t responsible enough to have the choice.  I don’t know which one is worse.  If you would like to call Merck and Company to demand they correct this huge error in judgment their contact info is below.  It says right on their website, “Where patients come first” we should make them prove it. 
Merck & Co., Inc. Global Headquarters
Merck & Co., Inc.
One Merck Drive
P.O. Box 100
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-0100 USA
Phone: 908-423-1000
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET

Allison Chapman is mom to three children and a member of the Autism Action Network.



What we are dealing with here is a "Statistically Significant Control Group."

If there is a significant population taking individual vaccines and the number of reactions is much lower than combined vaccines then public will revolt.

Ceep in mind that combined vaccines are far more profitable (as are multi-dose vials that need mercury as a preservative).

In highly educated parts of California (Silicon Valley), the number of students not vaccinated exceeded 20%. This is a huge problem for the industry. What would happen if rates of childhood issues (autism, learning difficulties, etc.) were statistically lower in the non-vac crowd? Well, all hell would break lose.

So the industry spent an enormous amount of money and effort to pass draconian vaccine laws in California. The new law forbids unvaccinated students from attending school. So your only choice is homeschooling if you don't want to vaccinate. But they even restricted homeschooling. Many parent homeschool in small groups. One parent teaches math. The other teaches reading, etc. The law forbids you from homeschooling in groups (even one neighbor coming over). Insane. Where is our freedom?

(We moved to California for 2 years but left because my son had reactions to vaccines and there was no practical way around it under Cali's new laws. We are lucky to have multiple households and resources. Some of the friends we made in Cali couldn't leave and were SOL)

The industry isn't stupid. They won't let any statistically significant group of children exist.

We all know that some kids are definitely harmed by vaccines. How many? How bad? That is covered up.

But if you know personally of someone harmed by vaccines you really understand what is going on. We had a neighbor across the street from our Arizona house. Their daughter was a normal 2 year old who talked and could hold basic conversations. They were from overseas. They found a local pediatrician who advised them they were "behind" on vaccinations (other countries have different vaccine schedules). So the doctor gave the daughter several shots at once to "catch up." The daughter ended up in the emergency room that night. She never recovered. From that point on she could only mumer one word at a time. She stopped eating well. She had horribly bad breath. How many 3 year olds have horribly bad breath 24/7?

Of course the parents were told that the vaccines had NOTHING to do with the emergency room visit or the rapid health decline of the daughter.

The industry works very hard to make suren you are not fully informed. Somehow we are convinced that all vaccines have exactly the same risk. It is simply not trues. Some vaccines have reaction rates 100X higher than others.

When industry combines 3 or 4 in one shot you don't know which one is causing the reactions. But that is the point.


Allison is my daughter-in-law and after what her family has been through it is so fair minded of her to tell people to make up their own minds about vaccines. It certainly is different from the advice or opinions we get from various groups who feel passionately about their causes or beliefs - gun owners, pro-life (I actually like them to be referred to as anti-choice) etc. I find it is easier to listen and respect a person who has lived through a life experience where their child was developing normally, got their MMR and then very quickly developed autism who then explains what she has experienced and lays it out and then lets others make their own decisions then when someone tells others what they need to do. I respect her so much. Our CJ is a treasure and we love him very much but we know what happened to him.

Benjamin Zeller ( Father of lil Benjamin Zeller )

Dear Parents, Friends and Family,

Please watch *Vaccine causing Brain Damage* Warning to all parents NBC News Story with Benjamin Zeller & Dr. Andrew Moulden. Click link below to watch NBC Story video.

I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for speading the truth about vaccinations

God Bless.

With Honors,
Benjamin Zeller


What does this mean for women who lose titers to rubella? Will they only be given a full MMR instead of just the rubella? I wonder how obstetricians will feel about this one.


We let them treat us like a herd, I guess, at least I did, and now we are being driven (I was going to say "led," but I'm not sure the decision makers have ever put their bodies where they "recommend" our children go) over a cliff.

Having nearly two generations of children learning disabled, asthmatic, autoimmune, psychotic, ... and drugged, at unprecedented rates is "good" for only one group in this country--the pHARMaceutical indrustry, and that good really is a lie.

How do we emancipate our children and ourselves from "healthcare" that is not?


There is no incentive for them to stop the madness (no liability). But there is incentive for them to continue (billions in profits).

Change will have to be demanded by government officials or stockholders. They aren't going to part ways with their cash cows easily given that they have liability protection.

Has anyone read Grisham's "The Appeal" ? Lots of eerie similarities there, not the least of which is a blonde Judge named McCarthy...


I just called the Merck number above and it's just the corp HQ operator. She told me to call 800-672-6372. Press 2 for patient, then 3 for "Merck national service center specialist." After I did that, I waited about 7 minutes for a rep. She still had to ask me if I was a doctor or patient, so I guess the button-pushing doesn't actually route the call or provide info to the rep on who the caller is.

Here is what she said, paraphrased (for the most part): The three separates are not available at this time and we continue to prioritize production of the combo vaccine MMR2 and are not currently taking orders for the monovalent vaccines. Merck has not decided what they will do in the future. To meet the current needs of our customers and prioritize public health and to meet both domestic and international production needs, they have prioritized MMR2.

What a bunch of stinking crap. As if there is some shortage. If so, why not prioritize domestic production over world public health???? The only truthful thing she said was the part about prioritizing public health - gotta get the herd vaccinated.

Now they are going to force the people who would have done one or two of those to get none. They think the partial people are just going to get the whole thing. Stupid.

Anyway, I asked her to log my call as someone wanting the three separate vaccines back in production and she said she would. I think A LOT more people need to write and call.

Ben's Dad

Thanks for the heads up Allison. I was not aware of the Rubella/fetal tissue angle but I would be shocked if the pro-life crowd let this fly without a challenge.

“Merck spokeswoman Amy Rose said MMRII accounts for 98 percent of the company's volume for measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, compared to just 2 percent from monovalent vaccines Attenuvax (measles), Mumpsvax (mumps) and Meruvax (rubella). “

So, it wasn't worth keeping this for 2% of the market – imagine their enthusiasm towards serving 0.67% of the market (1/150).

“Doug Campos-Outcalt, M.D., M.P.A., who serves as the AAFP's liaison to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and is a former member of the AAFP Commission on Clinical Policies and Research, said Merck's decision was insignificant in terms of public health. He added, however, that some parents likely will be unhappy. “ - you think?

In flash I realized something I'm not sure how I missed. Even though we pay our hefty health insurance premiums one way or another, we are not the consumers of health care. We are not the customers who drive the market and define acceptable quality and market price. Even though health insurance can be one of the largest household expenses, our demand does not drive competition and new products. The real customers are the ones with the pen collections – the doctors and insurance companies, and possibly even the government before us. More and more every choice is made for us, and unlike a normal market, there are few options presented. In some cases signs and letters are posted telling us there will be no options and no exceptions. The doctors have spoken correct and only answer, and we will obey or be cast off. To say we are treated like children would be an understatement – its more like we are treated as institutional outpatients.

What reason could there be to pull a product that was already developed, approved, and put on the market, one that is possibly safer than the alternative? Except for the obvious, that the academy of the real customer doesn't want monvalent vaccines to even exist.

How did this happen? How do we take back control?

Imagine if we formed our own Academy of Health Care Consumers so we don't have to feel like Flick in a Bugs Life when we see a doctor? Sorry, off in la la land again. Back to the co-pay harvest.

Ant Bethany

I chose nothing and have for my children; who are healthiest kids on the block.

I do not fear these 'deadly diseases". I have done my research and discovered they can be treated naturally and safely. Why would I put toxins and viruses in my child if I choose to live green and organic?

Allison, thank you for writing this article. Our voices are growing. Our numbers are growing.

Phyllis Lorenzo

It's all about the almighty dollar... you can bet that Merck is saving money by not offering the staggered doses and only offering one size for all like it or not. The pharmaceuticals' avarice is criminal considering our children's lives are at stake.


Time for everyone who is living in a state that does not allow a simple waiver to opt out of the fast tracked vaccination schedule to move to an easy waiver state.
Here is Arizona all I needed to do to end the madness with vaccines was to check a box on a paper and put my initials at the bottom and we are free from any and all school related vaccines.


I personally have no problem with that. We don't vaccinate at all. After a lot of research, I am not scared of measles, mumps, or rubella in the least bit. Bring them on. And I'm sure if they do come, they will come one at a time, not all three at once.

Merck is shooting themselves in the foot. More and more people are learning that the MMR contains aborted fetus cells, from the rubella portion. There used to be the option of getting the separate measles and separate mumps, at least. Now prolife people will not be able to vaccinate at all for those diseases.

Kathy Blanco


Thanks for your writing. However, can I call you out on one thing? Why do you want to vaccinate now? I am sure that even single vaccines/late schedule in a predisposed child, with triggers you say existed already in the vaccine schedule in your family not alarm you? I don't say this to be mean or nasty, only that, I only wish I clued into those same things and refused vaccines in total in my kids?

I think it is high time, that we do have choice, and my choice to date, is to believe, that vaccines are useless pieces of toxic viral crap, and sicken and maim children everyday. I won't be a part of that, EVEN IF I think that my kids can take one at a time. Why would I make their industry stronger by participating? Actually, there are reports that single vaccines are higher in viral loads than multivalent and often have higher cases of toxic shock and encephalopathy? The point being is, I think we need to rethink the prevention model to disease, viruses, etc, and think, what viruses exist on? They exist in toxins and cell poop bodies. So, if your kid is very healthy, eats well, sleep well, you give them selenium/VIT C and CLO's, etc, why mess with the beauty of a strong immune system which can mount any defenses necessary to handle innocuous childhood diseases?

I read an article that childhood diseases help the body purge out toxins. Interestingly, the article went on to say, that emotional purging also takes place, and IQ is often developed at the same time. So what we are doing, is letting children BUILD toxins in their body even more by preventing these diseases? I would have loved to trated measles and the like with a lifetimes of health?

I guess I am one of "those parents" who zealot the opposite of Dr Sears recommendations, or believe, that vaccines liars have my best interest at heart, NOT...

I take issue with greening vaccines too, but that's another email..

I know I will get the firey darts for being so bold, but, I have honest proof that autism is caused by these things, and my grandchildren are living testaments, that autism is not genetic or inheritable, IF, you don't vaccinate, and treat your body like a temple.

Jessica G

What I think is funny is that I searched the Merck website for a news release or more information on this change and couldn't easily find anything. Maybe it's buried somewhere but they obviously aren't putting it out front and center.

Robyn Beliveau

Allison, thank you so much for your post. As usual you are a wealth of important information! I am so disturbed by Merck's decision. My daughter is 18 months old and I was waiting until she was at least 2 before giving her the MMR in SEPARATE vaccines. Now, that choice has been taken away from me. I received the part line when I called Merck as well - they are not interested in what we have to say - its horrible, but not surprising. Their response shows that they truly do not care about people, only money.

Jenni Byrd

I hope their underlying plan shoots them in the butt. With more and more parents (with or without children with disabilities) becoming informed, there will be more and more kids going w/o any protection from the Measles, Mumps or Rubella.

Dan, tx

There are a number reasons they did this:

1. It makes it very difficult to do research comparing the safety of the MMR to the 3 seperate vaccines spaced out.

2. The vaccine manufactures want the CDC to recommend a vaccine even before the manufactures develop and produce the vaccine. This will keep their R&D costs low. Therefore, they can't be seen producing an un-recommended vaccine.

3. The CDC got tired of telling the local public health officials to NOT purchase the single vaccines. This frees up a lot time for CDC staff members to play solitaire.


Instead of responding to concerns that have been raised about the MMR, Merck is making it even more difficult for parents to have choices. And many states do not allow "philosophical" exemptions, so the only way parents can avoid this vaccine is by qualifying for medical or religious exemptions, or home-schooling.

It is as if the company does not want it to become evident that there are fewer reactions to the vaccine if it is broken up. And, in keeping with a long tradition, the best way to respond to vaccine concerns is to not respond.

I called the Merck # and was told to call this number instead: (800) 672-6372. After being on hold for a while I was able to express my concerns to a live person. She read me a canned explanation saying that Merck is "prioritizing". What bullshit.

Allison, thank you so much for telling your story. Very best wishes to you and your family.


This line is just great:

"That's a lot of hooey. Alternative schedules have never been proven to be superior."

Has there ever been a schedule that was proven safe. These self-righteous bas*&%#^!

And the line about only neeeding one, but there is no harm from receiving all three. That's an impossible statement to make when referring to individual medical care.
What nerve.


Alison, thank you for the information. I am so sorry for what happened to your son. I will be calling and writing them about this. I bet a lot of parents will choose nothing, or only having one MMR shot (instead of the recommended two)or even delaying that particular shot for some time. Any which way you look at it though, it is a bad move for Merck to deny parents more choice on what is obviously a harmful vaccine for many.


Shouldn't market demands drive production of products in a Capitalist society?

I guess not when a company's products are mandated. We get all the evil of capitalism, but not the benefit in this set-up.

Diane F.


I too received the MMR booster prior to pregnancy when my Rubeola titer came back negative. In my case it was my OB/GYN who checked my titers when I told her I wanted to start a family. This was in 1996, and of course I didn't know any better and trusted my doctor. My son was diagnosed with ASD at age 2.

Dr. F. Edward Yazbak's research regarding MMR vaccination surrounding pregnancy can be found here:

Not an MD

Per Times Online (from an article dated 1/4/2009) -spotted at Vaccination
"The government’s joint committee on vaccination and immunisation (JCVI) is considering adding the new chickenpox vaccine to the MMR triple injection already administered to children."

Considering Merck has withdrawn Pro-Quad in the US, why is the JCVI in England considering adding varicella antigen to the MMR shot? Do they not know about the febrile seizures caused by adding varicella to the already problematic mix?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Gail C., I too once had great fear of not giving vaccines. This is not a measure of how important vaccines are- It is proof of how brainwashed we have all been in this regard. The trick for vaccines is to look at each one individually. For MMR, the only one with even the slightest importance for your child at this age is measles. Rubella is a mild disease. Girls do need it before or at puberty. Mumps causes pain for a few days. Measles too, would probably only harm a child who has a poor immune system- For example a child who is on cortisones or a child who has been given mercury vaccines and subsequently has a poor immune system. You can probably still find a dose of measles vaccine. Remember , however, that your child will have a poor immune system for 2 months after the vaccine- so think about what you are going to do during that period. Also, ensure that your child has been well for some time before that vaccine. Give your child vitamins and fresh citrus juice and keep her in the sun daily for 25 minutes each day to keep her immune system in good condition before the vaccine.

Regarding Merck, It was in 1998 that I got interested in vaccines. I chanced to meet a young executive of Ranbaxy Co. I asked him about mercury in vaccines. He was happy to talk about it as Ranbaxy makes no vaccines. He told me that the Merck Co had been warned 7 years (or 13- not sure) earlier about mercury in their vaccines and had "covered it up" He expressed surprise, saying "I dont know how they did that!" It was about 7 years before this story appeared in autism websites, with material proof.
What can one hope for from such a company? Cant we start a boycott of Merck- Or would that be counterproductive?


I'll take nothing.

John Stone

It is evident that the pharma and the government took fright in the UK eleven years ago, and decided to deny choice to parents at the very moment Andrew Wakefield was advocating it. Behind this, I believe, there were a complex of issues - one of which was conceding that there might be any grounds for concern.

However, another feature of what was being done should not be overlooked. The pharmaceutical industry had clearly identified its commercial future with multivalent vaccines: more money, more patented products. They needed to eliminate the culture of choice, which was of course on reason why they needed to get Wakefield. MMR was one of the core multivalent parts of the schedule - if you could not get people to accept that, what about all the others?

It is important to grasp that multivalent vaccines are key way of denying patient/consumer choice. One last thought. Richard Horton, in his book 'MMR Science & Fiction: exploring the vaccine crisis' pretty much identified Wakefield at the epicentre of the crisis (mercury/additives were scarecely mentioned), and the ultimate point was ordinary citizens being allowed any choice at all.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook

I have a gluten-free/casein-free blog and wander through links to so many----so very, very many----stories like yours. It's horrifying. I used to wonder why people made such a fuss about vaccines; then I read on someone's site about the enormous increase in the number of vaccines that are considered standard, and that really got me thinking. (That was before I'd read so many stories like yours.) With something like vaccines, when the government is willing to go along and say that certain ones are mandatory or are basic parts of life, it's such an enormously profitable situation for drug companies. I don't understand why places like the CDC are saying the vaccines and autism aren't linked, though.

My husband and I won't be taking any chances on the children we eventually have.

Gail C.

Our son is five and has been diagnosed with an ASD. Our daughter 2 1/2 is on an alternative vaccine schedule. We struggled with this. After long discussions about balancing the risks of certain diseases with our families predispositions for autoimmune diseases we came up with her schedule. She is suppose to receive the MMR starting in six months over a six month period (1 shot every three months). I just don't know what to do now.

What too many siblings on the alternative schedule not getting an ASD? We wouldn't have enought siblings on the alternative schedule to do a study. Oh I forgot those studies are not worth doing.

dan olmsted

Allison, what a devastating critique and heartbreaking story. It's interesting that Merck also suspended its four-in-one vaccine, ProQuad -- the MMR plus chickenpox. Apparently they're rolling all the dice on the MMR. Ultimately, gamblers lose. -- Dan


When I began nursing school I had to have a physicial and have my titers checked. My Rubeola titer came back negative. The physician I saw told me he didn't have the MMR individually, and I'd have to be re-boostered with the whole shebang(Liar). So in my young adult childbearing years I was injected with more toxins and live attenuated viruses than necessary. Despite reboostering, my titer again came back negative. I refused another booster.

Even though I waited 4 years before conceiving Nick, diagnosed PDD-NOS, I have to wonder if that didn't also play some small role.

Gee, thanks Merck for taking away another choice. Really standing up to your "patients first" mission, huh?

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Allison for this informative piece. We all need to be very angry about this and at least call the company and make a formal complaint I do understand that Wellness Pharmacy in Alabama is still selling the shots separated, but how long they can keep this up is questionalbe when the supply runs out? The story about CJ is devastating as are all our stories.. You are right-just another knife through our hearts.

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