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Autism One 2009 Highlights!

Get_out_of_jailManaging Editor's Note: If you've been VERY good, maybe Santa will give you a special gift (we all know how hard it is to travel when you have a child on the spectrum) so you can go to Autism One this May! Here are some highlights of what you can expect from our good friends at Autism One.

Autism One 2009 Conference Overview
May 20-24, 2009, Chicago, IL


Did you wonder when change would come for your child?  Did you wonder when the media would begin to turn, when more mainstream doctors and the public would begin to shift their thinking, and when the cumulative body of science would gather steam in exponentially building upon itself?  Well, change has come.... and we are happy to present it at Autism One.

Some 2009 highlights
Selected symposiums, seminars, workshops, think tanks, and lectures
Pre-Conference, Wednesday, May 20 & Thursday, May 21
Introducing EBCALA: The Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy

The mission of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy is to address the immediate and ongoing legal and advocacy needs of the autism community.  The Center seeks to provide:
- Legal education on autism issues
- Resources for legal practitioners and advocates
- A “think tank” to strategize about the legal and advocacy needs of the autism community

The Miracle Project
The Miracle Project is a theatre and film arts program for children with special needs and their typically developing siblings and peers. Autism: The Musical won two Emmy Awards. Meet Elaine Hall (Founder & Creative Director) and Diane Isaacs (Co-founder & Producer) during two days of Miracle Project workshops.

Beginning Biomedical Intervention - In Spanish!
Join Kerri Rivera for this special presentation delivered in Spanish. Kerri Rivera is the mother of a child recovering from autism, and she has a DAN!-based clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Thursday evening, May 21 - MAIN CONFERENCE BEGINS
Join Dr. James Adams to hear the latest on the state of autism research; Drs. Nancy O'Hara and Dan Rossignol on beginning biomedical treatment; and Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet on advanced treatment topics.

Friday, May 22
Environmental Symposium
Have we reached a tipping point?  What is the intersection between genetics and environmental triggers?  Join over half-a-dozen speakers, including Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group, Mark Corrales of the Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Martha Herbert of Harvard/MGH, Philip and Alice Shabecoff, authors of Poisoned Profits, and Dr. Claudia Miller, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, for over 6 hours of compelling information, including an evening Q&A.

Residential Think Tank and Presentation
Are you concerned about what will happen to your child if they are not recovered by the time they age out of state-provided services?  We are, too. Join in on a residential think tank with steering committee members of the Autism Human Rights and Discrimination Initiative and others who are working on a safe, fulfilling future and residential solutions.  We are proud to introduce for the first time at an Autism One Conference Cheryl Kilmer, president of the Training, Education & Research Institute, a model program in the state of California.

Language Seminar and Think Tank
Let's Talk About Talk! Join Dr. Marion Blank, Dr. Harry Schneider, and Mary Beth Cull of Columbia University as they lead a revolution in how to think about language, teach language, communication, and reading, and -- most importantly -- RESTORE LANGUAGE in the nonverbal child through means including state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and neuromodulation.

Vaccine Education Seminar
Have you ever wondered how to talk to your mainstream pediatrician and your in-laws, start a grassroots advocacy movement, coordinate a rally, educate other parents, gain a vaccine exemption using titers, or fight for the right of Informed Consent?  What is the vaccine "political" landscape and the underlying structure of the Federal Vaccine Advisory Committees? How do industry, government, and organized medicine operate together? What vaccines are coming down the pike, what are the new adjuvants in development -- what does the future hold?  How can you participate in the process?  Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the NVIC, Vicky Debold, PhD, RN, and Louise Kuo Habakus, HHP, AADP of the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice help empower you in this half-day seminar.

Saturday, May 23
Autism Team Forum: Conversations Towards Recovery
Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, Jacquie Mancini, Alanna Apap, BCBA, Donna Wexler, MA, CCC-SLP, paraprofessional, Andrea Soffici, and teacher, Kim Brown describe the team approach to recovering a child, Adriana Mancini, from the specifics of helping Adriana, to the general methodologies employed in each of their complementary disciplines of biomedical, behavioral, educational, social skills therapy, and other approaches. This event will include lectures and a Q&A panel period.

Dr. Woody McGinnis...For the first time....
Loss of vocalization, changes in social behavior, and altered gastrointestinal function occur in variable permutations in a significant subset—probably a majority—of children who eventually receive the diagnosis of autism.  Regression of an ostensibly well child is at once a great tragedy and mystery of autism, and occurs in the second year of life, after maturation of the protective blood-brain barrier. A number of small areas which cluster around the primitive brainstem fail to develop blood-brain barrier, so may act as portals for entry of a broad class of toxins including mercury, cadmium, herbicide, and MSG. Conceivably, many abnormal findings in autism—most particularly, regression—stem from one or more toxins entering these areas of brain. In 1964, Rimland was the first to suggest primary brainstem involvement in autism.  For the first time in a public conference, Dr. McGinnis explains how toxins hypothetically trigger autistic regression, and presents data from examination of relevant areas of brainstem and vagus nerve from children with autism.    

An afternoon with Dr. Amy Yasko
An Autism One favorite, Dr. Amy Yasko returns with an afternoon of information about her nutrigenomic testing and protocols.

The Elias Tembenis Seizures Think Tank
The incidence of seizures is increasingly reported to autism organizations. Seizures are prevalent and risky. Elias Tembenis, who was recovering from autism, ultimately passed away while having a seizure. We must figure this out.  Autism One is bringing together doctors to work together on the process. Lectures will follow on Sunday. Autism One will host the annual Elias Tembenis mini-Walk on Friday, with proceeds going to the National Autism Association.  Autism One is proud to present for the first time at an Autism One Conference Dr. Seyyed Hossein Fatemi. Dr. Fatemi received a PhD in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Following receipt of his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University and completion of his residency in psychiatry at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Dr. Fatemi was appointed Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy at University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Fatemi was promoted to full professor of psychiatry and adjunct professor of neuroscience in 2006. In 2007 he was also promoted to adjunct professor of pharmacology. Dr. Fatemi authored GABAA Receptor Downregulation in Brains of Subjects with Autism and Expression of GABAB Receptors Is Altered in Brains  of Subjects with Autism.

Sunday, May 24
THRiiiVE at Autism One!
A yearly favorite hosted by Dana Gorman of THRiiiVE!  Come hear Dr. Joe Mercola, homeotoxicologist Mary Coyle, and other "alternative" favorites in 10 hours of fascinating information.

Look for the Autism One 2009 Conference schedule at on December 8.
Registration opens December 15.  Westin O'Hare Hotel guest room prices remain the same!


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