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Larry King Live Postponed for Rerun

Rerun By Kim Stagliano

We regret to inform our readers that Larry King Live's program featuring Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz and J.B. Handley of Generation Rescue has been postponed.  Enjoy the rerun of Brad Pitt talking about married life. 

In the meantime, please feel free to let the producers of the show that you would like to see Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley and Stan Kurtz on with Larry King Live.

Please email Larry's team now at Larry King Guests and let them know.




That was for K Fuller, not Karen.


Karen, Nancy Grace did a small segment about autism at the end of Thursday's night show. She featured the mom of an adopted son who has autism. Her web site is

Nancy seemed shocked to hear that only 8 states have mandates for insurance coverage for autism and seemed puzzled as to how families make it financially.

Some of the misinformation reported (not by Nancy) was that no one knows the cause of autism and that most agree it has genetic components. (Our child has no genetic issues -- just mercury toxicity, autism, seizures, severe mental retardation) The owner of the web site said that all medicaid is "stop-gap", therefore, should not be looked upon as anything but a short-term solution, and that viewing school officials as "partners" in your child's education is the key.

On the issue of school services, a gentleman correctly reported that some schools withhold services they are mandated (and have been funded) to provide.

Autism, which is mercury poisoning via vaccines, is NOT ok.

I wrote to Nancy in 2006 alerting her to the fact that in our state SSI Medicaid had begun the process of denying physician ordered therapies to children with chronic diagnoses.

SSI Medicaid, to my knowledge, is not "stop gap". We were told in the initial stages of the therapies being denied, that if we had regular Medicaid (for the poor) or the Katie Becker deeming waiver, our child's therapies would not be denied.

SSI Medicaid is for the disabled. Our child was disabled because of vaccines. Despite my never-ending objections, we are at the bottom of the barrel and it seems to me that the organizations and agencies involved fully intend to make sure that autism isn't stopped, though it certainly can be eventually, by removing the toxins from vaccines. The toxins are separate from the vaccines. There can be one without the other. But this man-made epidemic is just far too profitable. For them. Meanwhile, we live on less than $600 per month and have no legal recourse because of the statute of limitations. Our child should be in the first semester of college instead of this mentally retarded, seizure riddled condition. And meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies enjoy billions of dollars in profit every year...

But yes, Nancy did give a token few minutes to autism at the end of another segment about the Anthonys.


Perhaps just a logistical thing (reschedule) - or maybe this is another "shining" example of mainstream media's balance and journalistic curiosity and integrity - NOT....

Consider this - Washington post yesterday reported ( that in spite of over 130 studies linking BPA to breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, neurological problems and other disorders (at very low doses -- lower than the current safety standard set by the FDA) the course of action is essentially more thumb twiddling: "...the FDA has maintained that BPA is safe, relying largely on two studies that were funded by the chemical industry."

Their own panel of independent science advisers (the National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institutes of Health), reported that there is "some concern" that "BPA may affect the brain and behavioral development of fetuses, infants and young children" - they stated that "the agency's position on BPA was scientifically flawed" and that "the agency should revisit its assessment and take into account the studies it had IGNORED [emphasis mine]."

The uselessness of the FDA isn't the real point here (I doubt that surprises anyone). What is interesting here is:

- abundance of scientific evidence "ignored"
- FDA's position is "scientifically flawed"
- supporting evidence funded by the industry (who's products are) in question
- the mainstream media is talking about it

The last point should be a lesson here for the people who manage the LK show

If they want to push the "fence sitters" over to the "crazy parent" camp, running scared from the discussion and ditching the "untouchable" controversy is pretty much the best way to accomplish that. Even worse than never talking about it at all.

Right now there's only speculation as to what happened to Saturday's originally planned broadcast, but the clock is ticking.


PLEASE air the Jenny McCarthy interview. The public deserves to hear information from both sides. Whom ever made this decision is only making other entities look like they ARE trying to hide the truth about Autism. They cannot shut out this issue. My son is recovered from a grim diagnosis of Autism and people need to know that there are things you can do to help. They might not want to admit the causes of Autism but they at least need to let parents know there is many things you can do to help these kids. Also, many of them are not expensive. Since insurance does not cover most Autism treatments parents deserve to know about inexpensive things they can be doing to help their child. 10, 20 30% improvements can make all the difference in a child and their families daily lives. You must air this. KIDS DESERVE IT11111111111


It is very sad to me that this show was postponed! Millions of parents need to have the information Larry is courageous enough to air to make informed decisions for their children. What could possibly be the reason it didn't air as scheduled? What could be more important than the health of our children and the prevention of diseases in our children?

PLEASE air the rebroadcast of this program as soon as possible! Parents of autistic children need to know there's someone fighting in THEIR corner and parents without autistic children need to become more educated about this issue so they do NOT bring up an autistic child!

Thank you,

Tom, Nutritionist,

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS, FACAM

Here is my E-mail.
To Whom It May Concern:
I was upset and disappointed to tune in to Larry King Live last night and not see Jenny McCarthy and a discussion about autism. This is clearly one of the hottest and most important issues in all of health care. The public in general and parents in particular need to know that there is a raging controversy over the role vaccines may play in the development of autism and other neurological conditions in children. Let the American Academy of Pediatrics and/or the CDC send their best proponents of vaccines (including the mandatory administration of vaccines) to present the evidence to the contrary, but this information needs to get out. Within mainstream, Larry has been on the cutting edge of presenting ideas that mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical companies don’t like, as evidenced by your replay of Suzanne Somers last night. My assumption is that the autism controversy causes more flames to fly than Suzanne Somers. My guess is that organized medicine, governmental agencies, the pharmaceutical industry or other supporters of massive vaccination programs got you to postpone this very important program on autism. Almost every day brings more and more evidence that an enforced and mandatory vaccination program is wreaking havoc on the health and welfare of our children and future generations. Please reschedule Jennifer McCarthy and other proponents who advocate taking a very hard look at our vaccination program as soon as possible.
Very truly yours,
Michael B Schachter MD, CNS, FACAM


At least Brad Pitt is putting up green housing in Louisiana for the dispossessed and the FEMA trailer-injured. If they'd had Denis Leary on, I would have died.

I assume everyone here's seen "The Insider". I'm not going to wonder too hard if parts of that film were similar to the scene that took place in or around Larry King's office after the tapes of the Jenny/Stan/JB segment was shown to the network types. I'm surry Mr. King did his level best.

Pharma can only be assured that they've got a month of truly committed government minions left; after that, it's a crap shoot and they seem to be going for broke these days. Has anyone heard NPR lately and all the anti-green-our-vaccines propaganda pouring out of that network? It's so over-the-top that even I'm surprised.


Too make up for it Angie and Jennifer could do a pay per view grudge match for autism via the WWF.

That should generate some cash.


I am so Brad Pitt, Angelina, Jennifer Aniston
fatigued. Now this!
It's bad enough that they grace every tabloid in the grocery line.
I laughed one day at the headline
"How do Brad and Angie do it???" (Gee, I wonder if the multi-millions they make help them cope any.)
Give us substance! I'll just barf if I have to look at Brad Pitt's Snidely Whiplash mustache instead of Jenny, Stan and JB.



I've seen several commercials today for the Brad Pitt interview.

K Fuller Yuba City

Please reschedule Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley and Stan Kurtz ASAP.
Be part of the solution for America's children.
1in150 American children are affected. What do the statistics have to be to make this Headline News?
This is not an Anti Vaccine story, this is a story of HOPE.
Every single night for months Nancy Grace talked about sweet Kaylee Anthony. Almost every show for MONTHS! One child, one sad, sad, family. One very unfortunate little girl.
Autism and 1in150KIDS, millions of children, deserve the same amount of attention.
Karen Fuller


Oh nO!

Are we positive? Larry's site lists it as the Brad Pitt show, however, the channels website still lists Jenny as the show tonite?
Anyone know which one is a mistake? Gosh, I sure hope its Larry's site that is wrong..I can still hope right?


All my childhood TV hours are finally paying off. I couldn't resist, obscure reference or not. Glad I made you smile. Now, how to incorporate Chico and the Man??? :)



That Rerun jpg was a classic! Even with the sad news about the show not airing, you provided me the best laugh I have had in a long, long time!!!

Betsy Black

Does anyone know if the show has already been taped, or if was really going to be live?


my e-mail,
I was unbelievably pleased last night when I learned that Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz and JB Handley were to be on with Larry. To hear it's been cancelled this morning is more than dissapointing. I am a generation rescue angel and get e-mails from people all of the time begging for me to help them. "How do they avoid autism" or "What should they do once they get the diagnosis" and "My son got sick after every vaccine and my pedi won't work with me on slowing the schedule" and so on. There are so many easy things they could do like avoiding tylenol (because it lowers glutathione in the liver) when about to or after giving vaccination. There is an entire country of parents without any tools to help them and this show would provide some basic tools. We are in an epidemic, children are sick and people are given no hope. There is hope to help get them better, not "cure" or "recover" everyone of them but it could help many and if only one was put in recovery it would all be worth it. I know a parent whose child regressed into autism, she had just thankfully read Jenny's 1st book and she immediately put him on the diet and started biomedical treatments. Over a year later he is 80-90% recovered. Larry and this show could do the same. Please I beg of you to bring the knowledge of these 3 people to the many parents needing help. Thank you, Happy Holidays!
Allison Chapman
MA 5th district leader A-CHAMP/AAC
Generation Rescue Angel

Anne Dachel

I was deeply saddened this morning to learn that the show with Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz, and J.B. Handley was not going to be on tonight. Yesterday, the news of their appearance spread everywhere in the autism community. Parents and advocates for children with autism are everywhere and they're well-connected through Internet groups. Age of Autism, the national voice of autism advocacy, put the story out.

To suddenly learn that autism is not a priority, that a story about something affecting far more children than polio ever did in the 1950s can easily be set aside, makes no sense. Larry King is the exception in media circles. He has allowed our voices to be heard in the past. He wasn't afraid to address the controversial link between autism and unsafe vaccines. He needs to continue to allow advocates to speak out. What could be a higher priority than the health and welfare of our children?

This debate isn't going away. There are countless thousands of parents everywhere who saw their normally progressing children regress into autism following vaccinations. They live with the damage everyday and they're never going to stop until the truth is publicly recognized. And it won't be long either. The generation of children with autism will soon be the generation of disabled adults, dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care. The impact of this will be an economic disaster. The public will demand to know why so few people talked about the autism crisis. Why were so many willing to pretend that there was nothing wrong with having hundreds of thousands of disabled children that no one could reasonably explain?

Hopefully, the Larry King Show won't be remembered for avoiding the controversy. Health officials have no answers. According to them, there's no known cause or cure for autism. They can't tell us if there's even been an increase in the number of children with autism. They offer no hope for so many desperate parents. In truth, many doctors and parents know what causes this disorder and they can tell us how to recover these children. Their story needs to be told.

Anne Dachel
Media editor: AGE OF AUTISM

Sue M.

I'm going to think positively. Typically, Larry King Live does do a rerun on Saturday night. I know this because I don't get out much :) In fact, I was sort of surprised when I heard that it would be aired on Saturday night for the first time. So, it could be a good thing - because I think that more people would watch during the week. As long as they are in fact going to air it (ie postpone the show) as opposed to the other option of not airing the episode at all... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now...


my email
I am absolutely dismayed that this show will not happen.
We live in the UK and my son was diagnosed with autism age 3, he has so much in common with Jenny child and is recovering.
Our press has been silenced by Industry and political pressure , we look to the US for our stories to be told and the truth revealed about the harm that has been done to our children for the sake of heard immunity.

I thought the US still had a free press able to do the right thing for the people.

Please air the show , Our stories must be told and the government and industry leaders must be confronted with the truth and made to answer.

do the right thing , this is a global problem and you can make a difference.



Tanners Dad

All of us can join together sometime on Tuesday to make sure the Obama-Biden team gets our message. I am amazed at the outpouring of response I have gotten. We need to be united now. Please help get the word out. Smiles today we have enough tears in our lives.

I have volunteered to be moderator and host for the Obama-Biden Tansition Project Autism Health Care Community Discussion. There is a very limited time to make and impact on this discussion. I came up with hosting a Autism Health Twitter day to have a discussion with all stakeholders. We will have a great day because the word is out. You could help us make it a impactful day to parents by helping us get the word out. Please if you could post anything about Autism and Healthcare then mention Autism Health Care twitter day on Dec 23 all day. I would really appreciate it.

Press Release:
Autism and Healthcare twitter day December 23rd all day #HHS Tom Daschle invited Tanners Dad / Tim Welsh will be the Autism / Healthcare Community Discussion Host and Moderator. Sign onto twitter. Search for #HHS and post your comments and answers to questions.

No prizes no games no tinsel Just a conversation for families fighting for children with Autism. Be There Tues Dec 23 ALL DAY Obama wants to know.

Autism Advocate
Cell:217 260 3098

John Stone

My email:-

This is deeply regrettable and it is very hard to understand why the re-screening of Brad Pitt talking about marriage is of great urgency. What is of great urgency is the terrible global autism crisis which once again is being swept under the carpet. It was a courageous idea to schedule the programme, but people will be entitled to draw their own conclusions if you back down now.

Perhaps you can say which you really ought to be listening to: the parents, or the pharmaceutical industry and its lobbyists? Surely your show should be big enough to take the flack?


wow, guess I can turn the tivo off, no desires to hear brad pitt talk


Here's my email:

As the parent of a child almost fully recovered from autism (was nonverbal and wearing diapers, is now functioning great in 1st grade - Principals Honor Roll), I cannot tell you the disappointment I feel over your choice to NOT air the Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz, JB Handley show tonight. The information that would have been shared would have been life-saving to many parents and their children, not to mention emotionally recharging for those of us who have been living it for years and are worn out and worn down.

Parents need to know that autism is treatable and preventable. Generation rescue has been getting that message out. They have saved many children and families from the living hell that is autism. Now you have an opportunity to spread the message far and wide through Larry's show. Do the right thing, and please air the autism/Generation Rescue show - in doing so you'll be helping millions of families.

Thank you,

Julie Obradovic

This is so disappointing. I can't help but wonder what the heck happened. I hope it's nothing shady. Bummer.


Here's my email.

The autism community is greatly disappointed that Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz and JB Handley are not airing tonight. Their information is life saving – no family deserves to go through the hell of watching their child disappear into autism.

I have THREE girls with autism. We’ve bought Elmo gifts for Christmas AGAIN – my oldest is 14. She should be asking for a cell phone. She’s getting more Elmo.

Please, air the show. The information is just too important not to share with young couples having children.

Thank you.


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