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No shit sherlock By Kim Stagliano

Selected results from a new national Easter Seals study on autism, released Tuesday:

--79 percent of parents of children with autism are extremely or very concerned about their children's future independence, compared to only 28 percent of typical parents.

-Only a third of parents who have children with autism are confident their children will always have a place to live.

Click HERE to read more useless information that any parent of an autistic child would have told you for a large coffee and 15 minutes of respite time.  Is this what we can expect from the partnership of ASA and Easter Seals?  

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



My kid was emotionally abused at an easter seals autism school, when i made them aware of it up to the highest levels, they did nothing and told me to 'get over it', needless to say i pulled him from the school.. I would not send my kid back there if it was the last place on earth.. the only positive thing i can say about them is that they designed, built and funded a terrorific building. Too bad nothing good there happpens.. all easter seals wants to do is get the kids in cradle to grave and get money.. the real crime is autism is treatable and these kids can make progress, just as long as they stay far away from easter seals.


Chicago public school do not want children with autism the schools are terrible here!!! Schools districts in Illinois promote segregated education not Easter Seals. At lease Easter Seals are opening up schools for children with autism unlike Autism Speaks or alot of the other so called autism organization. I wish than Senator Hopebama would of stood up and started to yell about change in Illinois instead he was quite as a mouse?? To tell you the truth I never know he existed until he ran for the Masha position to save the World?? Also, the head of the Chicago Public schools Arne Duncan appointed as Secretary of Education?? God help us all!!! Our Chicago schools are the worst in the nation. "Yes We Can" screw up every school in the nation???

Marry Christmas!!!


My daughter has Down Syndrome and Autism, and never once have we qualified for any assistance whatsoever from Easter Seals. She has many physical issues from the Down Syndrome, including having needed AFO's in order to walk when she was younger. I have heard "What about Easter Seals?" over and over and now my response is "What ABOUT Easter Seals?" I'm sure they must be helpful to someone, I just don't know WHO.

Julie Swenson

Well, that was more useless nonsense that we already knew. Ok, Ok...MAYBE I was more along the lines of thinking only 76% of parents of autistic kids were concerned about their kids' future...call me a rebel.

How many donated dollars went into those tidbits of information? And how does this help us all, exactly? By making us all even more freaked out about our kids' future? Because, if that was the intention, I'd like to vote on not being told the obvious in the future. Thanks, ES!

Geez, Kim, a large coffee? Talk about setting the bar high....I would have taken the dregs from a McDonald's cuppa joe and 13 seconds of bathroom time alone. But hey, I'm easy. ;o)


Thanks for telling it like it is, Kim! We were approached by Easter Seals in our local community several years back. We attempted to educate them on the needs of the autism community to no avail. To this day I cringe any time I see the words "Easter Seals" and "Autism" in the same line. They have never failed to disappoint . . .


I don't support the March of Dimes as it stands because they refuse to list having had an abortion as a risk for preterm labor. I'm sure their reasons for not listing that are political as well@@.


Parents living with autism in their family everyday are not apparently the audience for this study. Everything stated in it from the very first objectives onward could only elicit a 'ho hum' or 'duh'. It works more as an awareness piece and a lobbying piece and a piece to support legislation and transition programs, and grants and swaying public policy and Departments of Education, legislation, etc, all of which are being managed by "typical" figureheads with "typical" daily lives who don't understand - but we want them to - that life is different with autism, perhaps at times an extreme sport. In this way then this study may have done its job. It reminds one of the studies 25 to 30 years ago showing that parents are the most important part of early intervention programs and education in general...kinda obvious...ya think? But these studies supported in-home programs like ABA and later other therapies received in the home and the need to include a parent piece to the programming. Can't really "All Hail Easter Seals" on this one on its face, but some helpful objectives stated will support: Assisting service providers in their roles of providing assistance, provide support for the need for additional funding to enhance key resources in school to work transitions, employer support, residential and community support, and financial planning.
And this: Autism-specific intervention therapy is most common among children with Autism, with half receiving this therapy. So HALF are underserved for some reason. MOST IMPORTANT “In most cases, when intervention therapy is received, it is paid for by the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.” Logic says that either schools are not doing their jobs or that these therapies are misplaced in the schools because it ain’t happening equitably or with a healthy impact on later life for the individual. What does this portend for the future of these therapies…that maybe schools should get more funding for training and better programs or maybe we should be funding quality programs outside of the public school system to get needs met. It also sheds light on an often misreported urban legend of higher divorce rates for families with autism concluding “Families living with autism are significantly less likely to be divorced than families with children without special needs. Among those parents with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and who have been divorced, only one third say their divorce had anything to do with managing the special needs of their children.” So families are internally stronger and vigilant. If nothing else the message there is ‘watch out here they come’. Smile.

Amy in Idaho

I was reading some reader comments from a major newspaper on this news release and I honestly don't know why I even read those. The "general public" seems to be so hateful and so unwilling to even entertain the idea that autism is a public health epidemic.

What we need is an organization that can do more than say "1 in 150 kids"....... We need to develop a message that makes it clear that it's NOT just better diagnosing. I spoke to my state's governor yesterday in a public meeting and asked him to remember my story (they are of course cutting Medicaid therapies for developmental disabilities). When I mentioned that insurance didn't pay for therapies and that if I had an extra $60,000 every year to pay for my son's therapy I would - there was an audible surprise in the room (from the gov't officials and the audience) about how much it actually costs just in terms of "scientifically based" therapy. I didn't even go into the bio-med stuff.

I think we have to walk the public through this issue in baby steps and while I totally believe that vaccinations, toxins and poor quality food/water have damaged my child, that argument is not going to resonate with anyone "unaffected" by this. It's easier for them to believe that everything's ok so that they don't have to change their lifestyles or question their own beliefs about systems that have been around for generations. Some days I'm just really at a loss...

Tanners Dad

We have the March of Dimes fired up now...

Does anyone know where they get their funding or Doctors on staff from?

I just posted this...

The Next Vaccine-Autism Newsmaker: Not Isolated, Not Unusual


Since that was posted mitochondrial dysfunction has been shown in the poling case and others not a serious or rare disorder. Dr. Poling said there was no maifestation of it before the vaccinations. It has been stated that almost 1 in 200 children have the disposition.

I thought March of Dimes was in the business of preventing birth defects not continuing a trend to damage our children? I am thankful that you are letting us have a dialog but if you would like the experts to come into the debate we can bring them in. I have only been studying this for six years. I have read many a white paper and many studies. I have seen numbers and data change before my eyes.

I am sure the March of Dimes is out to protect its base of income as well. Give the latest scandals I doubt you can show me a person in mainstream medical practice without a conflict of interest. Just the fact that you quote Offit and Peet shows lack of creditability.

Autism Now somewhere between 1 in 70 and 1 in 100. The CDC is operating off 14 year old data??? Is the March of Dimes in denial?



I too thought this was more of an infomercial for the insurance company (many special needs trusts like mine are "funded" with the purchase of a life insurance policy.)

The information was obvious but I'll probably refer to it in my lifespan services advocacy efforts.

Finally, Easter Seals in Chicago....where to begin. I think all I'll say is that they are getting into the segregated education business in a big way. While that may be appropriate for some, I think the public funding they siphon off would be better directed to improving community based public special education programs and supports.

Illinois has a long history of preferring institutional, congregate solutions to issues...so nice and clean...and wrong.

Tanners Dad

Thanks Kevin and Trudy. I am surprised that they posted your comments. I even learned some things. Thanks for the links. There are a lot of people out there with poor information trusting the government to protect our children....

I used to trust my Priest.
I used to trust my Governor.
I used to trust my Broker
I used to trust my Doctor

Do you really trust the need to go from 8 to 40 vaccines in 20 years?

I will NEVER trust the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Trust in God, Yourself, and your child.

As always... Kim thank you for indulging my habit of being off topic.

Maybe you need a corner just for tim / TannersDad Sorry for being on my soapbox today ... Ok everyday.

Wayne Rohde

The study represents a demographic look at the families that have children and adults with autism. It is a good start to show some of the issues that families face. It lacks some detail that hopefully in the future will be announced. I would like to see a broader scope of participation in the survey.

I understand and support the argument against Paul Offit and Amanda Peet. Both should not be promoted.

But Easter Seals promotes and funds the establishment of therapuetic schools for children. Look at what they did in Chicago and recently in Oklahoma City.

It's tough to turn an aircraft carrier on a dime, but at least they are turning towards helping us.


How Silly, its basically an ad for the Future Planning agency who sponsored the study, seems par for the course of scare tactics here, lets scare them into planning for the future.....even though, you are completely right that all of us already LIVE this, so why would we need this study? Come on, I guess 'they' really do think we are *that* stupid....yuck!

However, our ignorant, and idiotic family (both mine and husbands) who dont have a clue about living with Autism, or really even care to even try to understand/care...are probbably the only ones who would benefit from this kind of study/information...they all tend to need "proof" of the information, or what its like to live with Autism (or 2 or 3 or 10 Special needs kids)...ya know?

As far as us who live with Autism everyday, well, its no use to us at all...

And I am intrigued by Easter Seals 'donate' system on their site, it says 'click here to help families with autism'...ummm, the Easter Seals in my area offers Birth to 3 programs (covered by the fed/state governments) and *some* summer art/camp classes, and we are a large city...they dont do anything else, so exactly HOW do they help families with Autism? Anyone have a clue? If you find out please let me know, I am actually composing a nice but hopefully powerful letter to them requesting what they DO for families/children like ours because this study surely doesnt help us in anyway...
And now that I know they are like Autism (doesnt) Speaks, and especially supporting offit and peete, gosh, if anyone, those 2 people are so judgemental, its sickening, and *they* are poster people...yuck!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


so, useless information plus, ewww, they promote Paul Offit and Amanda Creep. I am going to make sure that anything I give money to (yah, and even including those hand and foot artists) are not connected to Easter Seals or they're cut off and I'll tell them why too. Red Cross is also not something I'm impressed with these days what with their lack of response to the Somali autism crisis. And you should see how they go on and on about their guiding principles and their ethics. None of these groups know what real advocacy is. Maybe some RETIRED physicians or coroners or teachers or nurses will have the ability to make inroads for us since they are not so bound to any organizations. We can hope.

Tanners Dad

Even worse march of dimes is touting amanda peet & paul offit. Supposedly News Moms Need "What moms and moms-to-Be need to know."

Autism and immunizations: No connection

Please tell them what you think...

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