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Best of A of A: Autism Recovery Story

Watch Larry King Live on 12/20 Jenny McCarthy and Special Guests!

Jenny larryWatch (or TIVO) Larry King Live on CNN on Saturday, December 20th to see Jenny McCarthy and some very special guests. All I'm saying is Just Be sure to watch! Check your local listings for time.

Well, since the lovely Michelle I. guessed it, we can spill the beans.  Send this to all of your friends, family, parent groups, playgroups, lists, Mommy sites and anywhere else you can think of, even your pediatrician.

Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley and Stan Kurtz will appear on Larry King Live Saturday at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific. The show is focused on autism with very direct discussions about vaccines, how to lower your risks of having a child with autism and how to effectively treat children with autism for their medical issues.




Just came across a link to info about a glutathione-enhancer called OSR, developed by Prof Boyd Haley:

[ ]


twyla -

"* I am a chemist. I just finished reading the spec sheet on Tetramune from the netlink given a few days ago. I was amazed to see the Pertussis portion of the vaccine is prepared in a hydrolyzed form of casein!!!!! In laymens terms this is a salt version of MILK PROTIEN!!!! Hello - there is the allergy,asthma connection. This has me so angry I can hardly contain myself. My sons life has been ruined because a doctor has no clue. Patrick had already been diagnosed w/ a severe milk allergy!!!! The more I research the more frustrated I become. Hope this info helps."--- Jacki

This was on the thread of an article on
belonging to a woman named Melissa, who wrote (under the name Madisons Mom) to the thread of an article on by Barbara Loe Fisher (dated 13 Dec.) entitled 'Why Vaccine-Injured Kids are Rarely Compensated'. It's under
dated 15 Dec. linking to her facebook group.

And well done folks for the responses on this AoA thread to what has worked - or not - for your children. GOOD info. Keep it going to each other.

Incidentally, karenatlanta: is AIT anything like the Tomatis Method? That therapy has helped other parents. This would appear to be mostly kids damaged prenatally (dental amalgams? etc), and from very early on extremely sensitive to sound. (Their whole body takes it in, so they get sensory overwhelm.) We're talking both 'classic' ASD - prenatal damage - and regressive ASD. Some of the same biomed interventions may help in both cases.

Rachel Ford

Stan says "what is quite likely behind the allergic response to casein in so many AS kids is that the 'P' of DPT is, apparently (in at least some formulations) cultured on a hydrolyzed form of milk protein. So their body is reacting, in an inflammatory, immune-system-stimulating way, to it as a contaminant of the vaccine."

Maybe this is why autism is listed as a known adverse reaction to the DTaP on that military vaccine info. website (that is currently under revision all of a sudden). No worries--you can actually read the same warning on-line when you look up the package insert for Tripedia brand DTaP


"It would be helpful to hear on AoA what parents have found to be helpful."
GFCF Soy free low sugar diet stopped gut pain.
Allergy testing and elimination diet also help straighten out GI problems.
AIT (Audio Integration Therapy) helped sound sensitivity, straightened crooked gait and helped brain order.
TMG helped labeling.
DMSA chelation brought our first full sentence. Later DMPS-TD helped us potty train. IV chelation brought a 2 year jump in speech.
MB12, Folinic and Phosphalipids brought cognitive gains.
Glutathione brought mental clarity.
Mitochondria Support PC, ALA nebulized, Riboflavin, Benfotiamine and AL Carnitine cured hypotonia and unleashed writing.
Amy Yasko gave us answers on runaway inflammation and ammonia.
Biomedical lab tests kept us from shooting in the dark.
DAN kept us on course with an army of doctors who told us we weren't crazy.
Generation Rescue kept Momma sane. Especially when they smacked down the likes of Paul Offit in the USA Today.


Hi Stan - fyi - we tried DMG a while back without any significant effect (good or bad) - as did a couple of other families I know of. Thought I'd pass that along. BTW - Dr Singh (Utah State) tested our son a while ago - MBP autoantibodies galore - amongst other interesting things. We're getting there but it's a helluva ride :-(

Kelli Ann and "Not an MD" - sorry for the missing pieces in the A-Z list - good ones - ironically though I should actually remove a few (the ones that were pulled from the airwaves due to the serious adverse effects such as, well, death - go figure...)


Kirkman's DMG is a regular part of the supplement regime in this house. It's what took our daughter from single words--and that was when she was already on B-12 shots--to singing the alphabet song and putting whole phrases together. I call it the talking syrup!

Maurine Meleck

I'm a little concerned that the program lists has another guest on Saturday and on last night's sho he said someone else will be on Saturday. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on?


Stan -
Where did you see the info you mentioned about casein hydrolysate? That is something I have been wondering about.


Speaking of all the drugs on the market from Big Pharma, as Randy did above, have any parents here/on AoA had any experience with DMG, as recommended by Dr Rimland? Dimethylglycine, with folic acid, betaine, vit. B6, and Magnesium?

It would be helpful to hear on AoA what parents have found to be helpful. I haven't heard of this supplement yet, in such reports.

Also, just to pass on a bit of info from a forum: what is quite likely behind the allergic response to casein in so many AS kids is that the 'P' of DPT is, apparently (in at least some formulations) cultured on a hydrolyzed form of milk protein. So their body is reacting, in an inflammatory, immune-system-stimulating way, to it as a contaminant of the vaccine. (Much like autoimmune-inducing MBP is a contaminant of the MMR shot, from the chick embryo cells the measles portion is cultured on.)

We're getting there...

Kelli Ann Davis to Randy

Hey Randy:

You forgot Viswiss!!

It's cousin to Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and *definitely* belongs in the "keep-these-and-chuck-the-rest" catagory.

[I'm amazed Kim didn't catch it ;-]

Not an MD

I cannot wait to watch Larry King. It will not be a show to miss.

P.S. To Randy - Wonderful A to Z list (with a lot of "Z's!") of Rx, but you left out one of my favorites that start with letter "K" -- Ketek. You know, that wonderful antibiotic with the pretty little black box warning because it can cause such severe liver damage after only one pill that a liver transplant may be required. But, hey, your sinuses will be crystal clear! I have to admit, however, I have never seen a TV ad for it.

Anne Dachel

I'm so excited to see these three together!
Can't wait to be jumping out of my seat yelling, "YES!" ...every time some of the truth about the autism epidemic comes out on the show!


Anne Dachel
Media editor

Ben's Dad

Thanks for the heads up, and the much appreciated humor this week. I will pass it along. I think these two can provide much needed awareness on what can be done TODAY to help kids without reminding them that it was a real fluke that they are dealing with autism, and they can just forget about winning a Grammy.


Anybody wind up and calibrate the spin meters yet? Figure they're gonna want to line up all the usual bobble heads, sock puppets, and other "medical experts" to take aim at the LK show that night? No doubt. They're really gonna slop their media hogs this week.

Gear up for a slew of headlines about the latest "huge outbreaks" of measles, the omnipresent flu pandemic threat, all the usual sound bites and talking points aimed at illustrating just how nasty these "Jenny" people are. And, of course, a few gazillion "ask your doctor" ads for Abilify, Actonel, Alavert, Amitiza, Aricept, Avodart, Boniva, Caduet, Celebrex, Cialis, Coreg, Crestor, Cymbalta, Detrol, Ditropan, Effexor, Enablex, Enbrel, Evista, Flowmax, Fosamax, Gardasil, Humira, Imitrex, Januvia, Levitra, Lunesta, Lyrica, Mirapex, Mirena, Nasonex, Neulasta, Nexium, Orencia, Paxil, Plavix, Premarin, Prilosec, Procrit, Reclast, Requip, Restasis, Rozerem, Singulair, Spiriva, Strattera, Symbicort, Valtrex, Vesicare, Viagra, Vioxx, Vytorin, Wellbutrin, Zelnorm, Zocor, Zyprexa, etc. - just so we're all "well-informed" about really managing our health.

On the bright side, however, maybe Matt Lauer will upgrade his last "what the f$ck are you babbling about Nancy" look - to a full Zoolander "Blue Steel" - smack dab in the middle of Snyderman's next childish rant (that pesky non-controversy just won't go away) - and her head will just finally explode.

Betsy Black

Is it wrong of me to hope that JB lets loose with some of his famous expressions?
Can't wait!

Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is coming to town :)

They should also invite Senator Tom Daschle, Secretary-designate for Health and Human Services (HHS) to the show. Let the good times roll....


Love it!! No date lined up this Saturday for this divorced ASD kitten momma so I'll be planted in front of the boob tube. Can't wait to see this - it's been a long time coming and it is becoming obvious that the paradigm is shifting in the world with the truth (the light) beginning to overtake the lies (the corrupt darkness of evil).


Probably no coincidence that Jim Carrey was in a HOT TUB with Larry King on Letterman.
What this man won't do to help our kids!
Will get ready for the phone calls and Emails from parents.
Nothing like Jenny McCarthy on TV to jump start HOPE.
I love it!


NO FAIR - you're a ringer!

Kelli Ann Davis to Miss Kim

Tricky, tricky, tricky Miss Kim!

I've never worked a TIVO -- HANDLing them can be pretty tricky, or so I've heard ;-)

michele i.

hmmmmmmmm. is the highlight J B a hint???

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