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Nancy Snyderman: "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism"

CNN Covers NJ Flu Shot Mandate for Preschoolers

Forced Managing Editor's Note: Tune into CNN's morning show from 6am - 9am. NJ is now requiring children in preschool and daycare to show proof of having received a flu shot for or else they face expulsion.  Here are some alerts from the


The flu shot deadline was extended to 1/14/09.  If your child is 6 to 59 months of age and you haven’t gotten the shot, s/he may be excluded from daycare or preschool. for more information. 


Tune into CNN’s “American Morning Show” today (Tue) from 6-9am and watch another national TV network cover the NJ Flu Shot mandate.  Josh and Jen Frank tell how their 2.5 year old son was excluded from preschool for failure to be in vaccine compliance.  (1/13/09)

Jim Turner, Esq interviews Claudine Liss, Esq on vaccines  (click on 1/9/09)

Flu shot mismatched on B virus (gee, what a surprise!) (1/11/09)

“Let’s give credit where it’s due… the 70% of Americans who didn’t get a flu shot this season.”  Amanda Ross, Editor, Nutrition & Healing (

The flu shot is dangerous: 203 deaths, 797 life-threatening events, 260 permanent disabilities, 2,980 hospitalizations, 405 prolonged hospitalizations IN ONE YEAR (2007)



It is unbelievable how far the government will go to control our lives. It is like that novel 1984! We need to really kick it up a notch as a society and stand against these mandatory vaccines. We should have the right to say what goes in our bodies and our children's think that the government is going to decide this is absolutely surreal. They must be stopped!!


whatever happened to "land of the free" ? Reading this makes me very happy I live in the middle east where I can still choose not to vaccinate my child before I put them in school.....


I am so proud of Louise, Claudine and Barbara for keeping this issue in the forefront of media. Great job ladies.

Call me Pollyana again... but frontline CNN coverage on this issue? I am hopeful and also optimistic we will see these mandates fall. Unless the rename the United States to some other communist country?


WTH?? Our freedoms are slowly slipping away! Keep fighting Claudine and NJ parents!


Does NJ take the necessary steps to make sure that all these mandated flu shots are Thimerosal free?

Used to be that of the three manufacturers of flu shots for children, only one of them manufactured a Thimerosal-free version.


Aren't there (more!) problems with the flu vaccine again this year? Sheesh! Read (Age of Autism and) the damn news NJ!

Matt Flynn

Is this the flu shot that has been proven to be ineffective to this years flu strains?


Are we living in Communist Russia? MANDATED vaccines? What the *&^%$!

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