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Happy New Year

Age of Autism Welcomes The National Autism Association

NAAHELPINGHAND We're starting 2009 with great news! We're thrilled to announce that National Autism Association is now an organization sponsor for the year. 

NAA joins our other valued organization sponsors TACA, Autism Research Institute, SafeMinds and Generation Rescue and our corporate and treatment category sponsor Lee Silsby.

NAA is run by dedicated people who do not make large salaries or work in elegant offices (hey Wendy, is your office elegant?) Officers include Rita Shreffler, Wendy Fournier, Ann Brasher, Kelly Vanicek, Lori Brozek. Board members include Scott Bono, Lori McIlwain, Laura Bono, Claire Bothwell, Leslie Davidson, Rosemarie Dubrowsky, Becky Grant-Widen, Deirdre Imus, James A. Moody, Lyn Redwood, Adrienne Rousseau and Katie Wright.

Last year, NAA's Helping Hand grant gave over $200,000 directly to families treating their children's autism. Their annual conference educates parents in all aspects of autism, treatment, therapy and daily living.

If you are unfamiliar with NAA, please, go visit their site at HERE. Become a member for as little as $35 (you get lots of terrific goodies in the membership packet!), shop in The Little Shop of Hope and patronize their sponsors to support their work.

Welcome, NAA. And thank you for supporting us at Age of Autism. "Think Autism. Think Cure."

(For information about Age of Autism corporate sponsorship and advertising opportunities, including post category sponsorship (you could sponsor the Dan Olmsted category, for instance), please email [email protected].)


carol hoernlein

Sounds like NAA is a wonderful organization. I know Deirdre Imus has done amazing things at the hospital near me. She has really helped green the place as well as the food. I owe that huge change to Ms. Imus. We definitely need a new place to donate money to besides the usual places that don't directly help folks. Congratulations - looks like you are ready to do some great things!

Tanners Dad

More united voices more power. The room and love is large enough for all. As we always said it is a club we wish we did not have to add members. Until the membership roles start to decline we need to have a louder unified voice for hope, treatment, and recovery. We are truly in the dark Ages of Autism. Given the events of 2008 and this first event of 2009 the light is starting to shine. Here is another one we said in Sunday school... Where there is light...darkness can not hide. Something like that... I did not pay attention in Sunday school. Anyway, Welcome aboard and Happy New Year to All!


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