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Is Autism Speaks At War With Itself?

Good evil By David Kirby

“We are committed to exploring the role of vaccines”
– Autism Speaks President Mark Roithmayr

“The vaccine-autism issue has really been put to bed”
- Autism Speaks Vice President of Scientific Affairs Dr. Andy Shih

Do officials at Autism Speaks believe in a possible link between vaccines and ASD, or do they believe that the irksome issue has been settled for good, and now it’s time to move on?

The answer is yes.

Confused? You could hardly be blamed. If you listened to AS Co-Founder Bob Wright speak in England recently, you heard him say that immunization cannot be ruled out a possible contributing factor. And if you looked at new AS research grants, you would see money going to studies of thimerosal and vaccines.

But if you only paid attention to the words and deeds of some executives at Autism Speaks, you would probably surmise that the vaccine debate is kaput.

The “debate is over” people, however, hold influential and high-profile positions within the organization, leading one to wonder if Autism Speaks is at war with itself, or at the very least, suffering from multiple personality disorder.

On December 11, Bob Wright’s daughter Katie posted a blistering essay here (HERE) about two people at Autism Speaks who, she said, go out of their way in trying to pull the plug on vaccine-autism research.

“For far too long Dr. Andy Shih and Ms. Alison Singer have been representing only their own rigid belief systems in their roles at AS, doing whatever necessary to thwart environmental and vaccine research,” Katie wrote.

Dr. Shih, VP of Scientific Affairs, is “an avowed disbeliever of vaccines as a possible trigger for autism,” she said. And Shih has argued that vaccines are “totally safe, can not and do not trigger autism, and that excessive quantities of mercury are perfectly safe to inject into babies and children.” Shih recently told reporters that the issue “has really been put to bed.”

Ms. Singer is head of media relations at AS, manages its website, and represents the group on the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. At the IACC, she recently voted against research of environmental causes into autism, Katie noted. (And let’s face it, if Katie did not have a son with autism, there would be no Autism Speaks).
And, Katie noted, both Singer and Shih, “maintain a strong professional friendship with Dr. Paul Offit,” the world’s leading advocate of stifling debate over vaccines and autism.

“AS PR and AS science need not fear open discussions of the vaccine issue, what they should fear is colluding with the CDC in behaving as if parents’ voices do not matter, regression is inconsequential, GI disease is insignificant, adverse vaccine reactions are non-existent, all successful biomedical interventions are aberrations,” Katie wrote.
She ended by saying that AS President Mark Roithmayr had been “made well aware of Shih and Singer’s serious lapses in judgment and failure to fully represent the community. Mr. Roithmayr appears to want to ignore this situation and its adverse consequences for our children. Maybe the parents who worked so hard to pass the CAA should ask him why?”

Then, AOA’s Managing Editor noted: “You can email Mark Roithmayr at mroithmayr@autismspeaks.org

So I did.

Here is his response, in its entirety. PLEASE NOTE that Mr. Roithmayr acknowledged my email very quickly, and had this written response back to me within 24 hours, on December 12. I regret the delay in publishing it.

"Autism Speaks unequivocally supports the tireless work of our staff and their passionate dedication to uphold the mandates and mission of our organization.  We value the wide range of opinions and voices of those across the autism community, and continually seek to foster open, constructive, and mutually respectful dialogue about the issues and challenges that concern us all.

In response to inquiries regarding  research initiatives and related activities, Autism Speaks’ broad-based agenda includes: 

o We support the efforts of the public members of the IACC to address changes in the NIH strategic plan which will serve the diverse and urgent needs of our community. 

o In 2008, as part of a special environmental factors initiative, Autism Speaks has provided $3.6 million in grants focusing on the role of environmental influences as risk factors for autism.

o We are committed to discovering the causes of autism, including exploring the role of both genetic and environmental factors, including toxins, hormones, vaccines, diet, among others.

o Autism Speaks is promoting the current efforts to restructure the way Health and Human Services agencies monitors and studies vaccine safety, including multiple agency oversight and greater funds allocated for vaccine safety research and administration.

o Autism Speaks co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright, accompanied by Drs. Lou Cooper, Louis Sullivan and Sam Katz personally presented a comprehensive proposal regarding vaccine safety, monitoring, oversight and funding to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt.

We are hopeful that the new federal administration will follow up and adopt the proposals and continue to build upon the momentum and gains that the entire autism community has helped achieve.”

It’s a strong statement, and a welcome one. But it doesn’t quite clear things up.

On the one hand, Autism Speaks’ Executive VP for Communications and Awareness votes against federal funding of vaccine-autism research as an official representative of the group, while its VP of Scientific Affairs tells the media that the vaccine debate has been “put to bed” and that, “There is no merit to studying over-vaccination as a trigger for autism."

On the other hand, the President of Autism Speaks tells me that his organization is “committed” to vaccine-autism research and “hopeful” that the Obama Administration will share in that commitment.

Finally, I just noticed that Autism Speaks has posted a “Statement of Vaccine Research and Safety” on its Website. I don’t know how long it has been there, nor what influence, if any, that Katie Wright may have had over it: AUTISM SPEAKS: Statement on Vaccine Research and Safety (HERE)

Autism Speaks is committed to the health and well-being of all children. As such, we support the programs that ensure the public health, including an effective and safe immunization program designed to prevent major diseases. Immunization programs have been very effective in reducing mortality, morbidity and costs associated with common childhood diseases. Today's parents no longer need to worry that once dreaded diseases like polio and smallpox could be threats to their children.

Public trust in immunization programs must be protected. Thus it is critical that we take steps now to do all we can to affirm the public confidence in the safety of vaccines.

Autism Speaks is committed to actively supporting research to find answers to the following questions;

• Are there adverse events from vaccines that impact neurodevelopment over time?

• Are common adverse events occurring more frequently than before? If so, what changes have occurred and why?

• Does the use of combination vaccines or the practice of giving several vaccinations in one day confer increase risk for adverse events?

• Are there subgroups in the general population that exhibit more adverse events than others?

After reading this statement, I am fairly certain about one thing: Andy Shih and Alison Singer might want to get with the program – or get a new job.

David Kirby is author of Evidence of Harm, a contributor to Age of Autism and a founding contributor to Huffington Post.


Richard W. Brady

I am a Pharmacist by profession and a Ph.D. candidate writing my dissertation on Autism. The clinical evidence supporting brain allergies as a cause of autism can not be overstated. The evidence clearly reveals that autism is not genetic but a cause and effect disorder. I contacted Interactive Autism Network (IAN) and Autism Speaks looking for current research and grants to conduct my research.. They were very interested in speaking with me until it came out that my research was directed at presenting the facts concerning Thimerosal and other mercury laced preservatives in vaccines as well as foods containing chimicals that are linked to childhood onset autism. IAN literally hung on me and later I could not get either organization to return my phone calls. A nation that will sacrifice their own children in the name of profit is evil beyond words.

jacqueline gay

I AM SO FRUSTRATED. WE REQUESTED DONATIONS IN MY MOTHER'S NAME AT HER FUNERAL AND WOULD LIKE TO SEND THEM TO Autism Speaks. WE WOULD LIKE THE GENEROUS PEOPLE WHO DONATED BE ACKNOWLEDGED,SO THEY WILL KNOW THE MONEY WENT WHERE IT WAS INTENDED. I have contacted someone who said they would get back to me but did not. Do they not want the donations? My grandson is autistic so I know there is a great need, but who cares???.

bitter, jaded and disappointed

Based on my experiences with Autism Speaks, i think it is a total mess. I will never send them another donation until they start really helping people with autism.
I have been involved in lengthy expensive litigation with my child's school district. I win my case at every level and the school continues to appeal the decision to the next level. I applied for and was awarded a family legal support grant from Autism Speaks. I received a letter in writing stating so. However they never honored it. They would never answer or return my phone calls. The contact person was always changing. It was a mess. It has been over a year now, I gave up. What has autism speaks done to improve the lives of people with autism? (besides funding irrelevant and bogus research?)

Tanners Dad

WOW! Check out Autism Speaks news today for December 29th Six articles from our point of view. Five directly linking to Age of Autism. Maybe our emails woke them up a little? What do you think?

John Stone

I welcome the much more tolerant tone of R Karcher's new post. However, I would point out that the focus of this article was not on bio-medical treatments, but on vaccine damage, and officers of Autism Speaks misusing their position to further obstruct long delayed research. Not only do these represent profound differences but also reflects on the organisation's integrity. To dismiss concern about what has happened as "bickering" is to trivialise something immensely serious.

John Stone

I welcome the much more tolerant tone of R Karcher's new post. However, I would point out that the focus of this article was not on bio-medical treatments, but on vaccine damage, and officers of Autism Speaks misusing their position to further obstruct long delayed research. Not only do these represent profound differences but also reflects on the organisation's integrity. This is a very serious matter - to characterise concern about it as "bickering" is decidedly unfortunate.

R. Karcher

John Stone missed the point. I am advocating more discussion. In fact, I want all points of view voiced in a civil manner. Autism is as different to one child as it is to another so your experience living with it offers a completely different perspective. To AOA promoting biomed is the chosen path. To AS and others it is to create awareness the issue of Autism in general. AS still has much to do but in the same breath biomed is not the cure that many advocates proclame. In fact, I am of the opinion that promoting biomed and DAN Dr.'s as a cure or a way to defeat autism may harm Autism the issue. Many uninformed or ignorant of the issues facing families with Autism see and hear about biomed and DAN Dr.'s and believe that all those impacted by Autism can be cured by biomed treatments etc. Unfortunately that is not the case. To see a different perspective of my view check out the link. Keep the issue alive and in the face of all who can help with your particular issue. If yours is biomed, creating awareness, acceptance or whatever good luck. Ours is making sure that our daughter has the help and love she needs in a nurturing environment.


Sorry but I find these parents who spend hours and hours walking for Autism Speaks, fundraising for Autism Speaks, talking about how wonderful Autism Speaks is and so on completely pathetic. It seems so many of them are attached to ABA centers who are nothing but money whores themselves. It always seems to be the same theme of needing more and more money when they already rake in thousands. Wake up people, this organization is a joke.

John Stone

R Karcher

That sounds simply like a bad tempered attempt to close down reasonable discussion.

It is very clear how AS is operating as an exercise in political exclusion. After a decade of this deplorable lobbying exercise it is not surprising that people are fed up with it.

R. Karcher

I am getting tired of the infighting amongst the Autism community. It is clear that AOA has a beef with AS and other organizations take issue with both and bla bla bla... cut the bull pucky. Do your thing AS and others will do their thing and we can all get along. As for me, my daughter is having a meltdown in the other room and bickering is doing nothing to help me or my daughter. Respectfully.

Raymond Gallup

Dear John,

You are so right that Autism Speaks as an organization has no soul.
I agree 100%.

It is so sad and shameful. It is making the same mistakes as Cure Autism Now and the National Alliance for Autism Research.



From Dr. Paul G. King

"Factually, regarding Thimerosal in vaccines: though
the number of vaccine formulations containing any
level of Thimerosal has been reduced, several of today's
FDA-approved non-influenza vaccines [22] still contain
some level of Thimerosal (see reviewer's Table "1"
[22] http://www.fda.gov/cber/thimerosal/htm#t3.

Of the seventeen FDA-approved vaccine formulations
apparently still available or currently being stock-
piled for use, all but four (4) inactivated influenza
vaccines can be given to some children and all ten (10)
of the Thimerosal-preserved vaccines can be administered
to pregnant women and/or nursing mothers.

Furthermore, the potential harm from Thimerosal was
increased in 2002 when the CDC's Advisory Committee
on Immunization Practice (ACIP) began recommending
that inactivated-influenza vaccines be given to preg-
nant women [23] without toxicological proof of safety
to the developing human in the womb and in spite:
· All doses of the U.S.-licensed flu vaccine's
containing Thimerosal with almost all doses of
the 2002-2003 influenza vaccine for pregnant
women and children being Thimerosal-preserved,
· Published findings that Thimerosal-preserved flu
shots given to pregnant women significantly
increased their children's risk of being born with
serious birth defects [24]. [Note: Among other
adverse Thimerosal-preserved-influenza-vaccine-
related teratogenic effects, the study found that
Thimerosal exposure during the first 4 months of
pregnancy was associated with a statistically
significant standardized increased risk (SRR =
2.69) for birth defects.]
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Also, given the facts that Thimerosal's ethylmercury
components: a) cross the placental barrier [12] and
b) preferentially accumulate in the developing fetus
[25], it should be apparent to the unbiased reader
that injecting a mother with a Thimerosal-preserved
flu shot increases the risk of: a) mercury poisoning
and b) serious teratogenic effects (serious birth
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(Missing the "Mercury per dose" column)
Table "1." March 2008 FDA-licensed Thimerosal-containing
[Taken From: FDA's "Table 3: Thimerosal and Expanded List
of Vaccines - (updated 3/14/2008) Thimerosal Content in
Currently Manufactured U.S. Licensed Vaccines" & Recent

No. Trade Manufac Thimerosal
[8] Vaccine Name turer Concntrt'n[1]
1 DTaP Tripedia[2] Sanofi Pasteur, <= 0.00012%
Inc [SPI]
2 DTaPH TriHIBit SPI/Sanofi SA <= 0.00012%
ActHIB [2])

3 DT None SPI < 0.00012%
(single ds)
4/1 DT None Sanofi Pasteur, 0.01%
(available but Ltd [3]
not marketed)[3]
5/2 Td None Mass Public 0.0033%
6 Td Decavac SPI <= 0.00012%
7/3 TT None SPI 0.01%
8 HepA/HepB Twinrix GlaxoSmithKline < 0.0002%
9/4 Influenza Afluria CSL Limited 0.01%
10/5 Influenza Fluzone SPI [6] 0.01%
11/6 Influenza Fluvirin Novartis Vaccines 0.01%
& Diagnostics Ltd
12 Influenza Fluvirin NVDL < 0.0004%
(Preservative Free)
13 Influenza Fluarix GSKB < 0.0004%
14/7 Influenza FluLaval ID Biomedical 0.01%
of Quebec
15/8 Japanese JE-VAX Research Foundat'n 0.007%
Encephalitis for Microbial
[7] Diseases of
Osaka University
(distributed by
16/9 Meningococcal Menomune SPI 0.01%
A, C, AC (multidose)
& A/C/Y/
17/10 Avian Influenza SPI 0.0098%
Influenza Virus (multidose with
[9] Vaccine, doses at 0 & 2
H5N1 months)

Table Footnotes
1. Thimerosal is approximately 50% mercury (Hg) by
weight. A 0.01% solution (1 part per 10,000) of
Thimerosal contains 50 µg of Hg per 1 ml dose or
25 µg of Hg per 0.5 ml dose.
2. Sanofi Pasteur's Tripedia may be used to recon-
stitute ActHib to form TriHIBit. TriHIBit is
indicated for use in children 15 to 18 months
of age.
3. This vaccine is not marketed in the US but it is
4. ..
5. ...
6. Children under 3 years of age receive a half-dose
of vaccine, i.e., 0.25 mL (12.5 µg mercury/dose.)
7. Aventis Pasteur distributes JE-VAX. Children 1 to
3 years of age receive a half-dose of vaccine,
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8. The second numbers are the count for the current
Thimerosal-preserved vaccine formulations that
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9. Approved April, 17 but not in "Table 3" as it is
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Therefore, it appears that the CDC officials have been
knowingly engaged in a shell game whereby the decrease
in the mercury-poisoning risk by removal of Thimerosal
from some vaccines and the reduction in others was, and
is, knowingly being offset by adding an ineffective
vaccine [26],[27],[28],[29],[30], the Thimerosal-pre-
served influenza vaccine that contains Thimerosal at
levels proven to be poisonous, teratogenic, mutagenic,
carcinogenic, and immune-system-disruptive in developing
and adult humans [31], to the recommended vaccination
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Therefore, it is clear that drug companies have NOT
voluntarily phased out Thimerosal from all vaccines
given to children but rather phased it out of some,
reduced its level in others, and intentionally left
Thimerosal in some vaccine at preservative levels,
mostly at the 0.01% level.

To cover up the decrease in the level of harm as the
maximum Thimerosal exposure decreased, it is evident
that, in 2002, CDC officials knowingly added the
Thimerosal-preserved inactivated-influenza vaccine
to the recommended vaccination schedule for pregnant
women and children starting at 6 months of age:
· Without proof of safety to the requisite minimum
standard, "sufficiently nontoxic ." [32] and
· With the certain knowledge that injecting
Thimerosal-preserved flu shots into pregnant
women will increase the risk of severe birth
defects (specifically, cleft palate, hydrocephaly,
and pyloric stenosis) in their children24 as well
as the risk of mercury poisoning because the
specific dose to which the fetus will be exposed
will be significantly higher than the former
specific dose of Thimerosal in the "day of birth"
dose of a Thimerosal-preserved hepatitis B vaccine
(e.g., Merck's Energix® B) that was recommended
for all babies prior to 2000.
[32] Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations,
Section 610.15(a) [21 C.F.R. § 610.15(a)]."


Thimerosal is still in 9 vaccines, the flu and tetanus shots containing the largest amounts. I don't know why this post wasn't approved yesterday. People, especially people who are lobbying on behalf of our children need to know that. Thank you.

John Stone

I often wondered about the title 'Autism Speaks', with its claim to be so very representative of a community, although all it really seems to want of the community is to give them money - if you want to help you can walk (or if you live in the UK you can run), but they don't want your intellectual contributions, and least of all do they want your experience.

On the other hand perhaps the title was peculiarly apt: the perpetuation of autism as an institutional necessity, with all the associated greed, conceit and self-deception. Autism personified.

As it happens I don't think this is what the Wrights intended. Lisa Blakemore-Brown who attended Bob Wright's London talk, witnessed how he spoke openly about the vaccine issue and was patently sincere.


But AS is stalking the world like a latter day Golem causing havoc when it was supposed to protect and support a community. Here we have the to-ing and fro-ing of the institutional machine, abuzz with money, and saying all the time "Don't listen to them: we are important, we are credible, we are big science!!!". But it doesn't have a soul.


this makes me sick. i once served on the board of a local autism non-profit. the 2 mom who started it paid themselves $35,000/yr. there was certain outrage at this salary. they just wanted jobs for themselves to keep going. i dealt with the community's grumblings about this when i asked for $$ from my family, family business and anyone else. i always compared it to sloan-kettering. when someone dies of cancer around here that's where they want the $$ to go. people write checks nilly-willy for that group. it gets local, and it becomes microscope. a check to SK pays for their post-its. (and goes to pharma, too). it's all sick what good people think they are doing to walk for AS. how can we combat this for change? i have been in this circle for 5 years, and AS is the LAST charity to give to. I send out emails to people who know I have a child with autism and request they never donate to AS. it's a sick situation. GAG GO NAA, Generation Rescue, ARI, etc. GAG again

Raymond Gallup

Dear John,

Thank you very much.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I looked at the 2007 990 (pdf) which is 69 + pages long and didn't see anything pn Louis Z Cooper.

May be someone looking at it further may spot something at


and click on 2007 990 (pdf)

I did see the following on page 65 that is VERY curious............

"Two members of the Board of Directors of AS also hold positions at institutions which received funding from AS. At December 31,2007, AS had grants payable and commitments to these institutions totaling $3,023,833. During the year ended 2007, AS's expenses included $2,303,177 related to research awards granted to these institutions..................Certain members of AS's Scientific Advisory Board, which makes recommendations as to which research proposals are to be funded, are also associated with institutions that receive funding from AS."

AS words, not mine on the 990 form.

I also noticed that AS funds lots of researchers like Edwin Cook, Jocelyne Bachevalier, Fred Volkmar, etc. going back to 1995 when I went to an NIH conference and saw their names there. When it comes to research funding, AS is being led around by the nose by the NIH.

Why I suggested they start to look into housing instead of research because they are just duplicating NIH research projects or creating useless avenues that lead to no positive results that will alter the lives of vaccine-damaged kids with autism. At least with starting a housing program they will better serve the ever increasing autism population. Especially since AS wants to avoid at all costs finding an answer to this epidemic that is being caused by adverse reactions to vaccines. AS is going through the motions in the research arena.....obvious to those that know better and have been around long enough (like myself and yourself).

AS is also close to Kennedy Krieger where lots of kids with autism have aggression problems (our son, Eric included who was there for 4 months in 2004). Kennedy Krieger has a land office business accepting lots of kids with autism and aggression behaviors......many who are then sent to residential centers like Eric.

A matter of connecting the dots.....and actions speaking louder than words. AS actions do speak louder than words. No studies connecting adverse reactions to vaccines to autism (As's favorite word in their scientific advisory board is VERBOTEN...just the German interpretation, not the English interpretation). Only studies disproving a link to vaccines causing autism will be allowed.


John Stone

Actually, I think I don't agree with David on this one. I don't expect anything from Shih or Singer or Cooper, but it is up to the Wrights to sort this out or walk away from Autism Speaks.

John Stone

Great post Ray,

It reminds that we got into this mess by paying a certain class of people a great deal of money - so what it is the point of proposing to get out of it by paying them even more money. I also noticed the presence in David's account of Louis Z Cooper:


Without doubting Cooper's sincerity, how do we expect to get to any objective assessment of the results of immunisation if you put him at the head of investigating it?

I don't know whether you can dig out how much AS is paying/compensating him?

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


Raymond Gallup

A few years ago I went to the NJ Governor's Council on Autism in Newark, NJ when TAAP was still represented with the Council.

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, MD was and is the Autism Speaks representative at the Council. He said the following: "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the gold standard for medical research." Eric London who is also with Autism Speaks didn't think much of immunology research and autism but is high on genetic research and autism brain autopsies, as is his colleague, Dicicco-Bloom.

These two along with Shih and Singer and some others at Autism Speaks think highly of the NIH as well as the CDC. When I asked DiCicco-Bloom what diseases or disorders the NIH cured, he said cancer, believe it or not. So news to all of us.....cancer has been cured and the NIH did it.

Nice to know that Autism Speaks likes to keep the autism epidemic thriving and it is a business with them by funding research that goes nowhere. Plus they enrich themselves in the process as one can see by going to the 2007 990 (pdf) at


Andy Shih
Total compensation $147,762 + $20,524 employee benefits

Alison Singer
Total compensation $180,180 + $9,555 employee

Mark Roithmayr
Total compensation $356,000 + $31,107 employee benefits

and Geraldine Dawson makes a paltry $75,000 + no employee benefits

Meanwhile, something for all of us and Autism Speaks to look forward to.........

Mental patients isolated for years despite laws


When Eric was in NJ we were told Trinitas Hospital was the best place for people with autism and once he was taken there. We came in to find Eric strapped to the bed because the people there couldn't handle Eric.



So great going Autism Speaks!!! Congratulations on making autism a thriving and perpetual business that will last a lifetime for yourselves. The "GOLD STANDARD" for autism.

Ray Gallup

carol hoernlein


You were definitely right on about what I was trying to say. Thank you.

I did not say Thimerosol was not dangerous. But if that is your ONLY argument, then you have already lost the war because the vaccines makers have taken it out of the vaccines and ASD cases are STILL RISING.

HOWEVER, if you are talking about VACCINES causing autism and what is STILL IN THEM that is the key - glutamic acid - for example, which is linked to lower glutathione levels and lower taurine levels because it inhibits cysteine handling in the body, which definitively affect epilepsy, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, and digestive disorders - which are found disproportionately in children with ASD, then you have a valid argument they cannot so easily dismiss.

Use the word VACCINES instead of the word THIMEROSOL. If you focus solely on THIMEROSOL, then they will say "Well we got rid of it, so end of problem, end of discussion, end of story". Which is exactly what they are trying to do to you all. And they succeed every single time a child gets ASD because of a new vaccine WITHOUT THIMEROSOL, while you cry THIMEROSOL till you are hoarse. That is why I have a beef with the word Thimerosol. It is hurting your cause instead of helping it. Use the word VACCINE instead until we get real research of unvaccinated children to vaccinated before they make it so mandatory that we won't be able to even find a child who hasn't been vaccinated.

Say VACCINES cause ASD and they can't so easily dismiss you.

Raymond Gallup

My prior comments about Autism Speaks to stop funding research and turn their direction to provide housing are appropriate.

Autism Speaks is really NOT interested in stopping the autism epidemic or otherwise the millions of dollars they spent on research would show this to be the case.

Of course they won't follow my advice because Autism Speaks is only interested in creating the illusion that they want to do something about autism just as Cure Autism Now (CAN) and the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) did before Autism Speaks.

Millions of dollars were spent by CAN and NAAR and what were the results on the autism epidemic?


The same can be said going forward with Autism Speaks, but then illusions are great for those that are unaware of their game.

Ray Gallup

Kathy Blanco

To Biomed mom

I am listening to you, and you make a hell of a lot of sense. I know that my fourteen amalgams contributed to my two autistc children. I know years of MSG and Aspartame predisposed them as well (and I wasn't a diet coke drinker, I am talking the hidden sources). I know those years when I had those kids, they sprayed malathione over silicon valley, which has mercury salts in it. I vaccinated them full blown of course, and whala...autism.

*(currently, I have a cracked amalgam, which came out with a sticky candy, and I want to send it to someone to measure how much is outgassing by one amalgam which is nearly forty years old now, and caclulate what fourteen would have amounted to...anybody know where I can send it?).

But, I think even beyond the glutamate/mercury issue, is issues like how about FLUORIDE, which damages the blood brain barrier? Or spirochete lyme buggers which unlocks the tight barriers and causes leaky gut and brain? What about BT toxins? And GMO? Or Oxidative stress, such as having HIGH IRON in the diet which is given through formulas and gruels? What about Dioxins, and Plastics, and Mold? (I think that rhymed?). See the trend? Nothing we are doing is right, as well as not testing ACCURATELY for mothers with low thyroid function. And what is causing that? Bromine in breads, iodine insufficiency and infections, and gluten intolerances? Ever thought that autism could be caused by an STD? One researcher I talked to did...I mean syphils (another spirochete lyme family), or others? What about unmonitored Mycoplasma and or SV-40?

The point being, we really don't know what combinations are wicked enough, to cause autism either in utero, through breastfeeing or not, and or wee babes. Personally I believe the "stew" of toxins is the problem. As well... as our regulatory agencies admissions that low level toxins cause DNA mutations (chemo drugs). How about our recommendations to give tylenol while vaccine reacting? (www.rollingdigital.com/autism ) Alongside that, the denitalist, that there is a lyme epidemic being sexualy transmitted and placentally transmitted to our kids. And lastly, that we are asphyxiating our kids with cord clamping too soon, which is known to cause autism in monkeys. Let alone our birth drugs....the list goes on, and on and on..

Now, you put that in a family that has thyroid disorders, autoimmunity genes or the illnesses themselves, and you have the recipes for disasters like autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Apraxia, SEizures, Depression, Obesity, you name the diseases that are becoming all epidemic now. All of the quiet genes are now being forced to express. Otherwise would be silent.

I think the point is, that AS has never addressed autism like that, nor will they ever. They won't see the forest through the trees, and won't admit, that in general, our environment is causing an "epidemic of genetic proportions", as well as a "genetic epidemic is causing an epidemic". We are, not GOD, is forcing this to come to surface, by the almighty dollar and or some more insidious, evil design.

The point is...ban the world from your child, ban the AMA/AAP/IOM/ADA/ and others agencies, and possibly, just maybe, you won't have an autistic child because you figured out, what causes it in the first place.

AS has a way to go, before they will ever recommend what it intends to have autism speak. In my mind, let's just let our children speak, WITHOUT AUTISM. Where are the recommendations on their PSA going? To feel sorry for our kids and parents, not how to STOP IT. To me, that's a crime of major proportions.


Carol said, "This AIN'T ABOUT THIMEROSOL." She did not say that this ain't ONLY about thimerosal. And she said, "That is why you all have to get off your thimerosol high horse to get at the truth." I take the "you" to mean readers who are concerned about a vaccine-autism link.

I think Carol makes good points about mercury in the environment and glutamic acid in vaccines. But I believe that thimerosal is of great concern, and it is not necessary to put down this concern in order to say that thimerosal is not the ONLY problem.

I doubt that glutamic acid is the only problem, either. For example, aluminum, live viruses, and casein hydroloysate are all good candidates as well.


What has become most clear to me in this discussion over the years is that there are many ways that vaccines, and/or vaccine ingredients, alone or in combination with other factors, can ravage the human body. In the 9 years since my son was diagnosed, what cuts worse than anything is that we are just starting to hear whispers outside of the "crazy parent" community about the dark side of this "perfect" intervention. And they're only even whispering because all of YOU have been screaming. Their silence has been more telling than anything else.

I don't talk about thimerosal or glutamate or autoimmunity with anyone outside of those who are working directly with me to help my son (his DAN doc, his Naturopath). I'm not a doctor or a scientist, but as John Stone mentioned in a previous post, this issue is political. Vaccines are not risk free because no medical intervention is risk free. Vaccines used only within the context of an open and honest discussion, around a proper individual risk assessment, are pretty much like any other medical product / intervention (even if they are a crappy product). But vaccine mandates are a death sentence for some susceptible children.


Even if that number is relatively small, that fact is irrelevant unless you use the smaller # of deaths as justification for the apparently larger # of lives saved. Utilitarian?

This is not a question for the scientists or the doctors to answer - this is a question for all of us - are we finding ourselves becoming complacent with the notion of expendable or disposable children? I think the answer is no. I think outside of the nameless, faceless "you're a baby killer" comments, if most reasonable people could view this outside of the spin and fear mongering that they're immersed in daily, they would probably agree.

But ultimately it's up to my community to decide if they want a "radical" like me in their midst. I think they're ok with it, until some public health "expert' somewhere shakes them up with stories of just how dangerous I can be. Without knowing anything about me.

And since I keep hearing about what I "believe" vs what I "know" (from a scientific perspective) - here's a few talking points about what I "believe":

I believe in:

"informed consent"- all the cards on the table - no patronizing "you can't handle the truth" idiocy from the people I entrust with my child's health.

"first do no harm" - appropriate medical interventions, based on individual risk assessment with a view to respecting the needs of the community, but with the line drawn short of mandates or other coercive tactics, especially in the face of known or even suspected contra-indications.

"balance" - the herd has as much of a moral obligation to respect the individual's right to live, as the individual has to contribute to the well being of the herd. The old "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" adage belongs back on the shelf where they keep the old Star Trek reruns, not in the doctor's office.

"mutual respect" - the fear mongering has to stop. Period. I don't want to turn on the radio and hear 12 year old kids tugging on my heartstrings to run them down to the local clinic for their Gardasil shot (unless I "want" them to get cancer). It's disgusting, insulting, and misleading. I think one of the principles involved in the development of that vaccine (Dr. Diane Harper) would agree with me, to some extend at least. I'll start respecting you (government health agencies) when you stop feeding me and my community crap.

I believe mandating an invasive medical procedure - vaccines or otherwise - for every child (by 2 or by any other age) - and the hysteria that's typically wrapped around any attempts to slow this down - are diametrically opposed to all of the above.

Call me crazy...

Ben's Dad

If the idea was to put all autism advocacy one tent, then there needed to be the presumption that the conflicting interests of priority could be resolved within that tent. Well, its not working and we have seen what has happened. There is concern but no passion and far too much playing it safe.

AS spends less than 6% of its money on prevention via the environment.

$3.6 million spent on environmental research on a budget of 61.7 million is crap. That's about the lifetime care cost of a single individual with autism – one of 30,000 that join our community each year. Its just plain stupid.

The valproate study showed that a single environmental influence was responsible for autism rates of about 1:13 – 7 times the rates seen in other epilepsy patients on other treatments.

You can't take money from everyone and make everyone happy. How much of the 61.7million raised in 2007 contained strings that discouraged environmental research or promoted advocacy of vaccination under the current schedule? I think we need to demand that if any strings are attached to any donations, that they need to be made public. We can't have our one big hope advocacy organization operate with less transparency then the government.

As I was responding to Katie's last piece, my brother was making an incredibly generous donation to AS. I need to be perfectly clear that the good works of those who make AS possible remain close to my heart. At the same time we must honor those good works, and either demand improvement from AS, or form a new organization devoted to environmental research and the type of prevention that carries real hope for our planet. The valproate study showed just how important environment can be over genetics. Is AS an enabler, or an advocate?

Perhaps its time for an Autism Speaks awareness campaign of our own.

Raymond Gallup

If Autism Speaks wants to spend their money on useless inane research and not on excellent research that will find answers.....such as the research provided by researchers like Vijendra Singh, Andrew Wakefield, etc.......then they should spend money in a different direction. That direction should be to provide housing across the US for kids like our son, Eric. Believe me, the research funding won't help the children that will be adults and later be big and strong like Eric and have aggressions.

I saw this first hand when Eric was in Kennedy Krieger and then at the out-of-state residential center he is in now. This epidemic of vaccine damaged adults (from children that grow up and can't be helped) has consequences. Families will face difficult and heartbreaking circumstances like our family did to warehouse these adults in group homes and residential centers.

Autism Speaks would do well to concentrate all their funding on housing than on research because the money they are throwing around would be put to better use.

Ray Gallup

Tanners Dad

The timing of the letter (email) to ask me to support Autism Speaks could not have been worse. It asked for me to help contribute to a drive to get $25,000 before the end of the year. I was in the middle of hosting and being the moderator for the first Obama-Biden Transition Project Autism Health Care Twitter Community Discussion. We had over 72 active participants. Autism Speaks though could not even acknowledge my invitation to log onto a computer.

I am the father of Tanner a beautiful 11 year old on the low functioning side of the Autism spectrum. I had two heart attacks at 38. I moved my family back to the family farm area for support from church, family, and friends. I have gone through a couple of jobs. I lost my last job in October due to the financial crisis. They just up and left the area stating with the election of Obama Taxes will go up and because of the economic environment revenues will go down. This is my websit for Tanner


I wanted to write you as you review the role of Autism Speaks for coming years. I wanted to empahsize the disconnect to the families and individuals on the spectrum that is continuing to develop. It seems Autism Speaks but does not listen. We need actionable programs for families. We have seen enough PSA's. We need to encourage programs of Local respite support. We need to tell families how the money removed from local communities will come back and help them. I have been an advocate now for Autism for over six years. I have helped with some of the largest walks and projects that Autism Speaks has done.

I would love to be a bridge builder between Autism Speaks Generation Rescue and the other stake holders. It is time to come together not divide the community more. Putting a member on the board who is on the spectrum is important. I have never been diagnosed but I know from studying for years I am on it. Also the government is in the business of defending vaccines. We are in the business of helping families. Be forthright, and vocal about research into environmental causes. Please put a couple more pieces back into the puzzle this year. Invite some of the dissenters back into the fold.

As you enjoy this holiday season. Remember your food is paid for by people think the money is going to help Tanner. Right now it is a hard candy christmas for us. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and the food in your belly.

Robin Nemeth

Maybe I should already but I still haven't taken my gloves off. These are the bumper stickers that are on the back of my cars.


I've heard so many people say that I accomplish nothing by attacking AS. But they siphon SO very much money from the community--from people who are unaware of what they do and don't do. I always think about how much good could be done if the money were spent wisely.


biomedmom, I think (Carol please correct me if I am misreading) Carol was trying to say that Mercury is DANGEROUS, that Thimerosal is DANGEROUS, she is not trying to say its not...what I believe she is trying to say is that, its not JUST the Mercury, that even if a vaccine does not contain Mercury/Thimerosal, that the Glutamic Acid in the Vaccines is making the Mercury/Heavy Metal Burden WORSE from ALL SOURCES, so even if the vaccine did not have Mercury in it, the vaccine having Glutamic Acid would make even the food/air/environmental Mercury able to build up and cause damage...I am not quite sure what she meant by "Get off the Thimerosal High horse"..but I had to read it twice to maybe think that she meant that negative towards the IACC who was probably claiming 'well we took it 'out' so therefore it couldnt be the Mercury'....not negative at all to any of us whose kids have suffered Mercury damage from having Thimerosal in their vaccine....so I do think she is on our side of things, and I really am intrigued by her info, and am going to read the rest of her presentation, because it does make sense if you think about it, and if true, would be a FANTASTIC debate against the 'well we took Thimerosal out, so it CANT be it' that we are getting when people talk about the rates in California 'not going down' after 'it was removed'...(I know the truth that even trace amounts would damage most people, but its even a stronger arguement when presented this way to the 'scientists' or idiots like Offit)...
Carol, please correct me if I am wrong about any of my interpretations...I just wanted to clear it up because I think that biomedmom may have read it incorrectly and was taking it as you were against Thimerosal being any 'cause' at all, when in fact you agree its DANGEROUS and causes Autism, but even bigger of the fact was the glutamic acid...

hope that helps.
Angie Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

John Stone

I don't know what this tells us about the internal politics of Autism Speaks, but is it not interesting that both Bob and Suzanne Wright addressed this issue on a visit to the UK, in British newspapers? Could it be that when they set up AS they created a monster which they could not control?

The mistake was perhaps to think that you could achieve anything by creating an alliance of the rich and powerful. There is some fundamental paradox that the powerful can do nothing to change anything - indeed unlike the Wrights (whose sincerity I believe in) they mostly have no will to.


...Another thought...

Just what can we do about this? I mean there HAS to be something we can do about their fraud, I mean, this IS fraud if you ask me, since their statements about the priorities of AS is NOT the vaccine program, its about AUTISM. The people who are donating (other than pharma of course) have NO idea what is going on here, There are plenty of meaningful people I talk to almost everyday (I am a walking advocacy bilboard most of the time, and very outgoing, so I am always talking to someone about something Autism/Vaccine/biomed/recovery....and the people who think they are helping to make a difference always say 'oh I have donated/walked/read about AS'...and most of the time, my face must speak for itself because they all say 'oh, is it that bad'..LOL! I then inform them about all of this...and they leave with a better view of who AS is really speaking FOR, and its certainly NOT US!
So, really, there must be SOMETHING we can do on the legal/fraud front..if we are not getting thru to them this way, or by emailing/calling them, there has to be something we can do from another area...

Speaking of that, I had a crazy dream (actually I have had it a few times in the last few weeks, anyone wish to interpret for me?)..the dream starts out as in the courtroom of the Tom Cruise movie I am the female Tom Cruise questioning, right as the person on the stand yells "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH" and then I go on about that is exactly 'why' the government has been hiding this, they think we are idiots...then I flash backwards to where I was the attorney, however I was making 'citizen arrests' and arresting all of the CDC, NIH, Offits, and Pharma goons for reckless endagerment/murder/etc...

So, can we make citizen arrests? If not, why not? And when can we make a movie like 'the insiders' or something like that to get the vaccine insiders lies/illegal activities out and about? what about Micheal Moore? Anyone contact him about this yet? I am sure he is just waiting for another documentary to do...seems right up his alley!

I think we need to really start getting creative and crazy(in a good way of course) to get our points and our FACTS OUT! I know we are 'on the cusp' of things turning around lately, but I think we need to be more creative to really BLAST the truth out...I think we should have a post here where we can all brainstorm about ideas, crazy or not, and maybe, just maybe, a great idea will be born, like the many other things we have all collaberated on here...


Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Ant Bethany

If AS is protecting the interests of the vaccine makers and the precious schedule..

Who the hell is advocating on behalf of vaccine damaged children??

What a bitter disappointment..

With all of this infighting and bickering within the community is it any wonder nothing is being done for Autism research?

I no longer wonder why there is no urgency for finding a cause.. there is too much money involved.

Raymond Gallup

The Autism Autoimmunity Project that I founded in 1998 and lasted till 2005 raised $140,000.00 for autism research with
the help of many parents. Most of this funding went to Vijendra K. Singh, PhD and Andrew Wakefield, MD, I'm proud to say. Like
other small autism organizations we were not good at raising millions of dollars (like the defunct Cure Autism Now, the defunct National Alliance for Autism Research and the present multi million Autism Speaks)for research but I'm still proud of the
money we did raise for meaningful and excellent research and the parents involved.

The American Revolution lasted from April, 1775 with the battles at Concord, MA and Lexington, MA and ended with the defeat of
the British army at Yorktown, VA in October 1781. The British had the money and the power (with their army, hired Hessians
and American Tories) and on paper, the American army had no right
to win the war. They did by hit and run, guerrilla tactics and persistence and grit.
Parents can do well to learn from history that money and power does not always equal success.

Ray Gallup

"He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money."----Benjamin Franklin

"Human nature itself is evermore an advocate for liberty. There is also in human nature a resentment of injury, and indignation against wrong. A love of truth and a veneration of virtue. These amiable passions, are the 'latent spark'.... If the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false, right and wrong, virtue and vice, to
what better principle can the friends of mankind apply than to the sense of this difference?"----John Adams, the Novanglus, 1775

Tim Kasemodel


I think there is one very important question that you need to ask of Autism Speaks President Mark Roithmayr......

AS states at the end of the article:

"Public trust in immunization programs must be protected. Thus it is critical that we take steps now to do all we can to affirm the public confidence in the safety of vaccines."

What good are the questions that follow if the stated mission of AS is to:

"...do all we can to affirm the public confidence in the safety of vaccines."...

It seems this book has already been written.

It should read "...do all we can to QUESTION ... TO PROVE OR DISPROVE the safety of vaccines."...

I am sorry, but making the "public confidence in the safety of vaccines" their utmost priority - not proof of safety??? - That is pretty sad in my book.

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata, MN


Thanks Randy.

Carol, those of us whose children were vaccinated in the early 1990's, who received more than 200 mcg of ethyl mercury via Thimerosal in vaccines cannot, will not get off the "Thimerosal high horse". No one should expect anyone to ignore any vaccine which contains mercury, or any other toxin.

Many of us didn't have a mouthful of dental amalgums, didn't eat fish prior to or during pregnancy, didn't receive mercury containing vaccines while we were pregnant, and did not live near coal burning factories prior to or during our pregnancies.

Rid vaccines of the Thimerosal, glutamate, aluminum, formaldehye, antifreeze/ether compound, msg, all the other toxins AND biological products and watch autism, alzheimer's, certain cancers, diabetes, asthma, certain genetic mutations, ADD and ADHD nosedive.

Vaccines are basically a direct route to the bloodstream. They are the single most toxic source of mercury.

Trace x 9 does not equal trace.

Thank you.

carol hoernlein

I was present at the May 12 meeting of the IACC and presented my Chart to them and explained exactly how the vaccines and diet and particularly the way that free glutamate in vaccines INCREASES the risk of mercury poisoning from ANY SOURCE.

The Autism Speaks reps, quite frankly, appalled me. Their ONLY concern was MONEY. Not the science. It seemed that many in the room in real positions to help only cared about how long their boondoggle positions would last. They cared not one bit - it seemed - for the children - or the parents who have valid reasons and scientific data to BACK UP their distrust of vaccines. The Government reps there looked afraid to take my information. They were hardly grateful for any new knowledge. They don't want to find the cause or the cure even when I walked up to them and handed them everything. The minutes don't give my exact words. They mentioned something about diet - but skipped over the most important part of my testimony.

The most important part of my testimony, which they want to gloss over - is that free glutamic acid which is found in EVERY VACCINE in the US, affects the formation of glutathione - which one of the genes for ASD codes for. Glutathione gets rid of mercury from any source. The mercury doesn't have to be in the vaccine for vaccines to cause heavy metal injury. That is why you all have to get off your thimerosol high horse to get at the truth. The vaccines cause heavy metal injury even when the vaccines DON'T have mercury in them. I keep posting in the vain hope some of you folks will stop talking past each other and listen to each other - and to what I have just said.

The IACC is NOT interested in getting at the truth - just in job security. The AS folks are only interested in money and job security. I was appalled by those folks. The only folks who had valid arguments and things to say were the parents in the meeting. They deserve to be listened to - they are not crazy - vaccines DO cause ASD in those with susceptible genes, vaccines do cause mercury damage EVEN WHEN THE VACCINE itself doesn't even have mercury in it, and DIET does help mitigate the damage.

Please, please, please will somebody listen?? Just give me a sign I'm getting through. I can help you but only if you stop and listen for just one second and look at the chart I gave to the folks at the IACC. Http://www.msgtruth.org

This AIN'T ABOUT THIMEROSOL. It's about mercury in the environment in general and how vaccines with free glutamic acid make mercury FROM ANY SOURCE, MORE harmful and hard to get rid of for those with the autism gene RNF8 - located at 6p21.2 (chromosome 6 - position 21.2)

If I hear the word thimerosol one more time - I think I will scream. It means
1) STILL nobody is paying attention
2) Parents will never get anywhere with the vaccine pushers - because a vaccine WITHOUT thimerosol is STILL dangerous
3)Taking thimerosol OUT still leaves GLUTAMATE IN.

Please help me know I am getting throughand not wasting my time here.




"This Immunization Guide was created with support from GlaxoSmithKline."

another shining example of pharma altruism


Ray - thank your for sharing the story about Dr Singh - I had the pleasure of communicating with him a few years back - he did some testing for our son. Long story short - we sent what we could afford (roughly the equivalent of what a commercially available MBP test probably have cost us commercially) to the University - and asked for it to be earmarked for his autoimmunity studies. This seemed like a fair thing to do (he would have done the testing for free, I'm sure). It was really hard to believe there was no grant money for his studies at the time - this is likely still the case, at least based on the way AS sluffed him off.

My $250 vs AS millions - I think I got the better value for my money.

Aside - Dr Singh apologized for not allowing my son into the current study - already in progress - which would have eliminated any costs for us. He didn't want to compromise the integrity of the study. Imagine that - not incorporating add'l data into a study mid-stream - what a concept [*cough* madsen *cough*]


There was a website advertised today during the Oprah show for 'what to expect when your child is vaccinated' : www.whattoexpect.org

Awesome post, sign lady!


And what will become of AS when the economy completely goes t!ts up? How much money has AS lost recently in the stock market and the other financial crap shoots that it invests in?
Oh well, AS will be nothing but a bad memory with nothing to show for its fundraising efforts. The greedy leeches will have no more use for AS when it's broke.

Raymond Gallup

As a matter of public record, Vijendra K. Singh met Andy Shih at a conference two or three years ago and was interested in getting funding for his research. Andy Shih never got back to Vijendra Singh to say one way or the other. For those that don't know Vijendra Singh has written over 100 articles on autoimmunity and autism including the link between myelin problems and the MMR vaccine. As far I could see Shih never had the courtesy to reply to Vijendra Singh. Maybe he was more interested in getting drug company funding for Autism Speaks than to help excellent research to progress....the kind of excellent research that Dr. Singh has done over the years.

I contacted Alison Singer about Dr. Singh as well numerous times but she never had the courtesy of answering me either. That is why I figure while Autism Speaks is excellent at raising millions of dollars like CAN and NAAR before them; I realize Autism Speaks will have the same success at finding answers for autism as NAAR and CAN did.


For those that reply on Autism Speaks to find an answer to autism, I wish them good luck.....it ain't going to happen. Not until they get serious at looking at the autoimmune issues addressed by researchers such as Vijendra Singh, Andy Wakefield, etc.
In the meantime they can spend millions of dollars on all the inane research they have funded to date.

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."----John Adams, December 1770

Ray Gallup

Tanners Dad

Just got an email from Autism Speaks working to raise $25,000 before year end. Bills to pay rent? How about helping the guy out with no job and no help for his son?

Join me for Autism Health Care Twitter Day All day today. So far more than 70 voices have participated and we were up to #6 over lunch Join us www.twitter.com Search for #HHS and post with that tag as well. Interesting thing will happen tonight!


Maybe they should be called "Sybil Speaks"?


Andy Shih is an advocate for the Research Industry. He will not admit the true causes of autism: vaccines and familial genes and older paternal age. He has his job because he pulls in money for useless research. He does not want to get to the roots of autism.

sign lady

If Autism Speaks' fund-raising arm is telling the public one thing, and Autism Speaks' science arm is telling the public the opposite, is fraud not a potential issue here? I would think an autism organization could not ethically (or perhaps even legally) solicit funds with a policy statement on vaccine research and safety which is contradicted by its own VP of Scientific Affairs.

The fact that Autism Speaks' VP of Communication and Awareness voted against research into environmental causes of autism at the IACC is further evidence that funds are not being spent in the manner the public has been led to believe.

(I'd like to point out that the policy statement Mr. Kirby cited appears to have been in effect since June 2008, although it's unclear when it showed up under the website's "About Us.")

These striking examples of Autism Speaks' misspending of funds (according to its own policy statement) should be a matter of interest not just to readers of AoA, but also to the authorities who regulate non-profit organizations.

Perhaps AoA's legal advisor will weigh in with an opinion.


Maybe it should be AAP-Speaks. I stopped giving them money some time ago. Until I see them focus on the children with autism I won't be sending any more money.


Harry -

I have to disagree with you. He should be in the cell with his mercury and a rotating group of children affected by mercury poisoning. But let the groups of kids out quickly so their parents can care for them.


If you are a non profit you are up to public scrutiny. This is something each non profit should expect and does endure. Especially if it relates to their stated mission.

Public efforts may enable change so this non profit either: clarifies their mission, re-trains employees, or makes other changes (i.e. terminating employees that are violating mission, policy.)

Each charity needs to address issues to better serve their mission and be best stewards of the funds they receive. Including Autism Speaks.


Autism Speaks UK is decidedly against searching for environmental clues. They seem to be dug deep into autism-as-genetic-and-unchangable agenda.

Harry Hofherr

Mr. Doherty;

When Andy Shih is quoted as saying,"...that excessive quantities of mercury are perfectly safe to inject into babies and children.” You can bet I will attack him, his organization, and anyone affilitated with him. And I will continue to attack them until they surrender their stupidity.

That statement is the height of ignorance and dishonesty. He should spend the rest of his life in a 8X8 cell, alone with his mercury.

Bob Moffitt

Autism Speaks "priority":

"Public trust in immunization programs must be protected. Thus it is critical that we take steps now to do all we can to affirm the public confidence in the safety of vaccines."

Wrong. Autism Speak's "highest priority" should must be to protect "the children", not the "immunization program".

Wrong: It is not "critical" for Autism Speaks to "affirm public confidence in the safety of vaccines....it is "critical" for Autism Speaks to regain the trust of parents by conducting toxicological research and study of "vaccinated vs. unvaccinted" populations.

Until Autism Speaks gets their "priorities" straight....they will continue to lose the trust of the parents they pretend to be "speaking" for.


hi Harold
it's clear that there is quite allot of different opinion in Autism speaks, Bobs quote from England was poorly reported and it must have come as quite a embarrassing surprise to the UK autism speaks charity who haven't even mentioned the visit on their website.


Harold ignoring adverse reactions to vaccinations and giving those adverse reactions a label of ASD is not going to increase vaccination rates. In fact should there be any outbreaks of disease it will be solely on the shoulders of those whom refuse to properly investigate these horrible,life altering adverse reactions.I see no where in this piece that the author attacked autism speaks. FYI Autism Speaks isn't speaking......more like mumbling out of both sides of the mouth.

Harold L Doherty

Attacking Autism Speaks will not advance your claims concerning vaccines and autism.

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