Mark Blaxill on ABC's Chronicle: Toxic Kids
We're Fruc'ted.

David Kirby and RFK, Jr. On HuffPo: Autism, Vaccines and the CDC: The Wrong Side of History

Dewey wins Click HERE to read the collaboration of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby on Huffington Post is a piece called, Autism, Vaccines and the CDC: the Wrong Side of History. Please comment at HuffPo. It may take a while for your comment to appear, be patient.

Even as the evidence connecting America's autism epidemic to vaccines mounts, dead-enders at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -- many of whom promoted the current vaccine schedule and others with strong ties to the vaccine industry -- are trying to delay the day of reckoning by creating questionable studies designed to discredit any potential vaccine-autism link and by derailing authentic studies...



Thank you a million times to David and Robert. Your continued vocal support means the world to many.

Folks should check out the comments on Huffington Post. The comments are approaching 300. Some are extraordinarily mean and we need more "good guys" to post if possible - thanks!


Thanks to both you guys.

I'm reading RFK Jr's RiverKeepers now and loving it, although it is making me plenty mad too. How do we get him in public life more? Too bad the EPA didn't happen.

K Fuller Yuba City

I sent copies of this to Feinstein and Boxer in California.


Hi, I am a new poster, mom to a 4 y.o. with autism. A few years ago I got a flu vaccine at work-- made me sick as sh*t for days. If a vaccine can do this to a 140 lb grown woman, why in God's name do we think it's ok to give multiple vaccines in one day to an infant?

I think the tide is turning. The general public is ready to hear the truth about over use of vaccines. I have been aprroached by several friends and coworkers asking me where they can get information on vaccine risks, and have heard many parents of neurotypical children complaining that their child has been child has been "constantly sick" following a flu vaccine.


Thank you, David Kirby and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for assembling this impressive collection of quotes, experts and agencies.

I did post a comment or two. Or three... or more.

Kelli Ann Davis Whewww....She's Back...Thank God

The guys, they tried. Really, they did ;-)

BTW: Is the "ball and chain" officially reattached??

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