New York Times Reports Death of Pharma Kotchkes
Age of Autism Welcomes The National Autism Association

Wackosphere's To Do List:

Spock Curious as to what the Wackosphere* is doing tonight?

1) Polish Starship Federation badge from 1983 convention (Spock sneezed on it, remember?)

2) Organize Hotwheels collection by engine size, horse power and slip differential

3) Order Saved By The Bell, The College Years DVD set (Screech rocks!)

4) Crash Generation Rescue Autism Question (led by the one eyed king)

*Mark Blaxill wrote about the group of usually anonymous bloggers in a world he called, "the Wackosphere." See below.  Click HERE to read the Age of Autism post on GR's message to that provoked the Wacko's to action.

(Read his full post Autism Serious Science and the Wackosphere HERE.) Here's a snippet. These same folks are taking time out of their lives to crash a question/request to our new administration.

Like the game players in Second Life, in the autism world avatars often carry colorful names. There are “oracles” and “divas,” cartoon characters and doo-wop song references. Invariably they are aggressive and, with unfortunate frequency, they carry their games into the real world. Indeed, many of these avatars want to enter directly into the scientific controversies surrounding autism and mix things up. Often connected with the so-called “neurodiversity” movement, many of these game players seem to define themselves by their own “autism” (although they seem plenty verbal and show a skill for shading the truth that our autistic kids would find many levels beyond their capacity to deceive). But unlike people that engage in the blogosphere using their real names and identities, these avatars all have one thing in common.

They’re cowards.

Most of us have learned the old saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.” Of course, few ever live by that motto, and frankly the world needs people to debate and disagree, and sometimes that happens in ways that are just plain disagreeable. But when real people make the choice to express criticism or anger, they are constrained in their choices by the knowledge that their personal lives and reputations stand behind their words. If they make errors, or overstep the norms of civil society, their real world lives can suffer. When they ask to be heard and respected in a debate, their words are subject to the filtering we always apply when evaluating a comment from a real person. Is this person a reliable witness? Do they have a personal interest in a given outcome? Have they made valuable past contributions? In short, is this person a serious contributor or a wacko?

Without the normal constraints and filters that apply to real life, even when it plays out over the Internet, the nature and quality of the discourse degrades. In a very real and noxious way, we’re seeing this degradation playing out in the autism world. I propose a name for the mutant child of the blogosphere, the one that’s populated by cowardly avatars with no real life against which others can calibrate their contributions. Let’s call it what it is, not the blogosphere, but the wackosphere.




On getting out the news, it's enough to raise the questions you've developed the expertise to ask.

Wouldn't every new parent appreciate knowing the specialized information you've acquired here about vaccinations, vaccination schedules, and diet?

My strong view is that maintaining the status quo until solid answers are found is unacceptable, and that the vast majority of the public lacks the information to act defensively on behalf of their children.


The world is complex, people defer to the experts. Not all experts are trustworthy, however, significantly complicating matters.

Posters here have vetted the professional experts. An unsuspecting general public would benefit from these judgements.

Please systematically get the word out beyond the blogs dealing with autism by posting on pro-organic food blogs, anti-genetically modified food blogs, parenting blogs, school blogs, general news blogs, etc., or delegate that work and continue serving solely as advocates and guides.

Send a Story Idea —
Many of our most compelling news stories come from people like YOU.

The Rise of the Precautionary Principle
A Social Movement Gathers Strength
September 2004 - VOLUME 25 - NUMBERS 9

from 'autism' search here

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makes natural allies here, although autism is barely mentioned on their forum...yet.
Campaign for health, justice, sustainablity, peace, and democracy.

How can that change? The spammers can't hold back the truth forever.


They can't just come up with their own question?!?

Thank you Allison, Kim and Mark for keepin' on, keepin' on!! We're grateful!!!

Craig Willoughby

My bet is that the s%&*heads that are child-haters out there are signing onto with multiple accounts to skew the vote. AutismDeadBeat is notorious for doing things like this, so it wouldn't surprise me if he and the rest of his craven filth buddies did something like this on purpose.

Teresa- how sad-new year but same bullshit from the ND

What a bunch of unicellular organisms -- to use their own type of lingo.

As I have said before, they spin their wheels and do nothing for children with makes you wonder if there is more to their motivation than meets the eye (the one eyed king, to be exact)....


Wow...big plans for New Year's Eve 2008 I see. Ha!

These "people" are so extremely pathetic and they should really try to get some semblance of lives going.

Anti-children monsters is what they are, every last one of them!


'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.'
- Gandhi


I don't know whether to be offended or graciously accept the compliment of them gathering their energies together to vote against my question. It doesn't mention autism at all, should not be offensive to their neurodiverse nature so they did it purely for spite. 19 of them in fact have so far voted against my question. Just how did my child's physical illness attack them? It didn't.

Either this is from a crowd of people like Paul Offit who just would like to bully all of us into shutting our mouths or it is by some with the same diagnosis as my son, just angry I disagree with them. The latter is definitely a more dissapointing prospect. For if they actually came to my house as another true Neurodiverse Man did they would also see, as he did, a child who was not born this way, does not shy away from hugging and kissing me every 5 minutes, cannot even come close to any sort of communication these NDs can conjure, and doesn't have a cruel bone in his body. My son is most certainly nothing like what is represented in the clan currently attacking us. Sad really, but does nothing to thwart my energies for fighting for my son.

My advice to them is do something constructive. Stop letting the public kick you out of airplanes, restaurants and voting you out of school. You would actually be doing something worthwhile then.


Geez, I pop in to check my e-mails and find this bizarreness. But thanks, Kim, for reminding us just how pathetic those people truly are.

Tonight I'll be holding a flute of expensive champagne and toasting with friends and family, while they will be sitting in front of their computers trying to prevent sick children from receiving medical testing and treatment. Their parents must be so proud.


Thanks Mark for this post and all of your hard work on behalf of the children.

Craig Willoughby

Heh...thanks for writing this, Kim. This was the exact reason why I posted my comment on the other story. These snivelling cowards have nothing better to do with their time other than making sure that our children don't get the help they need.

Read some of the questions that they voted against on the site. There are questions that asked about more research into DAN protocols, which they voted against. They voted against removing Mercury from the vaccines. They voted against insurance coverage for our kids!!!!Again, I am 100% positive that they are completely against our children getting better and that they WANT children to be harmed.

They are, quite clearly, anti-child. They are, in my opinion, the lowest form of scum on the earth.

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