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IACC Insanity

Straight jacket By Katie Wright

Is IACC a serious autism research committee or a daytime drama? I’m confused. This would be funny if so much were not at stake. The machinations, backstabbing, covert agendas, and secret confabs are reminiscent of 2000 Florida re-count. Sometimes rules and laws apply, other times they do not, secret phone calls, secret meetings, anonymous votes, mysterious re-votes on already settled business, broken promises, probably broken laws…

Parents all over this country who worked so hard to see the CAA passed were listening to Wednesday’s goings on thinking, “What the hell, Tom!” When my parents should have been down in Florida with their pals, playing golf and generally being retired, they were pounding the halls the Congress and the Senate working hard to procure this money for autism research. I went with them only a few times, but I never saw Tom Insel or Ed Trevathan there. Now, Tom and his cronies seem to think it is their prerogative to re-write the Combatting Autism Act. Enzi, Kennedy and Dodd, clearly and unequivocally said on the Senate floor that the CAA must finance independent vaccine research. Not, “independent vaccine research- pending the approval Tom Insel and Alison Singer.”

What is with the re-vote anyway? This issue had been settled at the last IACC. A re-vote of the vaccine research was not even on the agenda. Lyn Redwood and other public members of IACC had no idea this issue would be re-visited. But who did know? Alison Singer knew. Ms. Singer called Bob and Suzanne Wright the night before to tell them that she would vote against it. My parents were appalled Singer would vote against Autism Speaks’ wishes  and that she intended to keep AS’  IACC seat as her own personal platform. When one resigns from a job, they resign from a job, they do not pick and choose the elements of the job they’d like to keep.

Listening to the federal members of IACC debate about why independent vaccine research would be “too hard,” was beyond human endurance. Ask my husband what it was like not to sleep through the night for three years, that was hard. Issuing and RPA for vaccine safety research is NOT hard. The next excuse was the rationale that “they would be only be replicating vaccine/ autism research” was absurd. No federal agency is even doing this type of research, that is the whole point and why it needs to get done!  There has been no research completed nor is any or research planned that will study the safety of injecting babies and toddlers with 38 vaccine by age 2. Then came an absurd comment by the brainiac who said “well, we cannot do this because what is it conflicts with other research?” As Lyn Redwood said, “it’s called science,” dope. These people could not be more out of touch with reality. Finally came most hackneyed cliché ever: “we have limited resources and cannot afford vaccine research!” IACC cannot afford to spend  .17% of the CAA budget on this issue, that’s really going to break the bank? Wake up IACC, more money has been spent on robots working with aspergers kids than on vaccine safety research.

There has been too much unscrupulous behavior from the IACC leadership, only serving to confirm why this committee should be disbanded. Why did some people know the vaccine issue would be re-voted upon and others did not? Why was this issue revisited in the first place? Why are Tom Insel and Ed Trevathan willing to go to such lengths to avoid real vaccine research?  The whole committee needs an ethical and representative overhaul. We need a doubling of public members who represent autism orgs of more than a few thousand members. TACA, NAA, Generation Rescue, Safeminds and ASA all deserve multiple seats. Disgruntled former employees of autism organizations who represent only themselves need move on with their lives.

Kudos the brave advocacy work of Lyn Redwood of Safeminds in her courageous fight towards  accountability, transparency and answers for all of our children. Parents are also so appreciative of the support of Stephen Shore. The AAP pediatrician on the committee said that his patients have more questions that ever about vaccine safety,  agreed that independent vaccine research must be done. Thanks to ASA and all the public members of IACC who stood their ground against obstructionist federal committee members. Families are especially grateful to Autism Speaks for standing with the autism community and telling Tom Insel that his deceptive actions have  not gone unnoticed and  have no place in the process of allotting the CAA monies.

Out of crisis comes opportunity and hopefully now that all have seen the IACC as the ethically compromised and partisan mechanism that it is, a far more representative, trust worthy and productive committee will take its place.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.



It bothers me very much that a person who is not an Age of Autism editor is attacking posters and their posting style ("drama and dissertations") in such a way that would seem to suggest that this is the collective opinion of everyone who participates here ("it's getting old over here."), and then actually goes on to say "Bottom Line: You (and _____) are certainly entitled to your opinions and free to express them -- just not at the expense of other parents." Huh? Shouldn't these types of things, if indeed guidelines of Age of Autism or the opinions of *all* of the participants, be communicated by the editors, privately?

It is distressing that the people on the receiving end of these mean spirited comments are actually on the same side of the vaccine/autism debate as the commenter.

Kathy Blanco

Heres some lovely news...ladies and gentleman, the denial looms large..I know of many kids who have stroke like symptoms after ANY vaccine.....safe vaccines, my arsss.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Unlike chickenpox itself, the vaccine against chickenpox does not increase the risk of stroke or brain inflammation in children, according to a large US study reported in the journal Pediatrics.

Stroke is a known complication of chickenpox, a viral disease also called varicella, the study team points out. Although there have been case reports of stroke after varicella vaccination, "the existence and magnitude of any vaccine-associated risk has not been determined."

To shed light on this subject, Dr. James G. Donahue of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Wisconsin and colleagues analyzed data for the period 1991 through 2004 from the Vaccine Safety DataLink on 3.2 million children, 35.3 percent of whom received the varicella vaccine.

They identified a total of 203 new stroke cases, including 8 that occurred within 12 months of varicella vaccination. However, the timing of each case did not suggest that vaccination caused the strokes.

Stroke was strongly associated with known risk factors such as sickle cell disease and heart disease, they found.

Donahue and colleagues also identified 243 cases of brain inflammation or encephalitis. None of these cases occurred during the first 30 days after vaccination and there was no association between encephalitis and varicella vaccination at any time in the 12 months after vaccination.

"Complementing two recent reviews that found serious adverse events to be rare after varicella vaccination, this study offers reassurance that the rare complication of stroke seen after varicella infection" is simply a coincidence, not a cause and effect relationship, the team concludes.

SOURCE: Pediatrics, February 2009.

Kathy Blanco

Lastly, Kelli, you suggested I was working with the evil bastards? Are you kidding? I mean Kelli, really? What I don't do is mince words. I may write these people because they asked for public opinion, but does tha tmean I am working with them? NOT. Do you think when all these letters are actually put through that actions on our side will be taken, NOT!!!! It may be futile, but, they asked for it, right?

My letter may be different from your letter...I can see yours now...it was nice meeting with you at lunch when we discussed greening vaccines...blah blah blah...

Mine will read, come on people, this whole thing is causing autism-this is what happened when I trusted you blah blah balh, I don't believe you, and I don't trust you...did you not read that? The tone? The tone is, I am pissed, your killers, and I am not going to work with you, because you know, that I know, that you are bought and paid for.

Anyways, I just had to put that last dig in-or should I say, my last stopgap.

On the other hand, I do believe Kelli, you are trying your best to send this message across that I am one of THOSE parents. I really am a meek person, and I do my best to be kind and considerate, but when you jab people back, I wonder if you don't read your own words? I think opposite views are allowed on forums like this. Twyla has one view, I have another, and you have a middle ground. These are the things that must be worked out. But, I am surely, not going to work it out, in front of these people who don't care. Otherwise, they will get that we don't get the science of vaccines, how they are made, how often they are dangerous and contaminated and deadly. Othwerise, we will appear as if we are going along with the program only to stick it to you. Even the pro vaccine people know the message is screwed up. They voice it on their blogs all the time. What they are saying is that we are secretly anti vaccine, but are trying to be political about it. GOD, I hate that word, political. It only suggests that someone had to tone down the message for the masses. What if we did that to the tobacco companies? What if we did that for other outrageous killing products? I just want to know, that your going to stand in Washington DC, and tell these people what they have done to my kids, and that because of my trust, in their safety message, that I will get my comings so to speak, and that means, that vaccines will have to be studied long term, vaccine vs unvaccine, and that we have the RIGHT to opt out of them, COMPLETELY and TOTALLY/. If that is your message, I am with you babe, if not, your one of THOSE parents...

Kathy Blanco

First of all Kelli, I see that you liason with Washington DC types on this issue, and all hands down, that's not easy. After a while, you comply with rigid thought patterns/modems on approaches, almost sidding with people who created this autism epidemic in the first place, because of their HIGH and GLORIOUS positions of leadership. I had no such illusions. A pHD type, or NIH type, or governmental type of person, is just a person, and most likly PAID or BOUGHT by the pharmaceutial industry. They have their minds made up, in order to keep jobs, keep reputations, keep income and profits, and most of all to hold back the grand and glorious secret of how autism is initiated.

But, I did this study four years ago, when I still had faith in these apes. AND, the message WAS VERY DIFFERENT. I came from a position of, prove me wrong herewith, not gee, let's work together shall we? My faith now? They have NO concern about our kids, NONE ZERO ZILCH. There heads are in their proverbial sandy bottomless A@#$@ along with their greedy blood stained hands.

Unlike you, I already know, vaccines can't be greened, HAVE ANY VALUE or made safer or on safer schedules. What I was asking for, if you looked, was to have a pretest, to suggest A VACCINE in a predisposed child is dangerous, WAY DIFFERENT. Most likely, a thirty dollar test would save the government millions of dollars. Not only that, but eighty percent of cord blood showed that these kids will not react favorably. Can ypou imagine the toll that would be on a vaccine industrialist? That would mean, not only doubts would come to play, but selfish behaiors, so called, by an unbelieving public, that vaccines may be dangerous. WAY DIFFERENT. Is your campaign asking for this? NO, you are saying, once we take things out, go on ahead general public, have at it. WRONG WRONG WRONG message. Are you going to also green vaccines, by virtue of saying, the VIRUSES in them are safe? That having multiple contaminations in one vial is acceptible (by so doing, taking out the toxins?) My message is, there is no telling what vaccines are bad, no telling. THAT IS WAY DIFFERENT. I know you are TRYING to say, you are putting doubt in parents, in my mind, you are creating, or some people are creating the image that vaccines still have some value, that we are centurist. Twyla can have it with vaccines, good for her, that's her choice. I on the other hand, see why autism is not so genetic, but epigenetic/idiopathic/ioatragenic, that is, MANKIND is causing this disaster (not only by vaccines by vectored bacteria, food supply, birth methods, yadah yadah). So, let's get out of the way of that, and let NATURE do what it is designed. Instead of building defences for non harmful chilhood diseases THAT MANY LIVE THROUGH WITH FLYING COLORS if taken care of properly with the added assurances of hygeine and nutrition and not quick fixes, lets build immune sysetms, a way different look at health. My grandchidlre are living testaments that vaccines INITIATE the autism condition...they have not autism, no neurological problems, BECAUSE, they did not get vaccines EVER. If autism is so genetic...???

Unlike you, and some others, I am bold in this stance because I saw true injury from vaccines/not just coincidence and timing, and have evidence to back it up. And because of that misfortune, all the days of my life will be about going about the public as my right and duty, and putting doubt and more doubt into the whole program. FOR, as you study how the immune system works, in essence, this modern day practice is causing all our MODERN illnesses to BLOSSOM from "genetic", or initiating or worsening them. Back in the bible, it even stated, to not mix animal blood with human blood...that's good enough for me.

I don't get that Jenny can say, ok, when we do this impossible task, you general public, can have this new vaccine. WAIT A MINUTE...that means, she too doesn't care what happens to some one elses child OR MY CHILD? I don't think she thinks that way or even operates on that level, but if you put the logic down, it's suggesting that. The communication has broken down in our autism population because frankly, we mothers who saw this true injury, are not going to take this shit anymore, and we want bold stances. We want to know that you are going to be OUR mouthpiece, not the mouthpiece of a minority who think we should be still workable, plyable, able to be worked with. In simple terms, a mercury free vaccine, is still a shit vaccine, an aluminum free vaccine, is still a shit vaccine, and so on and so forth. I want the doubt to spread farther, that these organizations are calling for not only the impossible and improbable, but that they are pseudo concerning autism in many parents lifes, foregoing that many autism cases result in DEATH, by seizure, by stopping breathing, and or lifetimes sentences of no communication. I hold that very serious to me, and I don't think a greened tobacco ciggarette is any different.


I know parents who currently forgo vaccines because they have lost confidence in the safety of today’s vaccines, and also because after one child has a vaccine reaction they are concerned that there may be a familial susceptibility to vaccine reactions.

Yet these same parents do not necessarily advocate for doing away with all vaccines. They do advocate for a vax/unvaxed study, study of individual injured children, better studies of ingredients, fewer vaccines, removing all thimerosal, not giving several vaccines together at the same time, better study of long-term and short-term effects, and not having the only safety reviews performed by people who have a vested interest in denying problems.

As a child, I received vaccines for polio and smallpox and tetanus. My generation had much fewer vaccines, much fewer adverse reactions, and much lower rates of autism, ADHD, asthma, etc. I believe there is a middle ground where some vaccines are given for some of the most serious diseases, and adverse reactions should be studied instead of ignored, and vaccines should be made as safe as possible.

The smallpox vaccine has a risk of serious adverse reactions. It is no longer given today because the smallpox virus has been pretty much eradicated from planet earth (knock on wood). But perhaps those risks were worth taking when smallpox was epidemic.

The polio vaccine had some problems which were addressed much too slowly – contamination with a monkey virus associated with tumors, and the live polio virus in the vaccine sometimes causing polio. But my parents’ generation suffered from a polio epidemic, and my generation did not. I credit the vaccine.

I am not trying to convince anyone that some vaccines have value. My point is that some of us honestly believe than some vaccines have value. This is not hypocrisy nor inconsistency nor being afraid to speak the truth.

I can understand why Jenny McCarthy would not vaccinate her child (nor future children) any more, and yet would say that she is not anti-vaccine and she does not advise others to forgo all vaccines. Instead, she advocates for making the program safer, and she advises parents to educate themselves. Each parent must make the best decisions they can for their children.

I am for parental choice in vaccines. I am fortunate to live in a state that has a philosophical exemption. I believe all states should allow parental choice. Consistent with the parental choice philosophy, I would not try to make decisions for another parent.

My other point is that I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the work being done by Lyn Redwood and the other public members on the IACC (except for A. Singer of course), and I think it’s so important for these issues to be addressed on many fronts – within various systems as well as without.

Raising money for independent research – great! Criticizing anyone for trying to work within our government – not great!

Sorry if I’m repeating myself. I think I’m done now.

Lisa @ TACA

A lot of general public folks saw the Green our Vaccines rally on television, popular magazines, and websites. A lot.

More people are talking about vaccines and their ingredients than ever.

Green our vaccines rally? In my opinion - A positive step in the right direction.


OK, I'll save my peace sign for the next "autism study conducted by boobs"! (although Kim's photo choice was much better!)


I appreciate the attempt but I was thinking that your "peace" symbol looked like droopy boobs. I had to read your comment to figure out what they were. I was thinking...OK now she's just making fun of me! How did she know my boobs droop???? Thanks for the boobs/peace sign/laugh!!!

Kelli Ann Davis

"Vaccines will never be made without toxins or "questionable ingredients" and I am surprised anyone would think this is even possible."

Who ever said it was possible???

The point is they are UNSAFE NOW and unless and until they are PROVEN to be safe, no one should be injecting this unsafe product into their bodies. Period.

"I could care less about making it seem more palatable for the people in the Pharma. companies and their cronnies by taking a "we just want a safer schedule and greener vaccines" stance."

The "Greening" message isn't for pharma and their cronies -- it's for the PUBLIC!


Seriously, folks. How hard is that to understand.

Oh and Kathy: I'm surprised you decided to write letters today considering your remark from 2 days ago:

"I tried, I was on a committe, like you to bring about changes.. I called ACIP members...not fun. You should hear the blasphemy that came at me, it was not only uncool, it was down right evil. So if you want to deal with the evil bastards, all the days of your life, go on right ahead, good luck with that..."

So, I guess you've changed your mind and decided to engage with the "evil bastards" right alongside the rest of us???

not falling for it

Vaccines will never be made without toxins or "questionable ingredients" and I am surprised anyone would think this is even possible. How in the world can a vaccine be considered a vaccine without all of the toxins they put in them? What exactly WOULD be in a vaccine for it to be considered "safe" and non-toxic? It will never happen. NO vaccine is the only safe vaccine and trying to convince these Pharma. companies to "green a vaccine" is just plain useless. Taking out Thimersol is one thing, asking them to remove everything else, which is what would be needed, is another. I could care less about making it seem more palatable for the people in the Pharma. companies and their cronnies by taking a "we just want a safer schedule and greener vaccines" stance. I think that sounds crazier personally and puts thousands and thousands of kids at risk and bottom line, it's about not destroying anymore kids.


Kelli said: "I'm just a mom..."

On planet autism, there is no such thing as "just a mom"... :-)

There's been some talk in this thread about funding a study - that seems to be the one point everyone agrees on - the tie that binds, so to speak. I'd have to assume this would take some real $ - but after reading another report about yet another "nail in the coffin" study (this one comparing kids who got 62.5 micrograms vs 137.5 micrograms of ethyl mercury in their first year of life - smoke 'em if you got 'em) it seems like the vax'd vs non-vax'd overall health outcomes approach is the potential dam buster that needs to be launched now. Time to pass the hat around...? I realize donations to various support groups are already an option, and money is tight all around, but does it make sense for GR or similar to set up a fund specifically for this study - all donations earmarked? I'd find a couple $ to throw at this now.


Jane, et. al;

There is NO mixed message.

As it stands, RIGHT NOW, vaccines aren't safe due to toxins and other questionable ingredients. And the message to "Green the Vaccines" is addressing this problem.

And so yeah, based on that fact alone (and until measures are taken to fix it) I can totally understand why Jenny would say what she did.

Bottom Line: The FOCUS is on SAFETY (where it should be) and not on the "pro vaccine -anti vaccine" rhetoric which is what the *other side* wants to make it all about. And until the vaccines are SAFE, whether someone is “pro or anti vaccine” is a *moot point* and in my opinion has absolutely no bearing on the situation NOW.


When Larry King asked Jenny McCarthy if she would ever vaccinate another child (if she had one) she said something like, no way in hell. So...I am curious why she has put out a "greening the vaccines" message when that is clearly not the answer. Sadly I think this mixed message is why so many are not taking this entire vaccine disaster seriously enough.


Quite honestly, Twyla, your symbol looks more like a big pair of boobs with an underwire bra that's gone haywire : )

Ray Gallup

"Greening vaccines" is not the answer. There are over 200,000 cases of adverse reactions to vaccines on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Greening vaccines won't prevent adverse reactions to vaccines.

An unvaccinated population versus vaccine population study needs to be done but the Federal government won't do it. It will need to be done by independent autism organization/organizations that are up to the challenge.

Ray Gallup



Kelli Ann, Rileysmom, and Kathy -
That's my best attempt at an online peace symbol. I hope it keeps its shape when posted.

Kelli Ann, did you say there is an article by Katie Wright about the IACC? Really? Where? Oh, right -- I forgot. (j/k)


Amen Kelli Ann, I was actually wondering the same thing myself.
My apologizes Katie and thank you so much for being WHO you are. I really look up to you and your spirit. Truly an inspiration.
Hey Kim...how about Dolly Parton??? I do believe she beats Pam hands down.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Back to Katie and the IACC

"Out of crisis comes opportunity and hopefully now that all have seen the IACC as the ethically compromised and partisan mechanism that it is, a far more representative, trust worthy and productive committee will take its place."


Seems the whole point of this post has been *hijacked* somewhat so I just wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate my support for your piece and I share your views regarding the IACC.


PS...Miss Kim -- any way you can re-run the "boob study" with a different pic??
Might give us some relief from all the *drama* and *dissertations* on this post ;-)


I agree with Kathy Blanco and Riley's mom. I think this entire "greening the vaccine" theory is ridiculous. I know of kids who were on a more cautious schedule and still had the same horrible reactions to vaccines. As for "greening", these vaccines continue to be and always will be filled with sh** like aluminum, formaldehyde and so on and the pharma. companies are never going to change that. How anyone can convince themselves that vaccines spread further apart is a better alternative really puzzles me.

Kathy Blanco

This is the last I will say about it, to some relief of some, and aghast of others.

The following follows my thought pattern to a T. VACCINES ARE CRAP, drop them, don't use them, don't partake, EVER.

Autism' false "profits" come from the vaccine industry I am afraid.

It is not mercury that you need to worry about in and of itself. This is a multi-triggered problem, in pohysiology. Although mercury made things worse, aluminum is also bad, and aluminum has increased as the mercuty has been removed, and aluminum is 64x the problme as mercurial compounds have been.

Then again, the heavy metals are not even necessary (and neither is direct vaccination) to have an adverse "vaccine" reaction. Sound convoluted? This is true.

Aluminum is a flocculant -that is, it causes coagulation and sludging of fluids - like impurities in water in a water treatment plant (the water we drink) and sludging of human blood )clotting and coagulating and agglomerating.

Sludged blood does not flow through tiny vessels designed to deliver oxygen via red blood cells passing through capillarties in single file. As blood flow is delimited, clinically silent ischemia and hypoxia emerge as latent component of vaccine damages and autism spectrum..and more.

The universal, one size fits all, vaccination protocol has been flawed since the time of Edward Jenner.

One cannot offer solutions unless one knows what the problem is in physiology. Two of these problems are now known in biophyscis and physiology. This is simply new medical disovery (peer reviewed and published) as well as lost medicine - also peer revoewed and published.

If you know the problem in physiology, then you can offer a certification board. Eventually a critical mass will be reached. If yu do not know what teh problme is, you can also offer a certification board - we call this end of the spectrim the FDA/CDC/IOM.

If you design a band-aid it is useless unless the "patients" recognize they are bleeding. The medical system and the one size fits all vaccine industry is now the patient, and the Chiropractic profession, along with the other non-pharma based healing arts, has become a victim of the same medical hubris and prescription drug industry that has harmed all these children, infants, gulf war vets, and now teen girls.

Science can never prove the null hypothesis - one simply fails to reject it. Failing to reject a null hypothesis is not synonymous with no cause or effect.

The medical establishment has resorted to using population based parametric statistics to assess for a non-parametric distributed outcomes including adversity from vaccination, of which autism-spectrum is but one adverse outcome among many (re: 1 child in 6 now has a specific learning disability...). The adverities from vaccinations can be immediate and delayed, there are other contributing factors to adversity in addition to vaccination, these concomitant triggers are not controlled for in population based statistics; there is no true control group in the population based studies that have been done - indeed, we can now show you that mothers who have been vaccinated, can horizontally transmit the pathology (in immune memory and adversity)to theor newborn infants whio were neurologically intact at birth, and developed the core brain damage/injuries, characteristic of autims-spoectrum disorders from vacciunations, within 4 to n24 hours of breast feeding.

The damages from vaccination, throughout infancy, are additive, cumulative, and the same process that causes vaccine induced autims ALSO causes vaccine induced dementia, GWS, Gardasil deaths, specifc learning disabilities, ADHD, SIDS, and more... we say this, and you will to, becuase we can now see it - Live and restrospectively.

The solution? Rather than using a between subjects, post-hoc, population based, experiemntal design, with poor control for confounding variables, incomplete knowledge of the core mechanisms of injury (hypoxia and ischemia), inadequate follow-up times, and a singular clinical label (which is a collection of symptoms that exist on a continnuum of harm) as the only end-point, then these empirical studies that claim "no cause-effect" are missing the trees for the forest they have created.

When you use the individual as theor own case control and complete a full, and proper, neurological exam, before vaccination and after vaccination, then the within subjects deaign pulls out the temporal sequence, the proof causation, and the missing clinical data that the entire vaccine and medical industry has ignored, for the past 150 years.

By analogy: of you take an xray of the arm and see the bone is not broken, then you hit it with a baseball bat, and then re-xray the arm - and you find it is broken - this is proof causation.

Now if your control group, in this between subjects experimental design, is "silently" being hit in the arm with another vector that you have not controlled for, that summates to increase the breaking pressure polaced in the arm, then you will have no statistically significant difference between the two groups in the incidence of broken arms and you will incorrectly conclude that baseball bats at high velocity and frequency of "whacks" do not break arms. Scientific - a sound conclusion. Accuracy - the conclusion is meaningless.

When you compare apples with apples and conclude there are no oranges you are correct - however, the conclusion is meanignless, relative to reality and clinical truisms.

If you wish to see truth, and understand truth, in science, medicine, physiology, biophyscis, immunology, hematology, BioNutrition, and quite literally, "see for yourself proof causation proven on vaccine induced autism-spectrum, Gulf War Syndrome, attention deficit disorders, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, Gardasil, and more... then the information is now available for your learned appreciation.

The world was once flat. Now it is round.
Vaccines were held to not cause autism. Now we see that they do. This information requires no special knowledge of experimental design, complicated, probabilstic, mathematical models that use prabability and numbers to convey truth when truth is before your very eyes to obserev, first hand. Seeing is believing - come see. Science is mathematical manipulation - don't be manipulated to believe something that goes against what yuo can see first hand with yur own eyes - in confernce, and now, in your own clinical practice - board certfied or not.

It matters not what one excpert says or another -it matters only what you learn for yourself, with your own eyes and understanding.

Come see truth. Come understand where we went wrong. When the Western medical model "Germ Theory" is incomplete, then our approach, in Western medicine, has also been incomplete, and in several instances, wrong.

The same mechanims by which Vioxx caused strokes - is the same mechanism by whicah vacines are causing a similar pathologcial state, as currently constituted and deployed. Once the pathological damages have occurred, and because this is a sysetmic blood flow problme, then multi-organ systems are damaged, and multi-system solutions are required for recovery, let alone supporting the individual who has now acquired multi-organ functional impediements, in cognition, to digestion, to elimination, and healing.

With answers as to cause comes solutions - in prevention, intervention, diagnostics, and recovery. One cannot treat a problem unless the cause is known in physiology. We now have cause - in a within subjects design, that cannot be denied by anyone, including the likes of Dr Paul Offit, Dr Judy Gerberding, or Dr. Harvey Fineberg.

It is time the Chiropractic community re-claims its status and position of authority in this pharmacy-dominated western based medical system that has sold the public on the quackeries of chroropractic care as much as it has sold us all this one-size-fits-all safe for all multi-vaccination schedule that is causing ischemia, hypoxia, and microvascular strokes, to multi-organ systems, in an immediate and delayed manner, for all, irrespective of outcome diagnoses, and irrespective of the "vaccine strain" given, and in some cases, vaccines are not even necessary to cause the core problem in physiology. Vaccination, by virtue of frequency and ubiquity, has become the most prevalent trigger in this summative, additive, trigger filled world we now eat and drink and breath in.

It is not just the vaccinations that are the source of the problem. One does not even need to be directly vaccinated in order to be vaccine injured. If you wish to help this autism-spectrum and neurodevelopmental injured community, inlcuding the Gulf war ves, the children and their families, then I respectfully ask only for your eyes and ears to peruse the evidence we now have, that demosntartes, conclusively, that the world of autims-spectrum, relative to vaccinations, is unmistakably "round" and not flat(safe) at all.

All vaccinations, as curently constituted, are causing sludging of the blood, impairing blood flow, and causing ischemic/hypoxic/anoxic injuries to muliple ogran systems, including the brain, in clinicaly silent ways that are no longer silent.

This same pathophysiological mechanism, in causation, is a non-specific immune and fluid dynamics generic response to foreign substances entering mammalian tissue. Hans Selye knew this and publkished these findfings. Schwarzman/Sanarelki knew this. Botkin knew this. Ar5thuis knew this. Knisley knew this. Riddick knew this. Western medcine knew this. The CDC/FDA knows the problem can happen - they have simply ignored the problem exists and have refused to investigate the mechanism of injury under the guise of maintaining the public health sacred cow.

Tyhe mechanims is now kjnown and yu can now see for yourself along with the rest of the world as we go about returning to the edict of causing more good than harm.

There is a way to prevent vaccine, infectious disease, and toxin adversity. "They" are about to understand how this has happened, why it has happened, and what we must now do to prevent it from recurring, and how we can ratioanlly begin helping those that have been harmed already - inlcuding those being harmed by Gardasil.

ischemic strokes and sludging blood flow - it is as simpe as that.

Tolerance Lost

(answers and solutions)


Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

Kathy Blanco

Kelli, you have a right to your opinion, and so do I. Once you study your biology on vaccines, you will begin to realize, that greening a vaccine is impossible/improbable, highly unlikely, economically unsound. Not only that, unsafe. How could I say that? Because all the ingredients, and the very virsues themselves are dangerous (are you going to green viruses too, I'd like to see that one?), and if one ingredient is out, another added in, where is the benefit? To evoke an immune response, toxins are put in, so to speak, to gather the memory cells to the site of injection. Take that out, you have placebos, non affective vaccines, and not only that, contaminated ones. I would rather have the real vaccine, than a green vaccine, to be honest if I had to make that choice?

I personally feel vaccines have nothing to do with conferring immunity or health. Many of them are known to have mycoplasma contaminations (want to pick one-try 58 percent of autistic children have mycoplasma F in their bodies) and in our children, who already have inflammation cytokines and chemokines even before their vaccine series, it is in fact, dangerous, and maiming. I don't want to give one kid that possibility.

I have every right, to claim these scientific facts. I have never attacked you personally or any parent for that matter. I have however, asked Jenny to make sure her message was a bit more clear, but apparently, this message is too radical for the masses to hear. And being that she must not appear nutty or zealotrous, (as I may feel you may think I am), then, ok, I guess you can put me in the class of religious zealouts who think that vaccines have no purpose. I hold that religion most sacred, as the trust my children have on me now, to fix this damn belief system and give them justice for their damage. There is no put down in this message...it is in fact, asking for clarification to ask, exactly, what is your stance on the whole vaccine program. It is apparent, that you still believe in them, as is your right. But, I have found, this message, has confused my neighbors whom I ask often about, what are your thoughts on vaccines? All they hear, is that we are still not anti vaccine. Good for you autism public, great...not. What we create and sew, we reap.

As to politics, good luck with the message, but as far as I can see, vaccination rates are still very high, mothers who are pregnant still get mercury containing flu vaccines, and epidemics still rage on.

I would rather boycott them all together to bring about these changes-as this is the only scare tactic they understand. This is not only an autism issue, it is a highly gaurded military secret that they are damaging not only our children, but our soldiers. Do you think they would work with committees and parents knowing this? How much are our children REALLY worth to the Government, ZIP, NADDA, ZILCH.

I tried, I was on a committe, like you to bring about changes.. I called ACIP members...not fun. You should hear the blasphemy that came at me, it was not only uncool, it was down right evil. So if you want to deal with the evil bastards, all the days of your life, go on right ahead, good luck with that...meanwhile, I will preach the good news that you can opt out of vaccines, have healthy children, and never mind the pediatrician. If you can't home school, or move, I would do everything in my power to protect my children, even hire a lawyer if necessary pro bono. I would even opt for Jail, if necessary. My children are that important to me.

I am trying to save children, bottom line.

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Rileysmom


I'm laughing. I am soooo not a journalist -- if you only knew how much I go through when I have to write a piece (ask Mark) but thanks for the compliment :-)

I'm just a mom -- like you-- trying to make a difference. And although we may not agree on approach I always try and respect other's viewpoints whether I agree with them or not.

Bottom Line: You (and Kathy) are certainly entitled to your opinions and free to express them -- just not at the expense of other parents.

That’s the only point I’m trying to make.




I think the reason why I feel that way is because I've spent so much time trying to convince people to,at least, question, I've bent over backwards to make people listen to me. I felt like (in a way) I WAS saying "green our vaccines" and "educate before you vaccinate" to not make people mad and turn them off. I was bending over and taking it up the *** to appease them and their delicate sensiblities. I feel like some people need the kid gloves to make them understand exactly what sort of garbage is in vaccines. I guess I'm just tired of not speaking my mind, screaming from the rooftops is what I'd like to do. Stop vaccinating so their money stops coming in and maybe then there will be action.
That was all I was trying to say. I can relate with some of what Kathy says, not all, but some. I get where she is coming from. I understand the frustration of not being able to speak what is in your heart without being accused of attacking.
I'm done being ashamed to say it, it's sort of like "coming out".
I'm proud and I'm loud...I am ANTI vaccine!!! LOL!!
We can all have a difference of opinion and still be united. I still stand beside you all. I wouldn't have it any other way.


THIS is for BJ WARD. i almost lost my grandson. he was forced to take a shot and they knew he had reactions. we were in a state that did not allow exemptions, we packed up and moved to a state with medical and religious exemptions, it was very easy to do. go to the HEALTH DEPT. and they will give it to you no questions ask. i dont know what everyone is worried about us non vaccine children , we are the ones at risk. you have been vacanited.people need to eduicate themselves on what is in the vaccines. such as LATEX ALLUMIUM FERMILDIHIDE ANTI FREEZE MERCURY theres lots more i just cant think of all of them now nor can i spell them. its EVIL to put all that poision into a little baby.


Kelli Ann,
We don't know each other very well. I know you are a jounalist and a huge part of the autism movement and advocacy. I absolutely adore you for that. Unlike some of you that have been in this fight longer than I (you, Kim, Lyn Redwood,Dan...etc and ect, to many to list) I'm sort of new to this. My son was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago and up until 18 months ago, I thought this was all my fault. I thought I had done something, lived in the wrong house, drove the wrong car, got to much processed foods...I had no idea. Now, let me explain a few things about myself. I have a back ground in chemistry and biology. I was brainwashed into thinking that vaccines were man kinds gift to society. I never questioned, I just vaccinated my kids according to the schedule. I backed out of the medical field Oct of 2007. I became intolerant of the bull that was being fed to "our" meaning medical community by the Pharma interests involved. I'm currently working in a totally different direction and I'm getting a degree in paralegal studies. Looky there, I flipped sides. I know things about meds that most paralegals would never think to look for and I plan on working in everyway possible way to "stick it to" the pharma industry.
I'm always open to discussion. If you can see a way that the green our vaccines message can be done, I'd love to hear it. In all the times that I have looked at vaccines and their components and "garbage" as it were...I do not see a way this can be acomplished. If you have some info I haven't come across please email me thru Kim, (sorry Kim but I don't want to give out my email address on here) I would love to see it.
Like I said, up until 2 wks ago or so. I thought there was a way. I believed that message. I appreciate Jenny and everything she has done to get our voices out there. I appreciate all of you that work so damn hard. But I honestly don't know how it can be done.
I guess with me and my personality. I'm straight forward, shoot from the hip and ask questions later. I never meant to piss people off but for right now...I am anti vaccines because I don't see anything good about them.


rileysmom -
I'm not sure to whom your comment was directed. My comment was not directed at you.

I have no problem with you expressing your opinions. I do disagree with your statement that we have tried to reform rather than end vaccines "just to appease the community at large. To seem non confrontational." That is not the basis of the opinions I express.


B J Ward -
Each state has different requirements. If you do some Google searching you can find the requirements for your state.


This was the part of the statement that perhaps you missed.
It may not be for everyone but this is the choice I have made.
I'm not slamming anyone. I really don't care too to be completely honest with you. If you and many others want to keep up the green our vaccines rally and battle cry, then more power to you. I appreciate that but as I'm looking at vaccine ingrience and come to realize that I'm not so sure HOW they can green them up. I mean do they make organic polysorbate 80? Can they guarantee that everything they use is 100% safe?
I did say "Educate before you vaccinate" up until 2 wks ago. Now I just don't believe that vaccines are something that ANYONE needs. That's MY personal believe and I even stated that in my post. So maybe saying something about ME attacking others doesn't quite make sense when I said I'm done saying what I used to say and I'm NOT ashamed to say it anymore....I'm anti vaccine. That's my choice and not yours or many others. But that's the point we are entitled to choice and opinions.


To Kathy Blanco -
I happen to believe that some vaccines have value -- more benefit than risk. You believe that all vaccines are bad -- that all do more harm than good. I don't mind at all your expressing your opinions. Neither of us is an omniscient god with 100% sure knowledge. There may be some children who are harmed by every vaccine, and at this point we do not know who they are.

I do mind, as Kelli Ann pointed out, your bashing other parents such as Jenny McC and Kelli Ann who are out their working their butts off to change the vaccine system and bring about more and better research with the goal of preventing and treating autism and other vaccine injuries.

Yeah, it would be great to fund our own research. Are you ready to pay for this research? My bank account balance is pretty low. There are many ways to work towards more research funding and I admire all the "public" members of the IACC for their hard work. But if you want to spearhead a drive to raise money for privately funded research, go for it.

I also mind that you and some others are implying that those of us who are advocating for vaccine reform are just too chicken to say that all vaccines are bad. I sincerely believe that some vaccines are important. I'm saying what I think.

Our opponents constantly try to paint us all as "anti-vaccine" as if the only question is whether vaccines should be totally done away with or not. Your beliefs feed into this propaganda that it is an all-or-nothing issue.

Nevertheless, I support your right to express your beliefs and I am not going to try to convince you otherwise. But don't put down parents who are working to reform the agencies that are supposed to be protecting our children. Don't put down the parents who are trying to bring about better understanding of vaccine injuries -- why they occur, and how they can be prevented and treated. Don't put down parents who are working for reform of the vaccine system -- better testing for safety of ingredients, fewer vaccines overall, fewer vaccines given at one office visit, removal of thimerosal, studying vaccine injuries instead of just denying them, more transparency and less secrecy...

You also seem to imply that we would have had more success by now if we had simply stuck to the "all vaccines are bad" philosophy. I don't really see how that would have brought us any further.

I would never tell a parent not to vaccinate at all. I would never tell a parent not to take their kids to the pediatrician. If I had a baby right now, it would be very difficult for me to decide which vaccines to do and when, if any. There are risks on both sides of these decisions. My only advice to other parents would be to do their research (from more than the gov't and AAP sources) and make informed decisions.

B J Ward, PhD

To the parents who refused vaccinations for their children:
Does your state have a legal requirement that all students must be vaccinated for certain diseases or conditions prior to being legally enrolled in public schools? (Some states do have such legal requirements.)
Were you able to enroll your unvaccinated child child in the public schools despite this requirement?
If you are able to answer "yes" to this last questions, What did you h ave to do to enroll your unvaccinated child in a public school?
Parents who cannot afford private school, and cannot home school because of having to work to support the family need such information in order to protect their children.
Please share how you did it, so others may do likewise.
BJ Ward

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Kathy

"This kind of workable parent, quiet parent routine, is really the source of this problem. If vaccines truly injured our children like they say they did, we would be treating these people like murderers and terrorists, not buddies, friends, trusted individuals and pals."

Political Reality Fact 1: Government is a *part of life* -- plain and simple -- and engaging in committees, meetings and discussions is not only necessary for impacting policy, but more importantly, it provides accountability.

Can you imagine how much WORSE it would be if no one from our side was at the table??? Just because someone engages a government official does not make them a "buddy, friend, trusted individual, or pal" of that individual.

Political Reality Fact 2: *NO ONE* is going to get very far with their message by calling and/or treating individuals in positions of *power* (and whether you like it or not, that IS the reality of the situation) "murderers and terrorists." They'd be thrown out on their asses and/or put in jail.

Bottom Line: I'm not the "source of the problem" just because I choose to approach the issue differently and in a more dignified way than *you* would. I work hard on this issue day in and day out and so far, I've done it ALL on my own dime. So suffice to say, I certainly don't need you slamming me from the sidelines.

'nough said. I'm not wasting any more of my time on this when I've got productive work to do for our children.

Kathy Blanco

And lastly, not leastly...

The body of historical and scientific research that there can not be "good vaccines", because the entire premise of vaccination is flawed. Medical doctors are not trained in nutrition and very little in immunology so their narrow scope of information limits their understanding of the immune system. Incidentially, people also once thought the world was flat and the "round earthers" were ridiculed and demonized until the truth was finally accepted... vaccines are our modern day flat earth. *(quote from VIC)

I cannot put up or shut up that vaccines are useless medical devices. I can't march behind a green vaccine, a safe vaccine, a safer schedule, a single vaccine-even if it is celebritied of Obamasized. I know of a mother who did such advise, her son is raging autistic. Became autism at FOUR after this advice (held back schedule, did one at a time). I don't think she is alone. She and I, are quite bitter about greening vaccine messages. I see her kid, mute, diahrreah, seizures. This is ridiculous.

That's why, I may be appearing to bash the idiology (get this striaght, never suffering parents). I am bashing and spanking the autism community at minimum, because they still haven't been taught the idolatrous relationship we have with doctors, committees, pseudo concern committees, and even pseudo concern NPO's who profess changes but withold information (given half of the truth is better than no truth-aka, mercury alone is the cause of autism). We should be implicating products of all kinds, vaccines, foods, pollution, regulatory agencies, birth methods. This is the cause of autism. TRUST.

This whole paridigm of trust stands to make millions off of our children. They DON'T CARE. Boycott them, then they care. This is the only thing they understand-profits, bottom lines, pocketbooks. Vaccine Products should be sitting on shelves/going old and not being used, no one showing up at the pediatric offices-this, is what they understand. The other one, is independent research. No more faxes, no more airplane tickets to rallies. It's time we put up or shut up. I can ill afford it, but I am pledging five thousand dollars to independent research. That's our bonus this year...no new kitchen. That's how much I care. Now, can anyone point me to a true organization that is going after independent research on vaccines? Oh that's right, few and far between...

Kathy Blanco

I fail to see why someone feels I am attacking them personally. What I am attacking is the message. That's way different. Calm down. We need to think clearly, scientifically here. I am grateful for Jenny for one thing. she started something. But to finish it, we need to be scientific about how much vaccines can't be greened. We need to avoid them, period.

I knew I would stir ire, but did not know how these feelings run so deep. This is why I never voice the opinions with parents like this, because there is no winning it. It is a deeply personal held belief, and a realization that the autism community will never work together if the message is off target. It's like trying to nail jellow to a wall. Vaccines should be avoided, we should not work with these people, and they only understand boycotts, not committees, not emails, not faxes, not trips to washington DC. I have had it with trying to drive this point home.


I think the main reason that cannot let the vaccinated/unvaccinated study happen is because you will not only see no autism in the unvaccinated group, but you will not see any asthma, allergies, diabetes and other illnesses plauging our children. They CANNOT let the public know this. The autism group seems to be the only group that has figured this out and we have NOT backed down. They want us to go away -- they do everything they can think of to make us look bad. They want the world to think that we are the neglectful parents who won't vaccinate our children and put other's kids in harms way.


Angela Day -
I did not attack FEAT at all. I had read the mission statement which said:

"FEAT-Austin specifically advocates for families pursuing Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) based on the methods and principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis. To date, IBI is the most successfully, scientifically validated treatment methodology providing significant improvement and possible restoration of intellectual and educational functioning in children with autism. FEAT-Austin may support other scientifically validated methodologies if and when they become available."

This implies that so far FEAT does not support any other methodologies besides ABA.

However, I just went to your January 2009 newsletter and saw that there are references to biomedical.

At any rate, my comment did not "attack" but merely asked whether FEAT only focusses on ABA. What was Lisa Hunter Ryden suggesting when she said, "our own divisiveness on causation and treatment is not helping our cause. From outsiders, I have been told that we (the autism community) appear to be fractionated and argumentative. How do we institute a single branded message and come together in a single voice?"

I don't know how we could end the divisiveness on causation and treatments other than either convincing others of what we believe or submerging our own beliefs, so I'm a bit confused by Lisa's comment.

I am generally one of the politer bloggers and don't engage in vitriole or name-calling, so in that sense I am all in favor of less friction and better communication. But at this point there are big differences in how people view causes and treatments -- even very polite people -- and certainly those of us who believe that vaccines cause autism are not going to compromise that belief in order to appear to be a united community.

At any rate, sincere kudos to you and your group for your work to support, advocate, and educate. I did not attack, I only asked questions.

Raymond Gallup


"This is ridiculous! They are fighting dirty and its getting serious. We can't stop them. They have the upper hand when they are making the rules. Something on a large scale needs to happen in order to make them stop this continuos foul play. Please god help us."

It is to be expected as I said previously. The best way to fight back is:

1. Parents unite with an autism organization that has the cojones to fund good independent autism research regarding the vaccine links (immune research and a study on vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children relating to ASD).

2. See if lawyers will sue the IACC pro bono on what they are doing (if they can do it).

3. Once Number 1 and Number 2 are done have a concerted effort to get politicians to either do away with the Dept of HHS or cut the autism research to Zero. Any CDC or NIH research projects are inane or stupid to date. They waste our money on such research as the Duke University monkey porn study (where male monkeys were rewarded looking at female monkey's butts) and other research projects that do nothing to improve the situation for our families and kids.

Until then parents, our kids with autism and autism organizations will be used as doormats by the Dept of HHS/pharmaceutical companies cabal.

We allow this by our inaction!!!

Ray Gallup

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Kathy

"There is no winning this, and no, I won't get off it."

Wake up Kathy. People don't listen to ranting and attacks -- they tune them out and discount the message and the messenger.

Why would I spend my time going to your yahoo group when you don't have the common courtesy to refrain from personal attacks against a parent and fellow member of Generation Rescue on a site that is sponsored by the same group??

Bottom Line: The next time you feel a *need* to rant against other parents like Jenny McCarthy, why don't you go do it over on your yahoo group? Cuz trust me, it's getting old over here.


This is ridiculous! They are fighting dirty and its getting serious. We can't stop them. They have the upper hand when they are making the rules. Something on a large scale needs to happen in order to make them stop this continuos foul play. Please god help us.

Raymond Gallup

When parents decide to work together and start funding independent research as in a study comparing vaccinated population versus unvaccinated population relating to autism; then I will be glad to donate to the organization that goes forward on that.

I'm sure lots of other parents will donate too in record numbers (and I wouldn't be hesitant to write a $100.00 check).

Ray Gallup

Raymond Gallup

Kathy Blanco has it right per..........
"Why don't we quit these pseudo concern committees, and fund independent research?"

I was disgusted with the NIH (as well as CAN and NAAR) and started my own organization, TAAP in 1998 and funded independent research. Between 1998 and 2005 we raised $140,000.00 for research by Vijendra Singh, Andrew Wakefield and Jim Oleske. I realized I was wasting my time going to the NIH to try to get funding because the NIH/CDC/and FDA are appendages of the pharmaceutical industry.

Parents and organizations can try to get the IACC to fund research involving vaccines and autism. As time goes on though they will see it for what it is......futile and frustrating because the NIH/CDC/FDA/IACC cabal has its own agenda. That agenda doesn't involve the taxpaying public but the interest of the pharmaceutical industry.

Realize too that people commute from the pharmaceutical company jobs to NIH/CDC/FDA jobs and vice versa. Why would these people jeopardize their careers? So they can do the right thing and help families and their kids with autism?

I think not!!!!

It is sad, shameful and unfortunate but let's face it......reality. Parents and organizations will have to recognize reality over time and adjust accordingly by doing the research through independent organizations that are not afraid to do the right thing. Also, do what you can to either get rid of the Dept of HHS or demand that their autism budgets are REDUCED TO ZERO.

Either that or keep banging your heads against cement walls until you realize it is a waste of your time, money and efforts.

Ray Gallup

Kathy Blanco

Not to pick on this message more and make it bleed Kelli Ann, I think it was wrong of Jenny to say, you can green a vaccine, even if it drew attention to the issue. For instance, is she going to vaccinate a subsequent child of hers, and then ask others to take the green vaccine? Plueez. I think we should have said it more straight, the vaccines themselves cannot be greened. The mercury and the aluminum are there for a reason, to clean up contaminants, mostly mycoplasma/nanobacteria. I don't know about you, but if they shot my kids with mycoplasma less the "toxic ingredients" (they probably did anyways), then, I would still consider this vaccine that supposedly is cleaned up of mercury and aluminum still damaging? The point being, the whole science of artificial immunity has caused a rise in tweeked immune systems, so now, we have chronic persistent viruses and TH1 illneses attacking nerve tissue etc. We may have chronic mercury kids, but are we also not talking about the viruses themselves? What ever happened to Singh's research on myelin basic protein antibodies from measles? I didn't hear that message from Jenny? That is why I started the no green vaccine yahoogroup (you can join and read the archives). The point I am making is that there is solid science that all vaccines are damaging NO MATTER WHO GETS THEM, suscpetible or not...the time table to injury was short in our kids, for others it may be decades. You do know, that most of the ingredients in them, are neurotoxic? And the proposed "replacement" to mercury is 2-pe, again, neurotoxic. I am suppose to trust these creeps? There is no winning this, and no, I won't get off it. I won't until parents listen to this realization and reality, that the confusion of our message got us here. I am totally, bravely, and openly anti vaccine. I parted ways with the Jenny rally, because I knew the message was not strong enough. The message was also not scientific enough. Emotionally? Sure, I cheered through the TV screen when the BULL SHIT flew at Larry Kings show, but I also knew, that these people knew already what stance they would take, what a giant waste of time! I wish she would have said it, I AM ANTI VACCINE, IT ALMOST KILLED MY KID. It almost did mine? I don't know if enough parents saw what I saw...A DPT vaccine, a shreeking child, fever, floopy then stiff, convulsing for twenty four hours...a TRUE vaccine, very visible reaction. Sure, some of these moms saw the lesser variations to that reaction...but it all got us to the same place, autism/seizures/immune dysfunction/horrendous digestive problems, staggering loss of life/speech..etc.etc. I don't trust the whole movement to care about our kids EVER, and the only way I can think to get back at them is to boycott them in total in our family, and be very vocal about how disdainful I feel about groups who profess that vaccines can be made safe, in any form, on any time table, and in any child. It's time we start getting our kids what they really need, nutrition, less toxins, sunshine and love, and yes, give them an opportunity to work out these childhood diseases with flying colors with the mileu of their bodies able to handle them no problem.

You did not hear what I heard on the phone with ACIP members...there general disdain for parents who are informed is legendary. I personally called them on the standards to contraindicate vaccines from cord blood hyper IgE. This would identify children not able to handle vaccines. See, I was thinking of kids in the general public, and their moms who did not know this message about how vaccines MAY damage their child. I am not heartless. I am however, bent on providing parents an out, a way for them to think differently about the whole program. Even Harold Buttram thought it was brilliant to assume a pretest was the only way to prevent this epidemic. Now it's time that people listen to what we have been saying. Stop the noise and clutter about workable parents, and let the vaccine corporations know that we are not going to side idely by and see damage over and over in children. The only thing they understand is loss of income.

Twins Mom

If there was a re-vote that was not on the agenda and not all of the committee members knew about it, that should constitute a violation of the open meeting laws.

Has anyone filed an appeal to the validity of the vote itself? Since these are public officials, they should be held to the same meeting standards as the rest of government.


Why hasn't Kirby written about what happened at the IACC on Huffington Post? Where people outside of our direct community will read about what happened?

I just got a HF Kirby alert re: potential NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand - being positive for vaccine research (not to say that is not wonderful... except, she's a member of NRA, but no one is perfect).

But, where is Kirby's scathing review we've been waiting for re: what has happened at the IACC?

Please use your influence with Kirby to get the word out there (outside of our walls).


Thanks again for all your hard work and attempts to keep AS open and honest. I have a feeling the IACC shenanigan's will backfire on Ed and Tom.


Katie - Speak the Truth and keep speaking it! While I visited with many Congressmen and Senators over the last year and we gained their support for the Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated study - this pissed me off when I saw they were trying to stop the study because it was "too hard". I, like you, Katie, have not had a full nights sleep since my son regressed - taking him out anywhere is almost impossible alone (he is a HUGE flight risk), I have spent every penny we have to get the therapies he needs because insurance discriminates against Autism and the Educational system is not doing their job. I have spent countless hours lobbying for people to stop the madiness. When will this end?

SOMETHING HAPPENED TO MY SON!! He was happy and healthy until 18 months and lost it all overnight! He is not acceptable damage and I will not stop fighting, either, until we stop doing this to our children.

Katie - thank you for being the mouthpiece for many and I know it is a hard job when you are faced with so many issues at home - just as I am, too! Your strength and courage is why I signed on to fight and every time I hear you speak - I know we are sisters in Autism.


All this bleating about the need for indepent research on vaccines. What will it cost? If every parent of an autistic child put in $100 we would have a ton of money to fund it. How about Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey put in a fraction of Jim's next movie? I'm happy to contribute.


I think Kelli Ann does make a good point. For a lot of parents (myself included) it took a period of time to see for myself what would happen if I didn't vaccinate according to the schedule- a first time parent may find it harder to question vaccination compared to a parent who has been through the process with another child. Frankly, the more you look into the issue the less likely I think you would be to vaccinate at all but I don't think many people just go from all to none without some thinking and questioning in the middle ground.

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Kathy, Rileysmom and Any Others....

"Stop pumping innocent babies full of garbage" not the old "Educate before you vaccinate".

I have a question for Kathy, rileysmom and anyone else who feels it's perfectly legitimate to slam other parents for *drawing attention* to the vaccine schedule whether it be to "green the vaccines" and/or "alter the schedule" and/or "slow down the schedule" etc...

Question: Did it ever occur to you that parents might actually decide NOT to vaccinate once they hear the message and they do some research??

And IF that's the case, how do you think they heard the message to "educate themselves" in the first place??

Answer: Ruckus (Think Jenny)

Bottom Line: Americans and most of the parents I know who are deeply involved in this issue *aren't stupid* -- believe it or not -- and I'm guessing they aren't going to be lining up to inject their children with toxins once they *DO* educate themselves and see what's involved.

So please -- give it a rest!


Kathy said:
Why don't we quit these pseudo concern committees, and fund independent research? I think the autism community got it wrong, saying that you can green a vaccine. I think they got it wrong when they say we are not anti vaccine, and I think we got it wrong, that vaccines can be made safe on a slower schedule or split apart. This kind of workable parent, quiet parent routine, is really the source of this problem. If vaccines truly injured our children like they say they did, we would be treating these people like murderers and terrorists, not buddies, friends, trusted individuals and pals. Some parents are lucky to sue, with stattues of limitations still on their side, but what for parents like me, who in the early eighties, my children got the full brunt of damaging contaminated high VEARS list deaths and maming by vaccines, aka, toxins and viruses? Let's say that again, toxins AND viruses..

Kathy I agree with what you are saying. Until recently I was also using the green our vaccines and the slower schedule statements. I have changed lately and have decided I have nothing to be ashamed of by stating "I am anti vaccine". It may not be for everyone but this is the choice I have made. I think we have sort of done the whole "bend over" and take it up the....just to appease the community at large. To seem non confrontational. To still be looking out for the "good of the herd".
Personally, I'm finished looking out for the good of the herd. The herd is sick, VERY sick. So by me saying I'm anti vaccine is my way of looking out for the good of the very sick herd. My new saying is "Stop pumping innocent babies full of garbage" not the old "Educate before you vaccinate".
My thoughts and actions have changed and now I'm standing up for my son in a different way.

kahtleen heltsley

I feel you. It is like beeating your head against the wall hoping that someone other than a parent of a vaccine injured child, gives a rats &^% about the damage being done to the children of our country/world. In Erin Brocovich, there has to be the loaded gun information in writing. If that doesn't happen. NO ONE is going to help. Some days there is a little hope. And then things like this(Singer), and the reality sets in. What hope? Really, what hope? A few crumbs once in a while. That's it. And now with Singer, those who are suppose to help our/future children, have planted their feet firmly against them. We live in a world that allows this damage to continue without the blink of an eye. Honestly...what hope? The science is already there. The truth for anyone willing to look...and still no help. The financial institutions are sitting around receiving HUGE bailouts...who is goiong to bail out my son? My nephew? My God-daughter/neice? My best friend's son?
We are alone in this community. It's like when a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? We are hear talking, trading information, but the world is not listening. Do we make a sound?
Today, I think not.


More stalling

More wasting time

Angela Day

Twyla, Wow, attacking FEAT Austin. That is a new one. Please read the mission statement of FEAT Austin and our versatile training schedule for our community before you attack those who simply try to support, advocate, and educate. http://www.feat-austin.org/whatisfeataustin.htm. Again, let's unite rather then divide.

Kathy Blanco

Why don't we quit these pseudo concern committees, and fund independent research? I think the autism community got it wrong, saying that you can green a vaccine. I think they got it wrong when they say we are not anti vaccine, and I think we got it wrong, that vaccines can be made safe on a slower schedule or split apart. This kind of workable parent, quiet parent routine, is really the source of this problem. If vaccines truly injured our children like they say they did, we would be treating these people like murderers and terrorists, not buddies, friends, trusted individuals and pals. Some parents are lucky to sue, with stattues of limitations still on their side, but what for parents like me, who in the early eighties, my children got the full brunt of damaging contaminated high VEARS list deaths and maming by vaccines, aka, toxins and viruses? Let's say that again, toxins AND viruses..

These organizations that tout that we are not anti vaccine, have spread more confusion and have divided our community. Even the DAN movement, had talks on "safely vaccinating". I wanted to upchuck they were allowed to talk on this after what they have done to our kids, YUCK. This has confused the public, allowed us to appear weak if not unscientific, and lastly, beholden.

I will be there if we as parents protest if not JAIL/PROSECUTE the CDC themselves, and or a pediatric office personnel or protest with buying pagers commentaries on major newspapers about our science, our concern and our lives, other than that, most of these people are wasting my prescious time and resources. I would love for us to hire SINGH/OLESKE/WAKEFIELD and the dare do wells, rather than the naer do wells and hiders of the grand SECRET. I would love to implicate PRODUCTS, Medical societies, FOOD PRODUCTS, CHEMICAL and PESTICIDE CORPORATIONS, and even OB GYN's Procedural birth practices and DENTAL AMA for this epidemic. I would love to slam the regulatory agencies, which exclaim things are "safe" which are never studied in combination and in infants that are developing. This is the level of which we have to get at.

As far as OBAMA, maybe he would brave enough to invite a host of parents to lunch at the white house to discuss this matter, but I am not holding my breath. I hope he would invite me, I have a lot to say. Where are the audits of these people? Where are the public standards that should be voted on? This is how much concern THEY had folks (see www.voicesofsafety.com ) where I called ACIP members about a contraindication to vaccines. Till then, I will muttle through in my little world of autism, giving everyday of my soul and spirit to the cause, fight and prevention of autism. In my own realm, I talk to a parent about every other day, whether or not their child has autism, and what to do about it. Just yesterday a call from my sister in law of her very best friend who's child wanders, has no eye contact, and mutters phrases over and over. I won't have to manouver through the maze of autism in a grandiose manner, however, how many mothers did I save from this fate? I can't even count it in the 27 years I have been in this mess? Perhaps this is our missions as mothers now. If the government isn't going to do anything about this, we damn well should.

I am at least hopeful, that our next generation of children will not have to suffer this fate...only if, the parent themselves have suffered through this maze. My granchildren have no traces of autism, because we are totally anti vacine, total body health, detox, etc. There is no doubt in my mind the trigger to autism, is by vaccines, toxins, and infections in susceptible people. Unfortunately, we are becoming a lott of people very susceptible to mutated viruses and "pathogenic bacteria". I doubt any mother, has a whole, healthy brain, and body before birth of their children. If they do, they are the minority.

My political pressure has passed. My thinking that my government has concern, has passed. What lives today in me is the fight of my life, the fight for my children's right for peace, happiness and contentment. My fight is to get through the day sane. My fight is to not fight with these committees, and do my utmost, to WARN parents of the impending doom of vaccinations, toxins, and so called pseudo medical science of how the immune system works by artificial immunity, NOT.



This whole affair reeks of manipulation, it always has but it's getting increasingly worse. In this bad science-fiction, gothic terror, crime novel of a life we are living you can tell there is catharsis coming, we must be getting close to the next to last chapter, the one just before the epilogue where the hidden secret finally gets exposed.

Something big is coming. I'm with Twyla here: maybe "they just got news that the Autism Omnibus decisions are going for the plaintiffs and they know all hell is about to break loose".

Thanks Katie, there are hundreds of thousands of us behind your efforts. You are one of the heros of this novel.


We, the Autism Community, have been given an opportunity here. We must mobilize and express our outrage over the deceit orchestrated by the government members of the IACC. We must contact our Congressional members and the Obama Administration and apprise them of the situation and request that Tom Insel be replaced, the vaccine research projects be reinstated as a priority, and that the IACC be reconstituted to give the national Autism organizations memberships equal to the government.


Lisa Hunter Ryden - Judging from the FEAT site that you linked to, FEAT focusses only on behavioral intervention? Does FEAT focus at all on the biomedical paradigm of autism, including biomedical treatments and environmental causes such as vaccines? If not, how would you suggest we all unify? We can all advocate for ABA and floortime, but are you suggesting we drop the issues that we don't all agree on, or is FEAT also interested in advocating for research into a vaccine-autism link?

Katie, thanks as always for your passionate advocacy! And Lyn Redwood if you read this thanks so much for your many years of hard work on our behalf!

What bizzarre logic:
1) Government sponsored studies have proven vaccines safe, but
2) No further research should be sponsored by the government because there is a conflict of interest, but
3) This conflict of interest casts no shadow on the research mentioned above in #1.

Either this is totally cynical calculated manipulation (most likely), or they just got news that the Autism Omnibus decisions are going for the plaintiffs and they know all hell is about to break loose.


Finding the real cause of autism means prevention and real treatment-- which would supplant psychoactive drugs and cut into profits. Finding the cause gets in the way of disaster capitalism. Carrying out phase two of the disaster is Insel's job because he doesn't work for us, he works for the pharmaceutical companies.

When Insel leaves the NIMH, he'll go to work for Janssen or Eli Lilly, etc. According to the tradition of the agency/pharma revolving door of the past twenty years or so at the NIMH, his reward will depend on how many on-patent, expensive drugs he was able to attach by "best practice" algorithm to diagnoses in the DSM during his NIMH tenure. Autism is a very lucrative target in this sense. That in a nut shell defines Insel's involvement in CAA.

From that vantage point, what Insel is doing makes perfect sense.


President Obama was yesterday quoted saying his administration "stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information, but those who seek to make it known."

The current state of Combating Autism Act in practice is exactly what he said yesterday he was trying to get rid off: lack of transparency in govenment actions and behind-the-scenes financial interest group influencing the decision making processe.

He could not find a more symbolic embodiment of all that is corrupt, secretive and serving interests of a greedy minority than IACC as it now stands!

Can someone point this to the new administration and ask it to act on its principles?

Teresa Conrick: bye-bye IACC, hello truth and justice

Great post, Katie. Your thoughts and feeling are shared by so many of us. The audacity and outright denial of truth and justice from some of these characters is just mind-boggling. You're idea of IACC being disbanded is so justified.

Thanks also to Lyn Redwood and all those behind the scenes who enter into yet another new year of fighting for the health and safety of our kids and all those not yet born.

Lisa Hunter Ryden

Thank you, Katie, for your ability to capture the outrage over the IACC proceedings so eloquently. You have my vote if you ever run for office! So who do we need to contact to request that H&HS assemble a new, restructured IACC committee? How do we, as the autism community, band together and have one voice? There is more credibility and power in a united front. Obviously we will never get every autism organization to agree on every tenet, but our own divisiveness on causation and treatment is not helping our cause. From outsiders, I have been told that we (the autism community) appear to be fractionated and argumentative. How do we institute a single branded message and come together in a single voice?


What can be done by our community to help? I anxiously await a call to action so we can come together in order to fight this. It's time to bring our voices together again to let them know we still stand and speak our children's pain and will never ever back down.
Thank you Katie for remaining in the fight, you are a true warrior mom!

Concerned mom


Thank you for your post. I am horrified by the revote, that there was no public disclosure of the full agenda of the committee meeting, and that many even its members where surprised by the revote. What is the matter with people on this issue!!! Whose government is it? Who is harmed by this secretiveness and elusiveness(many are, in many ways)? Transparency, accountability, and scientific information are respectable.

You hit the issue right smack in the middle. Let the scientific research begin!!!


Ok, I'll say it - sum up what Katie was thinking:

"This is Bullshit!" All this work for nothing. Gotta love them committees. I used to have a sig line that stated "If politicians become too powerful, we'll put them in a committee - that will do them in."

Kent Heckenlively

Dear Katie:

I am glad to have you in this fight. You are a passionate and principled advocate for our children and we are lucky to have you. I'm glad to see that Autism Speaks is beginning to fully appreciate the forces which are arrayed against finding an answer for our children.

All the best,

Tanners Dad

Thank you Katie. I always love how you tell it like it is. Are they really that afraid of real research. How can we sit by know that Lyn has been working on the same issues for over 20 years. Passive voices have not done the trick. We need to be unified, loud, and demanding of results for our children and the future. No more baby steps. It is Awesome that Autism Speaks stood their ground on this one. Thank your parents. You say the word Katie and we will rally around you. Thanks Again.


John Stone

There are bits of the narrative which I do not fully understand. Is it not right that no one ever expected the IACC to vote the money for vaccine research, and then when they did it was a surprise?

So what were they doing when they voted for it - removing the political pressure so that they could kill it when no one was suspecting a few weeks later? Was this like the manouevering over the indemnities in the Homeland Security legislation?

I don't know whether anyone can elucidate. Politics in the UK is a grubby and cowardly business but it does not always play itself out in parallel patterns to the US.

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