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Dr. Julie Gerberding to Leave CDC

Gotta go By Kim Stagliano

Dr. Julie Gerberding will be leaving her post as the head of the CDC on January, 20, the day President Elect Obama takes office. Read the CNN report HERE.

I ws going to run a snarky photo, you know, the house on the Wicked Witch of the East and a "Ding Dong the Witch is dead!" headline.  Or find a photo of a dalmation devouring a gray streaked haired woman.  But what Julie Gerberding did to our children by ignoring our pleas for research, information and help regarding the skyrocketing rate of autism is no joke.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


sign lady

Good point, Angie:
"I have a gut feeling that Gerberding is just going to slither away like the snake that she is. However, its up to us, our community to HOLD HER accountable for this...just because she is no longer in 'charge' of anything, doesnt give her immunity from future prosecution does it?"

Look what happened to the guilty parties when mercury/amalgam fillings were finally declared by the FDA to possibly have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetus. Basically, nothing!

Dentists are still putting mercury into people's mouths and no one at the ADA or the FDA is getting any heat for allowing generations of Americans to be poisoned with fillings loaded with mercury.

When it comes to justice, we have a long road ahead of us. (That said, it's still reassuring to know the wicked witch is dead. "I'm melt-innnng!")


Danielle Manglis

Hate to see you go.....NOT Thank the good LORD


let us pray that the new administration will do the right thing. they certainly have the oppurtunity by putting the mess on JG's watch as it should be. i don't really care who they blame as long as they move in the right direction. and fast !

michele i


Craig Willoughby

I can't seem to get this out of my head:

"Gerberding-dong the bitch is gone!"

(Think wizard of Oz...thanks, Kim for getting that stuck in my head :P)

Jacey Capurso

Cruella De Vil is leaving?

(sorry Kim, I just think she looks more like that Disney character who stole all those Dalmatian puppies .... just like JG stole our children....not the Wicked Witch of the East.)

Thanks for keeping us up on all the info!! You all are doing a wonderful job.


Wow! I didn't know that Santa was visiting again so soon - It feels like Christmas morning with such wonderful news.

As we marched past the CDC in June and chanted "Too Many Too Soon" - we added our own chant as well "You Broke Him - Now Come Fix Him!"

And I will say it again - Don't let the door hit you in the ass!

Maybe we should all send her a farwell gift - how about a round of Vaccines for ya, Julie! Some Toxins for the Road!! I would be glad to help her out!!


Great News! But why do I feel she is geting some back-door immunity if she cooperates and steps down and slips away quietly?
Also, I cant help but be a little 'iffy' about this, like is this another 'carrot on a string' for all of us to 'believe' that this is not and has not been their carefully planned chain of events to begin with?
1. Start chaos by 'releasing' the Poling concession.
2. Let Offit run his mouth to his own detriment
3. Let Gerberding run her mouth and also be so darn 'set' in her own lies.
4. Let some time go by, and when the new president comes into office, everyone resigns/gets asked to resign
5. Omnibus decision comes out, on favor of families
6. New CDC/Government reps/and eventually AAP all admit, 'my oh my, we had NO idea what has happened here, we have been trusting Gerberding, Offit, AAP, etc and boy, they were so corrupt, shame on them'...like we have been 'this stupid' all along...

That is just my take on it, but heck, who cares HOW it happens, as long as it DOES happen, that our children are finally able to get the justice they deserve and the addmissisions we all deserve, right!?!?!

I have a gut feeling that Gerberding is just going to slither away like the snake that she is. However, its up to us, our community to HOLD HER accountable for this...just because she is no longer in 'charge' of anything, doesnt give her immunity from future prosecution does it? How about citizens arrest? LOL! I would offer to do it! Anyone with me? ;P

Oh, about the Gerberding/FEMA trailer criminal issues, I remember the day that she came forward with the results of the fomaldehyde testing from the trailers, as it being so darn toxic, I did simple math and looked at the inserts to vaccines, and the amount of the inhaled formaldehyde that she and others were claiming were so toxic to inhale, actually equalled or was LESS than the injected amount of formadehyde listed in the vaccine ingredients! I called the CDC and tried to get an answer to 'what is the difference between inhaled vs injected formaldehyde' and played myself off as a concerned parent who was provaccine, and I wanted/needed to help my anti vaccine friend understand that it was safer to 'inject' rather than inhale...HA...but the CDC forwarded me to the FDA, FDA forwarded me back to the CDC, I then spoke to several departments at the CDC, and no one could find any answer, the sad thing, they didnt even TRY to make anything up...my final discussion at the CDC was with someone who was the department head of science (or something like that) but REFUSED to give me his name, his actual department name and told me 'I shouldnt worry about any of this, I will never find my answer' and hung up. I actually had flashes of black helicopters flying around my house or stalking me like the Pelican Brief! LOL!
Still, no answer, even after several emails to various CDC members, including Gerberding...nothing, am I surprised, not a bit...

Sad Sad sad...

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Forgive me, I'm by no means defending JG but I thought somewhere recently she made some slight concilliatory comment, but I don't remember what or where or when ... must be all that mercury in my mouth.


and it would help if I could spell tonight too. Lack of sleep from being up with the boy she helped to destroy, I suppose.


I don't think it could happen to a nicer person, orange in for sure her color, goes nicley with the gray hair. I would love to see Paul offit in a nice black and white number with spagetti straps and a sign on the back saying "come here lover boy". Now there's something to dream about!!!!!



I find the image of Julie G. in an orange jumpsuit sweetly restful for some reason.


AJC reports these are the new names in the hat.
"Among the candidates for CDC director whose names have surfaced in the public health community, according to advocates, are CARE president Gayle, New York City health commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden, Baltimore health commissioner Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, and Los Angeles health director Dr. Jonathan Fielding."


so gatogora - if that is what you were thinking about as you fell asleep last night --- how did you ever get to sleep?
Take care,

Daschle speech from 1/8

Out with the old- in with the new. Can't overhaul the healthcare system retaining the same old fools who helped mess it up in the first place.


Anne Dachel

You said it perfectly. She closed her eyes to a generation of suffering children. Her statistics are outdated and they underestimate the real scope of this disaster. She alleges that the rate of one in 150 is no real increase but due to "better counting" by the CDC.
Gerberding went on camera to deny that the Poling concession in vaccine court meant that vaccines can really cause autism.

Now she'll be able to skip town. I'm curious what her next position might be. Perhaps something in the private, corporate sector.

Regardless, she'll be remembered for pretending autism was nothing new. You're right, it's not a joke, it's a crime.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Julie Swenson

"Leavitt explained his move this way: "The next phase of Transition involves the departure of our team on January 20, and the arrival of President-elect Obama's team later that day," his e-mail said. "

I know it's too much to ask, but could Obama's new team yell "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" as they pass by Gerberding's team...

Ok, I know it won't happen, but in my mind, I'm playing it over and over. ahh...satisfaction!

Julie Swenson

Kim, I found the perfect pic to sum up her very Meh-inspiring tenure at the CDC.

Of course, you have to imagine Ms.Gerberding going "LA LA LA LA LA LA"...while viewing it.


The press in Atlanta now is not exactly giving her any fan fare.
She credits herself for saving us from monkey pox and avian flu pandemics. (Oh wait that didn't happen.)
She leaves with scandals nipping at her heels and the press has not glossed it over here...
NIH grants misappropriated.
Millions in computer equipment lost.
Great Lake studies botched and covered up.
Incorrectly helping 9/11 first responders.
Sanctioning cancerous trailers to hurricane victims.
Oh and forgetting about a generation of vaccine damaged kids.
Good riddance.


Well said Kim, well said.


I looked up previous CDC directors and their worling dates do not seem to coincide with the changing of the guard, so-to-speak.


And please excuse my typo's, I have a large, bandaged finger that is getting in the way LOL:)


Does anyone know: Is it typical that Gerberding's position is over-hauled when a new administration is sworn in?


Okay, just googling, and came across this. Bearing in mind that this wsa written about teh time we went to war, and the fear of bio-weapons was in our face....
Read down to paragraph 7:


Rachel Ford

"This on the heels of CoMed being knocked down in court.


One step forward, two back...."

We need to clean up the FDA. How corrupt can they get. Nine scientists have warned Obama that a massive overhaul is needed:



Is there any chance that someone like JG could be called to Surgeon General position?

Tanners Dad

Hurry sign up now! Learn how to make billions of $ & poison our kids http://tinyurl.com/9hu2tp Vaccines Is the boom sustainable?


What I'm worried about is if the next person the put in her position will be an even worse monster than she is. Scary thought to keep all of you up tonight....

Echo that....

But for today, it does feel good.

This on the heels of CoMed being knocked down in court.


One step forward, two back....

Craig Willoughby

Excuse me while I wipe a single tear from my eye. Can't say I'll be sorry to see her go.

What I'm worried about is if the next person the put in her position will be an even worse monster than she is. Scary thought to keep all of you up tonight....


Gee I thought she got some kind of excellence award from Bush a few months back,I guess some folks in the new administration were not so impressed by that.
It appears that many at the CDC may soon be less afraid to expose some of the secrets of the Gerberding regime,this could be very interesting.
Gerberding will always need to be watched because anyone that commits crimes against humanity is very,very dangerous.


she'll get some cushy lobby job

she isnt going away

IMO there are more egregiously bad CDC staff who mad bad decisions in the past and should face some kind of criminal liability for their actions as public health officals.


There were many reasons to can Gerberding, including her cover-up of the FEMA trailer poisonings. I'm just hoping one of the reasons for her firing had to do with her cover-up of the epidemic.

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I thought that if Daschle and Obama have any plans of overhauling the vaccine system, even to a conservative degree, the AAP is so incredibly arrogant and dependent on the kickback that they'll go into overdrive to defend the existing orthodoxies. Obama and Daschle may as well be hung for sheep because there will be an explosion of controversy no matter what. Pharma will lobby corrupt members of Congress, the AAP will prevail on its own members, the "mob" element of the public will feel threatened with "preventable disease" and may put pressure to bear on the admin., etc.

So it occurred to me that Daschle may have to set about some prosecutions for fraud and negligence regarding the epidemic, like lining castle bridge with a few heads on pikes as a warning culprits and propagandists of what could happen to them if they continue ranting and trying to cover things up.

So much trouble would ensue from trying to make simple changes that it worries me that most administrations and most politicians would fold and decide that they'd better not take the lid off the can of worms. It has to be done, though. If it is, I don't think I'd feel that sad if the first head on a pike were Gerberding's.

I would just feel sad that it had all come to this. This didn't need to happen to any of our children.

J. R.

YEAH!!! This is great news, but I am on the edge of my seat to know who will replace her. I was a McCain/Palin fan, but I prayed for Obama to do the right thing. I think he is listening. We need to keep talking so he doesn't ever let this issue on the back burner. Obama has already exceeded my expectations, especially by "cleaning house". Ding, dong, the witch is dead! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they told her. I hope she has as many sleepless nights as we have had. I hope they use the biggest boot they have to kick her out on her can! He, he, he!!! May karma haunt you forever... Thanks Kim!

Shauna @ Together In Autism

It is a WONDEFUL day! Much celebrating going on within the autism community. It honestly feels like a holiday. And Jenny McCarthy, Thank You!!! I beleive that your efforts had a lot to do with her resignation, no I take that back, I know they did... Every person in our community is thankful to you for SO MANY reasons. Here's a much loved quote by Chelsea Handler, "Julie Gerberding You Can Suck It Hard!" Oh, Memories...

Shauna Layton
Together In Autism
[email protected]

they're going down

Two down (including Leavitt) 5 to go!...of the *biggest* liars that is (see J.B.'s post from yesterday).

Ben's Dad

She may well soon go down in history as having been tragically stubborn and wrong on autism, ultimately responsible for more preventable long term injuries and avoidable long term costs than 911, anthrax, the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts and Katrina combined.

Tanners Dad

Well this hopefully will be the first on a list of many positive things that Obama does for our children. All I can say is Strap in, Hang on, and be ready for a bumpy ride.

Kathy Blanco

Maybe she read the Mind report the other day, that autism is really an epidemic, and died of embarrassment, shock, and awe. I can dream can't I?

Seriously, CDC doesn't cure disease, they allow it, and lessen every chance for discovery of what causes disease for the sake of a giant movement called eugenics. Or, for friendships, egos, stock holdings, and the like who have padded pockets full of money.

We are not alone in this...the lyme people see right through her, the cancer people, the AIDS people....all of them have a bone to pick with her. But the whole agency is set up to hide facts of what causes disease...obviously, all of them have roots in infection, toxins and "regulations/recommendations" of products/services regarded as "Safe". All of which, if hidden from public view, generates zillions of dollars in the coffers of the medical system, and governmental agencies and politicians. There is no transparancy in the entire operation, and because of that, they literally get away with murder, promulgation of sickness, infantacide, and genocide. They hire people known as the EIS, the make SURE we as the american people are sold a bucket of lies, and makes SURE that the media, researchers and publishers and those in authority, NOBLISSE OBLIGE, are feeding people lies, upon lies, upone lies. Welcome to the matrix of the medical system. Welcome to the civility of our world, NOT.


This happened too late for so many of us. This position is a political appointment so this is not unexpected. This does not fill me with hope. I will hold that back until we she who is slated to fill those shoes, and what that person does to address the investigation of the rate of autism in this country.

sue cranmer (sparkil2)

I'm glad she's leaving but lets not get our hopes up too high till we see who her replacement is. I hope this doesn't turn out to be an example of "better the devil you know"

Jessica G

This was the best news I've heard in a while when I clicked on CNN.com last night. It's way past time. While I know things won't change drastically overnight, at least the government is starting to listen to the people who are screaming loud and clear. We begged Bush for change, and he wouldn't listen. Regardless of who likes Obama, he's trying to listen. Now let's all pray the new appointee to the post doesn't have Big Pharma in their back pocket too. It's time for these big government institutions to separate themselves from corporate America and start protecting its citizens. Please keep us posted on new developments, Kim! Thanks!


I wish that woman not one days happiness for the rest of her life.
I wonder who will replace her, please dear God, not thing 2.


When I first heard of the resignation, I wanted to make a wisecrack that Autism Speaks can now hire Julie.

Unfortunately, I was overcome by grief and anger that this woman, who is responsible for allowing the murder and maiming of more people than Dick Cheney, will be allowed to go free.

On the positive side, her belated resignation is but one more milestone to go through in our inevitable success to stop the poisoning of our children.

Bruce Vanicek

david troutman

I,ll say it Kim,The BITCH is gone and not a minute to soon. I could go on but my energy need to be spent on recovering my two boys.


This is fantastic news.

Any buzz on who might be slated to permanently replace her?

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