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Mom Continues Autism Fight

Lin_wesselsManaging Editor's Note: At the end of this post is a request to view a petition. Please make sure you read to the bottom. Thanks.

By Lin Wessels

We all do what we can, each and every one.  No matter how grand or simple, it all has an impact, it all makes a difference.  With your help, because of you, my path happened to lead me to the office of Senator John McCain one day.  Coupled with the backing and experience of a team of autism mamas I'd team up with any day of the week and avoid the wrath and vengeance of every day of the week, John McCain promised to help.  He even went as far as to request Senate hearings on our behalf.  (That request can be seen here: (HERE)

Senator McCain also made numerous references to our community, the autism community, during his bid for the presidency.  He promised on several occasions to make us and our loved ones a priority.  Now, we all know he lost his bid to be commander in chief, but I just don't see any reason why he can't still keep that promise.  Do you?  We deserve to be a priority after all!  Our loved ones should to be a priority.

That's where all of you come in, again. I've designed a petition, written a letter and will deliver both to Senator McCain at the close of the petition, which I'd like to be no later than Friday, Dec. 19, 2008.  You don't have to agree with what it is I was moved to put into words; my experiences with John McCain were the driving force behind my fervor.  The requests which will be made of Senator McCain, as a result of getting his attention by way of the petition, are meant to serve those we love and care for, nothing more.
Won't you please join me?   It would mean so much to so many. 
Link to sign the petition and view the letter: SIGN THE PETITION HERE.

Lin was featured on KFSY in Siouz Falls, SD. Click Here for Video. Click Here for transcript.

With thanks,

Lin Wessels
Sam's MAMA



268 signatures so far -- it looks like you can still sign!

Sandy Waters

You Go Lin!!!! I'm behind you 1000%


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for the great response so far! At the rate we're going, we're going to have a very impressive showing, which would make it difficult for anyone to ignore.

I’d like to encourage anyone who has not as yet, please take the time to sign this. This is for all of us. This is not about partisanship or personal likes or dislikes. This is about our loved ones with autism and future generations – period.

Another thing you can all do to help is pass along this link to everyone you know. We need to be heard far and wide.

I genuinely benefit from reading all of your comments. They touch my heart. I know they will touch Senator McCain as well.

My promise to all of you is this; I will see that this reaches the hands of Senator John McCain himself.

Remember, we’re in this together….


Maribel McIntyre


Thanks for your great work! You have a good point, just because Senator McCain didn't win the Presidency doesn't mean that he cannot be effective...he is still a Senator!


Austin Primer's Mom

Lin, I signed this as soon as you sent it to me. Thanks for being such a great advocate and keeping on this!!! You are one of my hero's.

Ben's Dad

Good job - I'm in!

Senator McCain – Thank you for your many years of service and for raising the issue of autism to the level of a presidential debate topic. Your commitment to this issue along with your senior role in the Senate puts you in a unique position to help many, many kids and families affected by autism receive the support they need efficiently. We need someone to set up a national framework for training new teachers, aides, as well as developing appropriate educational and residential facilities so that all kids receive appropriate care, and so that families affected by autism can have the mobility needed for economic survival. We desperately need a national “social security” type system for these kids who arrive at adulthood 22 years later as a surprise to unprepared overburdened state systems.

You can also play an important role in bravely asking questions of our frustrated scientific community. We can be smarter about the environment we put our at risk kids in, and we can significantly reduce the levels of autism in the future to ensure both the health of all Americans as well as the health of our long term finances. Well, WE CAN if YOU CAN help us.

Angela Warner

Lin! You ROCK! I am so glad to see this on AoA!

It's not about an election. It's not about a party. It's about our kids. For our kids. And the conversation with John McCain needs to continue. For our kids.

So... shall we continue the conversation?

Katherine Walker

Lin -
If you come to DC to deliver this letter, please let me know. I can come along with you, and I can gin up some other moms too!

Thanks for your advocacy work. You are right, we all are doing our part, which will add up to A LOT in the end... God willing.


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