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Why Age of Autism Continues to be a Pain in the Ass to Many

New York Legislative Vaccine Roundtable Follow Up

Tweedledum By Louise Kuo Habakus

(Thank you to Christine Heeren of Lighthouse Studios in New York for the photos.)

Legislative Vaccine Roundtable
Stony Brook University
December 15, 2008
The roundtable was terrific.  Even more satisfying than the Nassau County hearings in September.  The audience was overwhelmingly sympathetic parents who were supportive and engaged.  I was very proud of our speakers.  Barbara Loe Fisher made a brilliant case for informed consent --  no one does it better --  and set the stage for the rest of us.  Larry Palevsky nailed it today.  He was brave, direct and so knowledgeable about the medicine, it was a real honor to be on that stage with him.  I just had to resist the desire to reach over and high five him.  John Gilmore made many great points… my favorite: 50% of the US population lives in states which offer the philosophical exemption, no epidemics raging in those states (love it!).  I was given clean up duty as the last speaker and was able to make a few choice comments in response to some of other side’s particularly irksome remarks.  
Roundtable From the other side, Hall of Shame comments included:  
Dr. Paul Lee, AAP, District II:

“Yes, aluminum is neurotoxic but it is everywhere, in breastmilk, beer, wine, produce and seasonings.”  (I guess it’s ok to inject some since it’s surely no different than ingesting it… and what’s a little more aluminum among friends?)  

“The body makes a form of formaldehyde which plays a role in human metabolism.” (Implication is, if our body makes it, then adding some more can’t be bad.  I’m a little confused here… did we put it in on purpose because it’s helpful?  If not, can I please just rely on what my body makes?  I trust that a lot more than what some drug company concocts.  Oh, and where are the safety studies, by the way?)
Dr. Louis Cooper, AAP, District II

“I have no conflicts of interest.”  (I guess 47 years dedicating your career to vaccines, with your credibility, livelihood and reputation on the line doesn’t count as a conflict.  How about helping to develop the rubella vaccine then?  Or the leadership position you hold within the AAP?  Or your work on the global immunization program?)
“You have no clue what I’m talking about.  You weren’t twatching the kids suffering from polio and rubella as I did.”  (Excuse me?  We have no clue?  Go spend a day with a family with autism.  Experience inflammatory bowel disease, all diarrhea, all day long, 24x7 with no end.  With all due respect, sir, you have no clue what we’re talking about.) 
When challenged about the All Star Pediatrics letter in the AAP Newsletter, Dr. Cooper said, “We don’t censor the opinions of our members.”  (But you don’t have to feature them in your newsletter, now, do you?)
Dr. Debra Blog, Medical Director, Immunization Program, NY State Department of Health
“Prevention is preferable to cure.” (Her modern amendment to the Hippocratic Oath.  Can we expand this to include prevention of SIDS, autism, diabetes, asthma, seizures, palsies, not just infectious disease?  Because these are the pressing health concerns of the day.  Parents are stakeholders in this equation.  You may not just mandate to us.  You must involve us.).
“Waiting is a choice to stay vulnerable to disease.”  (It’s also a choice to reduce the likelihood of getting asthma by over 50% according to the huge DPT cohort study from Manitoba published earlier this year.  It’s also a choice for parents who feel their children may be among those susceptible to other vaccine injury because of family history or other factors.  But the key word here is choice, now, isn’t it?)
The Good Stuff
Dr. Cooper said: “It is unfortunate, but in our zeal to distribute vaccines, we failed to sufficiently invest in the science.  Vaccines are not 100% safe.”
Dr. Blog and I exchanged cards and she asked if I would share specifics on our serious concerns about the Denmark study.  (Yes, of course.  Anyone care to give me the best summary?)  We had a cordial conversation.  I told her that a lot of children are not well and parents know it’s the vaccines.  I said that my two boys were terribly damaged by their shots.  She expressed sympathy, as any mother would do.  When I asked her if they were acceptable losses in service of our immunization program, she said, “No, of course not.”  Now there is a place we can go.
They did not like being challenged.  Not one bit.  I could feel the, “How dare you?  Do you know who I am?” energy from at least one of the physicians.   I knew I hit my mark when I was personally told by the other side:

“You really know how to pack a punch.”

“You really beat up on me.”

“You’re a terrific speaker.”

“I’d love to spend some time talking with you about the science.”  (Great, can I have your business card? “No, I’m retired.”  I guess he thought the better of it.)
For the rest, you really need to listen to the live audio feed which will be uploaded on Autism One Radio.  A big thank you to Christian Fisher for videotaping the entire event.  Lou Conte, Barb Majeski and Claudine Liss did a terrific job with commentary and conducting interviews which will also be included in the upload.
LKH We’re getting ready to hold our three holiday open houses in Little Falls, Princeton and Summit, New Jersey, on Wed-Fri of this week.  We’ll toast you all when we drink our eggnog and call our legislators.  Here’s to 2009 and continuing the fight.  Happy New Year, everyone.



Good thing I found this post. Your words are enlightening! This gives me an assurance that vaccine should not really be considered dangerous but helpful instead. There's just the proper way to everything and we all should be aware of it especially when it comes to vaccination.

Barb K

EXCELLENT JOB vaccine safety supporters! You took the high road--speaking about what has happened to our children as a result of vaccines, talked about the need for safety studies, etc. They...did not. It was a low blow when Dr. Blog showed pictures of children with measles, mumps, and other diseases that have, mostly, been eradicated "because of vaccines"--of course, no mention of the fact that almost all of these vaccines were on the substantial decline due to things like better hygiene, use of antibiotics and sterilization procedures, etc. and were therefore not fully the result of immunization (Louise made this point later, however). I "loved" the slide that showed children who died as a result of the flu who could have been saved "if only they'd had a flu shot".

Perhaps next time we should stoop to their level and show the photos that were shown at the recent Trenton, NJ rally of children who died as a result of vaccines. Maybe we need to show videos of children who, as a result of vaccines, are non-verbal, fecal smearing, rocking, head-banging, full body tantrumming and not potty trained at an older age.

I got the feeling that they didn't "get" autism and how devastating it can be to those with autism and their families. I think that people outside of our community forget, or never knew, what autism can and does mean to many of us.

Bob Moffit

I want to thank you, John, Barbara and Larry for presenting the many, many questions, issues and concerns we have as parents/grandparents who no longer trust our universal childhood vaccine policies.

Unfortunately, most of the issues raised were all but ignored by Dr. Blog, NYS Medical Director of Immunization program and AAP representatives Dr. Lee and Dr. Cooper. Indeed, the lack of response to the myriad of questions raised was eerily similar to the same lack of response by public health officials and AAP at Diedre Imus forum in Hackensack a few months ago to a vastly different set of issues and questions raised by David Kirby.

In both forums, AAP representatives tried to reassure the audience that the "thimerosal issue is moot....a non-issue" because it has been removed from most vaccines....that formaldehyde and aluminum are "everywhere", implying the "trace amounts" in vaccines are perfectly safe...suggesting there is no distinction between using a "bike helmet and child car-seat" and "mandating a one size fits all" vaccine for children...showed what looked like the same slide presentations of horrific images of children suffering the ravages of communicable diseases... and ... used the same "graph images" to show how "effective" vaccines have been over decades, all but "eradicating" these diseases.

Unfortunately for public health officials and the AAP, each time these repetitious presentations are used, they are easier and easier to challenge. Such as, Dr. Cooper's graph, which began in the 1950's....and.... Louise immediately following with a graph that showed the steep steady decline of communicable diseases had begun decades prior to the introduction of a vaccine in the 1950's.

When Dr. Blog stated there was a "big" outbreak of measles in Arizona, a state that has a philosophical exemption...Louise immediately asked her what "big" means, forcing Dr. Blog to admit the "big" outbreak consisted of 26 cases in the entire state. To parents in the audience, "big" means 1 in every 6 American child suffering some type of chronic autoimmune disease, which were far less common in previous generations.

I do not envy their position of having to face an audience of parents who did vaccinate their child and then, suddenly, "witnessed" that child's inexplicable "regression"....but....I have to give them credit...they "stay on message" regardless of how little scientific merit that "message" has.

In any event, until these "experts" can explain to an audience of parents why their children "regressed", there is "no issue that is moot".

Again, thanks for your efforts in all you do.


Exceptional recount! Each of you amazes me!! We are sooo fortunate to have you in our corner. Many thanks to all!


great job Louise and all! Maggie, I think you h it the nail on the head when you said that the doctors must be feeling anger at having been sucked in to believing without critically thinking (especially when others such as Dr. Ratner began to question vaccine safety in the 60's). I mean these are smart people and they should have collectively done something a long time ago, and now, here we are with a lot of kids absolutely destroyed by this Frankenscience. Shame on them...

Lisa @ TACA

Well done Louise and New Jersey team. The rest of the U.S. autism team is watching your efforts very closely. I have great admiration for your hard work. Thanks for taking on the challenge. Its working. Its appreciated.

Louise Kuo Habakus

Kim add this link to Barb Majeski's comment... it says: "

Further, and obviously an oversight, Professor Cooper's interests were not disclosed. His involvement since 1964 in all aspects of rubella vaccination, including research, commercial, official and political assists in putting his perspective in context.

Claudine Liss

The Vaccine “Berlin Wall” is starting to fall. I know it, I can feel it and I saw it for myself yesterday at Stony Brook University. The masses are awakening, they are connecting the dots, the snow ball is rolling down the mountain, it’s picking up momentum … avalanche is upon us.

Many of the hardcore, load up the children with every shot on Earth, I can’t think for myself doctors, are now defensive, belligerent, desperate. They want to remain calm talking about vaccines, but when you watch long enough, and ask the pertinent questions they crack. The anger pours out. The Catholic church lost lots of members and respect here in America and around the world and guess what…..the American Academy of Pediatrics and the entire US medical establishment are not far behind. Not a fair comparison some might say. I think it’s right on. Let me get back to the roundtable.

Assemblyman Alessi- accommodating, respectful, fair to both sides. He is doing what every legislator in the US should be doing, holding forums, encouraging dialogue….our founding fathers would be proud.
Assemblyman Gottfried - I like what he is doing regarding religious exemptions in NY. He‘s trying to get a bill passed which would not allow state officials to question exemptors regarding their religious beliefs (can’t imagine that their current exemption would ever stand up in higher courts), as for his wish list of studies etc….my opinion, there’s not enough money left (just watch the news) or time - OUR KIDS ARE TOO SICK AND INJURED. We are dealing with a healthcare catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Barbara Loe Fisher - Brilliant presentation
John Gilmore - Heartfelt, brilliant presentation
Lawrence Palevsky, MD - Brilliant presentation
Louise Kuo Habakus - Brilliant presentation
My words can’t do justice to replicate their presentations. These are my notes to myself from the roundtable; Get tape of roundtable presentations from Barbara Loe Fisher. (Barbara’s son Chris is a talented cinematographer and he videotaped the event) As I sat and listened I seriously dreamed of the world hearing and seeing Barbara, John, Dr. Palevsky and Louise speak. My mind also took me ahead 50 years. I envisioned later generations hearing their words, and shaking their heads at a medical establishment and government that refused to listen, refused to see, refused to put their egos aside and refused to help all of the injured children. I will make sure that I get a copy of the presentation from Barbara Loe Fisher. I will make sure that they are heard round the world, it might not be tomorrow, but the world will hear their presentations, the world will remember the people who bravely stepped forward.
For now, You Tube or another site would be fantastic!

Back to the NY doctors:

Louis Z. Cooper, MD - AAP - angry, patronizing, I am not sure if he was forthcoming with his Rubella vaccine involvement, claimed initially not to have any conflicts of interests (Louise Habakus questioned him on it). He whined that his efforts to remain conflict free have cost him income. In one breath he told us that more money was needed to study vaccine safety, in the next breath he was attacking John Gilmore, Dr. Palevsky and Barbara Fisher. In my opinion, he should have just stood on the table and yelled “HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!“ We heard the same old story how none of us have seen the diseases of long ago…..I’ll come back to Dr. Cooper. (He’s close to 80 with a really fantastic head of hair. He must be the envy of his male friends.)

Paul Lee, MD - AAP - stoic, unemotional…..I loved his presentation on formaldehyde, per my impression of what Dr. Lee said (not verbatim) it’s basically everywhere so injecting it into the blood stream of children is not a big deal, he told us that we should be more concerned about the mercury in tuna cans than vaccines, that mercury is now a non-issue, and then he touched on the ethyl/methyl mercury thing. To everyone who lectures on the ethyl/methyl mercury topic, in my opinion, non-science people do not know what the hell you are talking about. Bottom line - it was stupid to have so much mercury in all of the shots. Dr. Lee went on to say that mercury is a non-issue because it’s out of most of the shots now. Dr. Lee should stick to his last line, not that I agree with it. Stop telling people that some mercury is good - people with common sense roll their eyes when that line of garbage is spewed. Per what I heard from Dr. Lee, my opinion he essentially said that aluminum being injected into children’s bloodstreams is essentially no big deal either. Not sure how he feels about injecting aluminum, live viruses, formaldehyde, mercury etc….all at the same doctor visit. I’ll have to ask him next time. I doubt it’s been scientifically studied. I believe Dr. Palevsky called him on the combo issue.

Dr. Debra Blog - Medical Director, Immunization Program, NY State Department of Health - she opened telling us cutely that she was wearing her daughter’s lucky earrings today. Luck for what? Worried that you would be ducking shoes? No worry from me, with enough rope people usually hang themselves, plus my beautiful brown leather boots were not leaving my legs. Dr. Blog graced us with the usual pictures of children laying in beds with sores all over them from different diseases. Yesterday, we saw an injured leg from polio, diphtheria infected tonsils, chicken pox sores, and a bunch of other photos.

My opinion, this is the new company line/mantra: 1. Tell the masses that the toxic chemicals in vaccines are not a big deal. 2. That medical doctors are gods and should not be questioned. 3. Talk down to the masses, tell them that they are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about. 4. At the end throw in the gruesome pictures.

Here’s their problem, and it’s a big one, IT’S NOT WORKING!!!

The event went over the allotted time and I did not get to ask my one question which was, “How do you(pro-vaccine protocol medical doctors) explain all of the chronic illness - the asthma, allergies, food allergies, diabetes, autism etc…?”

Miraculously, as we all gathered our belongings to leave, I had the opportunity to speak with Drs. Cooper, Lee and Blog each separately. I asked each of them to explain why all of the chronic illness in our children.

No one had any answers for me. Dr. Cooper admitted that this is why we need more safety studies and money for the studies. He then went on to question if we are even seeing a rise in chronic illness (this was a new one for the record books, NOTE TO COMPANY LINE WRITERS-ADD THAT ONE TO YOUR MANTRA). I advised him that the CDC would beg to differ with him on that.
Barb Majeski asked Dr. Cooper where all the elderly autistic people are. He told us that he has an elderly autistic cousin. I told him that I care for an elderly autistic man too (my husband’s uncle was brain damaged at birth), and that I am still looking for that large population of elderly autistics. I’ll add Dr. Cooper’s cousin to the list of 2 elderly autistics that I am aware of. Ten years and I know of only 3.
Dr. Cooper seemed torn to me. I believe that Dr. Cooper is very concerned that the US immunization program is going to fall apart and deep deep deep down, I believe he knows that we have a chronic illness healthcare catastrophe on our hands.

One last note - Dr. Cooper and I briefly discussed his youngest child, a pediatrician. He told me that his child is spending hours and hours discussing vaccines with patients, that he/she (not sure) has a mortgage to pay and that his pediatrician child has no time to be talking to patients about subjects such as car seats. He lost me with the car seat comment. I never spoke to my children’s pediatricians about car seats. What the hell was he talking about? I would have loved to talked to my children’s pediatricians about their car seats. Dr. Cooper - I was talking apnea, chronic mucous, constant sickness, ear infections, chronic wheezing, eczema, sore throats, asthma, sinusitis and on and on with my children’s doctors. Had I read more, had my doctors read more - I firmly believe that we might have been talking car seats, not chronic illness. Dr. Cooper was on the defense. He appears concerned about children, but for some reason, that escapes my being, chronic illness, autism etc…are okay with doctors just as long as the diseases are under control. Per John Gilmore the “acceptable losses”.

It might be okay to a majority of the medical community, but it is not okay to a rapidly growing number of parents in America and around the world. If/when the diseases return they have themselves to blame. Trust in pediatricians is deteriorating rapidly, parents are opting out of the protocol in record numbers. Problems can’t be ignored, they must be dealt with., acknowledged and remedied or they linger and haunt.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Blog - had no answers for me on why all of the chronic illness exists. I told Dr. Lee that too many pediatricians do not investigate family history, especially when administering the pertussis vaccine. He disagreed with me. I respectfully disagreed with him.

I told them all about Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s Chicago practice. No one was familiar with the thousands of healthy unvaccinated children in the Chicago area. It would be too logical to study them.

As I drove back to Jersey yesterday on the LIE, two words spun in my head - CATHOLIC CHURCH.
We march on.

Barbara Majeski

Team "Vaccine Happy" vs. "Team Vaccine Truth":
Dr. Louis Cooper started out his presentation by announcing to the audience that his beliefs and strongly held convictions about vaccines stem from the pure intent of protecting children. He held up a slide that read, "no conflicts of interest". I was impressed and thought maybe he was just drinking the Kool-Aid. Maybe he really did just believe that vaccines are the great panacea and he had nothing to gain from sharing his beliefs. Yeah right. Louise gracefully pulled back the Great Oz curtain and reminded Dr. Cooper of his relationship with the rubella vaccine. He was choking on the air he was breathing and took a quick sip of his water. One more point scored for team, "Vaccine Truth". One less for team, "Vaccine Happy". Nicely done Louise!

Kelli Ann Davis -- Now *She's* The Bomb


Absolutely brilliant! Please let us know when the link to Autism One radio is up and running so we can hear it with our own ears!!



Thanks again, Louise, for reporting on your pivotal meeting. You are reaching a powerful point of critical mass that will soon spread nationwide by your fine example.

How much longer can these cornered public health officials keep reciting the same scare stories and flashing the same fright photos? Do they think these meetings constitute the disease equivalent of a pissing contest? Don't they realize that they are supposed to investigate physical illnesses, rather than deny and dismiss them? Not just unbelievable, but unscientific and unprofessional.


i went to a pharma dinner for pentacel recently. the question came up about the huge amount of aluminum in the shot. the professor making the presentation made the same argument that children are exposed to aluminum in the sandbox and in our cookware. his point was there's no way to avoid it, so why worry about it in the vaccine? the logic is mindblowing. but this is the same man who swore that the .33 mg of aluminum = 33 mcg. I think we know the math is .33 mg = 330 mcg. Pentacel is given 4 times by age one. Wonder if he could tell us what 330 mcg x 4 is? It's no problem, donchaknow?


These hall of shame comments are incredible. What a stark contrast to simple common sense - the statement by John Gilmore re: the 50% is a perfect example.

I remember John patiently taking the time to respond to some of my emails a couple of years ago. His sincerity and passion were obvious then, as they are now. This clearly extends to your team, which is truly amazing.

Kudos all for your courage and perseverance.


Environmental aluminum doesn't make vaccine aluminum safe. Already being exposed to a toxic substance puts you at a higher risk of reaching a toxic level, not a lower risk.
X amount of Al in the environment + Y amount of Al in vaccines = X+Y (in other words MORE Al exposure) (x doesn't cancel out the y) and:

The doctor acknowledged "Yes, aluminum is neurotoxic". Yet it's okay to inject it at levels that do "exceed the minimal risk level" as conceded by the NNii??? Sounds dangerous to me (especially since the Hep B given to newborns, including preemies, contains 250 mcg (*100 times* the FDA's limit of 25 mcg) and Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease that most newborns have no risk of catching. (only if the mom is hep B positive does a *newborn* need this vaccine)

Look at this chart that shows the time line of when the Al containing vaccines were added (most doses were added in the 1990's when Hib was increased from 1 dose between 2 and 5 years old, to 4 doses (at 2, 4, 6, and 15 months), and Universal Hep B vaccination of newborns started in 1991. (this site also includes the NNii concession)

As for the polio comment, not vaccinating my child against Hep B and Chicken pox is NOT going to bring back polio. I'm so tired of them trying to use the history of diseases like polio and rubella as a blanket statement to justify EVERY vaccine including relatively mild childhood illnesses like chicken pox. Some vaccines are a good idea, and some are just not worth the risks.

And finally, the article also says one of the doctors helped to develop the rubella vaccine. Which rubella vaccine did he help develop? (there have been 3 licensed in the US that I'm aware of and the one currently used has a shady history). Do you know how the currently used US rubella vaccine was developed? The rubella virus was taken from RA-27 (rubella abortus 27), in other words the 27th baby who was aborted because the mom had rubella and then grown in cells from WI-38 (another aborted baby). I know that congenital rubella syndrome is horrible, but my question is, why'd they use 27th baby? Did the first 26 who were aborted due to fear mongering about rubella not even have rubella? And furthermore, do you know how the Japanese isolated the rubella virus? They just swabbed the throat of an infected child. There was an epidemic after all. The Japanese rubella virus did not contain any fetal cell lines and it worked just fine. Isolating the virus from an aborted fetus just defies common sense given that there was an epidemic and it indicates a love of money. "So why use aborted fetal cell lines at all? It is crystal clear that the method used was done solely to validate the benefits and to advance aborted fetal research, which in turn has advanced huge profits for the abortionists, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry."

Many of today's vaccines were created from human fetal cells and some (such as hep A and varicella) actually have "MRC-5 Cellular protein" listed as an excipient according to the CDC. MRC-5 is another fetal cell line. A study by Johns Hopkins Institute found that embryonic stem cells have a high risk of genetic mutations and tumor formation:
" "These mutations we are finding are a much bigger problem," says Aravinda Chakravarti of the Johns Hopkins University in a report in the journal Nature Genetics. Chakravarti and his colleagues examined embryonic stem cell lines created before August 2001. They compared the original embryonic stem cells with those produced from those lines. Out of nine cell lines, eight developed one or more genetic changes commonly observed in human cancers, the Johns Hopkins team reports. "This is not good news. It suggests that the biological properties of the cells before and after replicating could be different," says Chakravarti. **Transplanting such embryonic cells into a patient could cause more medical problems than they would be likely to solve, scientists said.**"


Thanks so so much for this great summary, and to all who presented. It's amazing to have such great minds at work on these issues.

One thing that struck me regarging the comment "When challenged about the All Star Pediatrics letter in the AAP Newsletter, Dr. Cooper said, 'We don’t censor the opinions of our members.'" I bet they do censor anyone who wants to write about vaccine problems in their newsletter!


Louise, you are awesome. I think most doctors are embarrassed to admit that they've been scammed by pharma. I think they were brain washed in medical school and practiced medicine based on their brain washing. Honestly, who could think it's ok to inject mercury, MSG, aspartame, aluminum and various bits of who-knows-what in those vaccines into the human body.

There is a thin line between anger and fear. I think most of the anger from doctors is just their fear that it's all been a LIE. They were "suckered" into just believing and not THINKING. Plus, who wants to think that they have had a part in destroying the lives of so many people. Thus, they will continue to deny because the truth is too awful to face. Cowards!!


Louise - as always, thanks for standing up for our kids! You guys are all amazing!

Time warp

Dr. Debra Blog, Medical Director, Immunization Program, NY State Department of Health
“Prevention is preferable to cure.”

“Waiting is a choice to stay vulnerable to disease.”

Somebody pinch me. No, I really mean it. Is the mainstream medical community in a time warp? They are stuck in the 50s and 60s when measles, polio, chickenpox, diptheria, pertussis were all the rage and vaccines were developed for them. Do they not know that whilst those acute diseases of old are no longer around we all now face the scourge of chronic disease (thanks to the vaccine program).

Do they not know that something is terribly wrong with the mental health of kids today? Do they not know that kids have wide ranging illnesses like diabetes, cancer, asthma, autism? Do they not understand that the delicate balance of the human body has been tipped the other way causing all this chronic disease?

Who or what are these doctors trying to protect - their livelihood? Are they trying to save the pharmaceutical industry? Do they not understand that 1 out of 2 American today have chronic disease by the time they reach adulthood? Is it immoral to shove failed medical practices down people's throats? You bet it is. The people demand choice, the kind that is truly preventive, not mainstream medicine's definition of it.

candace passino

it is refreshing to hear that you guys are making headway...truly felt good to read this hopeful article cant wait to listen to audio..thank you for all you have done it is noticed..candace mom of justin


Dr Lee (and others's such comments) remind me of the line in Lynyrd Skynkyrd's "That Smell"

"One more drink wont kill you"

If it is neurotoxic and in the environment, then why add more through medicine?

Diane M.Renna

Louise you were AWESOME! One doctor had his head in his hand during your presentation. They were right to put you last...boy did you sock it to them :)

One of my friends who is against vaccination started to question when she saw those pictures of the sick kids, but once you spoke she truely was enlightened.
She said, "they should put pictures up of the kids with autism and show what they go thru."

Before and after detox pictures would be excellent visuals too.



I really like reading Dr Paul King's review of many papers on immunizations and mercury. Boy does he have a talent for putting Things in perspective,and the credentials to stand behind reviews.



Safeminds on Denmark study, this is pretty good summary.

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